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Vocab by jameswpotter


									Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 20, 2009

VerbaLearn launches from Beta status their free online courses that increase vocabulary
and motivate students to score higher on standardized tests. The system can also be used
to increase vocabulary for professional development, improve English language skills,
and prevent memory loss.

With a free online VerbaLearn profile, users test their vocabulary to build a personalized
list of the words they need to study. This word list is then reviewed, either online or
offline, with any of VerbaLearns' tools. For example, users can listen to their words read
aloud on their MP3 player.

The initial concept was spurred from co-founder Nathan Barr's efforts to study
vocabulary for the GRE. Barr found himself flipping through flashcards in the evening,
but wishing he could instead use the time during his daily commute or workouts. His
solution: ''I recorded my voice reading the flashcards aloud. That way, I could listen to
the same vocabulary flashcards while I drove to work or worked out at the gym, saving
time and allowing me to learn more efficiently''.

Potter and Barr have greatly expanded the scope of the site since the initial concept.
VerbaLearn currently offers students many tools, all of which are customized on-the-fly
to the user's personal list of words.

         Print flashcards
         Print crossword puzzles
         Watch/download video flashcards
         Listen/download mp3 "audio cards"
         Fill-in-the-blank sentence examples
         Word recall exercises

"When using VerbaLearn, students learn more efficiently because they only work on
words they don't know, eliminating the wasted time of studying old words and freeing up
more of their packed schedules" says co-founder James Potter.

Parents can also keep their children motivated with cash rewards as they learn the
vocabulary available at

The service, dubbed VerbaLearn2Earn, works like this: Parents sponsor their children per
word in the free VerbaLearn course, students learn the words online, and for each word
that the system determines they have "mastered," they will receive their cash incentive.
Email updates also let parents follow their children's progress, so they can help keep them
on track and be part of the studying process.

Students can remove the cash in increments of $10, which adds up quickly when they
have been sponsored for 10¢/word or more. The cash is then electronically placed on a
VerbaLearn Cash Card, similar to a prepaid gift, so that students are instantly rewarded
for their efforts.

By the time a student finishes his or her vocabulary course, the student will have received
100% of the money each sponsor paid into the program - there are no fees taken by
VerbaLearn and no strings attached.

VerbaLearn user Brianna says "My daughter is studying for the SATs, and it's been really
hard to get her motivated. She WILL, however, listen to her iPod… endlessly. So, having
her SAT vocab ready on her iPod is proving a great way to keep her working!"

VerbaLearn and the VerbaLearn2Earn service are the most recent development in the
trend of customizing a curriculum in order to help students learn more efficiently and
achieve more by staying motivated.

Co-founder Nathan Barr says "We've tried to meet the expectations of current high school
students. They've grown up with iPods and YouTube, but yet the methods they use to
learn are the same as when I was in school…and were probably even the same as for my
grandparents. This brings studying vocabulary into the 21st century!"

The website has been accepting users in a Beta trial since the beginning of the year. The
full launch of VerbaLearn coincides with the addition of premium features and the
expansion from two to the current four programs available for each vocabulary course.
Already the site has seen over 10,000 users grab up accounts solely through word-of-

For additional information on VerbaLearn's customized vocabulary or learning
motivation services, visit

About VerbaLearn, Inc. - Incorporated in May 2008, VerbaLearn, Inc. offers both the
VerbaLearn customized vocabulary programs and the VerbaLearn2Earn motivational
service at All content provided on has been
compiled, developed, and reviewed by professional educators. The VerbaLearn and
VerbaLearn2Earn services are patent pending.

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