Animated GIF project gradesheet.xlsx by jsk11664


									                                   Animated GIF Project
              Using MS Paint, Pivot, and/or PhotoShop, create an animated GIF of at least 15 frames.
                      Use this rubric to guide you. Do your best to be creative and original.

Title Slide        (10% of your grade)
                          missing                         present                        creatively presented
 points possible              0                             1-6                                   7-10

Motion (30% of your grade)
                    jerky and unnatural               a little smoother                 fluid, natural movement
 points possible            0-10                           11-20                                 21-30

Images: original imagery required (30 % of your grade)

                        poor quality                 mostly good quality                    excellent quality

 points possible             0-3                            4-7                                   8-10

Composition        (30 % of your grade)

                       minimal effort,        somewhat original and/or creative         original and creative…
                   not original or creative           a good effort                         your best effort
                            0-10                           11-20                                 21-30

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