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Release of Material ProviderÆs Lien


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									                           Release of Material Provider’s Lien

STATE OF ___________
COUNTY OF _________

_____________, referred to as HOLDER, is the owner/claimant of that certain Material provider’s
lien, acknowledges payment in full of the same, which was recorded at ________________ Book,
Book ___, page ____ of the _________ County, State of ___________, and consents to the
release of the property from the lien and satisfaction of the Material provider’s lien on the record.

Dated: ________________________


_____________, having being duly sworn to tell the truth, acknowledges the execution of this
release of Material provider’s lien for the purposes stated herein.

My commission expires: ___________________
                          Release of Material Provider’s Lien
                                           Review List

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its
preparation. See the notes on Release of Mechanic’s lien. This is a similar release but relates to
a material provider. Either document will do for a release of this nature because it provides for a
recorded lien that the provider acknowledges has been paid in full. Having said that, it is always
better to be the most accurate you can and furnish the proper description.

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