Data-PDA® (Model #J – 420) 100 GB Data by yyc62487


									Never Charge PDA® (Model #Q – 052) R92-11A Battery Replacement

         Eclectic Electronics, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety
Commission, has voluntarily instituted a recall on the R92-11A battery in the Never Charge
PDA®. Due to a resistance issue, the battery can be over charged which under extreme heat can
result in a potential explosion.

       A replacement battery, the R60-B, has already been produced and cases are currently
shipping to EEI headquarters. All unsold units have been returned to our manufacturing plant,
where the R92-11A batteries are being replaced with the R60-B batteries

        EEI and the battery manufacturer, First Best Battery, are developing a new twelve month
charge battery. Until then, the Never Charge model will function just as well with the six month
battery (R60-B), which still has industry-leading capability.

How can I receive a R60-B battery?

        If you purchased a Never Charge PDA between October 2007 and December 2007, EEI
will replace the faulty battery free of charge. All shipping costs will be covered as well.

        To verify whether or not your Never Charge PDA requires the replacement R60-B
battery, please check the battery type designation, printed on the face of the battery. If the battery
is a R92-11 unit you require a replacement.

To receive your replacement, please perform the following:
   1. Please write your phone number on the battery in indelible, dark ink, then take a picture of
   the product clearly showing your printed phone number and attach it to the form (see page 3).
   2. To obtain your refund completely fill out the form located on page 3 of this document.
   Send the completed form and the photo to:

                       Eclectic Electronics, Inc. Distribution
                       3000 Tenning Road
                       Fewing, CA 19739

       In addition, you will receive an unlimited use, 25% off discount on all EEI products
available on EEI’s online shop from November 27, 2007 until January, 31, 2008. The discount
code will be mailed with the replacement battery.

Will the store I purchased the PDA at give me the new battery?
No. EEI will mail you the replacement R60-B battery as soon as we have received and processed
your request.
Does this mean the other EEI PDA batteries are faulty too?
       No. EEI has thoroughly tested the batteries used in our other PDAs and have found no
potential problems.

Will EEI ship me a free replacement twelve month battery when they are developed?
        Yes. When EEI and First Best Battery have completed the replacement twelve month
battery and approved it for consumer use, it will be shipped to you.

Why do you need my telephone number?
       We will not use your phone number - it is just a way to keep track of which photos match
up with which consumers.

What should I do with the old R92-11A battery?
        To ensure environmental and consumer safety, EEI has asked consumers to immediately
remove the battery, take it to their local electronics store, and place it in the collection box
located at customer service stations. EEI will then dispose of the batteries in an environmentally
friendly way. Customers are advised to view the list on the main page of to find
their closest electronics stores that are partnered with EEI in the recall.

       We apologize for any inconvenience. As always, EEI is dedicated to bringing you the
best PDAs that technology can offer. All of our customers are important to us and we hope to
maintain your interest for many years to come.

Contact EEI’s Customer Service Department by phone at (609) 423-6784 (daily from 6AM to
11PM EST) or online at

EEI Technical Support Staff:
Kate Hughes, Mike O’Donnell, and Alex Poulos

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