Bookmark Activity by rcq12217


									                                Bookmark Activity
With this activity we will be using a pre-made template that incorporates the use of a map and
research templates for different Native American tribes. We will use graphics as our hyperlink

Inserting Graphics to use as a bookmark hyperlink

                                                                                     Bookmark activity

        Open the embedded object called Bookmark Activity
        From your drawing toolbar click on AutoShapes ( if your drawing tool bar is not open –
        go to View-Toolbars-Drawing- make sure Drawing is checked)
        We will be using the Stars and Banners section – choose the 32-point Star shape
        Click and drag the star until it is the same size as the ones currently on the page.
        Click on the paint bucket on the toolbar to fill in the star yellow (to change colors you
        can click the drop down arrow and choose another color).
        You can move this shape anywhere on the page.

                                 Making the Bookmark

    Step one: Positioning and Naming the Bookmark
            Find a place in your document you want to be able to jump to.
            Place your cursor by this word or position in the document.
            Go to Insert – Bookmark
            Name your bookmark Anasazi

                                                                       NOTE: Choose a name that
                                                                       makes sense so it will be easily
                                                                       recognized later.
      Click Add
      Repeat this process for all the bookmarks you will need (Makah, Mississippians,
      Muscogee, Navaho)

Step two: Hyperlink the bookmarks
      Select the first star that you want to hyperlink to a bookmark
      Right click-Hyperlink (or Insert-Hyperlink)
      Click the Bookmark button
      Select the correct name of the bookmark (place in the document) you are
      trying to link to

  Click OK twice
  You are now bookmarked
  Repeat this as necessary for the rest of the bookmarks in your document.

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