Instructions for Using Granger FTP Site for Granger Business

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					                          Instructions for Using Granger FTP Site
                               for Granger Business Partners

The website for Granger FTP site is as follows.

This takes you to the login page that has three fields.

        Domain:          edocs (auto-populated)

        Username:        user ID issued to you by Granger. This is case sensitive.

        Password:        password issued by Granger. This is case sensitive.

The log in page looks like this.

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After you log in you will land on the following page that lists all the folders that you have access to.

Clicking on each folder will expand the folder. You can go back in the folder structure using the link at the top
row that starts with two dots and says “Parent Directory”. Once you reach the file level clicking on it will bring
you a pop up asking OPEN, SAVE or CANCEL.

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Clicking on “Open” will download the file into a temporary directory on your local machine and open the file in
its native program on your computer depending upon the file type. For example – a word file (.doc extension)
will open in Microsoft Word and a PDF file will open in Adobe reader, etc. If you choose to save it then it offers
you to choose a location where you want to save it.

If you need to work on a file, then it is better to save it locally and work on it. Once the document is done,
transfer it back to the server using the upload button.

To upload a file to the FTP server, you need to have the file on your local machine. You CANNOT transfer files
from other FTP sites (such as a manufacturer’s FTP site) to Granger FTP site directly. You need to download them
first to your local machine and then upload them to Granger FTP site. To upload a file, click on the “Add” button
on the top left.

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A dialog box will pop up asking you to choose the file you need to upload. Highlight the file and click on Open. It
will show the file name in the upload box.

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Then click on the “Upload” button for the upload to happen. The file will be uploaded to the folder that is
currently open.

The HTML view of the files and folders allows files to be downloaded or uploaded one at a time. If you click on
the “Java Applet View” it allows you to transfer multiple files and folders in one click. To switch to the Java
Applet view, click on the button “Java Applet View”.

On left hand side it shows the contents of the local machine and on the right side it will list the contents of the
Granger FTP site.


When you double click on a folder it will expand it. Once you reach the file level DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK on the
file. If you do it will transfer the file to the other side immediately. Instead, select the files or folders you want to
transfer and then click on the double arrow button in the center to transfer the files. Transferring the file makes
a copy of the files and puts them in the other side. If you already have the file existing with the same file name,
IT WILL REPLACE the file without warning.

Switch to HTML view button to go back to the HTML view.

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