Tree Planting Project Proposal

					University of San Carlos CWTS 12 Community Service PROJECT PROPOSAL CWTS Group # 74 I.PROJECT TITLE: Tree Planting in Talamban II.PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Erosion and flood occur when there is a shortage of trees that could prevent soil from washing away. Pollution could also be lessened through the presence of plants. In compliance to the requirements of CWTS 12, the students provide their efforts in preventing flood and other disasters by planting trees in Barangay Talamban. III.PROJECT AIM/GOAL: to be able to help prevent flashflood and to help in filtering the air in Barangay Talamban from pollutants. IV. PROJECT THEME: “Plant a Tree, Save Humanity” V.PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION (see page affixed) VI.PROGRAM CULMINATION: After the tree-planting and monitoring of the trees for one year, there will be a symposium about the finished project and the turning over of responsibility of taking care of the trees to the barangay. In the symposium, the things to be discussed are: -About floods; their causes and effects it has on the community -What our project is and its objectives -Methods on taking care of the trees

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