GAMUT Online Quick Start for San Bruno Park ESD by yyc62487


									         GAMUT Online Quick Start for San Bruno Park ESD
Logging onto GAMUT Online.

1.    Open your browser.

2.    Enter in the address field of your browser.

3.    The following screen will appear:

4.    Click the GO button.

5.    The following screen appears.

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6.     Enter your user name and password. Then click OK.
Accessing the San Bruno Park ESD's policy manual.

1.     After logging on the following screen appears:

2.     Click on the District Manuals link.

3.     The following screen appears:

4.     Click on the S.

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5.   The following screen will appear:

6.   Click on the San Bruno Park ESD link.

7.   The following screen appears:

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You are now in San Bruno Park ESD policy manual.

The easy way to find policies is using the Keyword Index. To use the Keyword Index:

1.     Click on the San Bruno Park ESD link under the Keyword Index title in the blue
       area to the right of the screen.

2.     The following screen will appear:

3.     Under each letter a scrollable list of topics will appears. To search on any policies
       related to "computers," click on the C link.

4.     When the C list appears scroll down until you see Computers in the list.

5.     Click on the Computers link and the following screen will appear:

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6.   This a list of the Board policies (BP) and administrative regulations (AR) that San
     Bruno Park ESD has related to computers.

7.   To view the Board policy on Employee Use of Technology, click the link.

8.   The following policy page will appear:

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9.    From this page you may print the policy, by clicking on the Printable Version
      link. From the window that appears press CTRL and P at the same time.

10.   Any text that is blue and underlined is a link. Just click the link to go to the listed

11.   To see a comprehensive list of legal references for a policy, scroll down to the
      bottom of the policy as shown below:

12.   Click on the link to the code you are interested in seeing, such as Government
      Code 3543.1 and that code will appear.

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13.   Once you are done reviewing the code you can use the Back feature in your
      browser to return to the policy.

 If you need assistance with other features of GAMUT Online
  call CSBA at (800) 266-3382 and ask for GAMUT Support.

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