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					                           Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, & West Virginia

            HOUSING HUB NEWS
  Vol. 7 No. 4 Encarnacion Loukatos, Hub Director, Editor January 2008

                                                  Presidential Award                      leader amongst the AHMAs in registering
                                                                                          Communities of Quality in its membership.
                                                                   HUD was se-
                                                                   lected, along          New HUDCLIPS Interface
                                                                   with five other
                                                                   elite federal          HUDCLIPS, HUD's                    agencies, as a         "forms and handbooks"
                                                                   recipient of the       website, has been re-
                                                                   2007 Presiden-         designed with a new
   Inside this Issue:                                              tial Award for         look and feel to better
                                                  Management Excellence.                  serve you.
Presidential Award…...……….…….......Pg. 1

AHMA Award…………………………...Pg. 1                      The Presidential Award for Manage-      The content from the previous HUDCLIPS
HUDCLIPS Interface…...……….….…...Pg. 1
                                                  ment Excellence, which is adminis-      site was moved, on January 1, 2008, to
                                                  tered by OPM through the Presi-         the Department's official web site,
USA Spending Web Site………….........Pg. 1           dent's Quality Award program, rec- The redesign will make it
Board Member 2530 Approval…...…...Pg. 2           ognizes those federal agencies and      easier to retrieve forms, handbooks, no-
                                                  programs that have placed a high        tices and other directives on the web site.
Energy Report Card……………………..Pg. 2
                                                  priority on managerial excellence. It
Most “Walkable” Cities…....…….........Pg. 2       is also the highest award given to      To access HUDCLIPS, click on:
                                                  Executive Branch agencies for man-
LED Technology…………….………...…Pg. 3
                                                  agement excellence.           
Luxury Housing in N. Phila………….....Pg. 3                                                  index.cfm.
                                                  This award was bestowed upon
LIHTC Census Tracts……..…..……......Pg. 3
                                                  HUD for its Enterprise Verification     USA Spending Web Site
 Florescent Dimming Systems...….…..Pg. 4          System Program- most commonly
Failing Water Pipes………………...…...Pg. 4
                                                  known to the industry as the EIV        The Office of Management
                                                  System– that was created by the         and Budget has rolled out
 Change A Light Campaign..………..…Pg. 4             Office of Public and Indian Hous-       a new web site that pro-
Occupancy Tip………………...………....Pg. 4
                                                  ing. This innovative and exemplary      vides information on all
                                                  system is a milestone achievement       major federal grants, loans
Energy Efficient Rooms…......……....….Pg. 5        for HUD that has resulted in im-        and contracts. The new
Geothermal Systems…..….….………...Pg. 5              proved financial performance.           site, dubbed, is dedi-
Mobile Marketing……………….....…….Pg. 6                                                       cated to improving transparency by provid-
                                                  AHMA Award                              ing the public with information on all major
Lives Transformed……..……….……….Pg. 6
                                                                                          federal transactions.
Closings…………………………….……...Pg. 6                    Congratulations to
                                                  the PennDel                             The data is presented in a variety of
                                                  AHMA for winning                        modes, such as fiscal year, congressional
                                                  the 2007 AHMA                           district, state, and agency, as well as list-
                                                  Communities of                          ing the top 100 recipients of aid or contrac-
                                                  Quality Program                         tors in a particular field. In addition, the
                                                  Award in the “very                      database is fully searchable by both the
                                                  small AHMA” size                        site's search feature as well as commer-
                                                  category. The                           cial search engines.
                                                  NAHMA Nominating Committee
                                                  recommended PennDel for the             To search the database, log onto:
                                                  award for being an exceptional
VOL. 7, ISSUE 4                PHILADELPHIA MULTIFAMILY HOUSING HUB NEWS                                          Page 2

Board Member 2530 Approval
                                                                  User Guide (can be found at:
                            We have noticed that 2530s  
                            are often not prepared when           appsmfhm.cfm)
                            there is a change of member(s)
                            on the Board of Directors of a        APPS Help Desk: 1-800-767-7588
                            Section 202 or Section 811            REAC Help Desk: 1-888-245-4860
                            nonprofit housing corporation.        Complaint e-mail address:

                              The submission of 2530s is          Energy Report Card
                              mandatory since such boards
                              have the responsibility of insur-   Energy conservation applies to
                              ing that these projects, which      everyone- tenants, project own-
house vulnerable elderly or disabled populations, are op-         ers, and even the Federal gov-
erating in compliance with HUD regulations, financial re-         ernment. Starting this month, the
quirements, fair housing laws, and are meeting their con-         administration plans to grade how
tractual obligations. It is, therefore, the responsibility of     well agencies meet the following
nonprofit owners to advise the local HUD office whenever          energy conservation mandates,
there is a change in the Board of Directors.                      using a color-coded scorecard:

Previous Participation Review and Clearance Procedures                                  New Mandates
for principal participants in HUD's Multifamily Housing
Programs began in 1966. The HUD-2530 procedure con-               •   Reduce energy use by 3% annually and 30% by
cerns the past, present, and prospective performance and              2015.
business practices of those applicants undergoing admin-          •   Reduce water consumption by 2% annually.
istrative and underwriting reviews by the local field office      •   Purchase 50% of renewable energy from new
in whose jurisdiction the project is located. It is HUD's             sources.
policy that participants in its housing programs be respon-       •   Increase alternative fuels use by 10% annually.
sible individuals and organizations who will honor their          •   Insure, by 2015, that 15% of all buildings are sus-
legal, financial, fair housing and contractual obligations.           tainable (i.e., high environmental standards are in-
In this procedure, the principals are required to disclose            corporated into a building’s design, construction,
all of their prior projects and certify as to their previous          maintenance and deconstruction.
record. HUD analyzes that record to evaluate past, pre-           •   Purchase “green” electronic equipment 95% of the
sent, and future responsibility, performance, participation,          time.
and business practices. An unfavorable record (e.g., de-
faults, unsatisfactory management reviews, assignments,           Pre-existing Mandates
foreclosures, administrative sanctions, etc.) reflects an
unacceptable risk to the public interest. Applicants who          •   Purchase 3% of electricity from renewable sources.
seek to participate must certify on their HUD Form 2530           •   Reduce petroleum use by 2% annually and 20% by
that they do not fall under any standards for disapproval.            2015.
                                                                  •   Insure new building designs are 30% more energy
A fully completed HUD-2530 is required as part of the
                                                                      efficient than 2004 standards.
application package for most HUD multifamily housing
programs. It must be signed and dated by the principals
                                                                  Most “Walkable” Cities
who propose to participate. HUD Handbook 4065.1, Pre-
vious Participation (HUD 2530) Handbook, paragraph 1-3
                                                                                          The City of Philadelphia was
(D), lists the types of transactions requiring 2530 ap-
                                                                                          ranked the 13th most “walkable”
                                                                                          city in the nation in a study by
                                                                                          the Brookings Institution.
It is preferable that this be done electronically. If assis-
tance is needed, Users of the Active Partners Perform-
                                                                                          Washington, DC was ranked #1.
ance System (APPS) can use the following resources:

The APPS Industry Tutorial Program and APPS Industry
VOL. 7, ISSUE 4              PHILADELPHIA MULTIFAMILY HOUSING HUB NEWS                                           Page 3

 LED Technology                                   ,
                                                  , or
 Light-emitting diodes (LED), semi-
 conductor diodes that emit incoher-                        Luxury Housing & North Philadelphia
 ent narrow-spectrum light, have
 been around for a while in the form                        While luxury developments have be-
 of pilot lights, exit lights, night lights,                come commonplace in Center City
 landscape lighting, traffic lights, etc.                   Philadelphia (PA) and South Philadel-
 Originally, used as faint red indicator                    phia, until now, they have been non-
 lights on electronic devices, LEDs                         existent in North Philadelphia.
 blossomed in 1995 when research-
 ers discovered how to make white electroluminescent           Urban Renaissance Group (URG), a
 light in the semiconductor. Gradually they have become        local developer, is completing a $3
 more useful as new technologies have allowed their            million project consisting of 10 duplex
 brightness to be ramped up (i.e., over 60 watts) and          rental units on North Broad Street.
 their use expanded as a regular household light source.       The units are being marketed as hous-
                                                               ing for students and staff on Temple University’s medical
 Lighting designers predict that there will be an explosion school campus. To date, there is a list of 132 prospective
 in the LED market within the next five years. The tech- tenants for 32 bedrooms. Housing demand will continue
 nology has improved to provide enough light at a frac-        to grow when the University’s new School of Medicine
 tion of the cost when oil is pushing $100 per barrel and opens in 2009. Due to the demand, URG is planning a
 consumers are beginning to take the energy crisis seri- second phase which could rehab an entire block along
 ously. Now, kits are available to retrofit existing re-       Broad Street with retail and commercial space for $40
 cessed lighting in residences to accept LEDs. The po- million.
 tential applications for illumination are endless. Every
 time a light bulb is changed, particularly in a lobby or a Private developers have long steered away from this sec-
 large public space, it costs time and money. Depending tion of the city because of deteriorating neighborhoods
 how long the light is left on, that cost is either eliminated and crime problems. However, Temple University is seen
 with LEDs or substantially reduced.                           as a stabilizing influence and an “anchor” for urban revi-
 Consumer Reports stated in its November 2007 issue
 that LEDs, in some cases, are four times more energy- Low Income Housing Tax Qualified Census Tracts
 efficient than incandescent bulbs, and are also longer
 lasting (60,000 to 100,000 hrs.) and safer- because they The Qualified Census Tract
 are made of plastic and are cooler to the touch. On the (QCT) provision of the Low-
 down side, however, LEDs are not as bright and they           Income Housing Tax Credit stat-
 presently are more expensive.                                 ute encourages private develop-
                                                               ers to build low-income housing
 Like the Energy Star® rating, some companies manu-            in low-income and high-poverty
 facturing LEDs have begun using a new rating system           areas.
 based on the amount of greenhouse gases saved by
 using LED lights over standard incandescent bulbs.            Cityscape, HUD’s on-line periodi-
 The labeling system is sanctioned by the Carbon Credit cal, discusses the legislative history of the QCT provision,
 Co. and uses “carbon credits.” Carbon credits are the         explains the current designation methodology, and intro-
 equivalent of 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide emitted from duces several research issues concerning QCTs.
 the use of fossil fuels. Savings from LEDs range from ½
 to 3 carbon credits per light.                                To read the full article, see:

 Businesses or individuals interested in determining their
 “carbon footprint,” the total amount of carbon dioxide
 and other greenhouse gases emitted through the com-
 bustion of fossil fuels over the full life cycle of a product
 or service (i.e., such as a car or air conditioner), can log
 onto the following websites:
VOL. 7, ISSUE 4              PHILADELPHIA MULTIFAMILY HOUSING HUB NEWS                                         Page 4

  Florescent Dimming Systems                                    Change A Light Campaign
                                                                Philadelphia. The remaining 1,000 units are to be con-
  It is a widely known fact that florescent                     On November 27, 2007 John Bravacos, Regional Director,
                                                                structed outside the city, primarily in Montgomery
  bulbs are cheaper to operate than incan-                      recognized Casa Farnese, a 288-unit Section 202 project
  descent bulbs. This type of lighting, how-                    located in Philadelphia, PA, and its management com-
  ever, can be made even more energy-                           pany, PRD Management, Inc. for taking the “ENERGY
                                                                The medium rent in the expanded Philadelphia area
  efficient by adding dimmers. When used                        was $823 in 2004. Rent levels the World Campaign”
                                                                STAR Change a Light, Change are considerably higher
  correctly experts estimate that a lighting                    pledge. This 12-month campaign urges Americans to
                                                                in Center City, which features several of the newest lux-
  system can reduce lighting energy con-                        change a light in their home to a more energy-efficient one
                                                                ury developments. Center City rent levels averaged
  sumption by 50% in existing buildings and                     $818 important step to save energy, save money 2-BR
                                                                as an for studios, $1,310 for 1-BR units, $2,109 forand pro-
  at least 30% in new construction.                             tect our environment.3-BR units. As new units entered
                                                                units, and $3,138 for
                                                                the market at higher-than-average prices, during the
  Dimming systems can reduce utility costs through              The Philadelphia Regional Office partnered with the City,
                                                                past year, existing apartments responded by offering
  “daylight harvesting,” demand reduction, scheduled dim-       rental Exelon (local power company), the City declined
                                                                PECOconcessions. As a result, effective rents of Philadel-
  ming, and other strategies. Simply stated, users select       between 1-2% in both the of Urban Sustainability, the
                                                                phia's Office Environment city and the PA suburbs, non-
  light levels based on their needs.                            when comparing March 2005 with the previous Lighting.
                                                                profit Energy Coordinating Agency, and Philips year.
                                                                Philips Lighting and PECO donated 600 compact flores-
  The essential part of every linear florescent and com-        Senior Citizen (CFLs) for personal living units. The CFLs
                                                                cent light bulbs Wins Contest
  pact florescent system is the electronic ballast. The bal-    use 1/3 less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up
  last provides the starting voltage to ignite the lamp and     Congratulations to The annual energy savings for
                                                                to 10 times longer. Marianne Prins- one of four firstCasa
  regulate the current flowing through the lamp after start-    place winners (65+ age $5,300.
                                                                Farnese is estimated at category) in HUD’s National
  up. To achieve dimming, the ballast is designed so that       Neighborhood Networks Essay Contest. Ms. Prins is a
  it can receive a control signal from a dimmer as an input     resident at Parsippany-Troy been working with it and a
                                                                PRD Management, Inc. has Hills NJ39H085092, senior
  and adjust the current flowing through the lamp as out-       participant in educate them about other energy
                                                                population to the Brookside Computer Learning savings,
  put. This results in the dimming effect.                      as well. A variety of energy conservation measures have
                                                                Neighborhood Networks Center.
                                                                already been implemented at Casa Farnese. New gas
  Primary dimming methods include analog, which is the          ranges that electronically ignite have been installed in all
                                                                Ms. Prins' essay, “How Has My Neighborhood Networks
  most popular, and digital, which is still emerging.           Center Help Enrich My Life” is have motion sensor timers
                                                                the units. Laundry room lights posted on the Neighbor-
                                                                hood Networks light bulbs.
                                                                and fluorescent website at: Toilets and shower heads are
  To learn more about this technology see:                      being replaced with water saving devices.
                                                                The following is a brief excerpt nationally, have “My life
                                                                To date, 1,257,023 individuals, from her essay: taken the
  Replacing Failing Water Pipes                                 certainly replace 4,220,958 incandescent or this pro-
                                                                pledge tohas become more enriched through fixtures with
                                                       a senior citizen, am aware that it is This will
                                                                ones that have earned the IEnergy Star® label.important
  Older projects may have failing water                         to keep our minds active...I energy and grateful, in
                                                                save 1,190,310,043 kWh of am certainly $110,698,834 in
  pipes that are literally leaking revenue                      every In the Philadelphia age (PA, DE, can be DE),
                                                                costs, way, that I am in an Hub in which I NJ and part of
  down the drain. Whether the interior                          this wonderful and have taken the pledge
                                                                137,314 individualsexciting computer age.” to replace
  pipes are defective polybutylene or just                      385,857 bulbs. This will save $10,119,473 in energy
  old copper or galvanized, the cost of                         costs.
                                                                Also recognized in the 65+ category are is Florence
  this wasted water is a “drop in the                           Finkel of B’nai B’rith Apts., Allentown, NJ who finished in
  bucket” compared with what it would be when a pipe            Please join this worthy effort by taking an on-line pledge to
                                                                third place, and Madeline Frazier of the Mahlon M.
  breaks, sending water pouring through ceilings, buckling      Lewis NNC, Philadelphia, PA your project. The an hon-
                                                                replace incandescent bulbs inwho was awarded pledge
  floors, ruining carpets, destroying residents’ belongings,    orable found at:
                                                                can be mention.
  and creating an environment for mold. The damage
  might also wash away an owner’s good relationship with        Occupancy Tip
  residents and his ability to increase rents. Also, build-
  ings that have boilers lose cash twice– the cost of the                              Owners must review, and if neces-
                                                                Initial and Final Closings occurred on the following pro-
  wasted water as well as the energy to heat it.                                       sary revise, their Affirmative Fair
                                                                jects during September 2005:
                                                                                       Housing Marketing Plan every five
  It has been estimated that the hidden costs of leaking                               years or when the local Community
  pipes are as much as 9 times the direct cost of the leak                             Development jurisdiction’s Consoli-
  damage repair, due to dissatisfied tenants that refuse to                            dated Plan is updated.
  pay high rental rates, lower occupancy, lower lease re-
  newal rates, and rent concessions that reduce revenue.                            See Paragraph 4-12.F of HUD Hand-
                                                                book 4350.3 REV-1, Occupancy Requirements of Subsi-
  If your project has this situation, consideration should be   dized Multifamily Housing Programs, for further guidance
  given to address it before it becomes worse.                  on updating the marketing plan.
VOL. 7 ISSUE 4               PHILADELPHIA MULTIFAMILY HOUSING HUB NEWS                                        Page 5

  Energy Efficient Rooms                                      Geothermal Systems
                                                              Philadelphia. The remaining 1,000 units are to be con-
  Living Room and Bedrooms                                    The EPA has called geothermal
                                                              structed outside the city, primarily in Montgomery
                                                              County. “one of the most effi-
                                                              cient and comfortable heating
  •   Replace incandescent light
      bulbs with compact florescent
                                                              and medium rent in the expanded Philadelphia area
                                                              The cooling technologies cur-
                                                              rently available.” Geothermal
                                                              was $823 in 2004. Rent levels are considerably higher
      bulbs. These bulbs can save
      $65 per room and can last 10
                                                              heat pumps use the features
                                                              in Center City, whichrelatively several of the newest lux-
                                                              constant temperature of the
                                                              ury developments. Center City rent levels averaged
      times longer.
  •   Use a programmable thermo-
                                                              ground or surface water for 1-BR units, $2,109 for 2-BR
                                                              $818 for studios, $1,310 as a
      stat to control the temperature while the occupants
                                                              heat and $3,138 for for a units.
                                                              units,source and sink 3-BR heat As new units entered
      are away or sleeping. When used properly, they
                                                              pump, which higher-than-average cooling for buildings.
                                                              the market at provides heating and prices, during the
      can save up to $150 per year in energy costs.           past year, existing apartments responded by offering
                                                              The typical installation a result, effective rents declined
                                                              rental concessions. Asis a vertical closed-loop system
                                                              that can 1-2% in both the city and the Horizontal sys-
                                                              between reach depths of 150-300 feet. PA suburbs,
                                                              tems comparing March but do not transfer as year.
                                                              when are less expensive2005 with the previous much heat.
  •   Replace existing shower head with a new 2.5 gal-        In the winter, the liquid in the system’s pipes absorb heat
      lon-per-minute (low-flow) shower head. A new wa-        Senior Citizen Wins Contest
                                                              and carry it to coils in a heat exchanger. The heated air is
      ter-efficient shower head coupled with a 10-minute      distributed through the residence via traditional ductwork.
      shower will save 5 gallons of water over a typical      Congratulations to Marianne Prins- one of four first
      bath, as well as $145/yr. in energy costs used to
                                                              In the summer, the age reverses, in HUD’s National
                                                              place winners (65+ flow category) carrying hot air down
      heat the water.
                                                              and transferring cool air Essay condenser, compressor
                                                              Neighborhood Networks up to a Contest. Ms. Prins is a
                                                              and evaporator– the same basic NJ39H085092, and a
                                                              resident at Parsippany-Troy Hills components as a refrig-
  •   Repair leaking faucets. Hot water leaking at the
      rate of one drip per second can waste up to 1,661
                                                              erator– where air is chilled Computer Learning
                                                              participant in the Brooksideand dehumidified. Most sys-
                                                              tems also eliminate the need for
                                                              Neighborhood Networks Center. a separate hot water
      gallons of water annually– and up to $35 in electric-   heater.
      ity or natural gas.
                                                              Ms. Prins' essay, “How Has My Neighborhood Networks
                                                              The transfer of heat is Life” is posted on the heat pump
                                                              Center Help Enrich Mypowered by an electricNeighbor-
  Laundry Room                                                and generates website at: of heat for every kilowatt
                                                              hood Networks4-5 kilowatts
                                                              electricity used, according to
                                                              mfh/nnw/essaycontest.cfm. ClimateMaster, a manufac-
  •   Wash clothes in cold water. This will save $24 to       turer of geothermal units.
      $40 in fuel that it takes to heat the water.
                                                              The following is a brief excerpt from her essay: “My life
  •   Clean the dryer lint trap before every load to help     Although geothermal more enriched through this pro-
                                                              certainly has become systems have been around for al-
      increase drying efficiency (and prevent fires).         most 20 years, and their energy savings are obvious, the
                                                     a senior citizen, I am aware that it is important
  •   Use a dryer which has a moisture sensor. This ac-       current our minds active...I am certainly installation
                                                              to keep drawback is the initial drilling andgrateful, in cost.
      curately gauges when laundry is dry and shuts off       The EPA estimates in an age in which I can the energy
                                                              every way, that I amthat it takes 3-5 years for be part of
      the dryer (it is also quieter).                         savings to make up for the computer cost.
                                                              this wonderful and exciting additional age.”
  •   Use an Energy Star® water-efficient frontload wash-
      ing machine. This can cut water usage by about          A new method in development by the Dept. of Energy’s
                                                              Also recognized in the 65+ category are is Florence
      1/3, saving more than $16 annually.                     Building B’nai B’rith Apts., Allentown, NJ could drop the
                                                              Finkel of Technologies program, however,who finished in
                                                              price of geothermal systems by placing Mahlon M.
                                                              third place, and Madeline Frazier of the the geothermal
  Kitchen                                                     loops NNC, Philadelphia, PA who was awarded the need
                                                              Lewis in the building’s foundation and eliminatingan hon-
                                                              for costly drilling.
                                                              orable mention.
  •   Repair leaking faucets (see above).
  •   Use efficient Energy Star® appliances (refrigerators,   For more
                                                              Closings information see the following DOE and EPA
      ranges and dishwashers).                                websites:
                                                              Initial and Final Closings occurred on the following pro-
  Basement or Utility Room                          
                                                              jects during September 2005:
  •   Use an efficient Energy Star® furnace and hot water
  •   Lower the temperature on the water heater from
      145º to 120º. This slight reduction will save be-
      tween $36 to $61 each year.
VOL. 7 ISSUE 4               PHILADELPHIA MULTIFAMILY HOUSING HUB NEWS                                         Page 6

  Mobile Marketing                                            adequate housing. The benefit of the rental subsidy is not
                                                              only experienced by the resident, but by the local commu-
                                                              Philadelphia. The remaining 1,000 units are to be con-
                          The cutting edge in leasing is      structed outside residents of the in Montgomery
                                                              nity as well. Thethe city, primarilyproject have become
                          mobile marketing. This technol-     active citizens contributing to the economy and growth of
                          ogy spans mobile websites,          the township.
                          phonecasting, renting and           The medium rent in the expanded Philadelphia area
                          emails that are viewable on cell    What HUD subsidized housing offers the elderly is not
                                                              was $823 in 2004. Rent levels are considerably higher
                          phones, Personal Digital Assis-     always easily defined. The lives of the of the newest lux-
                                                              in Center City, which features several project’s residents
                          tants (PDAs), Blackberrys or        ury greatly improved by the safety and security provided
                                                              are developments. Center City rent levels averaged
                          web-enabled navigation sys-         by living at Bethlehem Retirement units, $2,109 for 2-BR
                                                              $818 for studios, $1,310 for 1-BR Village. Without the
                          tems with an Internet connec-       units, and $3,138 for the opportunity for units entered
                                                              subsidy that provides3-BR units. As newaffordable hous-
                          tion.                               the market at higher-than-average prices, the local com-
                                                              ing, they would not be active members of during the
                                                              munity, and some apartments responded by offering
                                                              past year, existing would be confined to rooms and apart-
  Mobile Web access has many advantages. Unlike the           ments in depressed As a result, effective rents declined
                                                              rental concessions. neighborhoods.
  fixed Web, the mobile Web goes where your tenants go.       between 1-2% in both the city and the PA suburbs,
  No longer will they have to remember to do something        Prior to coming to Bethlehem with the previous year.
                                                              when comparing March 2005 Retirement Village, Rose
  on the Web when they get back to their computers.           Melniczek felt she was a prisoner in her house when she
  They can do it immediately, within the context that made    was faced with the reality of violence on her doorstep. An
                                                              Senior Citizen Wins Contest
  them want to use the Web in the first place. With mobile    elderly neighbor had been shot and robbed only feet from
  devices, the Web can reach a much wider audience,           her front door. to subsidy Prins- one of four it possible
                                                              CongratulationsTheMarianneshe received madefirst
  and at all times in all situations. Today, more people      for her to reside at age category) enjoy the safety and
                                                              place winners (65+the Village and in HUD’s National
  have access to mobile devices than access to a desktop      freedom this project affords. In addition, Ms. Prins is a
                                                              Neighborhood Networks Essay Contest. the opportunities
  computer- currently there are 2.3 billion mobile phone      for interaction and friendship energized her and and a
                                                              resident at Parsippany-Troy Hills NJ39H085092,brought
  subscribers worldwide. It has the opportunity to reach      her much in the Brookside Computer generated
                                                              participanthappiness. This relationshipLearning a sense
  into places where wires cannot go and to accompany          of nurturing which lead her to volunteer at a nearby nurs-
                                                              Neighborhood Networks Center.
  everyone as easily as they carry the time in their wrist-   ing home for those in need.
  watches.                                                    Ms. Prins' essay, “How Has My Neighborhood Networks
                                                              Another elusive task is Life” is posted on the Neighbor-
                                                              Center Help Enrich My attempting to measure the pride
  To effectively use this technology, project owners can      and self-esteem that comes from having a place of your
                                                              hood Networks website at:
  purchase a .mobi domain in order to build a mobile-         own. With no extended family
                                                              mfh/nnw/essaycontest.cfm. and never having married,
  optimized website. Once the website is established it       Carmela Acchetelli never had a place of her own until she
  will show prospective tenants and residents that your       came to the Village. Her life had been relegated to life
                                                              The following is a brief excerpt from her essay: “Myliving
  project wants to make it convenient for them to interact    in rented rooms or staying enriched through able to
                                                              certainly has become morewith friends. Being this pro-af-
  and make rental decisions. For example, they could          ford her own apartment created a sense of pride and well-
                                                     a senior citizen, I am aware that it is important
  listen to radio-type ads with sound effects, receive text   being. Having the active...I am and opportunity to
                                                              to keep our minds responsibility certainly grateful, incare for
  messages, obtain answers to leasing questions, pay          a space that reflected an age personality and taste of
                                                              every way, that I am inher own in which I can be part was
  rent by telephone, submit maintenance requests, etc.        truly life transforming for her.
                                                              this wonderful and exciting computer age.”

  For additional information, the following websites are      Transforming lives the essential and elusive task.
                                                              Also recognized inis an65+ category are is FlorenceOcca-
  recommended:                                                sionally is dramatic and obvious (e.g., when finished
                                                              Finkel ofitB’nai B’rith Apts., Allentown, NJ who a drasticin
                                                              change of circumstances Frazier of the Mahlon M.
                                                              third place, and Madeline results in a sudden and palpable;                           difference). Philadelphia, PA who was awarded an hon-
                                                              Lewis NNC, Often however, transformation is more subtle
  mobileadvertising.pdf;                  and gradual but
                                                              orable mention. no less powerful. The presence of Beth-
  news_global_industry.htm;            lehem Retirement Village in the lives of its residents is
  index.html;          truly a transforming experience which is a direct result of
  starter-kit;”    its partnership with HUD and the mission of both organiza-
                                                              Initial and Final Closings occurred on the following pro-
  HUD Tenant/Community Impact                                 jects during September 2005:
                                                              Retirements/Job Announcements
  Bethlehem Retirement Village is a Section 202/8 project
  for the elderly, located in Flourtown, PA, that is owned    The following four Project Managers retired from HUD this
  and managed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadel-     month: Howard Motley (Phila.), Jane Freeman (Phila.),
  phia. Over the past 23 years, HUD funding has enabled       Kathleen Tinney (Phila.) and Glenda Mike (Pittsburgh).
  the Sisters of St. Joseph to provide affordable housing
  in an atmosphere of safety and freedom to low-income        Advertisements for these positions will be posted shortly
  elderly residents who would be unable to afford             on Applications are encouraged.