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                                  FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE

                                 Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                       May 20, 2009
                                        12:00 pm CT

Woman:             Hello?

Woman:             Hello?

(Kristy Morris):   Hi this is (Kristy Morris) from the (Stable Ops) Metrics Team.

(Virginia Van Eaton): Hi (Kristy) this is (Jennie Van Eaton) from the R3 Green Team.

(Kristy Morris):   Excellent.

(Jim Guinness):    Hey (Maritza) are you on?

(Kristy Morris):   Sounds like (Jim).

(Jim Guinness):    Hi, good morning I was just trying to get (Maritza)’s attention because the net
                   conference shows that it won’t start for - until 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.
                   Just not sure she’s aware of that.

(Kristy Morris):   Oh.
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                                                                                 Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
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(Jim Guinness):     I don’t know if we’re using it or not but that’s what it says. Jacqueline are you

Jacqueline Myers:         Hello everybody it’s Jacqueline.

(Jim Guinness):     Hey Jacqueline. (Jim Guinness) here. Hay I was just making a comment here
                    that the instant conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and
                    it won’t let me log in. I’m not sure if I need to use it but just for your

Jacqueline Myers:         I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

(Jim Guinness):     There’s a net meeting link that was sent out with the invitation.

Jacqueline Myers:         Oh not for this call.

(Jim Guinness):     Oh.

Jacqueline Myers:         This is - are you sure - I mean for the Metrics call after this one there was
                    today but this- we tend to do every other Open Mic as a webinar.

(Jim Guinness):     Okay great.

Jacqueline Myers:         Yes.

(Jim Guinness):     I just see it here in my link. That’s good information thank you.

Jacqueline Myers:         Okay if I did send it I didn’t mean to.
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                                                                           Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                               05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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(Jim Guinness):     That’s okay I got it figured out now thanks.

Jacqueline Myers:      Okay.

(Maritza):          Hi Jacqueline this is (Maritza).

Jacqueline Myers:      Hello.

(Henrietta Gates): And Jacqueline this is (Henrietta Gates).

Jacqueline Myers:      Great. We...


Woman:              (Christy Veralusa) is here too from the Sustainable Ops Metrics Team.

Jacqueline Myers:      Oh wonderful.

(Jenn Hayes):       (Jenn Hayes) from the Rocky Mountain Research Station is on.

(Virginia Van Eaton): (Jennie Van Eaton) from the (Archery) Regional Office Green Team is on.

(Patricia) Wood: Hi this is (Patricia) at the AFC (Patricia Wood).

(Virginia Van Eaton): Hey (Patricia).

(Patricia) Wood: And I'm also have with me (Peter Gilmore) and he is our liaison to the
                    executive team here at the AFC.

                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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Jacqueline Myers:       Yes great. Welcome. Now are you guys new Green Team members.

(Patricia) Wood: Actually our Green Team is going in its second year.

Jacqueline Myers:       Oh okay.

(Patricia) Wood: And we have a lot of accomplishments that I think from our last year that
                    we’re pretty proud of. So we’ve been looking at the Sustainable Ops website
                    and just getting in on it.

Jacqueline Myers:       Okay great well let me go ahead and get the recording started. You know
                    these calls are recorded so - and they’re transcribed and we put the transcripts
                    on the website so people who can’t tune in can go back and get information.

                    And we tried to have some topics of discussion but we really do try to keep
                    them open for dialogue and I really appreciate everybody going around
                    introducing themselves because I would like to a do a round robin and hear
                    about everything’s that’s going on.

                    You know facilitating information through this Open Mic and for all the
                    Green Teams is a big goal of the Open Mic dialogue so that people can learn
                    and share and not have to reinvent the wheel. I did invite on the call today
                    (Henrietta Gates) from Big Belly Solar.

(Patricia) Wood: Oh great.

Jacqueline Myers:       There’s a company we’ve been working with for a couple years now using
                    their green technologies. We have installed a couple of their solar trash
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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                   compacters with great results and we’re just trying to get the word out across
                   the agency about their units and the benefits they provide.

                   And so I asked (Henrietta) to come on now that we have a little more
                   expedited way to work with them through GSA. We also have a letter coming
                   out under the T signature about some of the green technologies that in our
                   experience we think are worthy in investing in.

                   So (Henrietta) if you want to share a little bit about Big Belly and what you
                   guys offer then we can direct people to a website or if there is anybody else on
                   the call who has some of these units at their administrative sites you can
                   maybe share how they’ve been working.

(Henrietta Gates): All right well this is (Henrietta).

                   I’d be interested if there is anybody on the call and the best - I don’t know
                   how many of you are familiar with the Big Belly solar powered trash
                   compacter. The best way to learn about it is our website probably which is

                   But as Jacqueline said we have been working with the US Forest Service for a
                   couple of years. As word has gotten out the - and others have learned about it
                   within the Forest Service we’ve had a lot of enthusiastic response.

                   If you’re not familiar at all the Big Belly is about the size of a regular outdoor
                   trash receptacle that you’d see in your forest and parks and on city sidewalks.
                   Yet it holds five times as much as a compaction unit inside it which is driven
                   by the solar panel on top.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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                   So it can be anywhere as long as it can see the sky. So Jacqueline and I have
                   been talking and think that this could be a great application for many of the
                   forests. And obviously reduces collections by 80% and therefore reduces the
                   cost associated with collections as well as the emissions associated with
                   collecting the trash and (unintelligible) so there’s no overflow in trash and
                   also there’s an attached recycling unit or a unit that can be attached that allows
                   for bottles and cans and/or paper.

                   And where there are thousands of these out there across the United States
                   we’re a company is five years old and Philadelphia just recently made a
                   decision to convert their - all their systems to the Big Belly and are replacing
                   all their trashcans with a Big Belly Solar compactor.

                   I don’t whether I want to take any questions or whether anybody has

(Virginia Van Eaton): (Henrietta) this is (Jennie Van Eaton).

                   I guess I’m actually (Virginia Van Eaton) when I logged on. But anyway just
                   wanted to mention that in conjunction with the Washington office we had
                   been able to - we’re funding a couple of the Big Belly solar trash compacters
                   in our more remote areas of the forest and so that’s something we were able to
                   do with our Micro Grants and with the help of the Washington office. And
                   we’re pretty excited to see how this is going to work out with them.

(Henrietta Gates): Terrific well we’re excited too.

                   So we’re anxious for you to have those and see what the impact is going to be.
                   As we receive - I mean everyone who orders them wants to order more. So we
                   hope that that will certainly be the case.
                                                                                FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                                Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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(Virginia Van Eaton): Also I just also wanted to mention (Patricia) are you still on?

(Patricia) Wood: Yes ma’am.

(Virginia Van Eaton): You have - don’t you have one of those over at the AFC?

(Patricia) Wood: Yes ma’am we have one Big Belly in one of our annex buildings and you
                   know I don’t have any information on how it’s operating. How about you
                   (Peter)? I don’t think anybody has any problem with it. And like you said the
                   80% reduction of collection is just incredible. So we’re pretty excited about it.
                   It just looks like a box sitting in the parking lot but it really seems like its

(Henrietta Gates): Well good I’d love to get more feedback from anybody who has them and
                   that’s always very valuable.

(Patricia) Wood: You might have to check with - you know what I could check with some
                   details on that get back to you.

(Henrietta Gates): Okay that would be terrific thanks.

(Pat Jackman):     This is (Pat Jackman) from the Washington office Civil Rights and I’ve work
                   with (Renee Cochise) who’s the chair of our Green Team and we have a Big
                   Belly right here on 14th street near Independence on the street right between
                   the Yeats building, Forest Service Yeats Building and the Holocaust Museum.
                   So there’s a ton of traffic back and forth and I don’t have anything more that I
                   could tell you about its efficiency.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
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                   I really have never gotten an opportunity to see you know what it’s like when
                   you empty them out or anything like that but I know our USDA Green Team
                   is looking at how it’s functioning here for the Forest Service on our location.

(Henrietta Gates): Okay terrific.

(Jim Guinness):    (Jim Guinness) here. I have a question for you. In thinking about how people
                   you know the average public J.Q. Public does think they just kind of see a
                   garbage can and toss it in cans, bottles, recyclables, and the whole nine yards.
                   One of my interests would be to assure that any time a Big Belly is put out
                   that there is also recycling container adjacent to them so that they have a
                   choice of where to throw things.

(Henrietta Gates): Well and that’s why we designed an attached unit that actually literally is
                   attached although it doesn’t have to be attached which is for recycling and it
                   actually is very well marked and they’re for bottles and cans. There is a hole
                   that would only fit bottles and cans and or if you want the paper then we have
                   there’s a split there that would be for the paper all very well marked obviously
                   encouraging recycling.

                   And the units, the majority if not all units that Jacqueline or the Forest Service
                   purchased last year have the attached recycling units. Am I right Jacqueline?

(Jim Guinness):    That’s excellent. Is there - do you have statistics on its use and how much
                   actually gets you know thrown out versus recycled.

(Henrietta Gates): Well the statistics are very good whereas there’s been - typically there’s a lot
                   of cross contamination and people don’t necessarily always pay attention. The
                   statistics that we have gotten are excellent in terms of people actually doing
                   what they’re supposed to do and very, very little cross contamination.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                   Page: 9

                   I think they sort of look at the Big Belly and try and figure out sort of what it
                   is at the beginning or whatever and then they realize this is what they are
                   supposed to be doing. It’s not a matter of just throwing in one bin versus
                   another and the fact that we’ve decided where the holes actually fit in terms of
                   bottles and cans it makes it very obvious as well as it’s very well marked with
                   the explanation as to where the bottles and cans or where the paper is to go.

(Jim Guinness):    Excellent thank you.

(Mike Hillman): Excuse me this is (Mike Hillman) in the Washington office.

(Henrietta Gates): Yes.

(Mike Hillman): That and I wanted to just make another point about that whole additional
                   system for recycling. That component of the overall can setup that can be
                   added later. So if you have a - am I right that you can go back and add that
                   later. So if you already have a Big Belly and decide you want to go to that it’s
                   not like you have to reorder a unit you just get those things and attach them to
                   your existing unit. Is that correct?

(Henrietta Gates): That’s absolutely correct as long as you bought the unit in the last whatever it
                   is year and a half. Our original unit does not have that feature but anything
                   that was purchased in the last year and a half which is all the units that US
                   Forest Service bought last year. You can go into the field and we can attach it.
                   Either attach it or have it sit side by side.

(Mike Hillman): Okay.
                                                                                FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                                Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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(Virginia Van Eaton): (Henrietta) this (Jennie Van Eaton) again. I have a question for you about
                    the Big Bellys. As I see things coming up in the future one the things I see a
                    single stream recycling. Which is you know you just throw everything in a
                    container together and then it is then sorted out for it’s you know recycling

                    Will that be difficult with the trash - the Big Belly trash compactors? Will
                    they be so compact that they’ll be hard get a trash uncompact?

(Henrietta Gates): That’s an excellent question and there’s been a lot of misconception people
                    with regard to that. Our compacted trash is not compacted into a brick. In fact
                    it can be sorted for recycling. It basically is eliminating all the air you can
                    actually still see what the trash is.

                    So in some locations they are doing just that. They have single stream and
                    they’re taking it to a facility to be sorted. So the Big Belly is designed to be
                    responsive to that.

(Virginia Van Eaton): Great. Thank you.

(Henrietta Gates): But no that is an excellent question and sometimes people say oh we’re not
                    going to get it because we do single stream and we want to be able to sort for
                    recycling. And they think of it like a trash compactor that people have had in
                    their home. But it isn’t that. We specifically designed it so it does not crush it
                    into a brick but that it can be sorted.

Jacqueline Myers:       And (Henrietta) this is Jacqueline. You guys are also offering a lease
                    option now too aren’t you?
                                                                                FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                                Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                   Confirmation # 7918423
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(Henrietta Gates): Yes we are indeed. Whereby you can actually you know pay for the Big
                    Bellys over up to a five year period of time. And we are finding that we’ll do a
                    cost savings analysis for you and that the cost saving is greater than what the
                    lease payments are. So we will work with you on doing a lease.

Woman:              Great.

Jacqueline Myers:      You know it really makes a lot of sense especially in a lot of our urban
                    national forests with these units. Especially the kiosks that have the dual
                    recycling and compaction because if you can outfit an entire forest with it
                    that’s where you really see the savings because the pickup and emissions that
                    are saved on.

                    I mean if you go from having to pick it up from five a week to only once a
                    week imagine the saving s there. And so they even have a calculator tool that
                    helps figure that out and you can track it online and it’s just a really
                    quantifiable impact that these things can have.

                    So you know I’ve been trying to put Big Belly in touch with the urban
                    national forests the ones that have the 24/7, 365 day a year use to see if we
                    can’t get enough of these out there to really start demonstrating the savings
                    but you know it’s a significant investment up front so we just have to figure
                    out how to do it. So I think that lease option might be real attractive to some
                    people. But thank you (Henrietta) for your time and...

(Henrietta Gates): Thank you Jacqueline and could I just say one more thing. Because what you
                    said made me think of one more feature that I think that people will be
                    interested in. We now the Big Belly is - can be wireless in that you can
                    actually through the Internet pull up statistics on each Big Belly in the field
                    and see what the fullness status is.
                                                                                  FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                                  Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                      05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                     Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                      Page: 12

                    So you don’t even have to go out to the Big Belly to see whether it needs to be
                    collected. Whether it is full or not because it will pull up that’s it not full, it’s
                    almost full or it is full. And that takes the whole level of efficiency to - it takes
                    efficiency to a whole other level. So anyway just wanted to add that.
                    Particularly in your forest where there are a lot of remote locations.

(Mike Hillman): (Henrietta) I had a question. This is (Mike Hillman) from the Washington
                    office. Think about that in a forest application where you have a bunch of
                    units that are really remote. Wouldn’t the compaction and also being able to
                    gauge or know remotely see how full it is wouldn’t that also be a cost savings
                    for picking up recycling?

(Henrietta Gates): The recycling is not - we do not have the feature now where the recycling unit
                    is wirelesses. I’ll just say it that way. It’s only the Big Belly. That is coming -
                    it’s coming at some point but we don’t have it yet.

(Mike Hillman): What about compacting those recyclable materials?

(Henrietta Gates): You can use the Big Belly for that but we have found that you do not get the
                    same you don’t get the five to one compaction rate. Those are the nature of
                    bottles and cans and when people put the tops on the bottles they don’t really
                    crush. And so we’re getting really more of a two to one and the economics
                    don’t really work so well so we don’t generally recommend that but people
                    are using it that way and have been very happy with it but they’re not getting
                    the five to one.

(Mike Hillman): Okay.

Jacqueline Myers:       Pretty cool technology.
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                                                                                Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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(Henrietta Gates): Well thank you very much for letting me in on the call and Jacqueline if
                    anyone wants my contact information should I give it right now or do you
                    want to pass that along.

Jacqueline Myers:      Yes they can get in touch with me and I’ll hook them up with you.

(Henrietta Gates): Okay all right terrific.

Jacqueline Myers:      Okay.

(Henrietta Gates): Thanks so much.

Jacqueline Myers:      Thanks (Henrietta).

(Henrietta Gates): Bye, bye.

Jacqueline Myers:      Bye. Great well I just thought that that would be useful. We’re just trying
                    to you know create the awareness of some of this stuff and how it’s working
                    and like (Pat) said we do have one here at the Yeats building that we’re
                    actually getting ready to replace with a recycling unit because it just overflows
                    every day.

                    It’s just the traffic - the foot traffic here on 14th especially in the summer
                    season. So we want to get a couple more and but getting a permit from the
                    district to put one on the sidewalk is just too cumbersome.

                    So anyway I kind of do want to open it up. We want to hear from people and
                    share ideas and information and there is a lot going on from our end but I want
                    to save that until the end and I just kind of want to go around and see who’s
                                                                             FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                             Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                 05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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                   out there and what is on everybody’s radar screen. Maybe the best way to do
                   this is just to start.

                   Is there anybody from Region 10 or that area? No? Region 9? 8? Okay, 6?

(Jim Guinness):    Well I’m not from six. (Jim Guinness) here. I can represent six because we’re
                   doing the Sustainable Operations Summit this year. So KJ you’re not on right?
                   Okay so I can speak to it.

                   Basically the theme of our Summit this year is Tool Kit For Success. So what
                   we’re going to do is we’re trying a couple different things out and this is
                   going to be even somewhat out on the edge but we’re going to try and be
                   100% virtual.

                   And there are many examples right now of actual virtual Summits in which
                   we’ll have speakers come - they’ll come from Region 9 or they could be
                   physically housed at their office at some private company and they will come
                   on line and be key note speakers along with other people for the duration of
                   our Summit and people will get on real time and actually see and listen and be
                   able interact with those people.

                   We’ll do the same thing with the workshop. So our goal is to virtualize this
                   thing and save ourselves hundreds of millions of pounds of tons probably of
                   CO2 in the doing. So we’re working diligently on that just stay tuned for that.
                   So that’s the one thing.

                   The other thing some of us are involved in - is looking at the - everybody here
                   from the Teams Team on the call. Okay so...

(Kristy Morris):   Yes hi sorry this is (Kristy Morris) I had hit the mute button.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
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(Jim Guinness):     Hi (Kristy).


(Jim Guinness):     Great are you going to talk a little bit about the spreadsheet and looking at
                    some of the metrics and that type of thing?

(Kristy Morris):    Well I can give a quick overview as far as what we’re doing with metrics.

(Jim Guinness):     Okay great so I won’t say anything about that and that’s about all I have to say
                    from Region 6.

(Kristy Morris):    Should I go into metrics now since you brought it up.

(Jim Guinness):     What do you think Jacqueline?

Jacqueline Myers:       Sure go for it (Kristy).

(Kristy Morris):    Okay. Basically actually after this conference call we’ve got another
                    conference call with our consultant group. The metrics team is responsible for
                    basically - you know how we talk about reducing our carbon footprint? Well
                    this team is set up for figuring out what is our shoe size. For a nice way to put

                    We’re looking at five different areas. We’re looking at energy, water, fleets,
                    green purchasing and waste management. And the team is then guided then to
                    specifically look at those areas and developed metrics that we can use to
                    actually measure where we are, get a baseline and then sort of guide - come up
                                                                               FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                               Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                   05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                  Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                   Page: 16

                    with some ideas as far as guiding how people can be reducing that working
                    with other sustainable ops folks and other teams.

                    There’s - we’re just one of seven teams - seven, eight teams in response to -
                    and the Climate Change Council are those would we report to.

(Jim Guinness):     Right, yes.

(Kristy Morris):    So yes. So we’re just one piece of the puzzle but actually we’re focusing this
                    month and meeting with our consultants this afternoon. We’re focusing on the
                    energy metrics and flushing all that out and we’re getting a pretty solid base
                    going. So and this will all be using actually already existing data as opposed
                    to going out to the field again and having them generate more data. We’re
                    trying to utilize whatever databases we can get out hands on that already exist
                    so as not to impact the field (unintelligible). So that is the 60 second summary.

(Jim Guinness):     And just to add one side note. Someone is breathing awfully heavily into the
                    mic. Not sure who it is but just be aware of that. This is all based on Executive
                    Order 13423 right. And so it’s kind of the response to what’s being called for
                    in the 2006 Presidential Executive Order for that right?

(Kristy Morris):    Yes it is. Yes sorry the number of the Executive Orders slipped my mind.

Jacqueline Myers:      Also (Kristy) it might be useful to explain what the consultants are. I mean
                    they are all Forest Service employees.

(Kristy Morris):    Yes they are. We’ve got (Mary Wagoner) she’s a regional Forest Service from
                    Region 6. (Chris Risba), Washington office I believe. There’s - and we report
                    directly to (Jackie Myers) she’s out of the business operations out of the
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 17

                   Washington office. Excuse me Deputy Executive. So and then there’s other
                   folks right now that I’m sorry just aren’t coming to mind.

                   But it s a group where they are from all the different backgrounds being able
                   to look at these metrics and give their input from their specific background
                   and say okay this is what I’ve seen that worked before or say hey you know
                   this is something you may want to address or try differently.

                   It’s a great tool to help us really formulate what’s going to be effective on the
                   ground, what can we actually get data from and how are we going to be able
                   to measure these particular resources in order to be able to show that we are
                   reducing our impact.

(Virginia Van Eaton): (Kristy) this is (Jennie Van Eaton). I have a question for you regarding
                   properties that are leased properties. Are you having lease difficulty getting
                   information that you need regarding the usage of like the electricity in the
                   water from our leased properties?

(Kristy Morris):   I know we are trying to work with GSA and actually NFC as well for
                   purchasing stuff. I don’t know particularly about leased properties. I know it
                   has come up. I think that’s going to be actually one of the things we’re going
                   to be talking about this afternoon as far as other team members have been
                   charged with getting that information and I believe they are going to be
                   hopefully coming back some good news this afternoon.

                   So I know we are trying to work through the appropriate channels to be able
                   to get information like say from GSA and from NFC. The problem that we’re
                   having I know is a concern with double counting because their numbers go up
                   through to Congress.
                                                                               FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                               Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                   05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                  Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                   Page: 18

                    But then what we need is because of all the weird intricacies that the Forest
                    Service has with the GSA and leased properties that there’s a concern with
                    double counting as far as energy consumption, water consumption and all that
                    kind of stuff. You know getting those electrical bills, getting those water bills
                    and who’s reporting on what.

                    So it’s something that we’re still sort of scratching our heads on and trying to
                    find an effective way to address that. And that’s where I know we are right
                    now. It’s not a clean answer but that’s what I know.

(Lois Tucker):      Okay this is (Lois Tucker) and I could add...

(Kristy Morris):    Oh hi (Lois).

(Lois Tucker):      I could add just a little bit to that. The GSA information we’re interested in
                    that as a like a sampling because they have the information for those the
                    leased buildings and what we may be looking at is trying to come up with a
                    sampling instead of getting 100% survey from every place trying to be able to
                    come with okay we know our usage is this.

                    It’s looking at perhaps taking a sample approach where okay it’s like okay
                    what’s the average square - or based on a square foot basis what’s the average
                    energy use of leased buildings and making an estimate and applying it. We
                    may not be to get to 100% accuracy but that may not be what we really need
                    to get to our baseline.

(Kristy Morris):    Yes (Lois) knows all the technical what’s going on as far as intricacy with all
                    the IB team.

Jacqueline Myers:      Thank you.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 19

(Patricia) Wood: Hello this is (Patricia). Hello?

(Kristy Morris):    Hello.

(Patricia) Wood: You know I have to get - (Peter) and I both have to leave and I really need one
                    quick question answered. The Forest Service handbook under accounting for
                    the sustainable ops and the recycling - I have it - I need to know what the
                    latest thing. My page has expired April 30th, 2009. And it’s under the Chapter
                    10 of General Funds and Personal Property, Asset Financial Management so I
                    guess I need to see what’s going on now as opposed to April the 30th, 2009
                    when this expired.

Jacqueline Myers:      Where are you interested in doing it? Are you talking about revenue
                    generating recycling receipts?

(Patricia) Wood: Yes.

Jacqueline Myers:      Okay (Toby Bell) in Acquisition Management is the Recycling
                    Coordinator for the agency.

(Patricia) Wood: Repeat that please.

Jacqueline Myers:      (Toby Bell).

(Patricia) Wood: Okay.

Jacqueline Myers:      Is the recycling coordinator for the agency. And I put together a fact sheet
                    about setting up a revenue generating recycling program. I pieced together...
                                                                                FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                                Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                   Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                    Page: 20

(Patricia) Wood: That’s exactly what I want to see.

Jacqueline Myers:       I pieced together everything I could find because there were a lot of
                    people requesting this information and the coordination with Acquisition
                    Management has been a little challenging. And I’m not exactly sure where
                    they are but by at least having a contact and having them designate a recycling
                    coordinator we had some forward inquiries directly to her will make them
                    realize that there are people that stand at the ready to start doing this.

                    And we need either more interim direction or we need you know permanent
                    direction and I do know that directive expired but at the same time I don’t
                    think it precludes us from setting up programs because they are handed down
                    all the way from treasury and I do have a document that I can send you. I -
                    (Patricia) what’s your last name?

(Patricia) Wood: Wood, W-O-O-D.

Jacqueline Myers:       Okay I’m going to send you what I have.

(Patricia) Wood: I’m P-A-wood at the (unintelligible).

Jacqueline Myers:       Okay I’m going to send it to you right now and I am going to post this on
                    our website. And - but please contact (Toby Bell) so that AQM gets an idea of
                    how - that this is important to people.

(Patricia) Wood: (Peter) brings up a point about fiscal policy and how we need to understand
                    how that relates to this recycling accounting. Do we need that or is that
                    something we need to do?

Jacqueline Myers:       I’m not sure what you’re asking.
                                                                               FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                               Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                   05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                  Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                   Page: 21

(Patricia) Wood: Well let me explain one thing. You understand that we’re at the AFC and
                    we’re not a Forest Service - we’re the accounting BNS. Okay so we have a
                    little different take on it. But I’ve been asked to you know dumb this down or
                    you know look at it. I didn’t mean that. Well yes I did.

                    Anyway for our regency newsletter and I’m not quite sure that’s what - I
                    really don’t think it’s my place to do it. So I thought if we looked at what was
                    superseded- if there were any superseding documents after this expirations of
                    April 30th.

Jacqueline Myers:      I don’t - that’s a question for (Toby Bell).

(Patricia) Wood: Okay I’ll do that then.

Jacqueline Myers:      Yes contact her because I know that you can create a bill for collection to
                    record and document all proceeds from waste reduction, pollution prevention,
                    all recycling programs and that. There’s a way to record this and to expend -
                    retain and expend those revenues for the purpose of furthering your recycling
                    program. Yes and so I have a - I put together exactly how you do this. As far
                    as the expired policy that is an AQM issue then they need to get on it.

(Patricia) Wood: Okay. I’m going to contact (Toby) thank you for the contact and I’ll be able to
                    ask my question more specifically.

Jacqueline Myers:      Yes and her name is in big bold letters on my facts sheet. So I’ll send it to

(Patricia) Wood: Very good. Oh let me give you my fax number.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 22

Jacqueline Myers:      Oh no I’ll email it to you. Sorry.

(Patricia) Wood: Very good. Thank you. We need to go thank you all though.

Jacqueline Myers:      Thank you.

(Patricia) Wood: (Patricia) and (Peter) are out of here. Signing off. Go with green.

Jacqueline Myers:      Great I want to continue going around but (Lois) and (Kristy) I do want to
                    respond to - I’m really glad you guys shared this bigger picture information
                    with this group and the coordination and collaboration that has to happen right
                    now as we get our arms around the data that we need for reporting and the
                    tracking systems and all this work that we’re trying to do. That (calvis)
                    whether we’re moving the needle on reducing our consumption which is the
                    bottom line here.

                    We sort of need to know what our consumption is before we can say whether
                    or not we’re reducing it. But there’s a lot going on here too with the
                    greenhouse gas inventory pilots which I think I’ve spoke to you about (Lois)
                    and so I do want to let everybody have a chance. I’ll save that for the end in
                    case we run out of time I can talk to you guys about it offline but you know
                    making sure that we’re coordinated and you know integrated which is you
                    know the key.

                    For just hearing me talk about AQM and how everybody has a piece of this
                    sustainable operations it’s not a program it’s suppose to just be doing what we
                    do differently and how we get there without driving everybody crazy is kind
                    of a challenge. So anyway I’m really glad you guys were able to join on the
                    call today.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 23

(Kristy Morris):    And a quick question if you don’t mind.

Jacqueline Myers:       Sure.

(Kristy Morris):    With the green house gas emissions and Jacqueline are you working on
                    developing a baseline as well? Like a metric system for that?

Jacqueline Myers:       Well as part of ETA climate leaders which is the protocol program that
                    we’ve joined we joined in 2007 as the first federal agency that was conducting
                    green house gas inventories. We had six pilots and there is a certain scope that
                    has to be followed under that program.

                    And our last call was the greater Yellowstone area had completed their first
                    inventory and that’s a whole ecosystem of six forests and you know two other
                    units and so what - and they have a great lessons learned and now we have
                    five other pilot sites.

                    Well California and the Pacific Southwest Research Station together did an
                    inventory under CCAR the California Climate Action Registry when that was
                    started and it is aligned with the EPA climate leader so there are already - you
                    know we already have some standards for reporting but a lot of the national
                    baseline data that they used was - they’re using a lot of the same baseline data.

                    So I you know I’m still trying to bring myself up to speed on what this all
                    means because the Yeats building here in Washington is one of the pilot sites
                    and we’re going to be conducting a green house gas inventory for this site.
                    And so that’s another piece of it. And then the (Tsongas) has one, the (Miriam
                    Francis Sumter) and the Forest Products Laboratory.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 24

                    And then the idea is once these pilots are done we see what the different
                    approach is, and what people learned and where major gaps exist and then we
                    create an agency wide template for conducting an inventory across all
                    administrative units because it’s anticipated that’s going to be required in the
                    new Executive Order anyway.

(Kristy Morris):    Okay.

Jacqueline Myers:      Yes.

(Jenn Hays):        So this is to specific the green house emissions. This is (Jenn Hays) with the
                    Rocky Mountain Station. I’m also curious you know the teams that working
                    on the metrics. You know we want to do some water savings stuff out here
                    and I know we struggled to get appropriate data to know what our baseline is
                    to know what we can reduce from.

                    Because we’ve got you know 14 laboratories of various ownership. Some co-
                    occupied, some leased, some owned. And so I’m just really curious you know
                    if the - what the scaling down scalability will be of what this teams metric
                    group is doing.

(Jim Guinness):     I can answer. (Jim Guinness) here. I can answer a little bit but there is a whole
                    section on water efficiency and water use built into this and they’re tied
                    directly into the existing Executive Order 13423 and I understand there’s
                    going to be an updated one from the new administration. That they and we are
                    developing the metrics and sub metrics and then the data needed to do that. So
                    if you can get a hold of a copy of that it might be useful to you to see what
                    kind of things are brewing and you might have some input to it.
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 25

(Jenn Hays):        Thanks yes we just - you know it’s the challenges you guys - as you guys
                    know so we’ll be very excited to see what happens and I’ll look at what
                    you’re talking about and see if we can provide some sort of input. But being
                    able to localize this I think will be really important.

(Jim Guinness):     Absolutely.

Jacqueline Myers:       Great I’m sorry I didn’t mean to get into this whole green house gas
                    inventory so soon but you know it’s nice to share because I really do think it’s
                    a matter of time before every unit sort of has to know what their footprint is in
                    that regard. And then also more importantly address it. So I think that’s
                    coming folks.

                    All right let’s continue going around. And again I’m not necessarily looking
                    for representation from each region but if anybody’s calling from this part of
                    the nation let me know. Region 5 or PSW? Region 4? Region 3?

(Virginia Van Eaton): Hi this is (Jennie) again from Region 3 and there were a couple of things I
                    wanted to mention. I was going to bring up the Big Bellys but we had the
                    opportunity to talk about that previously. And we here in Region 3 have gone
                    through our Micro Grant process.

                    We had a total of 39 proposals totaling $130,000 proposed. We were able to
                    fund $55,000, 12 proposals totaling $55,000 including the Big Bellys and so
                    we’re really excited that that started and you know the funds have been
                    dispersed and people are going to start working on their Micro Grants.


Jacqueline Myers:       What region are you from?
                                                                               FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                               Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                   05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                  Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                   Page: 26

(Virginia Van Eaton): Region 3.

Jacqueline Myers:      Okay

(Virginia Van Eaton): And also one other thing I want to mention (Sara) couldn’t be here on the
                    call today because she had conflicts but the power strips their sensored they
                    have a sensor in them. We have a little anecdotal material about that.

                    They have decreased the electrical usage in one employee by about 50% and
                    another employee about 20-25%. Now this just - you know they took
                    sampling with and without this power strip. They’re not that expensive may
                    30-$40 and very easy low hanging fruit to be able to put in the cubicle and
                    have it turn off all of your equipment if you’re not around.

                    The reason why (Sara)’s was only 20 to 25% reduction was because she will
                    normally only turn off her computer and everything when she is not at her
                    desk. Not everybody does that. So just wanted to throw that out, that’s a really
                    great way to decrease electrical usage at a low cost.

                    And that - I just wanted to ask was there anybody else on this call from
                    Region three because I’ve made a challenge to everyone on the Green Team
                    to show up on this call. Nobody else? Okay. (Patricia) and (Peter) kind of -
                    were kind of linked with AFC because of the proximity of their offices. So I
                    was glad to hear that they were on the call. So that’s all I have thanks.

Jacqueline Myers:      Thanks (Jennie) yes those eco strips are definitely a nice feature to have.
                    In fact we - when we sent copies of the Extreme Makeover Ranger District
                    Edition the DVD done by the Chippewa Deer River ranger district related to
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 27

                    how they did a parody of Extreme Makeover and you know saved close to
                    $50,000 a year just by doing some of the basic things that they talk about.

                    In each of the DVDs we put a golden ticket that said if you get this you know
                    email me and I will give you a special green technology prize and the eco
                    strips were one of them and I just shipped 10 of them out to a district who is
                    going to use them. And it’s great to hear you guys actually monitored them
                    and saw the savings. Everybody here in our staff has them.

                    So it’s on a sensor and three of the cords after - they’re on a motion sensor
                    they stop drawing power but then two of the plugs you know stay on if you
                    have something you need on all the time like a clock I guess. But anyway it’s
                    nice to hear they’re effectiveness, that’s pretty cool.

(Virginia Van Eaton): Thanks.

Jacqueline Myers:       Okay Region 2? I guess I heard someone from the Rocky Mountain
                    Research station.

(Jenn Hays):        Yes hi this is (Jenn Hays). We have our Green Team I guess has been around
                    for almost two years now and we’re excited because we just got vending
                    misers for all of the soda and snack machines and all of our labs that we’ll be
                    installing. So was like our first kind of big hoorah. We’re pretty excited about

                    And I actually - I have a question. There was a statement made in the Chief’s
                    testimony of the FY2010 budget and I’m just wondering if anybody knows
                    where this pot of money is or what it goes towards. But she said in FY2010
                    the Forest Service will build on the 09 investment of $825,000 to promote
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 28

                    sustainable operations and our (unintelligible) footprint. Is that money like up
                    for grabs or is it already allocated? Does anybody know?

Jacqueline Myers:      Yes it’s allocated. I mean it pays for the Sustainable Operations Metrics
                    Team. It pays for the work that I do here in the Washington office. I mean
                    that’s our program budget. It’s not necessarily a program budget because there
                    is no - I mean Sustainable Operations isn’t a program it’s you know we’re
                    trying to integrate it into agency business but there’s some things we have to
                    set in motion in order to be integrated and that’s kind of what the role I’m
                    playing and that’s at this point.

(Jenn Hays):        So none of it’s going to be conceded out or anything?

Jacqueline Myers:      Well you know we - I can tell you what our priorities are for fiscal year
                    2010 are and you know we need to get this the metrics team in this our
                    reporting and tracking systems in place. We have some money for green
                    technologies investment like the Big Bellys and the eco strips and the energy
                    misers and the kilowatts and all these things that help us save money.

                    We hire student for - we have students that are supporting the Summit. We
                    have students in Region 2, Region 8. I have one here in the Washington office
                    who’s going to help with the green house gas. We’re going to be doing an
                    environmental footprint report for 2010 so that’s in there.

                    We have an adopt the school partnership where we’re working with educators
                    and students to set up mutual benefit programs to help teach kids about
                    sustainability. We also support the Summit planning to a certain extent and
                    then you know our website is a big part of sharing our information. And so
                    some funds go to that. You get the idea. I mean it doesn’t go very far.
                                                                               FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                               Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                   05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                  Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                   Page: 29

(Jenn Hays):        Oh absolutely.

Jacqueline Myers:      But you know...

(Jenn Hays):        Maybe if we have some brilliant ideas we can just throw them up that way and
                    if there’s extra money...

Jacqueline Myers:      Yes.

(Jenn Hays):        Thank you. That’s all from Rocky Mountain Station.

Jacqueline Myers:      Thanks. Great, anybody from Region 1? Nope. Well you know I was - I
                    feel like I already shared but I - you know did want to make sure that people
                    understood what was going on with the green house inventory that we’re
                    gearing up to complete and the district that won the Extreme Makeover they
                    won a Closing the Circle award from Office of the Federal Environmental
                    Executive which is part of CEQ.

                    It’s a White House recognition so that’s kind of cool that somebody - we were
                    the only land management agency to get this award and so (Joe Alexander)
                    the Ranger is going to be coming to DC next month to receive his award...

Woman:              What is the name of the award again?

Jacqueline Myers:      It’s called Closing the Circle? And it’s you know it’s part of - we have
                    three sustainable operations awards that we put the call out for and this was
                    one of them. The Federal Environmental Symposium which is a yearly sort of
                    government wide sharing of sustainable efforts - sustainable operations type
                    efforts is - there’s one in the East and there’s one in the West.
                                                                                FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                                Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                   Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                    Page: 30

                    The one here in the East is in Bethesda June 16th, 17th, and 18th. The Forest
                    Service has four presentations that we’re giving and then he’s going to receive
                    - (Joe) and whoever else on his team is coming here to receive a Presidential
                    award for their work in sustainable operations. It’s kind of cool.

Woman:              You mentioned these three awards that a call letter goes out for. Who does
                    that call letter go to?

Jacqueline Myers:         It goes to - so they rearranged how the Chief’s awards are managed and
                    now there are only seven Chief’s awards and they are all related to the
                    strategic plan and then every deputy chief area was able to decide how they
                    wanted to move forward with the awards that they had traditionally to get it

                    And so when the business operations deputy area talked they decided that they
                    would keep you know the Safety award, the Fiscal Accountability Award, and
                    we added three awards to - for sustainable operations and that call letter goes
                    out to everybody. It goes out to mailrooms agency wide.

Woman:              Okay yes we never saw that here so that’s good to know.

Jacqueline Myers:         Replies are usually due my November. So we...

Woman:              It hasn’t gone out for this year yet then.

Jacqueline Myers:         Not for 2008 no.

Woman:              Okay.

Jacqueline Myers:         Yes so yes it was 2000 - no it hasn’t it will go out in September.
                                                                                FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                                Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                    05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                   Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                    Page: 31

Woman:              Okay thank you.

Jacqueline Myers:       Yes and I’ll post it on the website too. Great well does anybody else have
                    anything they want to share? No okay so it looks like the next Open Mic call
                    will be June 17th which is during the Federal Environmental Symposium so I
                    won’t be on the call but the number will be the same. We’ll send out a

                    And if anybody has agenda items or if you ever have an idea for a guest that
                    we want to bring on the call please let me know I’m happy to arrange it.
                    Again these are just supposed to be informal dialogue sessions where people
                    can learn and share. So we’re open to anything and anybody who wants to be
                    part of it.

(Renee Cochise): Jacqueline this is (Renee Cochise) with the Washington office Green Team. I
                    just wanted to announce that at our next Green Team meeting is going to be
                    June 11th because we’re going to have a speaker. His name is (Harry Plamar).
                    I guess he’s the Director for the Greening of the Capitol. I just wanted to make
                    that announcement.

Jacqueline Myers:       Wonderful.

(Renee Cochise): Yes.

(Jim Guinness):     Hey Jacqueline (Jim Guinness) here. I’m wondering if it would be possible
                    and maybe through a couple people who are representing the Teams Team can
                    speak to (Kris) about this if there is a way that we can section off a little edit
                    of the next call to address exactly what the Teams Team is doing and how
                    there might be some sort of cross fertilization if you will of the effort there
                                                                              FTS-USDA FS-DC OFFICE
                                                                              Moderator: Jacqueline Myers
                                                                                  05-20-09/12:00 pm CT
                                                                                 Confirmation # 7918423
                                                                                                  Page: 32

                    back to the Green Teams to you know be able to get active to providing input
                    to that.

(Renee Cochise): Good idea.

(Kristy Morris):    Yes I think that can be definitely - we could pull something together for the
                    next meeting.

(Jim Guinness):     Great thanks.

Jacqueline Myers:       Great well the transcript recording will be posted on the website and if
                    again help spread the word the more people that we can get participating the
                    better we can share and again if you have any guests or agenda ideas just let
                    me know we’re happy to bring them up.

Woman:              Thank you.

Man:                Great.

Jacqueline Myers:       Great. Have a great day everybody bye, bye.

Woman:              Bye.


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