The hotfix is for IAG v3.7.1 by zed18012


									The hotfix is for IAG v3.7.1:

    IAG3.7-SP1Update-5 (IAG v3.7 SP1 Update 5) – build: 50.

The system must have SP1 installed (i.e. this hotfix cannot be installed on v3.7.0).
This hotfix is accumulative and includes all changes that were previously released in Update-4.

The following fixes are included in this hotfix:

    1.   Fix for download parsing behavior
          In update-4, a new registry key (MaxBodyBufferSize) was introduced, which enables IAG
              administrators to control the maximum size of downloadable files. Since IAG accumulates and
              attempts to parse all data, all files above the defined maximum size were blocked, regardless of a
              file's content-type. With this new fix, the IAG will not accumulate/parse data by default. Instead,
              parsing order is based on the settings of the parsing options as defined in the IAG Configuration
              console, as follow:
              1. Don't parse the bodies of the response to these requests: if response URL is matched, no
                    parsing/accumulation would be done.
              2. Search and Replace Response Content: only if URL does not match #1 above – response body
                    would be accumulated for parsing.
              3. Search and replace on Content-type: only if URL does not match #1 and #2 above – response
                    body would be accumulated for parsing.
              ** Note, for Basic and Webmail trunks, in order to revert to the previous parsing/accumulation method, the IAG
              administrator needs to add the following new registry key:
              WhaleCom\e-Gap\von\UrlFilter\WhlFiltSNT\BasicTrunkAccumulateResData with DWORD value: 1.
    2.   New API for WMI Patch info/SID/Computer name
         This hotfix introduces a new API that allows the creation of advanced client detection scripts.
         With update-5 you can retrieve all installed client patches and compare them against the latest required-
         patch list. This feature is implemented by querying WMI on the client side.
         In addition, it is now possible to retrieve additional client computer information such as computer name,
         domain, workgroup etc.
    3.   Increase in the amount of additional networks that Network Connector can support
         Prior to this fix, the NC supported only 7 “additional networks”. With this new fix, the user can define up
         to 200 additional networks.
    4.   Minor fix in Local Drive Mapping application
         This hotfix allows drive mapping when the username contains spaces.
         ** Note: This fix is for users using windows XP only (Drive mapping does not support on Vista client
    5.   User warning when using 64bit OS
         Whale client components are not supported on 64-bit operating systems. With this hotfix installed, users
         running a 64-bit OS will receive the following warning on the log in page:
         “Whale Client Components were not installed on this computer because this computer is running a 64-bit
         operating system. This might affect your experience with this site, depending on corporate security

Known issues for this update:
        If you add more than 7 networks to the Network Connector configuration and later role-back (uninstall
         update-5) you will get error, as prior to update-5 the NC supported only 7 additional networks.

Known issues for previous updates:

        When using the Sametime Plugin you might have problems when trying to attend a meeting at the first

        The Detection Center feature is unable to detect Windows built-in firewall via WMI, the existing IAG client
         component Windows Firewall detection logic is still used.

    •    Configuration of a trunk's public host— You can no longer use IP addresses in order to define a trunk's
         public host name; only host names are supported. In the Configuration console, the name of the trunk's
         Public Hostname/IP Address box has changed to Public hostname. In addition, host names must contain at
         least two periods.

    •    In some cases, you need to change the default body size that is defined in e-Gap or IAG request smuggling
         protection definitions. For example, for some Web parts in a SharePoint site, the request size is larger
         than the default size in e-Gap or IAG. In this case, the warning message "HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS)
         Attempt" appears in the Web Monitor.

    •    The new hotfix does not support offline client components installation. If customers need to use the
         offline installation, they need to install the SP1 offline client components, and then, when they first access
         a computer that runs the hotfix, the client components will be upgraded.

More detailed information about this hotfix will be published in a KB format later.

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