How to Become Wealthy With MLM

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					How To Become Wealthy With MLM

As a long time home business/MLM expert I’ve had 1,000’s of conversations over my 20 + years in the
industry and I’m always intrigued by some of the statements I hear made. These statements come in the
form of everything from peoples excuses to why they have failed or why they haven’t started an ad
campaign or why they quit right before they became successful…This is really an interesting industry
with even more interesting people (smile)

To the good folks who may be reading this right now, let me give you some advice…If you’re trying to
achieve success in the home business industry, namely MLM, there are only a small handful of things
you need…But let me now describe what you don’t need.

You don’t need to become somebodies best friend- Ask 10 people who participates in MLM and 8 will
say “You need to develop relationships”…But what does this really mean? Are you going to
become some strangers long lost chum and become best buddies to have backyard BBQ’s with? No…
You’re not and if you try to do this with every prospect you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. With that
said, Yes you want to get to know this person a little, but becoming friends will not make your
downline grow.

You’re in business and you’re looking for customers, not friends. You’re looking for motivated people
who are as money motivated as you are who will grow their business as well. This is not a popularity
contest, it’s a business…Be nice, be helpful, answer questions, but think of what you’re doing as a

Next…Forget about the “secret”, forget about attraction marketing, forget about attending rah rah
seminars where the buzz will wear off then you’re back to wondering what to do next. Forget about
walking across coals to feel better about yourself…Forget about life coaches, motivational DVD’s,
books and CD’S. Note here- If you need this stuff it’s OK, but it’s ultimately not what you need to
succeed (you’ll know what I mean soon)

Forget about joining Facebook groups on MLM that supposedly will “coach” you into success…Forget
about about attending endless webinars, and buying E-books from unknown MLM gurus. To be
successful in MLM, you need none of this stuff, because buying this stuff means you’re going to try
and succeed on your own and this is not only a recipe for disaster, it’s crazy, and it’s a HUGE waste of

Look, making a ton of money in multi level marketing is not difficult, but many people will make it
seem so. Here’s what you need to do…You need to seek out someone who’s already been there and
done that when it comes to making money in the industry. You need to find a person who’s made
hundreds of thousands of dollars, who knows what they are doing and has a system that will allow
anyone to be successful.
This system must be usable by even a brand new MLM rookie and grandma down the street. It must
take the MLM rep “out of the selling process”so the master marketer can do 100% of the selling and
closing. Why is this? Because when you take an average John or Jane Doe off the street and expect
them to sell and duplicate like seasoned pro, you just created a majorly weak link in the chain. This is
where duplication stops and failure starts.

When the system works the SAME for all involved, then you have a fail proof and highly duplicatable
system. THIS is what you need to be successful, a system that closes your sales for you 24/7 while you
work or play…All you do is mail a postcard or advertise a website like the pro’s show you then

You don’t need all these attraction marketing books, you don’t rah rah hotel presentations and FLUFF
and if anyone tells you different they are wrong!

BUT—–You have to be lucky enough to stumble onto just such a system…NOT every MLM business
or upline will have this…Not by a long stretch!

By being lucky enough to be reading this post, YOU my friend just happen to be one of the lucky ones,
because the system I just described exists RIGHT HERE!

If you’d like to stop failing, stop starting over, and stop wondering how to sell and be an effective
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The only thing now that stands between you and success is going to this website and reading
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