Function of the G-1

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					                     Function of the G-1

The function of the G-1 is to:

Exercises staff cognizance of all Force Military and Civilian
Manpower (Personnel, Operations, Structure, and Recruiting and
Retention), and Adjutant functions.

1.   Adjutant

    (a) Maintains the Force Headquarters’ internal
correspondence, files and directives systems, and administers
the records management program.

     (b) Administers Congressional Interest responses.

     (c) Administers the Force Military awards system.

     (d) Administers the Headquarters’ Fitness Report program.

    (e) Administers the Headquarters Postal system and services
program, and manages the Force Postal contracts and budgets.

     (f) Produces internal management reports.

    (g) Provides statistical trouble-shooting and personnel
augmentation support to the Force Command Inspection Program.

2.   Manpower

     (a) Personnel

        (1) Supervises and manages the assignment of all
military personnel assigned to the MARFORRES and its subordinate

        (2) Acts as coordinator for the non-FMF (Active Reserve
and civilian billets), Program Objective Memorandum (POM)
submitted to Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps.

        (3) Coordinates with the Force Comptroller for funding
of personnel augmentation requirements.

        (4) Provides management of Civilian personnel matters to
include direct liaison with the New Orleans Human Resources
        (5) Administers requests for transfer to the Individual
Ready Reserve (IRR), inter-service transfers, voluntary
administrative separations, foreign travel requests, requests
for early release from the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR),
and monitors unit administrative compliance.

        (6) Prepares and certifies unit diaries for resulting
suspension of Reserve benefits (MGIB, SGLI), and for correction
of Career Retirement Credit Reports (CRCR).

       (7) Functions as the 01XX occupational field sponsor.

        (8) Processes requests for officer augmentation from the
Reserve Component and the Active Component.

        (9) Supervises, coordinates, and implements MARFORRES
Total Force Administration System (TFAS) program and process.

   (b) Structure

        (1) Maintains current Active Duty and Reserve Tables of
Organization (T/O’s) for MARFORRES and its subordinate units.

        (2) In coordination with the AC/Ss G-3/5, and Major
Subordinate Commands (MSCs), carries out planning and related
activities pertaining to modification of MARFORRES structure.

        (3) In coordination with the Force Comptroller, ensures
that changes to MARFORRES personnel structure are incorporated
into the POM process, as required.

        (4) Maintains staff cognizance of the Manpower
Requirements Determination Program (MRDP) to determine Active
component staffing levels for MARFORRES units.

   (c) Recruiting and Retention

        (1) Develops MARFORRES’s Non-Prior Service (NPS) and
Prior Service (PS) Manpower Plans.

        (2) Monitors the accession of NPS and PS personnel into
MARFORRES units according to the Manpower Plans.

        (3) Assigns missions for Reserve Referral Credits (RRC)
and monitors their attainment.
        (4) Maintains NPS and PS strength and attrition

        (5) Monitors unit structure and personnel strengths
within MARFORRES utilizing various manpower reports.

        (6) Monitors re-enlistment requests of PS applicants and
members of the SMCR seeking enlistment/re-enlistment into the
SMCR, that are submitted from either the SMCR unit or MOBCOM.

        (7) Assigns and monitors the attainment of Active Duty
personnel re-enlistment goals promulgated by Headquarters, U.S.
Marine Corps.

3.   Operations

    (1) Assists in the development of requirements and locates
personnel to augment SMCR units, Reserve Support Units (RSUs),
and Regular and Reserve exercises.

     (2) Provides administrative support and control.

    (3) Coordinates fiscal considerations for the MARFORRES

4.   Force Personnel Administrative Center

     (a) Travel and TAD

         (1) MARFORRES Active Duty Special Work Program Manager.

        (2) Consolidated Order Writing Section for Headquarters,

        (3) Government Travel Charge Card Program Agency Program