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					                          TIE 544
     Curriculum Applications of Hypermedia/Multimedia
Message sent to Ezedia people Saturday November 3, 2007

I had to buy a new computer since my laptop with Ezedia had the monitor go out. I replaced
it with a laptop with a Vista operating system. When I tried to download an Ezedia player so
I could at least show the project I had created in my Master's program, it would not let me.
I believe there must be some conflict with Vista, especially since I could not download a
free demo for Vista, only XP and 2000. I must be able to present this project to earn my
masters. What can you do for me? The finished presentati0n is less than 2 weeks a way. I
need help by November 8th.
Reply: Mon, 05 Nov 2007
Hi Joan,
Like many software products currently available for Windows XP, there Are compatibility
issues with Windows Vista.
We do not have any information on this at this time.
Do you have a Windows XP machine that you can gain access to to present?
You can attempt to use the player in the attached folder. If you double click the player, it
will ask you to open the document, navigate to your project and run it manually.
Please let me know if this works for you.

Results: It did not work!

Artifact Description:

       I created a multimedia project on Childhood Obesity in Ezedia. I
       edited the graphics in PhotoShop Elements, created a movie in Movie
       Maker, and made all the links and buttons that operate the project.


       Childhood Obesity

       Software used: Ezedia, Photoshop Elements, Windows Movie Maker,

Artifact Reflection:

Portfolio                             November 2007                    Joan Darnauer 1 of 3
       I really enjoyed doing this project. I learned from the content and
       also from the tool that we used. The Ezedia program had many issues
       but it was fun to start with a clean slate and create a presentation
       that was attractive, informative and very user friendly.


       ISTE-TF.1 STANDARD: Technology Operations and Concepts: For this
       class we learned a design type of multimedia software. This required
       that we learn how the preprogrammed software products work and
       then do this in the new software.
       ISTE-TF.2.A INDICATOR: Learning to use this software prepared me
       to better break down the steps to use that would enable more
       developmentally appropriate instruction.
       ISTE-TF.3 STANDARD: Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum: This
       class enabled me to better plan, apply and implement more specific
       steps and details that produce better student produced projects.
       ISTE-TF.4 STANDARD: Assessment and Evaluation: Creating a
       generic rubric after looking at other models broadened my
       understanding and preparation of multimedia rubrics.

Course Reflection:

       1. During this course, I learned to design a multimedia project from a
       clean sheet. We used software that had to be formatted to do
       anything. It was a real stretch, but a good one.
       2. As a result of the course, my students learned how to think through
       the steps of developing a multimedia presentation more thoroughly.
       3. Having to start a project from scratch helped me learn to break a
       project into smaller pieces. As a result all students will be better able
       to be successful because they will be more attentive to detail.
       4. To teach other professionals how to be more detail orientated, I
       would probably give them an activity that required them to
       communicate with another and the second person would only follow the
       specific directions given, not filling in the blanks.

Portfolio                        November 2007               Joan Darnauer 2 of 3
       5. As I create more detail specific projects, I will be modeling for the
       other staff the correct way to do presentations. Leadership in this
       manner can be very effective and non-threatening to others.


            ISTE-TF.1   ISTE- TF.2.A ISTE- TF.3          ISTE- TF.4

Portfolio                        November 2007               Joan Darnauer 3 of 3