A Knight in the Archive

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					    Colorado State University Libraries
    Volume 8, Number 1, Spring 2006

A Knight in the Archive
“A good many of our bodies shall no doubt
Find native graves; upon the which, I trust,
Shall witness live in brass of this day’s work.”
                     —William Shakespeare, Henry V

       his past winter, Archives and          In an interesting twist of fate, on
       Special Collections welcomed       the eve of the battle, which was part
       royalty to its holdings. The       of the Hundred Years War between
brass image of Sir John Harpedon,         England and France, Shakespeare’s
a knight who fought at the Battle         Henry V assured the French envoy
of Agincourt in the army of King          that if his men returned to England,
Henry V of England, now hangs on          their memory would live on in brass.
permanent display in the reading          Fulfilling the king’s predictions,
room of Archives and Special              several who fought with him that
Collections in the Morgan Library.        day, including Sir John, were indeed
The rubbing was donated to CSU            commemorated by brass. His image          Dr. William Lumb and Janet Bishop,
Libraries by William V. Lumb,             can be viewed in-person by visiting       Coordinator of Archives and Special
D.V.M., M.S., and Ph.D., who created      Archives and Special Collections          Collections, next to Sir John.
this rubbing in 1975 during a visit to    during regular hours (M-F 8:30-4:30;
Westminster Abbey.                        closed University holidays). 

                                          This $200,000 gift will enable the        Dr. Book, continued from back page
                                          Libraries to purchase items for its
                                          music collection, including rare          photographs. But please remember
                                          books, memorabilia, and scores. Such      that technology and formats change
                                          materials are especially important        over time, so keep all originals.
                                          for Colorado State University and the         Whether you choose to create a
                                          community and will help support           traditional or electronic scrapbook,
                                          students, faculty, and musicians          your grandchildren will have a
                                          around the State in their scholarly       family record to cherish for years
                                          and professional pursuits.                to come.
                                             As part of CSU Libraries’ Special          For additional information on
                                          Collections Unit, these materials         preservation in general, please
Myra Monfort and William Runyan           will receive the utmost care from         write to “Dear Dr. Book” in care of
                                          archival staff and will be available      Signatures, Colorado State University
                                                                                    Libraries, Fort Collins, CO 80523
A Gift of Music                           for research use under controlled
                                          conditions, helping to preserve           or visit the Libraries Preservation

         olorado State University         these precious materials into             Services Web site at http://lib.
         Libraries is proud to            the future. Archives and Special          colostate.edu/preserve/. 
         announce the establishment       Collections looks forward to adding
of a new Music Special Collections        these important resources to its
Fund made possible through a              growing music collections, which
generous gift from Myra Monfort           currently include the Papers of
in honor of her husband, William          Lawrence I. Phelps, renowned
(Bill) Runyan, to celebrate his           organ builder. 
distinguished career in the
Colorado State University Music,
Theatre, and Dance Department.