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									                MSW Advanced Standing Program Students Only
                      MSW II - Advanced Field Practicum Application,
                           Process Policies, and Information*

                   SW 750 / 755 Courses for Academic Year 2010-2011

*This application packet is for MSW Advanced Standing Program Students who have been accepted for
Fall 2010 and will be enrolled in the MSW II SW 750 or SW 755 Courses for the 2010-2011 Academic
Year only.

For additional information, please refer to the SDSU School of Social Work Web Site >
Field Education FAQ at http://socialwork.sdsu.edu/field/faq.php.

             Completed MSW-ASP Advanced Field Application materials
                are DUE in its entirety, by Tuesday, April 27, 2010.
Consult with Candy Elson, Field Education Faculty at celson@projects.sdsu.edu / 619-594-5144 before
making your practicum selections.
Note: Failure to hand in fully completed Field Applications by deadline date will result in the student not being
eligible for the Advanced Field Practicum Courses for 2010-2011.

Hand in to Marci W. Siegel, Director of Field Education,
c/o School of Social Work, Main Office, HH-119.
Refer to address on front page of the ASP - MSW II Adv. Field Practicum Application Form.
MSW Advanced Standing Program - MSW II Advanced Year Field
Practicum – Application Policies and Process
For the 2010-2011 Academic Year

In accordance with SDSU School of Social Work policies and procedures, the following
information outlines the MSW II Advanced Field Practicum Placement Process required for
the SW 750 and SW 755 courses.
1. 750 / 755 Course        In order for the student to be eligible for the SW 750/755 Advanced Field
                           Practicum course, he/she must be in accordance with the School policies
                           and field placement process procedures, pass the interview, and be
                           confirmed by the agency, including their additional screening criteria.*

                           Students eligible for the SW 750 /755 Adv. Field Practicum Course must
                           have passed the ASP Bridges courses in Summer 2010, passed the final
                           bridge courses examinations, and is in accordance with all School

                           Students will be required to enroll in the co-requisite practice courses for
                           SW 750 or 755, i.e. SW 744, 739, or SW 740, 745. Students are aware
                           the SW 750/755 courses are year-long course and must be completed
                           during this entire academic year.

                           *Please be aware that there is usually a fee for the agency screening
                           criteria evaluations. This fee (possibly around $100.00) will be paid for
                           by the student. The School is not responsible for this cost.
2. MSW Advanced            Thursday, April 22, 2010, 10:30AM – 1:15PM, HH-132:
   Standing Program
                           MSW – ASP Orientation and Advanced Field Placement Meeting for
   Orientation & Field     students enrolling in SW 750 or SW 755 – Advanced Field Practicum
   Placement Planning      courses for Fall 2010.
   Meeting                 Please refer to announcements in acceptance letter materials. Will
                           review the advanced field placement agencies available and the ASP
                           placement process.
3. ASP Advanced            A. ASP MSW II Incoming Student Memo
   Application Materials   B. ASP School Placement Policies for MSW II, SW 750-755 Courses
                              and Course FAQ’s
                           C. ASP MSW II Advanced Field Practicum – SW 750-755 Application
                              and Practicum Checklist
                           D. ASP MSW II – SW 750 and SW 755 Concentration- Focus Areas –
                              Agency Master Lists (provided at ASP Field Planning Meeting in
                           E. MSW II Internship Questions for Consideration (provided at

                           Students are required to hand in the completed original ASP advanced
                           field application, signed, and dated by the required due date. Please note
                           handing in incomplete MSW II applications can result in the delay of the
                           student’s advanced field placement process and /or being ineligible for
                           the MSW Field Courses.

                           ASP MSW II Advanced Field Application Due Tuesday,
                           April 27, 2010 – 4:00PM
                                     (Refer to front page of application for further details.)

                           Note- The Field Practicum Application Form is the ONLY means by
                           which the SDSU Field Placement Faculty and the agency can identify
                           your needs in placement.

                           Field placement agencies will request a copy of your entire ASP
                           MSW II Advanced Field Practicum Application, therefore please
                           make copies of completed application to retain for your own future
                           use. In addition, Field Practicum Agencies may request a copy of your
                           resume, BASW/BSW former field practicum evaluations, and/or
                           professional references. The student will want to take copies of these
                           with you to the interview.

                           Consult with Candy Elson, Field Education Faculty at
                           celson@projects.sdsu.edu / 619-594-5144 before making your
                           practicum selections.

4. Selection Process      There are several means available to assist you in selecting your
                          advanced field practicum that will best meet your needs in continuing
                          your social work education.
                                  a. Attending the MSW – ASP Orientation and Field Placement
                                       Planning Meeting
                                  b. Reviewing the MSW ASP SW 750 / 755 Concentration -
                                       Agency Master Lists (provided at the ASP Orientation)
                                  c. Consultation with Candy Elson, Field Education Faculty, or
                                        M. Siegel, Director of Field Education.

                          Again, please complete your selection process after the ASP Field
                          Placement Planning Meeting.

                          Note: As a future advanced field practicum student, you have more input
                          afforded you in selecting an agency, program, type of setting, and
                          population group. The Field Education Faculty provides their expertise,
                          consults, and facilitates the MSW II - SW 750 / 755 Adv. Field Placement

                          The student’s designated selections does not guarantee placement in
                          those agencies. Some agencies are highly competitive and may not be
                          available for every student who chooses them; however the SDSU SSW
                          makes every effort to provide the student with his/her selection. Once
                          you have handed in your application, selections cannot be changed.

5. 2010 Concentration     Students are required to declare a “Method / Concentration” in Direct
   Focus Areas - Agency   Practice or Administration. Please review the Concentration Agency
                          Lists that will be provided to students at the ASP Field Orientation in
                          Note: Due to fluctuations in community field agency resources, available
                          internship slots may vary on a daily basis. The School cannot guarantee
                          which advanced field practicums will be available at a given time.

6. Consultation with      The Faculty Field Education Director and C. Elson, ASP Field Education
   Faculty                Faculty are available during their scheduled office hours to assist you in
                          determining the best-suited advanced field practicum placement to meet
                          your needs. Please feel free to schedule an appointment as soon as

                          If you are choosing the Administration Method (SW 755 Course),
                          students are strongly encouraged to consult Dr. Tom Packard before
                          returning your advanced field practicum application.

7. Specialized Programs   In the MSW Advanced Standing Program, students are not eligible to
    and                   participate in the School’s specialized programs, e.g. Title IV-E Child
                          Welfare, Mental Health Training (MHTP), or the PPS Credential
Student Requesting
Internship at
Employment Site           In addition, students are not eligible to utilize their employment site for
                          internships in the ASP Program.

8. Additional Applicant   Reasonable Academic Accommodation(s):
   Information            Reminder - When a student is requesting accommodations for his/her
                          internship, the student is required to immediately consult with SDSU
                          Student Disability Services (SDS) office for evaluation, verification and/or
                          assistance in accommodations being requested. In order to assist the
                          student in his/her practicum confirmation, written accommodations from
                          SDSU SDS must be submitted to Professor Siegel, by the student ASAP,
                          before internship interviews are completed. The student will be
                          requested to sign release of information forms so the School can consult
                          with the SDSU SDS and the field instructor regarding the academic
                          accommodations being made. Please immediately contact SDSU
                          Disabled Student Services at 619.594.6473,
                          http://www.sa.sdsu.edu/sds/, Calpulli Center, Suite 3100. Please note
                          that your graduate advisor, Dr. Dan Finnegan is available to expedite a
                          student’s referral to SDSU SDS.

                          Misdemeanor and/or Felony Conviction(s):
                          Field placements must be planned in accordance with State and Federal
                          laws and with consideration of field practicum agency policies, including
                          the best interests of consumers. Increasingly, human service agencies
                          are requiring background checks, such as fingerprinting, live scan, etc. to
                          insure the suitability of students interning in their agencies. Students who
                          have a history of arrest, criminal charges, misdemeanor and/or felony
                          conviction(s) may encounter barriers in the field placement practicum
                          process. Review and complete the Felony/Misdemeanor Conviction(s)
                          section on the Field Application. Students who fail to inform the Director
                          of Field Education may be administratively ineligible from the field
                          practicum course and dismissed from the MSW program.

                          Conflict of Interest:
                          The NASW Code of Ethics states that “social workers should be alert to
                          and avoid conflicts of interest that interfere with the exercise of professional
                          discretion and impartial judgment” (NASW Code of Ethics, rev. 2008,
                          1999). As a social work student, it is considered to be a conflict of
                          interest to engage in a field practicum in an agency where you and/or a
                          family member have been a CLIENT and/or an EMPLOYEE. Thus,
                          social work students may not be placed in an agency where they or a
                          family member have worked, gone to school, or received services such
                          as medical care, mental health services, employment assistance or child
                          welfare services. Since the School of Social Work does not ask nor
                          obtain such information, it is the responsibility of the social work student
                          to inform the Director of Field Education/Associate Field Education
                          Coordinator of a potential conflict of interest AND to decline a placement
                          in which there is a conflict of interest.

                          Students who interview and accept field placement in an agency where
                          they have a conflict of interest may be delayed or ineligible to enroll in the
                          field practicum course, receive a grade of No Credit for the field course,
                          and/or administratively dropped from the field practicum program due to
                          violations of the NASW Code of Ethics.

                          Due to the NASW Code of Ethics (rev. 2008,1999) being accepted as
                          part of the School’s academic standards, students who knowingly or
                          unknowingly violate any part of the ethical code may be dismissed from
                          the program without further qualification regardless of coursework,
                          research, or other academic achievement.
9. Interview Referral   After the applications have been submitted, the Director of Field Education
   Process              and Field Faculty Placement Committee review the applications and begin
                        contacting the field practicum agencies by telephone, email, and/or and

                        The Field Education Faculty will make every effort to provide the
                        student with his/her first choice agency. However, if your first choice
                        agency does not work out, either because you do not like the agency after
                        your interview or the agency does not accept you after the reviewing your
                        application and/or the interview, the faculty will move on to the next choice
                        on your list which still has an opening.
                        It is possible that the #2 or #3 choices on your list may be another student’s
                        first choice and you may in effect be “locked out” of that choice, in which
                        case the School will offer you an agency which we think will best meet your
                        curriculum and preference goals.
                        For example, if you have chosen a children’s counseling setting and your
                        first choice does not work and the other 2 choices are no longer available,
                        the faculty will discuss with you other agencies where you are able to
                        counsel and work with children. In addition, if your 1 choice agency does
                        not seem to fit with your expressed goals and interests, we will discuss this
                        with you before assigning you that agency.

                        In NO case will the Field Education Faculty make an arbitrary
                        assignment; we make every effort to match you with the agencies
                        and experiences you are requesting. Our goal is to facilitate the
                        student’s placement process and have you obtain the field education
                        experience you wish.

                        DO NOT contact any agency on your own without a direct referral
                        from the Field Faculty (unless you are planning to use your place of
                        employment for your field practicum). Contacting agencies on your own will
                        result in your ineligibility for the MSW II - SW 750or SW 755 Advanced
                        Field Practicum courses for 2010-2011.

                        a) When an agency is interested and agrees to interview the student, a
                            referral to the student will be made by the Field Education Placement
                            Faculty either by phone contact or student emails. All agencies must
                            review the student’s application as part of the agreed-upon
                            School policy and field placement process. Some agencies
                            “screen out” students on the basis of their application and may
                            not select them for an interview. The student then becomes
                            ineligible to interview at this agency.

                        b) The student will be responsible for calling and arranging an
                            interview with the agency contact person immediately. Delay in
                            contacting the prospective field practicum immediately shall result in a
                            loss of opportunity and an interview. Long delays in setting up an
                            interview could result in the agency filling up their internship slots
                            before you had a chance to interview!
                            Please be as flexible as possible in being available for an interview.
                            The agency professionals have a tighter schedule than a student’s

Interview Referral   c) For the interview, field placement agency representatives will expect
Process                  to review a copy of your entire “ASP MSW II Advanced Field
(continued)              Practicum SW 750/755 Application Packet.” In addition, they may
                         request a copy of your resume, former BASW/BSW field practicum
                         evaluations, and/or professional references.

                     A resume should be a brief summary of your work experiences (paid and
                         unpaid), education, training, and internship experiences. It should
                         also highlight what you bring to an internship in terms or skills,
                         achievements, experience and knowledge.

                     If there are a larger number of students applying for a particular
                          agency or program than there are available slots in that agency or
                          program, the School cannot guarantee an interview or placement
                          in that agency or program. Similarly, if there are limited stipends
                          available, they will be decided upon by the agency; please note this is
                          not the School’s responsibility.

                     As part of the interview process and in order to be confirmed at the
                     MSW II SW 750/755 Advanced Field Practicum, agencies may
                     request additional screenings, e.g. random drug screenings, health
                     examinations, verification of immunizations, TB test, security evaluations,
                     fingerprinting, validation of your driver’s license by DMV; etc. In addition,
                     agencies may require random drug screening at any time during the
                     Please be aware that there is usually a fee for the agency screening
                     criteria evaluations. This fee (possibly around $100.00) will be paid for
                     by the student. The School is not responsible for this cost.

                     Semester Schedules should be discussed during the interview.
                     Students are expected to defer vacations so they do not have absences
                     when school is in session. Students are expected to be in their
                     Advanced Field Practicum for the entire academic year; from the
                     first week of school until classes end in mid-December for the fall
                     semester and then in mid-January until mid-May. When arranging
                     the internship schedule with the agency, the student and the agency
                     must follow School policy, which states that an intern’s schedule in the
                     Field is the responsibility of the student and the agency, and within the
                     University’s semester time periods..

                     Priority in scheduling is given, in order, to: 1) classes, including field
                     courses; 2) field internships; and 3) student’s other responsibilities. Field
                     instructors may not waive school policy. If the agency has specific
                     scheduling requirements, the student may register for classes that do not
                     conflict with the field. The student CANNOT ask the agency to arrange
                     the internship around the student’s other responsibilities, such as
                     employment or childcare.

                     Winter break should also be discussed at the interview. Most agencies
                     expect students to continue in the agency through part of Winter break,
                     in order to ensure continuity of care for clients. Students can be provided
                     1-2 weeks of vacation during the winter break. The scheduling of this
                     should be discussed at the interview.

10. Placement             MSW II - Advanced Field Seminar Assignments
  Confirmation Process   By July of each year, students are notified of their assigned course
                         seminars, via email. Since the assignments are agency driven and
                         determined by School –Agency relationships, University course
                         scheduling, room availability, etc. the student will not be allowed to
                         change seminar assignments. Seminar content and information will be
                         included in the Course Syllabus.

                         If you are accepted by the agency, you will be notified by the Field Faculty
                         members, verbally and then in writing.

                          If the School has not notified you of acceptance, the placement is
                         not yet confirmed. If you are not accepted, the Field Faculty will be
                         attempting to find you another placement and you will be interviewing with
                         another agency and following the above process once again. Your
                         advanced field placement should be finalized by mid-June 2010.
                         Please ensure the Field Education Faculty know how to contact you during
                         the summer!

                         After you have received confirmation from the Field Education
                         Placement Faculty (either by e-mail, phone, or by mail), call the agency
                         contact person to confirm your starting date (in June) and to take care of
                         any paperwork, miscellaneous details, etc. It is also a good idea to give the
                         agency your summer address and phone number so they can keep you
                         informed of any changes made prior to your return to campus in the Fall.

                         Once a placement is confirmed, changes CANNOT be made unless there
                         are emergent issues, problems, which cannot be resolved, and all efforts to
                         resolve them have been exhausted. Changes are made only through the
                         Field Education Department and are not made once the Fall Semester

                         Note: A student is not considered confirmed until he/she passes
                         the required screenings requested by the agency. Agency additional
                         screenings should be finalized preferably before June.
                         If the student fails these screenings, the Field Education Faculty will
                              review the student’s circumstances. Possible outcomes may include
                              and result in the student being placed in another agency, becoming
                              ineligible for field practicum at this time, or being delayed in field
                              placement for an entire academic year.

 11. Additional Policies          Any information contained in this field practicum application and/or
                                     any pertinent information relating to your professional student
                                     role shall be discussed between SDSU Faculty and approved Field
                                     Practicum agencies and their representatives. Your signature on the
                                     Student Agreement confirms that you are aware of this. This policy is
                                     in accord with School and CSWE standards.

                                  Since the prerequisite for the SW 750-755 courses are adhering to School
                                  policies, passing the interview process, and receiving final confirmation for
                                  internship at a specified agency; the future SW 750-755 student must
                                  complete all of the above to be eligible for enrollment in this course. The
                                  student may become ineligible after one or two advanced field practicum

                                  Students who do not pass their interview (other than for competitive
                                     reasons) and the agencies have documented the interview process
                                     and have contacted the School, may not be eligible for the SW
                                     750/755 Advanced Field Practicum course. The Field Faculty will
                                     contact the student immediately if this situation arises. A student may
                                     be immediately removed from the advanced placement process due to
                                     unprofessional behavior, non-adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics,
                                     SDSU policies, academic standards, etc. Please refer to the Student
                                     Agreement included in the application.

Advanced Field                    Q: What do the advanced field practicum courses consist of:
Practicum Year                    A:
                                  SW 750 and 755 are ADVANCED SPECIALIZED direct and
                                  administration field practicum courses.
                                  SW 750 / 755 require 20 hours per week in the field, for a total of 300
                                     hours each semester.
                                  SW 750/755 begin the 20-hour internship week the first week of classes
                                     (one week before Labor Day).
                                  SW 750 has more in-depth, comprehensive assignments, requirements,
                                     and seminars. Students are responsible for advanced individual and
                                     family theoretical frameworks, differential diagnosis, etc. Students will
                                     review course calendar(s) and requirements for the academic year.
                                  SW 755 provides administrative projects including management audits,
                                     strategic planning, community development, and comprehensive
                                     assignments, requirements, and seminars. Students will review
                                     course calendar(s) and requirements for the academic year.
                                  SW 750/755 seminars will meet every other week throughout the
                                     academic year. Review Field education calendar for 2010-2011 before
                                     School classes begin.

For further information or questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Candy Elson, Field Education Faculty in
HH 114C during office hours, or celson@projects.sdsu.edu.

Rev: 2/10 -Siegel


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