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					Specification & Prices                         Archival Storage Box                                                                         Archival Supplies
Subject to change                                                                                                                              LS713-0110W
                                                                                                                             Archival Safe Products are:
                                                                                                                             Acid-free, lignin-free
                                                 Coroplast Storage Carton                                                    8.0-9.0 pH
                                                 Clear plastic storage carton offers rigid stacking strength                 3% calcium carbonate buffer
                                                 Washable carton is heat and water resistant                                 P.A.T. Certified
                                                 Ships flat and ready to assemble                                            Minimum qty require
                                                 3-mil copolymer of polypropylene and polyethylene
                                                 pH neutral
                                                 Chemically stable

                                                   Stock #                                  Description

                                                   10BA6.49475003              10”Hx15”Wx12”D

                                                 Corrugated Storage Carton
                                                 Acid-free heavy-duty unbuffered corrugated box
                                                 Holds letter- or legal-size file folders
                                                 pH of 7.2
                                                 Ships flat and ready to assemble

                                                   Stock #                                  Description

                                                   10BA6.49540001              10”Hx12”Wx15”D

                                                 Acrylic-Coated Corrugated Storage Cartons
                                                 Cartons are constructed of heavy-duty corrugated board
                                                 Shallow lids and hand cut-outs for easy transport
                                                 Acrylic-coated to repel moisture
                                                 Cartons ship flat and ready to assemble
                                                 B-flute gray stone corrugated board
                                                 Acid-free, lignin-free
                                                 8.0-9.0 pH
                                                 3% calcium carbonate buffer
                                                 P.A.T. Certified

                                                   Stock #                                  Description

                                                   10BA7.49548001              Full size 10”Hx15”Wx12”D

                                                   10BA7.49548002              Letter half size 10”Hx12 ¼”Wx6 ½”D

                                                   10BA7.49548003              Legal half size 10”Hx15 ¼”Wx6 ½”D

                                                   Oversized Storage Carton
                                                   Cartons hold up to 275 lbs. and offer superior strength for handling and stacking
                                                   Each carton features a shallow lid and hand cutouts for easy transport
                                                   Cartons ship flat and ready to assemble
                                                   White corrugated board
                                                   Acid-free, lignin-free
                                                   8.0-9.0 pH
                                                   3 % calcium carbonate buffer
                                                   P. A.T. Certified

                                                     Stock #                                   Description

                                                     10BA6.38014001              10”Hx12”Wx24”D

                                                     10BA6.38014002              10”Hx15”Wx24”D

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