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									                                                                                                                                   MARINES TEST OUT
                                                                                                                                   M-203 pg. 8

                                                                                                                                   HARMONY IN
                                                                                                                                   HENOKO pg. 12

       May 26, 2006                                                  Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa, Japan                        

 Okinawa, military police
 rely on cooperation
                                                                               The Thais that bind
 STORY AND PHOTO BY                    Okinawan counterparts,”
 LANCE CPL. W. ZACH GRIFFITH           Troutman said. “We have to.
 COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                  We have service members
                                       who get involved in incidents
 CAMP FOSTER — Former                  off base, and Okinawans who
 FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover          get involved with incidents on
 once said, “Cooperation is the        base. We need a lot of coordi-
 backbone of police work.”             nation to handle these cases
    Following in the spirit of that    properly.”
 advice, police officers from the          Troutman began the event by
 Okinawa Police Department             giving a presentation about the
 and military policemen from the       basics of PMO. He explained
 Camp Butler Provost Marshal’s         the organization, operations
 Office, gathered at the Butler Of-     and special units such as the
 ficers’ Club to share operational      Special Response Team and
 know-how May 19.                      Criminal Investigations Team.
    Camp Butler Provost Mar-           After the short presentation,
 shal Lt. Col. John D. Troutman’s      the attendees mingled.
 intent for the meeting was to            The event was also effective
 continue the close-working            as a social gathering, accord-
 relationship between the PMO          ing to Kazumune Namizato,
 and the Okinawan Prefecture           the foreign cases investigator
 Police Department.                    for the Okinawa Police De-
    “We have always maintained         partment.
 a close relationship with our                    See POLICE on page 6

                                                                               UTAPHO, Thailand | U.S. Navy Seaman Jonathon Laster is arrested and flexi-cuffed by a
                                                                               Royal Thai Marine May 21 during a noncombatant evacuation operation exercise as part
 Lt. Naoya Teruya (left) and Pvt. Aaron Borcherding work together              of Exercise Cobra Gold 2006. In preparation of the NEO exercise, instructors with the
 at an accident investigation scene. The relationship between the              Marine Expeditionary Unit Service Support Group 31 trained more than 50 Thai Marines
 Okinawan and military police is a long-standing tradition in the local        on the proper procedures of planning and execution of a hasty and deliberate evacu-
 community. Teruya is a police officer with the Okinawa Prefecture              ation control center. Marine and sailors of the 31st MEU (Special Operations Capable)
 Police Department and Borcherding is a military policeman with the            have been training with the Thai Marines in a variety of MEU specific capabilities. Laster
 Camp Butler Provost Marshal’s Office.                                          is a corpsman with MSSG. Photo by Lance Cpl. Kamran Sadaghiani

                SMOOTH WATERS                                                                                                            BACKYARD BRAWL
              Americans and Okinawans                                                                                                   Members of the Kadena
               participate in the annual                            PASSING GRADE                                                        Air Base Banyan Tree

                Henoko Dragon Boat                       The water supply of military family                                             and Awase Meadows
                Race. The event is a                   housing areas and quarters on Okinawa                                            Golf Courses faced off in
                40-year long tradition                 was recently tested for lead content and                                         a friendly rivalry as part
               between Camp Schwab                            was found safe to drink.                                                   of the 2006 Home and
               and the city of Henoko.                                  pg. 14                                                              Home Challenge.
                         pg. 13                                                                                                                   pg. 17
2                                                  OKINAWA MARINE | NEWS | MAY 26, 2006

Marines and sailors battle the 100-degree Mojave Desert heat May 12 during a

12-mile battalion hike. The service members are with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine
Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Photo by Lance Cpl. Michael S. Cifuentes

                                                                                          Around the

                                                                                 To read these stories and others,

   N.C | Twenty
   Marines and
    sailors with
Landing Team,
 1st Battalion,
    2nd Marine
  receive their
  Purple Heart
   Medals May
11 for wounds
     in Iraq. The
        were de-
       ployed to
  Iraq with the
   22nd Marine
  Unit (Special
     earlier this
 year. Photo by
 Sgt. Richard D.

                                                                                                                     ZAIDON, Iraq |
                                                                                                                     Cpl. Scott Ostrom
                                                                                                                     teaches Iraqi chil-
                                                                                                                     dren how to shoot
                                                                                                                     a slingshot during
                                                                                                                     a “knock-and-talk”
                                                                                                                     patrol. Ostrom
                                                                                                                     and his team of
                                                                                                                     Marines performed
                                                                                                                     the mission to gain
                                                                                                                     a better insight
                                                                                                                     to trouble spots,
                                                                                                                     eventually un-
                                                                                                                     covering a buried
                                                                                                                     weapons cache
                                                                                                                     after a tip from a
        WASHINGTON | Maj. John L. Arsenault prepares to make the first                                               local Iraqi. Ostrom
        charcoal rubbing of Hans J. R. Lorenz’s name May 17. Lorenz is the                                           is assigned to B
        313th name to be added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial since its                                            Company, 2nd Re-
        dedication Nov. 13, 1982. The names of three Marines and one sol-                                            connaissance Bat-
        dier were added to the memorial during a series of wall inscriptions                                         talion, Regimental
        May 16-18. Arsenault will present the rubbing to Lorenz’s mother,                                            Combat Team 5.
        who was unable to attend the event, during a memorial ceremony                                               Photo by Gunnery
        at a later date. Arsenault is a reserve Marine currently on active                                           Sgt. Mark Oliva
        duty and served in Vietnam as a squad leader with 1st Battalion, 4th
        Marine Regiment, in 1968. Photo by Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook
                                                         OKINAWA MARINE | OPINION                                        & EDITORIAL | MAY 26, 2006                                                                                                                                             3

 Reality, truth: ‘Hardcore Zen’
SGT. MIKE CAMACHO                                             can’t get reality out of my head. That                                                                                                    were, it’s still the same place we
                                                              night my view of the world changed,
                                                                                                                                  Sgt.                                                                  tried to escape.

   was in the bookstore looking for                           and the view of my world changed.                                                                                                             I see now that it’s what you do
   Taoist poems to get my mom for
   her birthday. I curiously picked
                                                                  I’m not one to preach. Anytime
                                                              I hear someone else come at me
                                                                                                                                  Mike                                                                  right with every moment of every day
                                                                                                                                                                                                        that can honestly change anything in
up a book about Zen, skimmed                                  with a preachy exchange of ideas,                                   Camacho                                                               yourself or the world. Have you ever
through it, and couldn’t get the first                         I shut it out. I think this is why this                                                                                                   noticed what a genuine smile from a
words I read out of my mind.                                  book made sense. The author, Brad                                                                                                         stranger does to you?
   “What is this place? This existence                        Warner, never once says you MUST                               same thing your wife, friend or                                                3. Lastly, the filth of humanity is
                      – the very fact of                      believe what I have to say. While                              brother does. Reality is undeniable                                        within each and every one of us.
                      my being – what                         he does clearly communicate his                                and there is a difference between                                          Deny it if you want, but it’s true. But
                      is this? Who am                         opinionated views, Warner continu-                             belief and reality.                                                        so is divine goodwill. We know what’s
                      I? What is this                         ally urges you to doubt and question                               2. The past and future are not                                         right in our relations with other hu-
                      thing, this body                        everything he says. He also encour-                            real; they are ideas. History is                                           mans. And even the smallest good we
                      …”                                      ages you to find truth for yourself.                            recorded facts. That world doesn’t                                         do impacts our world.
                          It wasn’t the                           I have no need or inclination to                           exist anymore. While future planning                                           These three things he wrote about
                      first time I had                        change anyone’s view of religion.                              is necessary in order to successfully                                      felt right to me. I’m compelled to
                      this idea come                          There are countless religions and                              function in society, the future does                                       share them. There are other more
                      into my head.                           various sects in the world for a rea-                          not exist. However, I always assumed                                       abstract ideas. If you’re interested in
                      It was just the                         son. I simply found valuable tools for                         that these fantasy worlds were real.                                       the three I presented, you can find
                      first time some-                        anyone to use, and these tools are my                          This idea, that it’s all some place you                                    the others easily.
                      body else was                           reason for writing this review. Here                           can never be, shook me because it’s                                            I’m no expert on Zen Buddhism
                      saying it.                              are three examples of what resonated                           the truth.                                                                 or any other religion. I read the
   As I finished the book, “Hardcore                           within me:                                                         I say (and hear others say): if                                        book and that’s it. The only reason
Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and                                1. Human belief is inescapable.                            only I was back home, if only I                                            I’m even writing this is because I
the Truth About Reality” (silly title,                        Everyone has beliefs. It’s the founda-                         could get this job, if only I had a                                        had a lot of pain in my heart. After
I know), I continued to get goose                             tion of human nature. And every-                               million dollars; or I wish I could go                                      reading the book, I felt a tremen-
bumps for hours. Not since I can                              one’s belief is different. Whether                             back to when I had this girlfriend,                                        dous lift of that pain. It’s still there,
remember, have I laughed so hard                              you go to the same church, school,                             that car, those grades; then every-                                        but for the first time things make
or been so profoundly impacted by                             listen to the same music, or have                              thing would be all right and I would                                       much more sense.
something someone else had to say.                            any other similarities, it’s impossible                        be content. Most of the time, when                                             Sgt. Camacho is the northern bu-
I couldn’t sleep that night, and I still                      to believe or experience the exact                             we do get to the place we wish we                                          reau chief for the Okinawa Marine.

Facing trials makes us stronger                                                                                                                                                                    MARINE CORPS
                                                                                                                                                                                                    FACT CHECK
LT. GLEN ALAN FLEMING                                                                  purified by the trials we experience. Suffering causes us                                                               COMBAT UTILITY
                                                                                       to let go of the dross in our lives and to enjoy the pure

W         e have all experienced
          hardships in life. We try
          to avoid them, seeing
                                                                                       gold that is ours. This purification process helps us to
                                                                                       recognize the things of lasting value in our lives. During
                                                                                       hard times we gain a new appreciation for our faith in
                                                                                                                                                                                                             UNIFORM – SOCKS

them as something bad and                                                              God and for our loved ones.                                                                                                     What color boot socks are au-
hurtful. Certainly the trials of life                                                      In Psalms 90:12, Moses writes, “Teach us to number                                                                          thorized for wear in cammies?
are never enjoyable while we are                                                       our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
going through them. The key to

                                                                                           How do we learn to number our days aright? It is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Coyote brown. Beginning
facing trials with renewed cour-                                                       through the difficulties that we learn things of lasting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2 0 0 4 , t h e c oyo te b r ow n
age and strength is to remember                                                        value; we gain a new appreciation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       cushion sole socks replaced
that the very things we dread are                                                      for the simple, yet priceless trea-      CHAPLAIN’S                                                                             the black and green cushion
being used by God to mold us                                                           sures. The trials of life sift us and       CORNER                                                                              sole socks. Black and green
and to make us.                                                                        leave us with new priorities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       socks purchased before this
    The difficult physical training required of a Marine is                                 The trials cause us to realize anew our need for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       date may be worn until no
painful and challenging, but it equips him to complete                                 presence and power of God in our lives. It is as we hum-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       longer serviceable at which
demanding missions. The strongest steel is that hardened                               bly submit ourselves to the wisdom and will of God that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       time they must be replaced
by exposure to fire. The fire that destroys wood hardens                                 we learn His grace is sufficient for every situation in our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       with the regulation brown
steel, making it more useful. It is the same in life. The                              lives. We also begin to see that God uses hardships in our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       soc k s . More information
trials that we experience are not to destroy us, but rather                            lives to His glory and for our good. May we rest in God’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       may be found in paragraph
to give us strength and endurance that we would not                                    power and rejoice that His ways are not like our ways.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       3029 of Marine Corps Order
otherwise know.                                                                        His ways are higher and His ways are for our good.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       P1020. 34G , Marine Corps
    Fire also purifies and refines. When gold is put to                                      Chaplain Fleming is assigned to 3rd Transportation Sup-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Uniform Regulations.
fire, the impurities separate from the pure gold and float                               port Battalion, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, and periodically
to the top where they can be removed. Our lives are                                    leads worship at Camp Foster Chapel Sundays at 8:30 a.m.


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4                                                                     OKINAWA MARINE | NEWS | MAY 26, 2006

NJP REPORT                                                                 Marines raid Thai shores during exercise

    A petty officer second class with 3rd Reconnaissance
Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, was found guilty at battal-
ion-level NJP of drunken or reckless operation of a vehicle,
aircraft or vessel. Punishment: reduction to the pay grade of
E-4 and restriction for 30 days.

    A lance corporal with 7th Communications Battalion, III
Marine Expeditionary Force, was found guilty at battalion-level
NJP of underage drinking. Punishment: forfeiture of $797 pay
for two months, restriction and extra duties for 45 days.

    Warrant officer and chief warrant officer FitRep reporting
period ended April 30. Reports are due to HQMC by May 31.
    Captain, major, lieutenant colonel and colonel FitRep report-
ing period ends May 31. Reports are due to HQMC by June 30.

    Future Okinawa Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy
resident course information:
    • Sergeant’s Course
      Class 6-06: Aug. 9 – Sept. 27
    • Career Course
      Class 6-06: Aug. 10 – Sept. 28                                       HAT YAO BEACH, Thailand | A U.S. Marine conducts a rush tactic while the remainder of his squad
    • Advanced Course                                                      provides security May 19 during a combined amphibious raid conducted by the 31st Marine Expedi-
      Class 6-06: Aug. 11 – Sept. 29                                       tionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) and the Royal Thai Marine Corps as part of Exercise Cobra
                                                                           Gold 2006. The Marines came ashore in assault amphibious vehicles from the USS Harpers Ferry and a
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED                                                          Thai tank landing ship. The U.S. Marines are with E Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment, currently
   Volunteers are needed to support the Special Olympics                   serving as the 31st MEU’s Battalion Landing Team. Photo by Lance Cpl. Kamran Sadaghiani
held at Kadena Air Base June 24. For more information, call
                                                                       emergency contact telephone numbers. For emergency as-
OPEN AUDITIONS                                                         sistance while on military installations on Okinawa, dial             POLICE continued from page 1
    The Pacific Okinawa Players will hold open auditions for the        911. To contact emergency personnel on Marine Corps bases                 “If we know each other better, in more
play “Nunsense” May 31-June 1 from 7-9 p.m. at the Camp Foster         from off base or from a cell phone, dial (098) 893-7911. To            friendly circumstances, we can do our jobs
Community Theater. You must be 18 or older to audition for the         contact emergency personnel on Kadena Air Base from off                better,” Namizato said. “If we don’t know
show, which will be held in October. For more information, visit       base or from a cell phone dial, (098) 934-5911. Both English-         anything about each other, working together                                               and Japanese-speaking dispatchers are available. PMO urges            on our investigations will be much more
                                                                       callers who live off base to have their exact address ready            difficult.”
SPORTS OFFICIALS SOUGHT                                                when calling.                                                              The relationship helps keep Marines from
   The Okinawa Athletic Officials’ Association is seeking                                                                                      feeling abandoned if they get into a situation or
members. Those interested in sports officiating may contact              GOLF TOURNAMENT                                                       trouble off base, according to Troutman.
Al Harrison at 633-7043.                                                   The American Society of Military Comptrollers will host a             “If a Marine gets in trouble while he’s off
                                                                       golf tournament at the Banyan Tree Golf Course on Kadena Air          base, he can be comforted in the knowledge
III MEF CONCERT                                                        Base June 9. For more information, call 634-8277.                     that PMO and the Okinawan police will work
   The III Marine Expeditionary Force Band will hold its annual                                                                              closely to appropriately handle the incident,”
summer concert May 26 at the Okinawa Convention Center in              EOD PROGRAM SEEKS MARINES                                             Troutman said. “Or if the Marine needs help
Ginowan City at 7 p.m. For more information, call 645-3919.                The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Program is looking for            when he’s out in town, he should know that
                                                                       qualified Marines who desire a lateral move into a challenging         the Okinawan police will contact us and we
CHARITY ART AUCTION                                                    field. Lance corporals who are 21 years old and have two years         can help that Marine.”
    The Hospital Corps Birthday Ball Committee will host a             time-in-service, and corporals and sergeants with a maximum               The teamwork between PMO and the local
charity art auction sponsored by Kanda’s Gallery Bachelor              of two years time-in-grade are qualified to apply. In addition,        police will show the Okinawan people that
Officers’ Quarters May 27 at the Kadena Officers’ Club. Viewing            applicants must have a GT score of 110 or higher and must not         incidents that occur between them and Status
and pre-sale will begin at 5:30 p.m., and the auction will start at    be color blind or claustrophobic. To set up an interview, call your   of Forces Agreement personnel are easily
7 p.m. For more information, call 645-4282.                            unit’s career retention specialist.                                   handled, according to Hiromichi Ishigaki,
                                                                                                                                             the senior superintendent of the Okinawa
MOVING WITH PETS                                                       CRIMINAL INVESTIGATORS SOUGHT                                         Prefecture Police Department.
    Air Mobility Command’s Patriot Express service from                   The U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Command, com-                   “No resident wants to see an accident
Okinawa was recently reduced to one flight per week, resulting          monly known as CID, is seeking qualified applicants from all           happen between them and someone from
in a reduction of allocated pet spaces. Commercial transporta-         branches of the military to become criminal investigators. For        the military,” Ishigaki said. “When some-
tion is currently used to offset the reduction in AMC flights. For       more information or to apply, visit          thing does happen though, they want to see
information about traveling with pets, travelers are required to                                                                             it resolved. By working together, (PMO) and
contact the airlines. Also, only pet kennels with a maximum            SOCIETY OF MILITARY COMPTROLLERS                                      local police can grant that wish.”
height of eight inches will be allowed in the cabin on AMC                 The American Society of Military Comptrollers will host its           With Okinawans standing guard at gates
flights.A complete list of airlines and animal transportation           next meeting at the Kadena Officers’ Club Wednesday, May 31 from        and acting as liaisons between PMO and local
information may be found at              11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. For more information, call 634-8277.            police, all people play an intricate part of the
ganization/vet/c_trans.htm. For further information, contact                                                                                 relationship, according to Troutman.
Animal Quarantine Service at Naha International Airport at                 TO S U B M I T A B R I E F , s e n d a n e - m a i l t o              “Everyone, from the young MP or Okinawan
(098) 857-4468 or the AMC terminal at DSN 632-6487.           or fax your request to 645-                 police officer on patrol or handling a traffic
                                                                       3803. The Okinawa Marine accepts briefs from nonprofit                 accident to the senior leaders, plays an in-
EMERGENCY DIALING INSTRUCTIONS                                         organizations only. The deadline for submitting a brief               volved and important role in how smoothly
    The Marine Corps Base Provost Marshal’s Office would                 is noon every Friday. The Okinawa Marine reserves the                 we work together,” Troutman said.
like to remind service members on Okinawa about current                right to edit all submitted material.

                                                           OKINAWA MARINE | NEWS | MAY 26, 2006                                                                           5

Children find fun side of fitness                                        STORY BY LANCE CPL. W. ZACH GRIFFITH AND             diseases beyond obesity, according to Griffith.
                                                                       LANCE CPL. JUAN D. ALFONSO                           Diabetes, high blood pressure and choles-
                                                                       COMBAT CORRESPONDENTS                                terol can often be prevented by exercise and
                                                                                                                            a proper diet.
                                                                       CAMP FOSTER — “To get your kids to do                    “People like to take medicine for their
                                                                       anything, you have to make it fun,” said Mar-        ailments,” Griffith said. “However, with medi-
                                                                       garet Baffa, a fitness coordinator for Marine         cine come side effects. Getting outside and
                                                                       Corps Community Services Okinawa. “You               active with your kids is a good way to have a
                                                                       have to make cleaning their room fun, school         good time and avoid bad health at the same
                                                                       has to be fun, eating has to be fun. The same        time.”
                                                                       goes for staying fit.”                                    Simply running around with your kids is
                                                                           Keeping this in mind, MCCS fitness per-           a good way get some good exercise, prevent
                                                                       sonnel designed the first Fit Family Fun Day,         some diseases and help maintain a good fam-
                                                                       according to Dr. Bert Griffith, the Health Pro-       ily relationship, according to Griffith.
                                                                       motion Program Manager. Families gathered                “Kids influence their parents more than
                                                                       in the Camp Foster Field House May 20 to             people think,” he said. “When a family spends
                                                                       participate and learn how to avoid sometimes         time together, they are happier.”
                                                                       life-threatening problems associated with                With today’s technological entertainments,
                                                                       inactivity.                                          keeping kids interested in activates beyond
                                                                           “There is a huge problem with childhood          cartoons and video games can be difficult,
                                                                       obesity in the states,” Griffith said. “We want       according to Baffa.
                                                                       to instill a sense of fitness in these kids at a          “It’s up to parents to make sure their kids
                                                                       young age and avoid this problem.”                   stay healthy and active,” she said. “Show them
                                                                           To help ensure the children don’t associ-        how much fun you can have without sitting in
                                                                       ate exercise with the drudgery of chores, a          front of the T.V.”
                                                                       variety of fun activities were provided for the          Sometimes it may take more inventive
                                                                       children. These activities ranged from sack          means to get your kids interested in having
                                                                       races to an obstacle course.                         fun while staying active, but it’ll be worth it,
                                                                           “We want to make sure families get the           according to Baffa.
                                          LANCE CPL. JUAN D. ALFONSO
                                                                       point that they can stay fit, but have fun with           “My dad tricked me into coming here,”
Angelina H. Millette tosses a water balloon during the                 it,” Griffith said. “It doesn’t have to be a tradi-   said 7-year-old Czaja Warnack, a second-
Marine Corps Community Services’ Fit Families Fun Day                  tional, boring run. You can get out in the back      grade pupil with Kinser Elementary School.
May 20 at the Camp Foster Field House. “I throw it at                  yard and have a good time with your kids.”           “I don’t really know about being healthy, but
daddy,” Millette said. “He should of got it.”                              Proper exercise is also a way to prevent         I like running around a lot.”

USNH screens
CDC for early
vision problems

CAMP FOSTER — If detected early enough, child-
hood vision problems can be corrected or prevented
from getting worse. The Camp Foster Child Develop-
ment Center and doctors from U.S. Naval Hospital
Okinawa have taken steps toward detecting vision
problems before children reach school-age.
   The doctors screened the eyes of 66 children May
11 for a wide variety of eyesight problems includ-
ing nearsightedness, longsightedness, lazy eye and
   Tests included child-friendly vision charts that           Four-year-old Michael Telfeyan focuses on the point of Lt. Cmdr. Ken Uyesugi’s pen, a simple test for lazy
replaced letters with familiar shapes and color               eye May 11 during a vision test at the Child Development Center on Camp Foster. Doctors from U.S. Naval
tests. These tests have been specially developed              Hospital Okinawa visited the center to screen 66 children for early-developing vision problems. Children
for young patients, catering to their attention spans         were checked for a wide variety of vision problems including nearsightedness, longsightedness, lazy eye and
and fears.                                                    colorblindness. Uyesugi is an optometrist with the USNH.
   “Children are a challenge in terms of screening,”
said Navy Lt. Jared Anderson, a staff optometrist with        of 7 or 8 it is too late to correct it,” Laurent said.    ten, first, fourth and seventh grades,” Laurent said.
the USNH. “Sometimes their eyes won’t focus on a              “The earlier you intervene with vision problems,          “Every child that attends DoDDS is seen by an op-
point long enough to test their vision. We have to            the better. If that same child had been put in glasses    tometrist at least once every three years.”
make it fun.”                                                 by age 3 or 4, he might have had perfectly normal            Camp Foster’s CDC is not the only center con-
   According to one patient, 3-year-old Austin New,           vision at age 7.”                                         ducting vision screening this month, according to
they succeeded.                                                  Identifying vision problems can also cut back on       Cynthia Stewart, a community health nurse with the
   “Big boys take (the test),” New proclaimed, after          learning difficulties, according to Anderson. About        Children, Youth and Teen Programs, Marine Corps
successfully completing his vision test. “I liked the         40 to 50 percent of learning disabilities and read-       Community Services.
one with the road and the balloon.”                           ing difficulty can be traced back to an uncorrected            “We want to help as many children as possible,”
   It is important to catch vision problems early in          vision problem.                                           Stewart said. “We hope to make these screenings
a child’s development, explained Cmdr. John M.                   Department of Defense Dependents Schools are           an annual event.”
Laurent, an optometrist with the USNH.                        also on the offensive to find early vision problems.          The next CDC screening is scheduled for June 8
   “If a child’s lazy eye isn’t identified until the age          “DoDDS runs annual vision tests in kindergar-          in Camp Kinser.
6                                                         OKINAWA MARINE | NEWS | MAY 26, 2006

Marines and sailors use M-203 40 mm grenade launchers to fire rounds May 16 in Central Training Area. More than 60 Marines and sailors took part in a training evolution aimed at
providing the headquarters element with familiarization of the M-203. The service members are with Headquarters Battery, 12th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division.

                                                                    12th Marines get feel for
                                                                    M-203 grenade launcher
                                                                    STORY AND PHOTOS BY                       “We have these weapons that       a big fan of blowing stuff up. I
                                                                    LANCE CPL. SCOTT M. BISCUITI          most of our Marines haven’t           loved it.”
                                                                    COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                  shot, so I said we need to go out        Marines in combat military
                                                                                                          and blow stuff up and approve         occupational specialties con-
                                                                    CENTRAL TRAINING AREA                 these weapons,” he said. “The         stantly use weapons like the M-
                                                                    — Thump, thump, thump,                M-203 is an individual weapon         203, according to Brookshire.
                                                                    echoed across the firing line          and it’s in every Marine unit.        However, headquarters ele-
                                                                    as more than 60 Marines and           It’s important to know how to         ments rarely get the opportunity
                                                                    sailors fired 40 mm grenades at        use it.”                              to get out and train with many
                                                                    targets marked for destruction            The Marines fired two kinds        weapons systems.
                                                                    May 16 at Range 7 in Central          of rounds. They used M-781 40            “You have to find the bal-
                                                                    Training Area.                        mm practice rounds and M-433          ance of combat readiness and
                                                                       The training evolution was         High Explosive Dual Purpose 40        providing regimental command
                                                                    aimed at providing Headquar-          mm grenades.                          ability like controlling (commu-
                                                                    ters Battery, 12th Marine Regi-           “We used the practice rounds      nications), (motor transporta-
                                                                    ment, 3rd Marine Division, with       to get our bearing with the           tion) and radar, which are just
                                                                    familiarization of the M-203 40       weapon and get on target,” said       a few things this unit does,”
                                                                    mm grenade launcher, accord-          Lance Cpl. Ryan Wright, a field        Brookshire said. “It was good
                                                                    ing to Chief Warrant Officer 3         artillery fire control man with        training.”
                                                                    James Brookshire, command-            Headquarters Battery. “Then              For most of the Marines in
                                                                    ing officer, Headquarters Bat-         we used the HEDP rounds. I’m          the unit, the training evolution
                                                                    tery, 12th Marines.                                                         was the first time any of them
                                                                       “These Marines might find                                                 fired live M-203 rounds.
                                                                    themselves using this weapon in                                                “I’ve never fired (HEDP)
                                                                    a combat environment,” Brook-                                               rounds before this. But if I had
                                                                    shire said. “They put live rounds                                           to use the M-203 in combat, I
                                                                    down range, and now I know                                                  would be comfortable with it,”
                                                                    they can employ it properly.”                                               said Lance Cpl. Benjamin Gris-
                                                                       Brookshire said the idea for                                             wold, an artillery meteorological
                                                                    the M-203 live fire came during                                              man with Headquarters Battery.
                                                                    a trip to the armory where he         Marines and sailors use               “The most important part is
A cloud of smoke erupts after a Marine sends an M-433 High          discovered M-203’s that were          bandoliers holding HEDP rounds        learning to use (the weapon) ef-
Explosive Dual Purpose 40 mm grenade down range.                    not yet mounted on rifles.             during the training.                  fectively to save Marines lives.”
                                                   OKINAWA MARINE | FEATURE | MAY 26, 2006                                                                             7

New AAFES mall under construction on Hansen
STORY AND PHOTO BY                        ties are inadequate to fully support      lie’s Steakery, Pizza Hut and Taco             Currently, AAFES has many proj-
LANCE CPL. WARREN PEACE                   the mission there,” he said. “AAFES       Bell in addition to the new base           ects in progress across Okinawa
COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                      has a commitment to continuously          exchange. Also, the two-level facility     such as another mall on Camp
                                          improve facilities that enhance the       will house a barbershop and dry            Schwab and renovations to the

M         arines and sailors sit and
          wait at the bus stop every
          weekend in Camp Hansen,
hoping for a spot on the next bus for
a ride to the Camp Foster exchange.
                                          quality of life of our valued custom-
                                          ers. The new consolidated facility
                                          will be state of the art with all new
                                          programs and efficiencies to better
                                          serve the customers in a bright,
                                                                                    cleaning services.
                                                                                        The existing facilities will be de-
                                                                                    molished to make room for a larger
                                                                                    parking area.
                                                                                                                               Camp Kinser and Camp Courtney
                                                                                                                               malls. The McTureous Military Fam-
                                                                                                                               ily Housing Shoppette renovation is
                                                                                                                               already complete.

    Construction workers are work-        friendly environment.”
ing on a building that will make the         Currently, residents here travel
shopping trip unnecessary in the          to Camp Foster to purchase many
future.                                   goods unavailable on Camp Hansen,
    In an effort to improve the ame-      according to Little.
nities on Camp Hansen, the Army &            “It’s a huge hassle to go to Camp
Air Force Exchange Service is build-      Foster to buy stuff,” said Lance Cpl.
ing a mall scheduled for completion       Neelam Vadgama, a Camp Hansen
in October.                               resident and an electrician with
    The new facility will house an        Marine Corps Base Camp Butler’s
expanded Post Exchange, food court        Facilities Engineer Division. “If I
and military clothing store within        want to buy something big like a
a 55,000 square-foot building in          30-inch TV, it’s a pain to carry it
order to better serve Camp Hansen         on the Green Line back to Hansen.
customers, according to Robert            Some things I want from the Foster
Little, the general manager of AAFES      exchange won’t even fit on the
Okinawa Exchange.                         bus.”
    “Camp Hansen has a large                 A food court will offer a larger       A new 55,000-square foot mall on Camp Hansen, which is scheduled to open in
population, and our AAFES facili-         selection of restaurants like Char-       October, will house an exchange, food court and military clothing store.

                                                                           Chaplain of Marine
                                                                           Corps visits Okinawa
                                                                           STORY AND PHOTO BY                              an opportunity to get out, have some free
                                                                           LANCE CPL. SCOTT M. BISCUITI                    food and have fun,” said Cmdr. Manuel A.
                                                                           COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                            Biadog, the chaplain for III MEF Headquar-
                                                                                                                           ters Group.

                                                                           T       he 15th Chaplain of the Marine Corps
                                                                                   Rear Admiral Robert F. Burt visited
                                                                                   Okinawa from May 17–22 to meet
                                                                           with religious ministry teams in the area and
                                                                           motivate Marines, sailors and their families
                                                                                                                               During Burt’s stop at the West Chapel, he
                                                                                                                           shared stories from his time as an enlisted
                                                                                                                           sailor and a recent deployment to Iraq.
                                                                                                                               “To look into the eyes of the 18-, 19-,
                                                                                                                           20-year-old men, and see the focus and the
                                                                           by giving speeches and thanking them for        mission mindset that they have is amazing,”
                                                                           their service.                                  Burt said about the Marines and sailors he
                                                                               “I salute you and honor you for what        spoke with in Iraq.
                                                                           you do,” Burt said during a speech May              Cpl. William Skinner, a motor vehicle
                                                                           21 at Camp Hansen’s West Chapel. “I am          operator with Combat Assault Battalion, 3rd
                                                                           so proud to be the Chaplain of the Marine       Marine Division, served as Burt’s driver dur-
                                                                           Corps.”                                         ing his stay on Okinawa. He said Burt was
                                                                               Out of the 860 chaplains serving in the     the most honest and respectful person he
                                                                           Navy Chaplain Corps, 275 are dedicated to       has ever driven for.
                                                                           the Marine Corps. Burt, who’s been a chap-          “He’s a great guy,” Skinner said. “I think
                                                                           lain for 25 years, oversees all the chaplains   being former enlisted makes a difference in
                                                                           serving with Marine units.                      his attitude. He can relate to everyone.”
                                                                               “We have someone as Chaplain of the             This attitude is echoed with everyone
                                                                           Marine Corps to watch out over the ap-          who meets him, according to Biadog.
                                                                           proximately one third of our Navy Chaplain          “Chaplain Burt is a motivator,”
                                                                           Corps who serve with the nation’s finest,”       Biadog said. “He is a great Chaplain of
                                                                           Burt said. “My job is to hear their issues,     the Marine corps because he truly loves
                                                                           what their concerns are and what kind of        the Marines and sailors serving with the
                                                                           help they need from Headquarters Marine         Marine Corps.”
                                                                           Corps.”                                             The trip to Okinawa will be Burt’s last
                                                                               Throughout Burt’s stay here, he met         one as Chaplain of the Marine Corps. In
                                                                           with the various commanders from local          June, he will be assuming responsibility as
                                                                           units, attended meetings with chaplains and     the U.S. Navy Chief of Chaplains.
                                                                           religious program specialists, and spoke to         Burt left young service members on
                                                                           congregations at base chapels.                  Okinawa with a final thought before depart-
                                                                               To celebrate Burt’s visit, the Camp         ing.
                                                                           Hansen USO and Camp Hansen West Chapel              “Sometimes when you’re 17, 18 or 19
                                                                           hosted a party May 21 with free a barbecue,     years of age, you don’t see the impact that
                                                                           a performance from the III Marine Expe-         your job has on the big picture,” Burt said.
                                                                           ditionary Force Party Band, and sporting        “So I would just encourage these young Ma-
                                                                           events.                                         rines and sailors to make spiritual growth a
The Chaplain of the Marine Corps Rear Admiral Robert F. Burt preaches to       “The purpose of the event was to give       priority in their lives. You have to be disci-
a congregation at Camp Hansen’s West Chapel May 21.                        service members that live in the barracks       plined. You have to make it a priority.”
8                                                                                                                                     OKINAWA MARINE | FEA

         Cpl. Richard
   Hunter bites into
  a freshly skinned
    king cobra May
   20 during jungle
    survival training
        instructed by
     the Royal Thai
    Marines as part
 of Exercise Cobra
      Gold 2006. In
     preparation for
 jungle operations,
          Royal Thai
 Marine instructors
      spent the day
       training more
   than 40 Marines
          and sailors
    with the Marine
Expeditionary Unit
   Service Support
   Group 31 and G
     Company, 2nd
       Battalion, 5th
 Marine Regiment,
   currently serving
as the 31st MEU’s
  Battalion Landing
 Team. Hunter is a
rapid request chief
         with MSSG.

                        ABOVE | A Royal Thai reconnaissance Marine (left) assists U.S. Marine Cpl. Matthew McDaid on how to catch a
                        king cobra with bare hands during jungle survival training. McDaid is scout sniper with the 31st MEU’s BLT.

                        RIGHT | Marines with the 31st MEU try various fruits and vegetables found in the jungles of Thailand during
                        jungle survival training.
ATURE | MAY 26, 2006                                                                                                                                 9

                       31st MEU Marines
                        taste Cobra Gold
                       Royal Thai
                       Marines teach
                       value of jungle
                       survival skills
                       STORY AND PHOTOS BY
                       LANCE CPL. KAMRAN SADAGHIANI
                       COMBAT CORRESPONDENT

                              hroughout the U.S. Marine
                              Corps’ history, Marines have
                              fought in every clime and place.
                       Those places ranged from Montezu-           A Royal Thai reconnaissance Marine (left) assists a U.S. Marine on how to skin and
                       ma to Vietnam and now Iraq and Af-          gut a chicken with bare hands during jungle survival training.
                       ghanistan, but the need for surviving
                       in a jungle environment still remains       jungle plants, collecting fresh water,      pass on our experience and we hope
                       a key battle skill. During Exercise Co- building fires, cooking, killing and             they learned something that they can
                       bra Gold 2006, Marines and sailors          skinning wild animals, and handling         apply in the future,” Boonjang said.
                       of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit snakes.                                               The U.S. and Royal Thai Marines
                       (Special Operations Capable) were               “Most of the training we focus on       will continue to strengthen their
                       provided that skill by their Royal Thai is fighting in urban and desert envi-            interoperability by conducting nu-
                       counterparts in Phramachedsadrajao ronments because our situation in                    merous training events throughout
                       Camp, Thailand, May 20.                     Iraq,” explained Sgt. Roger Baez, the       Cobra Gold.
                           In preparation for jungle opera-        3rd Platoon guide with G Co. “This
                       tions, Royal Thai Marine instructors        was a good refresher to emphasize
                       spent the day training more than 40         the different methods used in jungle
                       Marines and sailors with MEU Service survival and a lot of what was taught
                       Support Group 31 and G Company,             today was helpful.”
                       2nd Battalion,                                                         Some of the
                       5th Marine Regi-                                                    demonstrations
                       ment, currently                                                     Marines and
                       serving as the         “It’s not every day you get                  sailors witnessed
                       31st MEU’s Bat-                                                     put expressions
                       talion Landing        to see king cobras within a                   of shock and
                       Team, tech-                                                         awe on their
                       niques to survive      few feet away from you.”                     faces, according
                       in jungle terrain.                      NAVY SEAMAN JONATHON LASTER
                                                                  A CORPSMAN WITH THE MSSG
                                                                                           to Navy Seaman
                           “We wanted                                                      Jonathon Laster,
                       the U.S. Ma-                                                        a corpsman with
                       rines to know as                                                    the MSSG.
                       much about the jungle as possible               “It’s not every day you get to see
                       because in the future we might fight         king cobras within a few feet away
                       next to each other in jungle warfare, from you,” said Laster. “I even got
                       so they may have to eat and survive         to participate in drinking the king
                       in the jungles around here,” said           cobra’s blood. It’s a part of their
                       Royal Thai Marine Chief Petty Officer tradition here and I was glad to be a              Royal Thai Marine Chief Petty Officer
                       Pranom Yodrug, a jungle survival            part of it. It was an experience of a       Suriya Tuy instructs Marines and sailors
                       instructor. “I feel it’s my duty to         lifetime.”                                  of the 31st MEU on how to make a
                       train them, and working with the                The training was conducted to           fire with gunpowder and chemicals
                       Marines is something we all look            share important survival skills be-         during jungle survival training. Tuy is a
                       forward to.”                                tween both countries, according to          reconnaissance Marine.
                           The Marines were given demon-           Royal Thai Marine Cmdr. Sumruay
                       strations and classes on a number           Boonjang, the Thai reconnaissance
                       of topics regarding jungle sur-             battalion commander.
                       vival: introduction to survival, eating         “We are proud and honored to
10                                                   OKINAWA MARINE | FEATURE | MAY 26, 2006

Maj. Thomas Smith struggles to avoid his back hitting the ground of a Okinawa sumo pit May 20 while wrestling Daiki Shimabukuro during the Annual Okinawa Sumo
Wrestling Tournament in Henoko. The District Mayor of Henoko Yasumasa Oshiro invited service members from Camp Schwab not only to watch, but also to join in the
tournament. Smith is the Camp Schwab deputy commander and Shimabukuro is a resident of Henoko.

Solidarity through sumo
STORY AND PHOTOS BY                                     mayors before me invited the people of Camp
LANCE CPL. WARREN PEACE                                 Schwab to join us for the sumo tournament,” said
COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                                    Yasumasa Oshiro, the Henoko district mayor.
                                                        “Our relationship is strong and their participa-

ment champion May 21 in the Henoko Athletic
       aughter and cheers surrounded a sand pit
       as Americans and Okinawans competed for
       the title of Annual Okinawa Sumo Tourna-
                                                        tion in the tournament is a great example of the
                                                        long lasting relationship between us.”
                                                            Okinawa Sumo is a combination of Western
                                                        wrestling, judo and traditional Japanese sumo. A
                                                        wrestler receives one point when he places his
   The Henoko Young Men’s Association spon-             opponent’s back on the ground like in Western
sored the event that featured a children’s tour-        wrestling. To win, wrestlers must earn two points.
nament, friendly exhibition matches and the                 “It is one of the most powerful competitions in
championship tournament.                                Okinawa,” explained Ritsu Miyagi, a competitor
   “Not only my generation, but generations of          in the championship tournament. “No one can           Americans and Okinawans gather at the Henoko
                                                        say exactly when it began, but we believe it has      Athletic Field Okinawa Sumo Wrestling Tournament.
                                                        been around for thousands of years.”                  The tournament featured a children’s tournament,
                                                            The first event began as the sun set. Okinawan     friendship matches and a championship match.
                                                        and American children competed for prizes rang-
                                                        ing from candy to a bicycle.                          came more serious as the championship tourna-
                                                            Immediately following the children’s tourna-      ment began.
                                                        ment, Oshiro challenged Yasuya Nakazono to a             Fifteen competitors, including one Marine,
                                                        friendship match. Nakazono, the head of Naha          Lance Cpl. Sean Weaver, entered the pit for the
                                                        Defense Facilities Administration Bureau, Govern-     introduction of the fighters.
                                                        ment of Japan, suffered a defeat in the lightheart-      “I am half the size of the (Okinawan wres-
                                                        ed competition.                                       tlers),” said Weaver, a ground communications
                                                            The Americans didn’t hesitate to join in the      organizational repairer with Combat Assault
                                                        fun. Lead by Lt. Col.                                                                Battalion, 3rd Marine
                                                        Steve Terrell, the camp                                                              Division. “I don’t think
                                                        commander of Camp                                                                    I stand a chance, but
                                                        Schwab, a five-man
                                                        team of Americans
                                                                                   “Our relationship is strong and their                     how many Americans
                                                                                                                                             can say they sumo
                                                        challenged a team of
                                                        Henoko residents to a
                                                                                    participation in the tournament is                       wrestled in Japan?”
                                                                                                                                                 Weaver’s thoughts
                                                        bout. The Americans
                                                        quickly realized their
                                                                                    a great example of the long lasting                      were correct as Futoshi
                                                                                                                                             Miyagi eliminated him
                                                        lack of experience in            relationship between us.”                           in his first match.
                                                        Okinawa sumo wres-                                                                       Shyogo Gishitomi,
                                                        tling as the Okinawans                                              YASUMASA OSHIRO
                                                                                                                       HENOKO DISTRICT MAYOR
                                                                                                                                             the defending cham-
                                                        humbled them with a                                                                  pion, ravaged the
                                                        defeat.                                                                              competition by tossing
                                                            “Participating in lo-                                                            and pinning every op-
                                                        cal events helps Marines understand the commu-        ponent that stood in his way. Gishitomi won the
                                                        nity off base,” said Maj. Thomas Smith, a member      championship for the second year in a row.
                                                        of the American sumo team and the deputy camp            After the competition, Oshiro invited every
Dominic Aurelio (blue shirt) competes against Yuya
Kohagura May 20 in a children’s tournament, which
                                                        commander of Camp Schwab. “The Okinawans              one to the Annual Henoko Dragon Boat Race at
offered a new bicycle as grand prize. Kohagura          tend to be more relaxed (than Americans). They        Matsuda-no-hama Beach in Henoko.
is a Henoko resident and Aurelio is the 6-year-old      are just as friendly if not friendlier. They show a      “We believe Camp Schwab and Henoko have
son of 1st Sgt. George Aurelio, the first sergeant       lot of respect for their families and have a very     a very unique relationship,” said Oshiro. “The
of Headquarters and Services Company, 3rd               strong community.”                                    Marines are more than welcome to attend the
Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division.              After the friendship matches, the audience be-    event next year.”
                                                     OKINAWA MARINE | FEATURE | MAY 26, 2006                                                                                   11

 fast S
                                                                                           The annual Henoko Dragon Boat
                                                                                           Race featured 11 teams called
                                                                                           sections representing the 11 districts
                                                                                           of Henoko May 21 at Matsuma-no-
                                                                                           hama Beach. Camp Schwab is the
                                                                                           11th District of Henoko.


Section 11, comprised of 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion service members, near the finish line during the second round of the Henoko Dragon Boat Race May 21 at Matsuma-
no-hama Beach. Riley’s team was ineligible to win the championship trophy, but did earn prizes for their participation. The battalion is with 3rd Marine Division.

Dragon boat race keeps community relationship afloat
STORY AND PHOTOS BY                             While Camp Schwab is ineligible to         tries raced a straight route to a flag 250     some sort of prize.”
LANCE CPL. WARREN PEACE                     win the championship, Henoko resi-             meters off the shore where the teams              Wrapping up the events, the final
COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                        dents still consider the camp a part of        made a 180-degree turn and returned           round of Henoko entries had the crowd
                                            their society.                                 to beach.                                     in an uproar. Section 8 took the early

H        undreds of Okinawans and
         Americans covered the sands of
         Matsuda-no-hama Beach May
21 to root for their favorite dragon
boat team.
                                                “This event is not only for Henoko,
                                            it is for the Marines of Camp Schwab,”
                                            Oshiro said. “Marines are welcome
                                            to participate and help develop this
                                                                                               Each dragon boat team was made of
                                                                                           10 crew members, consisting of nine
                                                                                           oars men who rowed to the beat of a
                                                                                               After the first round, the guest entries
                                                                                                                                         lead and didn’t let go. Fans beat drums,
                                                                                                                                         waved flags and cheered as the team
                                                                                                                                         reached the shore and claimed the
                                                                                                                                             The event officially ended when
    The annual Henoko Dragon Boat               Camp Schwab Marines appreciate             entered the water to show what they are       Oshiro presented the prizes. The Ameri-
Race followed the Okinawa Sumo Wres-        the opportunity the local community            made of. The Marines tasted reality as        cans and Okinawans took advantage of
tling Tournament as a part of the annual    presents to them.                              they learned the difficulties of operating     the sunny weather and spent the rest of
festival in Henoko that brings Americans        “We are the only camp to be adopted        a dragon boat. All three of the Marine        the day relaxing on the beach.
and Okinawans together, according to        by a neighboring city,” said Lt. Col. Steve    teams capsized their boats during the             “Most communities are full of
Yasumasa Oshiro, the Henoko district        Terrell, the camp commander of Camp            round, but didn’t walk away empty             individuals,” said retired Sgt. Maj. Sam
mayor. The event is a 40-year long tradi-   Schwab. “They take care of us and we           handed.                                       Eperson, the first foreign, honorary
tion between the two cultures.              have an open dialogue. The residents are           “The Henoko community is very gen-        citizen of Henoko, while speaking of the
    The race featured 11 teams named        so gracious they will give you the shirt off   erous,” said Fumio Iha, the community         similarities of the Marine Corps and the
after the districts of Henoko they repre-   their back.”                                   relation specialist with Camp Schwab.         local community. “In the Corps, it’s a
sented. One team, Camp Schwab, also             The races began at 10 a.m. and             “First place gets a considerable amount       family and Henoko is one big family. It’s
known as District 11, is the only camp in   consisted of three competitive rounds.         of cash and prizes with a beautiful tro-      conducive to friendship, harmony and
Okinawa that is a district of a city.       During the first round, the Henoko en-          phy, and everyone who participates gets       contentment.”
12                                                  OKINAWA MARINE | FEATURE | MAY 26, 2006

                                                                                                 H20 IS GOOD TO GO
                                                                                                  Military family housing
                                                                                                 water supply passes lead test
                                                                                                 STORY AND PHOTO BY                   potentially be a health concern,
                                                                                                 CPL. SARAH M. MAYNARD                particularly for small children.”
                                                                                                 COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                     There are steps that resi-
                                                                                                                                      dents can take to alleviate any
                                                                                                 CAMP FOSTER — The blaz-              concern they may have about
                                                                                                 ing heat and stifling humidity of     the chemical content of their
                                                                                                 another Okinawan summer is           water.
                                                                                                 quickly approaching, and with            “When drinking water has
                                                                                                 it comes a greater need for          been standing in the plumbing
Pfc. Ian A. Miller (left) completes a lay-up during an English physical education class May      water – specifically, drinking        system for more than six hours,
19 at Hamagawa Elementary School. Pupils played sports with Marines while learning               water.                               or overnight, flush the tap for
English. Marine volunteers visited the school to teach English through athletics, such as            In anticipation of higher        10-15 seconds, or until the
basketball and kickball. Miller is a supply administration and operations clerk with Marine      water consumption, Facilities        water runs cooler, prior to con-
Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.                                                     Engineer Environmental Branch        sumption,” Barron explained.
                                                                                                 with Marine Corps Base Camp          “This will ensure that any stag-

Volunteers put spin
                                                                                                 Butler and the Bioenvironmen-        nant water has been flushed out
                                                                                                 tal Flight with 18th Medical         of the pipes.”
                                                                                                 Group, 18th Wing from Kadena             The temperature of the water
                                                                                                 Air Base, recently tested all wa-    will also make a difference in
                                                                                                 ter supplies for military family     lead content, explained Barron.

on English education
                                                                                                 housing areas and quarters on            “The warmer the water, the
                                                                                                 the island for lead content.         easier it is for lead to dissolve
                                                                                                     “Based on the sample             into it,” Barron said. “Hot water
                                                                                                 results, all family housing          has more potential for higher
                                                                                                 areas on Marine Corps instal-        lead content. We recommend
                                                                                                 lations are in compliance with       using only cold tap water for
STORY AND PHOTOS BY                                                                              U.S. Environmental Protection        cooking and drinking.”
LANCE CPL. ERIC D. ARNDT                                                                         Agency and local Department of           This may seem like a lot of
COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                                                                             Defense standards for permis-        wasted running water to con-
                                                                                                 sible lead content,” said Burt       servationists, but there are ways

W        hen someone refers to putting                                                           Williams, the water program          to save water and still reduce
         spin, or “English,” on a basket-                                                        engineer for the environmental       lead-content concerns.
         ball, they probably have no idea                                                        branch. “In other words, the             “For good water conserva-
that Marine volunteers on Okinawa have                                                           water is safe to drink.”             tion, residents can collect the
taken the concept literally.                                                                         Although the water has been      water they flush out of their
   Eight Marine volunteers visited                                                               proven safe, problems may            pipes and use it to water house
Hamagawa Elementary School May 19                                                                arise when water sits in pipes       plants or for use in the wash-
                                                Miller and Jane C. Uriu speak with sixth-grade   for an extended period of time,      ing machine,” Williams said.
to teach pupils English in an uncommon          pupils at Hamagawa Elementary School.
way: through basketball and kickball.                                                            according to Sean Barron, the        “Following these rules will
                                                Marine volunteers meet at the school about
The Marines helped the children com-            once a month to teach students English. Uriu
                                                                                                 director of Engineering and          conserve water and ensure that
municate in English through their sport-        is an English support assistant language         Science with the environmental       your drinking water is the best
ing interactions and pre-game conversa-         teacher at Hamagawa Elementary School.           branch.                              possible quality.”
tions.                                                                                               “The longer water sits in            With summer coming, the
   The sixth-grade pupils formed groups         people,” Matsuda said. “It’s good that           pipes, the more potential there      environmental branch under-
before the games, introducing them-             we can play with Americans.”                     is for chemical changes to           stands the importance of staying
selves and expressing their desire to               Hertz said that no matter what activity      occur in the water, such as an       hydrated.
become friends with their Marine team           the Marines do with the students, every-         increase in the lead content,”           “We want families to have
members.                                        one seems to enjoy themselves.                   Barron said. “While the tests        the best quality water possible,”
   The Marines explained the rules to               “(The Marines) get to go back to             that have been conducted             Barron said. “We test water and
the pupils before the games, demonstrat-        a time they may not have had growing             indicate that the water is safe,     we meet all the standards. These
ing not to hit or shove, and encouraging        up,” Hertz said. “They also get to learn         stagnant water can potentially       are just some ways to alleviate
good sportsmanship. The volunteers              a little about the culture. It’s definitely a     contain higher, although still       any remaining water-quality
also instructed children on the scoring         cultural experience they’ll never forget.        minimal, levels of lead. This can    concerns.”
system.                                         I think that’s why we get so many people
   The pupils, who were divided into            coming back.”
teams with red or white caps, played                Taking the chance to come out and
five-minute games while talking to their         volunteer with the kids was definitely
new friends in English.                         worth it, according to first-time vol-
   The Marines, then went outside with          unteer Lance Cpl. Bon M. Morales, an
another group of children for a game of         administrative clerk with the 3rd Trans-
kickball. Afterward they returned to the        portation Support Battalion, 3rd Marine
gym for one more game of basketball             Logistics Group.
before bidding farewell to the pupils.              “It was amazing just looking at them
   “Sometimes (the children) request            having so much fun,” Morales said.
some of the Marines by name because             “They express themselves really well.”
they had such a good time,” said Mi-                There’s a reason the children love
chael Hertz, the assistant language teach-      to see the Marines come out time after
er of Hamagawa Elementary School. “We           time, explained Hertz.
hear a lot more English in the hallway              “It’s a benefit to everyone: they all
after (the Marines) have been here.”            love it,” Hertz said. “It shows a different      The water in military family housing areas and quarters on Okinawa
   The pupils had a good time playing           side of (the military). The news always          were recently tested for lead content. The water was found to be safe
basketball with the Marines, according          seems to show the bases negatively, and          for drinking. Although tests indicated minimal traces of lead, simple
to 11 year-old Karen Matsuda.                   the volunteers take that idea away from          steps such as flushing water out of the pipes for 10-15 seconds before
   “Usually we just play with Japanese          the kids.”                                       drinking or cooking with cold water can reduce any exposure.
                                                    OKINAWA MARINE | SPORTS | MAY 26, 2006                                                                      13

Kadena Banyan Tree
members claim Home                                             Golfers make their way down the fairway at Awase Meadows Golf Course May 20 during the 2006 Home and
                                                               Home Challenge. Teams from Awase and the Banyan Tree Golf Courses played one day at each course.

and Home Challenge                                             stroke play was declared the winner.
                                                                   Though Banyan Tree defeated Awase by 67 strokes, the
                                                               main objective of the friendly and competitive tournament
STORY AND PHOTOS BY                                            was to play golf with some new people and have fun. To
LANCE CPL. TERENCE L. YANCEY                                   do this, two golfers from Awase Meadows and two from
COMBAT CORRESPONDENT                                           Banyan Tree were placed together into a foursome.
                                                                   Stan Bielizna, Jeremy Morris, Joe Sweeney and George

T     he 2006 Annual Home and Home Challenge
      exploited traditional service rivalry between the
      Marine Corps and the Air Force by pitting golfers
from Awase Meadows Golf Club and Banyan Tree Golf
Club against each other in the 11th annual links match
                                                               Mahanna were among more than 30 foursomes in the
                                                               tournament. After shaking hands and engaging in some
                                                               casual conversation on the first tee, the links rivals dis-
                                                               covered they were all Massachusetts natives. For them,
                                                               home not only meant a golf course on Okinawa, but
May 20-21.                                                     memories of another sport.
   Kadena Air Base Banyan Tree members trounced                    “It gave us something to talk about during the compe-
Awase Meadows’ members, 8,060 strokes to 8,127, earn-          tition, especially since we are all (Boston) Red Sox fans,”
ing bragging rights and a trophy to display at their course.   Mahanna said. “It was pretty cool to learn we had all
   Golfers played at both courses – one each day. The          grown up in the same place.”
team with the lowest combined score of 36 holes of                 Not all of the golfers had this stroke of luck, but some
                                                               felt they did not need it. Some golfers came ready to
                                                               defend their home turf with their new drivers and putters,
                                                               enjoying the competitive side of the tournament.
                                                                   “It’s fun because it puts the Air Force against the
                                                               Marine Corps.” said Anthony Russell, a member of Awase
                                                               Meadows, who has been golfing for eight years.
                                                                   The best overall golfer was Awase’s Russell Spratt         Anthony Russell, an Awase golfer,
                                                               with a 145.                                                    watches his drive fly towards the green
                                                                   In the 11 years the tournament has taken place, Ban-       at Awase Meadows Golf Course during
                                                               yan Tree has won seven times and Awase has won four.           the challenge.

                                                                                                                    HIGH SCHOOL SOCCER

                                                                                             Kadena girls claim Class
                                                                                             AA soccer title — again
                                                                                             THRICE AS NICE | American School in Japan’s goalie, Carly Baird,
                                                                                             winces as she blocks a power shot delivered by Kadena Panther
                                                                                             Dianne Abel during the Far East Girls Class AA Soccer Champion-
                                                                                             ship May 19 in Camp Foster. The goal attempt was unsuccessful
                                                                                             but didn’t stop Abel from scoring two of Kadena’s eight goals.
                                                                                             The Kadena squad stomped American School in Japan’s team,
                                                                                             8-1. Photo by Sgt. Mike Camacho
14                                                        OKINAWA MARINE | MARKETPLACE | MAY 26, 2006

                     IN THEATERS
                    MAY 26-JUNE 1
              Start times are subject to change without notice.
                   Call in advance to confirm showtimes.

               KADENA                                     FOSTER
                  634-4422                                 645-3465

     FRIDAY Stay Alive (PG-13), 6 p.m.;        FRIDAY Goal! The Dream Begins
     Mission: Impossible III (PG-13), 9:00     (PG-13), 7:00; Failure to Launch (PG-
                                               13), 10:00
     SATURDAY Larry the Cable Guy
     (PG-13), noon; Stay Alive (PG-13), 4      SATURDAY Curious George (G),
     p.m.; Mission: Impossible III (PG-13),    1:00, 4:00; Goal! The Dream Begins
     7:00                                      (PG-13), 7:00; Inside Man (R), 10:00

     SUNDAY Larry the Cable Guy                SUNDAY Curious George (G), 1:00,
                                                                                                           POSEIDON                                                       STAY ALIVE
     (PG-13), noon; Stay Alive (PG-13),        4:00; Larry the Cable Guy (PG-13),               Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss                                 Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong
     4 p.m.; Mission: Impossible III (PG-      7:00; Stay Alive (PG-13), 10:00
     13), 7:00                                                                          When a rogue wave capsizes a luxury cruise ship              After the mysterious, brutal death of an old friend,
                                               MONDAY The Shaggy Dog (PG),             in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, a small            a group of teenagers find themselves in possession
     MONDAY Mission: Impossible III            1:00; Goal! The Dream Begins (PG-
     (PG-13), 7:00                             13), 4:00; Stay Alive (PG-13), 7:00     group of survivors find themselves unlikely allies in          of “Stay Alive,” a next generation horror survival
                                                                                       a battle for their lives. Career gambler John Dylan          video game. The gamers don’t know anything about
     TUESDAY Stay Alive (PG-13), 7:00          TUESDAY Larry the Cable Guy (PG-         ignores captain’s orders and sets out to find his           the game other than they’re not supposed to have it
                                               13), 7:00                                   own way to safety. Rated PG-13, 98 mins.                 – and they’re dying to play it. Rated PG-13, 85 mins.
     WEDNESDAY Larry the Cable Guy
     (PG-13), 7:00                             WEDNESDAY Inside Man (R), 7:00

     THURSDAY Not available                    THURSDAY Poseidon (PG-13), 7:00
                                                                                                               CHAPEL SCHEDULE
             FUTENMA                                   SCHWAB                                  Camp Foster                            MCAS Futenma                           Mass, Chapel 3, 8:45 a.m.;
                                                                                                                                                                             Mass, Chapel 1, 12:30 p.m.
                  636-3890                                 625-2333                           645-7486/7487                             636-3058
                                                                                         Protestant: Sun., 8:30 a.m.           Contemporary: Sun., 9 a.m.                    and 5 p.m.
                                                                                         Eastern Orthodox: Sun.,               Catholic: Sun., noon                       Protestant: Wed., Bible Study,
     FRIDAY Failure to Launch (PG-13), 7:00    FRIDAY V for Vendetta (R), 7:00             9:30 a.m.                                                                         Chapel 2, 7 p.m.; Sun.,
                                                                                         Gospel: Sun., 11:30 a.m.                                                            Inspirational, Chapel 2,
     SATURDAY The Shaggy Dog (PG),             SATURDAY She’s the Man (PG-13),                                                        Camp Schwab                            8:30 a.m.; Liturgical,
                                                                                         Latter Day Saints: Sun., 2 p.m.
     1:30; She’s the Man (PG-13), 6:00         7:00
                                                                                         Church of Christ: Sun. (Bldg.
                                                                                                                                      625-2644/2866                          Chapel 3, 8:45 a.m.;
                                                                                                                               Catholic: Sun., 8:30 a.m.                     Evangelical, Chapel 1,
     SUNDAY Poseidon (PG-13), 1:30,            SUNDAY Failure to Launch (PG-13),           455, Rm. 207/208), noon
                                                                                                                               Protestant: Sun., 11 a.m.                     9 a.m.; Traditional,
     6:00                                      7:00                                      Hindu Services: Fri.
                                                                                           (Hindu Room), noon                                                                Chapel 2, 10:30 a.m.;
     MONDAY She’s the Man (PG-13),             MONDAY Poseidon (PG-13), 6:00,            Catholic: Mon.-Fri.,                         Camp McTureous                         Gospel, Chapel 3,
                                                                                           11:45 a.m.; Sat., 5 p.m.;                     622-7505                            10:30 a.m.; Sunday school,
     6:00                                      9:00
                                                                                           Sun., 10 a.m.                       Catholic: Sat., 5:00 p.m.                     Bldg. 327, 8:45 a.m. and
     TUESDAY Closed                            TUESDAY Goal! The Dream Begins            Jewish: Fri., 8:00 p.m., First        Lutheran: Sun. 9:45 a.m.                      10:45 a.m.
                                               (PG-13), 7:00                               Friday, 6 p.m.                      Gospel: Sun., 12:30 p.m.                   Contemporary worship:
     WEDNESDAY Goal! The Dream                                                           Muslim: Friday prayer at                                                            Sundays, Chapel 1, 7:30 p.m.
     Begins (PG-13), 7:00                      WEDNESDAY Closed                            12:45 p.m.                                                                     Eastern Orthodox services:
                                                                                                                                      Camp Courtney                          Call 645-7486
     THURSDAY Closed                           THURSDAY Closed                                                                          622-9350                          Jewish services:
                                                                                                Camp Lester                    Protestant: Sun., 9:30 a.m.;                  Call 637-1027
                                                                                                 643-7248                        6 p.m.                                   Islamic services:
                KINSER                               COURTNEY                            Catholic: Sun., 8 a.m.
                                                                                         Protestant: Sun., 10 a.m.
                                                                                                                               Catholic: Mon., Tues., Thurs.,
                                                                                                                                 Fri., noon; First Fri., 6:30
                                                                                                                                                                             Call 636-3219
                  637-2177                                 622-9616                      Gospel: Sun., noon                      p.m. Sun., 8 and 11 a.m.                          Camp Kinser
     FRIDAY Stay Alive (PG-13), 7:00;          FRIDAY Poseidon (PG-13), 6:30, 9:30
                                                                                               Camp Hansen                            Kadena Air Base                     Protestant: Sun. (Chapel 1),
     Inside Man (R), midnight
                                               SATURDAY The Shaggy Dog (PG),                     623-4694                                634-1288                           9:30 a.m.
     SATURDAY Larry the Cable Guy (PG-         2:00; Poseidon (PG-13), 6:00, 9:00        Catholic: Sun. (East Chapel),         Catholic: Mon.-Fri., Mass,                 Catholic: Sun. (Chapel 1),
     13), 7:00; Stay Alive (PG-13), midnight                                               10:30 a.m.; Mon.-Fri. (East          Chapel 2, noon; Sat.,                       11 a.m.; Mon.-Thurs.
                                               SUNDAY She’s the Man (PG-13), 7:00          Chapel), 11:45 a.m.                  Confession, Chapel 2,                       (Chapel 2), noon
     SUNDAY Closed                                                                       Protestant: Sun. (West                 3:30-4:30 p.m.; Vigil Mass,               Gospel: Sun. (Chapel 1),
                                               MONDAY Failure to Launch (PG-13),           Chapel), 11 a.m.                     Chapel 2, 5 p.m.; Sun.,                     12:30 p.m.
     MONDAY Closed                             7:00

     TUESDAY Over the Hedge (PG), 7:00         TUESDAY Closed
                                                                                                                               CLASSIFIED ADS
     WEDNESDAY Poseidon (PG-13),               WEDNESDAY She’s the Man (PG-                                    JCI May 08, $1,800.     JCI April 07, $2,000.
     7:00                                      13), 7:00                                AUTOMOBILES                                                                              MISCELLANEOUS
                                                                                                               (090) 1949-9097         622-8245
                                                                                                               ’95 NISSAN GLORIA       ’94 HONDA                — Medium regular               — Fence, $300; exercise
                                                                                       ’93 TOYOTA ED JCI
     THURSDAY Not available                    THURSDAY Closed                         April 08, $1,300.       JCI Oct. 06, $3,000.    ODYSSEY JCI Feb. 08,     cammies, $50; jungle           machine, $50. 633-0083
                                                                                                               (090) 9784-5919         $3,500. 622-8245         boots, $80; combat             — JVC 65-inch HDTV
                                                                                                               ’92 TOYOTA CROWN                                 boots, $80. (090) 6867-        ready TV, like new,
                                                                                       ’96 TOYOTA LUCIDA
                                    HANSEN                                             JCI Feb. 07, $4,300
                                                                                       OBO. (090) 3792-7660
                                                                                                               JCI Feb. 08, $2,500
                                                                                                               OBO. 637-4435
                                                                                                                                       ‘94 KAWASAKI
                                                                                                                                                                — Glass table with four
                                                                                                                                                                                               $1,900 OBO. 646-8070
                                                                                                                                                                                               — Queen bed with
                                        623-4564                                       ’94 TOYOTA SOARER       ’85 VW GOLF JCI Jan.    400CC JCI March 08,      chairs, $200; TV cabinet,      head/foot board,
                                                                                                               07, $1,200. 645-3614    $2,000. 645-5154         $100; dehumidifier, $90.        five-drawer chest, night
                                                                                       JCI Sept. 07, $2,500.
                FRIDAY The Sentinel (PG-13), 6:00, 9:00                                (080) 3049-7293         ’93 BMW 318i JCI        ‘98 HONDA CR125          957-1699                       stand, armoire, $900
                                                                                                               May 08, $4,000.         $2,200 OBO. 637-3616     — Goldstar                     OBO. 646-2063
                                                                                       ’94 TOYOTA CAMRY
                SATURDAY The Sentinel (PG-13), 6:00, 9:00                              JCI July 07, $2,000.    623-8078                ‘00 HARLEY-              dehumidifier, $50; Ryobi        — Schwinn Bowflex
                                                                                                               ’91 TOYOTA              DAVIDSON ROAD            grass trimmer, $80.            Comp, $400; binoculars,
                SUNDAY Inside Man (R), 2:00, 5:30                                      ’94 TOYOTA ESTIMA       MASTER ACE JCI          GLIDE JCI April 07,      633-5673                       $250. 646-6592
                                                                                       LUCIDA JCI July 07,     Aug. 07, $1,000.        $14,000. 637-4214         Ads appearing in the Okinawa Marine are a free service
                MONDAY Inside Man (R), 7:00                                            $2,800. 622-8386        637-4491                ‘03 SUZUKI GSXR           to active duty military and their dependents, DoD
                                                                                                                                                                 employees and retirees. Ads are restricted to personal
                                                                                       ’93 NISSAN PRAIRIE      ’91 TOYOTA EXIV JCI     $8,000. 637-4214          property or service of incidental exchange. Ads are run
                TUESDAY Poseidon (PG-13), 7:00                                         JCI April 07, $1,700.   Oct. 07, $1,000 OBO.    ‘01 YAMAHA R1             on a space-available basis. The deadline for ads is noon
                                                                                       957-1699                637-4491                $5,000. 637-4214          Fridays. The Okinawa Marine reserves the right to edit
                WEDNESDAY Larry the Cable Guy (PG-13), 7:00                            ’94 HONDA RAFAGA        ’89 TOYOTA CELICA       ‘05 HARLEY-               ads to fit available space. Please include your name and
                                                                                                                                                                 the phone number you wish published. The Okinawa
                                                                                       JCI Sept. 07, $2,200    JCI Nov. 06, $500       DAVIDSON                  Marine makes every effort to ensure accuracy but
                THURSDAY Stay Alive (R), 7:00                                          OBO. 636-1150           OBO. 646-6155           SPORTSTER $8,000          assumes no responsibility for services offered in ads.
                                                                                       ’94 HONDA ACCORD        ’93 HONDA LEGEND        OBO. 636-2754             Submit ads by faxing to 645-3803, or send an e-mail to

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