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                                                                                 07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                                      FTS-USDA FS-DC

                               Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                      July 16, 2008
                                      12:00 pm CT

Coordinator:     I would like to remind all parties today’s conference is now being recorded.
                 You may begin.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Great thanks. Well, good morning or good afternoon everyone. Thanks for
                 joining in on the open mic call.

                 Jackie Myers is traveling back from Denver today so I do not think she will be
                 joining us. And as I understand it, this is my first open mic call, but I
                 understand we can just sort of dialogue and share what is going on.

                 I know we have a few updates here and then I would like to just go around
                 and hear back from you on some of the things we are working on and then
                 have you share whatever it is you would like to share.

                 So, with that, I would like to open it up to (Marissa Juarta) who is our Student
                 Intern who has been working on the Sustainable Operations Web site since
                 she got here about seven weeks ago.
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                  And (Matt) and (Heather) also have been very instrumental in helping us get
                  that up to - populated with all the pertinent presentations and briefing papers,
                  and so it is really starting to look you guys. So thanks for all your great work.
                  But (Marissa) why don’t you share the latest.

(Marissa Juarta): Okay, well (Matt) and (Heather) of course, I am sure you know a lot about
                  this. Well first of all it is a Sustainable Operations Web site. We have a
                  submission form that is available to employees where they can submit
                  anything related to Sustainable Ops. And that is already up and live on the

                  Also (Matt) and (Heather) have been helping me - well actually they have
                  been working on creating the Green Team School Kit. And (Matt) and
                  (Heather) actually I need to talk to you after this conference call.

                  I talked to (Becky) yesterday and there - we have to do some changes to help
                  her out and make it a little bit more clear for her what it is that we want.

                  But she thinks that it will be a great tool and she, you know, we just need to
                  clear it up a little bit more for her.

                  Also we have the Google Share Site which is - it is going to be a - we are
                  going to have a link on the Sustainable Ops Web site where means to this
                  Google Share site and that is open to any FS employees, right (Heather)?

(Heather):        Yes.

(Marissa Juarta): That is open to any FS employees where they can just submit and share ideas,
                  share success stories, post documents, what else. I think that is it. But we have
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                   the Google Share site and then that submission form also on the Sustainable
                   Ops Web site. So.

Jacqueline Emanuel: And I know we have recently posted some information about the
                   November Summit and we are just trying to drive people to that site and keep
                   it updated so that it is like the clearing house and resources for all the past
                   information as well as what is ahead.

                   So any feedback you have on improving and enhancing the site, we are happy
                   to hear, but the point of the clickable form, the submission form, is so that
                   people have a way to share information.

                   And once you submit your attachment of what you want posted on the Web
                   site it goes to a Lotus Notes inbox where we can grab it and then post it. So
                   that is how it is working.

(Marissa Juarta): Yes.

(Matt):            Hey this is (Matt). Have you guys had any submissions?

Jacqueline Emanuel: You know, I do not know. I have not been in the inbox since last week so I
                   will check it.

(Matt):            Okay, just curious...

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes.

(Matt):            ...thank you.

Jacqueline Emanuel: And that form just really did get finalized. Was it last week it finally got...
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(Marissa Juarta): Yes.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes. Okay. Yes, that is a good point. I will check and see. It is also for us -
                   a way for us to assess the volume of how many people have things that they
                   think they want to share and the Google Share site, how is that - is that - I
                   know we have not communicated very broadly about that as a tool and its
                   availability, but are you finding that people are hearing about it and using it?

(Marissa Juarta): Well we have not posted it up on the national site yet.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Oh.

(Marissa Juarta): So I do not know how much promotion it is really getting. But I know, (Matt)
                   (Heather) you guys said that there are a lot of people interested in using it

(Heather):         That is correct.

(Marissa Juarta): So, did you get the - check out what I did? The changes I have made? Because
                   I talked to (Becky) and she said, you know, as soon as I get the okays, if you
                   guys think it is all right we can go ahead and link it to the national site.

(Matt):            We were actually hoping to talk with you maybe later...

(Marissa Juarta): Okay.

(Matt):            ...today about some small changes that we were thinking about.

(Marissa Juarta): Okay perfect.
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(Matt):           Okay. But I do think that it is going to be a very useful tool for people that
                  want to - especially folks that are starting up their Green Teams, you know, to
                  kind of get a better idea of what other people have gone through and what has
                  worked for them and, may, you know, there may be things that are specific to
                  certain regions or areas that are more helpful than others for those folks
                  starting up.

                  And I think that is really going to be the feather in the Google site’s cap is just
                  connecting people, you know, that immediacy. They get the itch to start a
                  Green Team or they want to share something, they can do it right away.

(Jenny):          Hi, this is (Jenny) from Region 3. Are you actually going to - a send it on an
                  email or notice nationally or something on this or how are you - is this going
                  to be presented for people to use?

Jacqueline Emanuel: You are talking about the Google Share site?

(Jenny):          Yes, just Sustainable Ops Web site.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Well Sustainable Ops Web site has been - there was an internal site for
                  quite some time. And this external site is probably at least a couple months
                  old. And I know that, you know, we used some of the traditional
                  communication channels to talk about it, but we can certainly work on, you
                  know, especially through the informal networks and the Green Teams and
                  getting that - getting the word out and actually sending an email in a link.

                  Um, but I sort of welcome some ideas on how we do promote and drive
                  people to these sites because they are content rich and they are really great
                  resources and I think we need some help communicating about this new tool.
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                                                                                  07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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(Jenny):          I agree. I just do not have any great ideas for it.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes, I mean we can get it, you know, there is - the network sort of feeds
                  itself and from what I can tell Kristen Nelson who is sort of in charge of the
                  Washington office Green Team sent me an email list. And, you know, it is not
                  completely clear how many Green Teams there really are and how operational
                  they are, but that is a good place to start.

                  And so what I am going to do is update a list for - and start there and we -
                  because we did want to sort of start a newsletter. And in fact, one of the key
                  ideas behind this newsletter is it would be really short and the template would
                  be provided and Green Teams would rotate in the production, a monthly

                  So for example, maybe we would produce the first one in August and it would
                  have just some highlighted success stories, some tips and upcoming events or
                  things to have on your radar screen.

                  And then that template would be forwarded maybe to the Region 1 and
                  Region 2 Green Teams and then they could populate it with their success
                  stories and send it out to the national lists or - and then it would ro - and then
                  each region once a year would be responsible for producing - and I am talking
                  something very simple and very bulleted.

                  And the format would be established and all you would have to do is sort of
                  fill in the blanks and we could keep information moving and drive people to -
                  who wanted to know more about specific things to the Web site where things
                  would be posted in more detail.
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                                                                                 07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                  So any feedback on that I would welcome to because, you know, there is not
                  really a staff for Sustainable Operations. It is something that Jackie Myers is
                  responsible for but she does not necessarily have the staff, so she is really
                  relying on the networks and the passions to perpetuate, especially the
                  communication side of things.

(Jenny):          Well I guess my question about that is your - are you talking about having a
                  separate newsletter or couldn’t you just have a separate little part of the Forest
                  Service Today, you know, just some little segments.

                  I do not know about having a separate newsletter. Couldn’t we just tie into the
                  Forest Service Today, however often that comes out - weekly or so.

Jacqueline Emanuel: I suppose that is an option. I just think that there is enough information
                  and enough going on that we could easily populate a one-page newsletter with
                  meaningful content and people who are really tracking with this, it would be
                  sort of a specialized for them, but because I do not know how - I think it
                  would be difficult to coordinate with FS Today for content, but I guess it
                  could - I guess it could work that way.

                  You know, I should talk to them and sort of see if they would be willing to
                  have a Sustainable Ops corner or, you know, column that they would dedicate.
                  Is FS Today monthly?


(Matt):           That tells you how much all of us treat it.

(Jenny):          I was going to say.
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(Matt):    I do not know. I feel like I get it like every week.

(Jenny):   I think it is weekly.

(Matt):    Yes. I mean even if we did like a monthly feature in FS Today that had to do
           with the Sustainable Operations that may be, you know, like we have a special
           feature every month.

           I guess that might work. I like the idea of putting out something monthly
           personally, but it is going to be preaching to the choir I think. You are going
           to have the same folks that are already doing it reading about what they are

           I do not know if it is going to reach a broader audience I guess is my point.
           But if there is a way to get folks involved - like the broader audience involved
           in what is happening informed, then I am all for it.

           I just do not know, I do not know how to do it. I do know, and I do not mean
           to change gears too much here, but in terms of getting the word out about just
           the Google site and the Sustainable Ops site, what we are trying to do in
           Region 2, the Green Team is actually everyone is going to their, you know,
           their weekly group meetings and asking folks what they want to hear about in
           terms of like a lecture series or a panel series that we are trying to put

           And we are talking - we are also passing the word on about the Google site as
           well as the Sustainable Ops site just to sort of get folks in all the meetings
           hearing about it. And it is on much more of a micro level, but that is one
           method that we have used and we have - I have actually had people wondering
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                  why we cannot - they cannot see the Google site yet, or the links to the
                  Sustainable Ops site.

                  So there is some interest and it seems to be working and they are folks that are
                  not traditionally working with the Green Team. So in terms of
                  communicating, micro level stuff is also - well I think it is useful. That is my 2
                  cents there.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Great. No that is good feedback, thanks.

(Jenny):          This is (Jenny) again. Just one other thought I wanted to throw out was
                  possibly starting with the Forest Service Today thing having our own separate
                  button or whatever.

                  The reason why I am thinking doing a full blown newsletter to start off with is
                  that the newsletters that come out sometimes I think it gets lost in the shuffle,
                  you know, if you know what I mean. If that's a. TIO stuff or, you know, all
                  that, but you know, it just seems like maybe you could start with the Forest
                  Service Today thing and then maybe work into a full blown newsletter.

Jacqueline Emanuel: And I, you know, that is a fair observation. I feel the same way. I am very
                  ambivalent about newsletters and people hardly even open attachments
                  anymore. And so the way we designed the first one is it is kind of a hybrid
                  between a fax sheet and a newsletter.

                  And it is never more than one page and it is a really sound bite type
                  information and almost like - and if it whets somebody’s appetite then they
                  can click and learn more. And it would not be printed at all. It would all, you
                  know, be completely electronic.
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                                                                                  07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                  But I think we are going to try it and just sort of see because, you know, it is
                  my perception that there is some - so that we are sort of dedicated to at least
                  seeing how it goes because if you were to see what I am referencing, it is
                  really kind of more like a racing paper slash fax sheet slash newsletter that is
                  very concise and readable, graphically palatable and there might just be pieces
                  of it. People tend to, but you know, it is a whole conundrum.

                  Newsletters are the way a lot of programs communicate and there is a
                  saturation point. And I know I get the Enterprise Team newsletters. I get - I
                  could probably get eight different newsletters a month and I do not always
                  read them all, but the ones that I am interested in I do. So.

(Heather):        Jacqueline this is (Heather). I have a quick question for you. I recognize that
                  you and (Marissa) are both unfortunately not going to be a part of this
                  Sustainable Operations team at the national level for long term. What is the
                  plan for long term maintenance or keeping this motion going?

Jacqueline Emanuel: You know I think Jackie has definitely stirred up a few things that are
                  going to be sustaining and that is part of the reason why we wanted to make
                  sure we got the Web site working and serving all of us.

                  And that is why she kind of wanted to try to get this newsletter up and running
                  with disbursed responsibility for producing one each month. And the whole
                  sort of campaign is sort of designed to be a self-generating self-sustaining way
                  that this network continues to communicate.

                  And if course this open mic forum will continue once a month. And, so I
                  definitely think there are some things in place, but, you know, in terms of
                  expanding that out and really growing it, I am not sure, but you know, it
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                                                                                07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                 seems to me it could be self-sufficient eventually. I do not know that we are
                 there yet.

                 And who knows, you know, Jackie might realize that this service is important
                 and think of other ways that she can do it.

                 But, you know, we are going to be around through most of August, so we
                 have got some time to sort of think about it and I think it is a good question.

                 Thanks (though) for that feedback.

                 So Kristen are you on? I thought maybe Kristen Nelson was going to join us
                 to talk about the ’08 Summit in November that is going to be in Madison and
                 how that is shaping up. I guess we can read about it on the Web site.

(Joan):          This is (Joan) in Region 9.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Hey (Joan) you got an update for us?

(Joan):          Yes. This month we are working with all the individual leads on the break out
                 session. We pretty much have all the primary speakers set up and so these are
                 the mini breakout sessions that we are working on this month making sure
                 everyone, you know, gets the technology since we are doing it through

                 And, you know, within our operating budget that we do not really have much
                 left of left for the breakout sessions to give them some lists of possible
                 suggestions if they do not already have one themselves for how they are going
                 to, you know, run this session for speakers and other Forest staff.
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                                                                                 07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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Jacqueline Emanuel: Do you guys - do you guys have a separate Web site?

(Joan):          They have a Team Room. If they have a Web site I have not looked for it. So I
                 will check with (Sheila Doshee).

Jacqueline Emanuel: Because at one point (Sheila) had emailed us and had proposed the
                 question do we want to put this on the National Sustainable Operations Web
                 site or do we want to keep it separate on Region 9’s site. And I do not
                 necessarily have the answer, but if there was a - if somebody wanted to talk
                 about it, we could certainly get the right people discussing, you know, what
                 serves the audience the best.

(Joan):          Who would (Sheila) talk to?

Jacqueline Emanuel: Myself or (Marissa).

(Joan):          Okay. I am not sure who is talking right now.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Oh I am sorry. This is Jacqueline Emanuel.

(Joan):          Okay. Thank you.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Well is there anything else anybody wants to share?

                 I think we need to make sure everybody knows about this forum. It is an
                 interesting idea to just sort of have a place and a time to be able to chat and
                 share in a dialogue like this.

                 So I, you know, I want to make sure we develop these informal
                 communication panels and networks in a way that, you know, these - so that it
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                                                                                    07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                   works for everyone. So I really welcome anybody’s input and feedback and
                   ideas on how we do that.

(Joan):            Well this is (Joan) and, you know, I was getting late getting on the call
                   because I could not find the call in number. I went through various emails,
                   could not find who would have sent it in the first place.

                   Went through the various Web pages, could not find a Sustainability Web
                   page on the Intranet, only on the Internet in terms of Washington for

                   You know, was not finding the conference calls. Searched one by one, email
                   after email in my sustainability folder to find it and basically it took 18
                   minutes to find the number, which initially kept changing each month and it
                   appears to be the same for a while because it was an older email that I finally
                   found where someone had passed it on to me.

                   But I do not know that the call in number is out to the people who are dealing
                   with and are on Green Teams and have the interest.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes, it sounds like it was a little cumbersome to find. So yes, that is a
                   good point. I mean publishing this number and having it remain the same is
                   definitely something we can lock in on and, the only thing is I do not know,
                   you know, that here is the issue we keep running in with the Internet site.

Woman:             Um-hmm.

Jacqueline Emanuel: We just, it is not - these kinds of calls are really just supposed to be for us
                   to have our internally for Forest Service employees. And so...
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Woman:            (Unintelligible).

Jacqueline Emanuel: ...I do not know how many people externally are visiting the Web site but
                  I suspect there are some. And so, but there has got to be a way that we can
                  make sure we market and promote this phone number as well as the Web site
                  in a way that people have easy access to it.

(Joan):           Well there is usually an Intranet Web site and an Internet. The Internet being
                  for the general public, the internal one for Forest Service staff, and I am
                  guessing Washington does not have one for internal staff of things they are
                  working on in terms of climate change, sustainability, Green efforts, is that

Jacqueline Emanuel: Well, you know, we do have one. It is on the portal. And we have
                  experienced, you have to e-authenticate to get on to it. So, and it was not easy
                  to find and it is still there. It’s just - I think that we are having a hard enough
                  time maintaining one let alone two and so that the idea was to try to just go to
                  having one site to serve all of our needs.

                  And, but there is an Intranet site. And it just, it has not worked great. Now I
                  will tell you, we had a conference call with Donovan Albert and Brad Smith
                  and there were a few others and we, you know, sort of discussed, and this is
                  how we came up with the fact that we have a Google Share site, and because
                  there is down the road in the next, I do not know, 20 months is kind of the
                  estimate, there is going to be a way for us to better share content and utilize
                  the Web based technologies to do all the kinds of things we want to do, and it
                  is just not online for us yet.
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                                                                                   07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                  And so some things are changing. So this Google Share site that we discussed
                  is sort of a - it is sort of a pilot to see if we can, you know, we need to be able
                  to provide a forum where free ideas can flow and it is almost like a blog, and
                  but at the same time, there is try to see insecurity issues and a lot of policy
                  discussion going on around how we do all this.

                  So, those discussions are going on and we are going to have more tools and
                  more choices available to us down the line but right now we are just focusing
                  on the Google Share site and the Internet site.

(Joan):           Okay.

Woman:            Well could we post the open mic information on the Google site since there
                  you have to have an FS email to be able to come in and use it, so.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Absolutely. That is a first easy thing we can do and we can post it on, you
                  know, every single one of our newsletters could have that number on it every

(Joan):           With the Google site, are you going to be sending out an email to Forest wide
                  to let people know about it, or, you know, how will that get relayed out?

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes definitely. I mean we are definitely going to be letting people know
                  about these resources. And like I said, you know, using the traditional
                  communication channels of lister and informal networks and we can even use,
                  you know, we could even send a letter out under a signature from the
                  Washington office, but it does not necessarily mean people get it and people
                  read it.
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                                                                                    07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                  And so using the informal networks to say hey check this out, this is a, you
                  know, good way to share information and learn and so yes. We are going to be
                  driving people. It is not even sort of, it is operational, but it has not been -
                  there will be a link to it on the Internet site and we are - it sounds like that is
                  going to happen this week.

Woman:            Hopefully.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes. (Matt) (almost)...

(Joan):           A link to it on the Intranet or Internet the Washington site?

Jacqueline Emanuel: The Internet site.

(Joan):           Okay. But then it will be a link on the Internet site but the public will not be
                  able to use it only Forest Service emails will be?

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes because that link you - that link will take you to the Google site, but
                  you will have to log in...

(Joan):           Oh.

Jacqueline Emanuel: ...and you only logged in using your FS email. And that is by design.

(Joan):           But won’t that be confusing to the public thinking it is just a faulty link or will
                  that be explained in how it is put in there?

Jacqueline Emanuel: Well I am going to develop a little paragraph with a description of what
                  that link is for.
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                                                                              07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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(Joan):   Okay.

(Matt):   (Joan) this is (Matt). I kind of underst - I understand the confusion. I am kind
          of hearing some confusion in your voice why this was done this way. But it is
          - it was the best way that we could think for folks to easily share documents,
          to share ideas and actually have like sort of a message board and a sounding
          board for all these different sustainable operations.

          The activities that are happening that we can get started tomorrow, you know.
          And instead of doing that through the internal site which was not getting, from
          my understanding, a lot of traffic because of the difficulty on - in reaching it.

          The Google site just - it satisfies that and it is really like Jacqueline said, it is a
          test - it is a pilot but it is also really a bridge until another, I do not - I cannot
          remember what it is called Jacqueline, but when we were on that conference
          call, they were talking about another system that is going to be used that is
          going to be like much beefier and heartier and allows people to trade
          information much more easily.

          So, this is just sort of like an interim solution really.

(Joan):   So this you are posting your stuff but it is not kind of a back and forth ready

(Matt):   Right, so on the net - so on the Internet, on the national site, anybody can read
          what we are going to be posting up there. However, if Forest Service
          employees want to trade tips and tricks about how to start a Green Team, if
          they want to talk about maybe a local communication that had been sent out
          and they want to discuss it further that has to do with sustainable operations,
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                                                                             Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                  they can start a discussion on this Google site, but the public will not be able
                  to use that and it is just for the Forest Service employees.

                  So all the tools that people can read about, the communications will be done
                  nationally. However, if we as employees want to talk about it, we are going to
                  try - we want to separate that from the Internet and we are going to use the
                  Google Share site to do that.

(Joan):           Is that like a same time share where you can dialogue right back and forth or
                  is it posting and then you go back and you check what everyone else has
                  posted in response and then you post back and forth that kind or?

(Matt):           Well if you and I were both on there at the same time, once I posted it, you
                  know, you would see it right away.

(Joan):           Okay.

(Matt):           Okay, so it is not like a instant messenger type of format, but it also is not sort
                  of like updated at the end of the day. It is pretty much real time. Once it is
                  posted, it is posted.

(Joan):           Okay.

(Matt):           Okay. Does that help clarify sort of the reason or why a?

(Joan):           Is there any structure to things or how you subcategorize topics or is it just
                  going to be one long scrolling form list?

Jacqueline Emanuel: We set it up so the Google Share site is set up exactly as the national site.
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                                                                             Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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(Matt):           In terms of the copy, yes.

Jacqueline Emanuel: In terms of categories.

(Matt):           Yes. So the discussion will take place in all the different topics that mirror the
                  national site topics.

(Joan):           Okay.

(Matt):           We are - that is - actually we are going to be changing that up and that is
                  probably why it is not up yet because we want to maybe make some
                  adjustments to how that is presented. So but it will be structured, but the
                  discussions themselves will be free form.

(Joan):           With the national site, I know I found it, but I do not find any way to easily
                  find it. You know, when you go straight to the Washington main site, it is not
                  easily found.

                  Like right now I am trying to find where you put the sustainability site at and I
                  am just not finding it.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Yes, it is true. And there is a couple things going on that we hope that are
                  going to make it easier. And one of them is a domain change for the - instead
                  of fs.fed.us for example, you would be able to go to forestservice.gov and that
                  is just something internal that we have been working on for a while and then
                  somehow putting, you know, right now I think, I mean I know the address. It
                  is fs.fed.us/sustainableoperations.

                  So as soon as you get it, you can just save it in your bookmark and it is easy.
                  But getting there, you know, I do not know who decides how these things
                                                                                    FTS-USDA FS-DC
                                                                           Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
                                                                               Confirmation #9295197
                                                                                               Page 20

                work and what their thinking is, but it is not easy to find. So we are going to
                change that.

(Joan):         Yes, I am searching through here and there is all sorts of arrows and tabs and
                nothing to indicate sustainability and no site map button where you can click
                and find things that way. Yes, it is not very user friendly.


(Joan):         What is that?

(Heather):      (Joan) this, (Joan) this is (Heather). I really found it by just Googling forest
                service sustainable operations and then it comes up as like I think it is the
                second option and you can click on it. Do open up the sustainable operations
                Web site?

                As we are developing this Google site (Kari) you seem to have a keen interest.
                If there was a way - if I could have your email address, once we get it up and
                going, maybe you could go through and use and kind of give us some
                feedback too if you would be interested.

(Kari):         Sure.

(Joan):         (Joan Price).

(Heather):      Okay.

(Joan):         Yes, I am still searching for it and I have not found it yet. So, when you are on
                the fs.fed.us site, unless you know to look for it, you would not know it is
                                                                                        FTS-USDA FS-DC
                                                                               Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                                                                                                   Page 21

                  there. And I am still not finding it but, so, even searching for it, I am not
                  finding it within the forest service search. It is not coming up.

                  So, well maybe it is in one of the ten pages, but, anyway, so, it becomes not
                  user friendly so a lot of things from out at the forest level, you know, there -
                  the various Green Teams, we get online and once a month we have been
                  having meetings with all the region-wide Green Teams and we have had a
                  guest speaker each month from within the regional office basically of staff and
                  their specialties going over different topics.

                  And that is going over well, but there is frustration expressed because when
                  they need something, they cannot find it. You know, and so we are trying to
                  gather within our own.

                  But whenever I have gone to the Washington site, I have not found it of any
                  use. And our site is not necessarily better unless you know how and where to
                  find things.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Well I think if you have not been on the site recently, and I will send you a
                  link to it, I think you would find it is pretty up to date with all the letters that
                  have gone out, all the presentations.

                  It, you know, that is part of why we are here right now is to make it the useful
                  tool and populate it and get it up and running and market it and drive people to
                  it in a way that it is useful.

                  And so let us show you what we have got and then you can help us make it
                                                                                       FTS-USDA FS-DC
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                   07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                                                                                                  Page 22

(Joan):           Um-hmm. Yes. Marketing wise that made me think of something else. We got
                  approached by a marketing media group that is willing to do a partnership and
                  offer their services for free.

                  They will do up five mini videotaping series of different sustainable efforts on
                  the forest, and then put it out there to the public kind of as a promo on
                  sustainability and that the Forest Service is taking a lead in it.

                  So if everything goes well with the partnership agreements that are set up, you
                  know, hopefully this will be a nice little tribute to the forest and what they are

Jacqueline Emanuel: It sounds great. Well let us know. We will post the videos online.

(Joan):           Well thank you very much.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Thanks. Is there anyone else who has anything they want to share,
                  questions or anything they want to raise?

                  No? Okay, the notes from this call are transcribed. That is why we are having
                  it recorded. And they are posted online under - in the Sustainable Ops Web
                  site under open mic notes.

                  And it is word for word. So, you can see past open mic conversations on there
                  and these will be up there too. It is usually, it takes a couple of days. I should
                  say five, five days maybe before they get posted - before we get the
                  transcription back and then (Becky) is on our Web developer posts them.
                                                                                 FTS-USDA FS-DC
                                                                        Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                             07-16-08/12:00 pm CT
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                                                                                            Page 23

                 But, this call is always the third Wednesday of every month. And let us make
                 sure this number does not change. And I am going to do my best to make this
                 number widely available and the fact that we have this well known. So.

(Joan):          Thank you very much.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Thanks everybody for your time. Have a great day.

(Matt):          All right. You too, thank you.

Jacqueline Emanuel: Bye.

(Joan):          So.


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