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					                                 PROJECT TITLE:

                               Creative Evaluation Grid - Animation
How to complete the grid:
► Enter your data in the yellow cells (totals are calculated automatically).
► Prorate point values per row when the work of one position is shared between countries.
► Leave row empty when a position is not filled on a project.
► Include EU participants under the Copro Country column when coproducing with an EU member country.
► Designate the order of performers according to on-screen time.
► Do not alter the grid or its calculations.
► Insert the Canadian financial participation in the Financing Percentage row (the number may round out).
Minimum Requirements:
► At least one of the bolded positions must be fully Canadian.
► The Canadian Creative Score on this page must not be less than the relevant treaty minimum.

Position                                                                Canada       Copro Country      Third Country
Screenwriter                                            12%
Director                                                12%
Storyboard Supervisor                                    5%
Storyboard Artist                                       2%
Composer                                                 6%
First Lead (screen time), Original Version               4%
Second Lead (screen time), Original Version              4%
First Lead (screen time), Dubbed Version                3%
Second Lead (screen time), Dubbed Version               3%
Design Department Head                                  4%
Design Supervisor                                        2%
Art Director                                            3%
Character Designer                                      2%
Picture Editor (off-line)                                4%
Location of Picture Post-production                     5%
Location of Sound Post-production                       5%
                 Traditional / 2D Animation
Background Layout Supervisor                            3%
Key Layout Artists                                      3%
Key Posing / Animation Director                         3%
Key Animator                                            3%
Animation Director                                      3%
Animation Supervisor                                    3%
Opaquing Supervisor                                     3%
Traditional Colour Background Layout Supervisor         3%
                      3D Animation
CG Animation Director                                   3%
Character Model Supervisor                              3%
Textures and Mapping Director                           3%
3D Layout Director                                      3%
Real Time Animation Director                            3%
Motion Capture Supervisor                               3%
Key-frame Animation Director                            3%
SPFX Compositing Artists, Compositing Director          3%
                                                       100%              0.00%            0.00%              0.00%

                                               Creative Score:          #DIV/0!          #DIV/0!
                                         Financing Percentage:                            100%
   ► If the Canadian Creative Score equals or exceeds the Canadian Financing Percentage AND equals or exceeds the
                        minimum participation under the relevant treaty, the project is acceptable.

Telefilm Canada
Coproduction Department                                                                    c14579a6-1b7e-44a0-990d-684969ea7a55.xls
 ► If the Canadian Creative Score is less than the Canadian Financing Percentage, but no less than the treaty minimum,
                 complete the Creative Evaluation Grid - Animation Bonus and Tolerance Points (p. 2).

Telefilm Canada
Coproduction Department                                                                    c14579a6-1b7e-44a0-990d-684969ea7a55.xls

              Creative Evaluation Grid - Animation: Bonus and Tolerance Points

Bonus points and Tolerance may be added in cases where the Canadian Creative Score is less than the Canadian
Financing but no less than the treaty minimum. (Bonus and Tolerance Points cannot be used to bring Canadian
participation up to the treaty minimum.)
► Fill in the four coloured squares with the points per category.
► Calculate a maximum of one point per position. If there are a number of individuals performing the same function (e.g.,
for a series), the majority of those individuals must be Canadian in order to receive the point.
► Highlight or make bold each Creative, Performance and Technical positions for which you calculate a point.

                                               Canadian Creative Score (from page 1):                              #DIV/0!

                                ANIMATION BONUS

                                    Creative Bonus                                                           
                                                                                         1 point/position
Underlying Rights Acquisition/Option, Story Editor, Head Writer, Dialogue Writer,        Maximum 7 pts
Script Adaptation, Script Consultant, Lyricist
                                  Performance Bonus                                      1 point/position    
Voice Director, Dialogue Editor, Secondary Voices                                        Maximum 3 pts
                                   Technical Bonus
2D & 3D : Co-director, 1st Assistant Director, Special Effects Supervisor, Sheet
Director, Sound Editor, Assistant Picture Editor, Assistant Sound Editor, Post-
production Supervisor, Musicians, Lead Singer, Conductor;

2D: Digital Colour Supervisor, Digital Painter, Compositing Checker, Traditional Key     1 point/ position
Background Colour Artists, Traditional Background Colour Artists, Digital Colour         Maximum 5 pts
Supervisor, Key Posers, Animators, Opaquers;

3D: Character Modellers, Background Modellers, Props Modellers, Textures &
Mapping Artists, 3D Layout Artists, Lip-sync CG Artists, Lighting Director, CG
Lighting Artists, CG Special Effects Director, Key-frame CG Artists, Compositing
                                                                       Total Bonus (maximum 15 points):               0%

                                 TOLERANCE (add 5% for minority projects, 10% for majority projects):

                                                                                                TOTAL:             #DIV/0!

                                                                               Canadian Financing:                    0%

                ► if TOTAL is equal to or greater than Canadian Financing, the project is acceptable creatively.

Telefilm Canada
Coproduction Department                                                                         c14579a6-1b7e-44a0-990d-684969ea7a55.xls