Dear Associate, by iyf57920


									Dear Associate,                                                                      May 29, 2006

In 2005, JCPenney processed over 4 million payments totaling more than 3 billion dollars as
compensation for you and your fellow associates. In nearly every case, those payments were
accurate – and on time.

However, sometimes the unexpected happens: hurricanes, floods, fires, lost mail, or even
terrorist activity can shut down air travel preventing paychecks from being delivered. When
disaster strikes, the delivery of your pay can – and sometimes will - be disrupted. Wouldn’t you
like to know that if that happens your pay will be safely in your bank?

June 1 marks the official start of this year’s hurricane season. Last year, the effect of Hurricanes
Katrina, Wilma and Rita devastated hundreds of thousands of lives, including 15,000 of our
fellow associates. Throughout the ordeal of the recovery, those associates who participate in
Direct Deposit had full access to their funds. During that same period, despite over 20,000 calls
made to locate affected associates, those who didn’t have Direct Deposit found that their
paychecks didn’t always get delivered to them in a timely manner.

When you sign up for JCPenney Direct Deposit, your pay is automatically and safely deposited
into the bank or credit union of your choice each payday. To learn more, log onto the Associate
Kiosk and visit the “Quick Pick” option titled Direct Deposit. There you’ll also find all the easy
step-by-step instructions to enroll.

What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to join thousands of your fellow JCPenney associates
who have already enrolled and made their lives simpler – and more secure – through direct
deposit. PLEASE help us help you - sign-up for direct deposit today!

And one last word about your safety. 1-866-245-4775 is a very important number. This special
line has been established for you to call in the event of a natural disaster to let us know where
you are, that you are safe, and how we can communicate with you. Please keep this number with
you at all times in the unlikely event that you need to let us know how we can be in touch with

Thank you.

Mike Theilmann
Executive Vice President
Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer

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