AUI 36-2328 , Air University Honorary Degrees , by xje11366


									                       MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT 09-07
                                                               1 July 2009


Section A – Publications Released (Paper/Electronic)

1. The following new/revised publications have been processed and released by the Maxwell
AFB Publications Management Office for either paper or electronic dissemination. Electronic
products are available for download on e-Publishing and the Maxwell Publications and Forms
Management Office AF Portal Web pages.

Air University (AU)
      AUI 36-2328, Air University Honorary Degrees, 23 May 07 (IC-1, 6/19/2009)

Officer Training School (OTS)
       OTSI 10-101, OTS Command and Control Procedures, 10 Oct 08 (IC-1, 6/11/2009)

Section B – Publications Rescinded

2. The following publications have been rescinded. Customers should dispose of unused stock.

Maxwell AFB
     MAXWELLAFBVA 90-1, 6 May 08

Section C – Publications Not Yet Published

3. The following publications have not yet been published.
Not used.

Section D – General Information

4. The following is for general information.

The following publications have been identified as requiring revision; a star () indicates newly
identified publications:

Air University (AU)
AFI 36-2601/AUS                   AUI 36-2213                        AUI 36-2313
AUI 33-101                        AUI 36-2303                        AUI 36-2322
AUI 35-101                        AUI 36-2307                        AUI 65-101
AUI 36-2202                       AUI 36-2312
 Maxwell Air Force Base (MAFB)
 AFI 10-206/MAFBS             AFI 31-207/MAFBS                     MAFBI 32-7001
 AFMAN 23-110V2P2             AFI 33-115V2/MAFBS                   MAFBI 32-9001
  Ch 2/MAFBS                  AFI 33-360V1/MAFBS                   MAFBI 33-101
 AFMAN 23-110V2P2             AFI 33-360V2/MAFBS                   MAFBI 34-103
  Ch 10/MAFBS                 AFI 34-219/MAFBS                     MAFBI 34-110
AFMAN 23-110V2P2             AFI 36-2903/MAFBS                    MAFBI 34-202
  Ch 11/MAFBS                 AFI 91-204/MAFBS                     MAFBI 36-502
 AFMAN 23-110V2P2             AFI 91-207/MAFBS                     MAFBI 36-3002
  Ch 24/MAFBS                 AETCI 10-202/MAFBS                   MAFBI 36-3003
AFMAN 23-110V2P2             AETCI 36-3001/MAFBS                  MAFBI 48-106
  Ch 26/MAFBS                 AETCI 48-101/MAFBS                   MAFBVA 36-2
 AFMAN 23-110V2P13/           MAFBI 16-501
  MAFBS                       MAFBI 32-2003
 AFI 31-204/MAFBS             MAFBI 32-6002

 Holm Center/Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools (AFOATS)
 AFOATSI 36-2301                AFOATSI 38-201                 AFOATSI 65-1003

 Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC)
AFJROTCI 36-2001

 Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC)
 AFROTCI 36-2015                 AFROTCI 36-2020


 Section A – Forms Released (Paper/Electronic)

 1. The following new or revised forms are available on e-Publishing and the Maxwell
 Publications and Forms Management Office AF Portal Web pages.
 Not used.

 Section B – Forms Rescinded

 2. The following forms have been rescinded. Organizations and customers can salvage or use
 stock until exhausted of the following forms as indicated.
 Not used.

 Section C – General Information

 3. The following is provided for your information.
 Not used.

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