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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 16:06:18 -0700
Subject: Re: The Ecology Center letter

>   To Craig Bobzien and Nan Christianson, Bitterroot National Forest District
>   Rangers:
>   Attached is a copy of our March 23, 2000 letter to the Forest Supervisor,
>   carbon copied to all District Rangers on the Bitterroot National
>   Forest. It is a Microsoft Word document. This letter is a part of our
>   continuing participation in the public process to help move the Bitterroot
>   National Forest toward management practices that sustain biological
>   diversity and provide forest visitors with the opportunity to explore and
>   enjoy these lands in as natural condition as possible.
>   Please note that the letter states, "Please place a copy of this letter in
>   the public involvement section of the project file of all ongoing and
>   future timber sale, ecosystem management, vegetation management,
>   precommercial thinning, and prescribed burning projects." The discussion
>   in the letter is based upon many years of our observations of the issues
>   surrounding management on the Bitterroot and other national forests, and we
>   ask you please make sure the input in the attached letter is indeed
>   considered at every possible juncture as management options are considered.
>   Please reply to acknowledge you've received this message.
>   Thank you for your cooperation.
>   Sincerely,
>   Jeff Juel

Jeff:    Got it. cb

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