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									                     Lee County Head Start/ Early Head Start Policy Council Meeting Minutes
                                                 March 17, 2010

Lynn McBride opened the meeting at 10:10. Lynn greeted members and staff.

Cecilia reviewed last month’s minutes with members. Lorrie Bennett motioned & Susana Ramirez seconded.

                                      Minutes Approved

Marquita reviewed the Budget Report. Robert Collington motioned to approve and Barbara Celin seconded.

                                      Budget Approved

Debbie Swaiko introduced 8 new highly qualified staff members for approval: Gabi Penton, Justine
Velasquez, Christine Rogers, Melissa Ceci, Doreen Lytle, Ayanna Jiles, Debbie Curtis, Amanda Willis. Roberto
Santamaria motioned and Heriberta Gordova seconded.

                                      Personnel Approved

Debbie Swaiko presented the Self Assessment final report and reviewed the recommendations. Members
applauded the six parents who assisted in the meetings. After discussion, Stacy Howard motioned, and Bea
Collington seconded.

                                       Self-Assessment Report for 2009 - 2010 Approved

Liz Owens, from U.F. extension services, provided valuable information about nutrition and healthy eating.

Jeanne LaFountain shared that the Expansion Grant is almost complete, and is going very smoothly. Donna
Hernandez added that the Early Head Start expansion is also proceeding very well, with programs beginning for
the home based families. The staff is thrilled with their new responsibilities: babies! Jeanne advised the Self-
Assessment Report will be going to the School Board for their approval, along with Enrollment Criteria and Apple
Annie’s continuing contract with us. The infant playground is being built and soft tile will be used for the base.

Cecilia Orellana presented an update on the Parent University’s on-going and up-coming programs/classes.
English and Computer classes are full and very active. Registration is now open for the parenting series.

Roderick reviewed the plans for our next yard sale fundraiser. It will be held on March 27 th, at the J. Colin
English Elementary School parking lot. Volunteers were recruited for set up at 5:30 am, and break down
about 2:00. Volunteers are: Heriberta, Irma, Robert, Cecilia, Roberto, Vera, Rob, Fabiola and Dee.
Everyone is needed to assist in collecting items. Debbie has asked all staff for their donations.

Lynn McBride brought the exciting news that the Southwest Florida Fair Head Start booth was a wonderful
success. Thanks to the help of Cecilia, Rachael, Heriberta, Leslie, Rob, and Marquita, we won 3rd Place!

Marquita Clemons brought the idea of going to the Imaginarium for our Male Involvement/Family Event.
After thorough discussion a motion was made by Dee Montro, and seconded by Leslie Flores.

       Male Involvement/Family Event will be planned for a Saturday in May, spending no more that $275
                   from the Policy Council Account, inviting active PC parents Approved

Debbie requested members to consider ideas for the improvement of Parent Involvement and/or the program
using the money in the PC fundraiser account. Further discussion will continue at next month’s meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:018 by Lynn McBride.
urned at 12:018 by Lynn McBride.

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