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					 Landing Page Optimization
    Secrets: Learn Now!

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Landing Page Optimization
                     Professional            Keywords
                       Images               in the Copy

        Reduce                                            Short Contact
       Navigation                                             Form

 Keep It Above the                                               Dynamic
        Fold                                                     Headlines

                Call to                              Fast Load
                Action                                 Times
         Call To Action & Buttons
• Anything that draws attention on a landing page is more likely to get
clicked – similar to the reason more ‘bold’ words in a paid search ad
tends to drive a higher CTR.

• Don’t be afraid to tell your users what you want them to do on your
landing pages. Never assume they’ll just know! You can do this
through prominent calls to action and eye-catching buttons.

     Call To                • Keep them very
    Action/                   noticeable!
    Buttons                 • Keep them large!
Reduce Navigation – Keep It Minimal
• The key to a successful PPC landing pages is to keep your paid
search visitors from getting too distracted.

• Remove all navigation except your logo with a link to your
homepage. That will be enough for people to click on if they need
more information prior to converting.
        Keep Info Above the Fold
• If users enter your site and don’t find what they want in 5 seconds
or less they will bail! Make sure your call to action, button or form is
above the fold.

• Review your Google Analytics data to see what resolution size the
majority of your website’s visitors are using. This will allow your
designers to incorporate the important information above the fold for
the largest percentage of your users.

 Above                     • Call to Action, button or form
                             should be above the fold
                           • Analyze your users resolution
the Fold                     size and optimize accordingly
Write Easy-to-Scan Website Copy
• Steer clear of industry language or jargon in landing page copy.
Executives will likely ask assistants or interns to do research before
they engage with any products. These interns, assistants or even
receptionists may not understand this type of language.

• Break up your copy into multiple paragraphs and utilize easy to scan
bullet points or numbered lists highlighting benefits or advantages to
choosing your product or service. This will also allow this data to
stand out more prominently.
     Use 1-2 Professional Images
• Far too many landing pages use dorky images that fail miserably at
displaying professionalism. This can be an immediate turn-off for a
consumer and cause you to appear untrustworthy.

• Keep it to 1 – 2 images focused on professional looking people who
are happy and smiling as if they have just engaged with your services.

                           • Utilize professional looking people
Professional                 smiling and happy
                           • Utilizing too many images will
  Images                     decrease load time and affect
                             Quality Score
            Fast Page Load Times
• Adwords Quality Score now takes page load times into account. If it
takes more than 10 seconds for your page to load, that is way too
long. It should take less than 5 seconds.

• Large Flash files, too many images in general or animated graphics
could hinder your fast page load time. Also visitors who have to wait
for Flash to load or have to download a file to view your website
(Flash is an optional plugin) they will more than likely bounce to a
competitor and not come back.
              Dynamic Headlines
• Utilizing dynamic headlines on your PPC landing pages is a great
way to better target what the user is actually typing in the search box
and provide a more relevant experience.

• Similar to using dynamic keywords insertion in a paid search ad,
dynamic headlines are generated by tracking URLs that will inset the
keyword(s) into the headline.
Include PPC KWs in Landing Page Copy
• While this is absolutely true for SEO, the practice of including PPC
keywords in the copy of your PPC landing pages hold true as well.

• This will help drive relevance for your website visitors as well as
increase quality score by reinforcing the theme of your keywords and
ad copy.

 Use KWs in                 • True for both SEO & PPC
  Website                   • Improves Quality Score
                              and drives relevance
       Use a Short Contact Form
• Think of every contact form field as a roadblock. The more
roadblocks the less likely someone will complete the task. If someone
sees a very long form many times the will skip the entire process.

• Keep your contact form and submit button above the fold. Take a
look at your current form. Are there fields you could remove? Only
ask for the essential information you require to remarket or contact
your leads.

     Short                 • Keep it above the fold
                             including the ‘Submit’ button
    Contact                • Keep the fields to a minimum
                             and only ask for essential info
 Landing Page Optimization
    Secrets: Learn Now!

Search Engine Optimization Projects
       Pay Per Click Projects


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