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					                           ATTENTION ALL STAFF
Many of you have been using the school’s computer system for saving your documents.
We are glad that you are using it and hope many more of you will do so. The following
instructions will help you connect from home to the server at school. Please note that if
you are NOT using a Windows 2000 computer at school, your files are not being saved to
the server. Only Windows 2000 and Toaster computers will save your files, only if you
save them in the “My Document” folder on the desktop.

Browser Method (if Web folders are not available on your computer)

If Web folders are not available on your computer, you can still copy files from the
MVHS server to your computer.
1)       Open your browser and type in the following URL

2) You will be prompted for a Username, Password, and Domain. Enter your MVHS network user
name and password (the same one you use in the Library!), and “mvhs2k” for the domain as shown
below. For Windows XP, use MVHS2k\username in the User Name box.

3) A screen showing the files in your MVHS file server folder will be displayed in your browser. Click
on any file to download it to your computer.
4) You can only copy files to your computer using this
method. You may edit files already created, but you may
NOT upload new files using this method. You must use the
Web Folders method if you wish to copy files back and
forth between your home computer and MVHS server.
(If you have files saved on the school computer, you can access them and save them to your home
computer by following these steps.)


                                                                   Open Internet Explorer.
                                                                   Type in the address window
                                                                   The “Enter Network Password”
                                                                    window will appear.
                                                                   Type in your Username and
                                                                   On the Domain box type in
                                                                   Click OK

The Following window will appear.
                                                                   The window
                                                                    will appear.
                                                                   Click on your Username.

The following window will appear.
                                                                   The window with your saved
                                                                    documents will appear.
                                                                   You can open any document at
                                                                    this point by clicking on the file.
                                                                   At this point you can amend,
                                                                    delete, add documents to your
                                                                   Right click on the file you wish to
                                                                   Click “Save Target As”
                                                                   Save the File wherever you wish
                                                                    to save it on YOUR computer.

Please note: The files that you have saved while at school will be Office 2000 files. If you have
different word processing application on your computer you will need to open the document and do a
“save as…” under the file menu.
                                                     Open the document and do a “save
                                                      as...” under the “file menu” to
                                                      save it on YOUR computer.
                                                     The “save as” window will appear.
                                                     Click on the “Save as type:” as
                                                      scroll to the application you want to
                                                      change to.
                                                     Click on the “Save” button.

The best way to make practical use of this service is to try it. Make a document at
school that is not important. Save it to the server by saving it on a Windows2000
computer or on a toaster. Go home and try accessing the document by using the
directions above. Add some more information to the document and save it. Save
the document to your home computer. Once you learn to use this application, it will
become a great tool for you.