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									                                                                                               May 24, 2007

          Executive Summary School Accountability Report Card, 2005-06

                               For Alta Vista Academy
Address: 730 Medical Center Ct., Chula Vista CA 91911             Phone Number: (619) 216-5160
Principal: Tom Logsdon                                            Grade Span:   7-12

This executive summary of the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is intended to provide parents
and community members with a quick snapshot of school accountability. The data presented in this report
are reported for the 2005-06 school year, except the School Finances and School Completion data that
are reported for the 2004-05 school year. For additional information about the school, parents and
community members should review the entire SARC or contact the school principal or the district office.

                                            About This School

Alta Vista Academy Community Day School is a public school located on the grounds of a level twelve
and level fourteen children’s residential treatment center operated by New Alternatives. The residential
facility provides care and treatment to eighty-one children between the ages of twelve and eighteen years
who are at the very highest risk of assault, self-injury and running away from adult supervision. The
majority of the students are wards of the court and have attended many different schools and settings.
Alta Vista works with New Alternatives as any public school would work with a close-knit community.

Alta Vista Academy’s mission is to provide students with a safe, stable learning environment to enable
them to develop the academic and social skills to successfully transition to less restrictive learning and
living environments on their way to adult independence.

Students in the Sweetwater Union High School District are expected to master state and district
standards which will prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

              Student Enrollment                                             Teachers

 Group                                  Enrollment        Indicators                              Teachers

 Number of Students                             73        Teachers With Full Credential               9
 African American                            24.7 %       Teachers Without Full Credential            0
 American Indian or Alaska Native             1.4 %       Teachers Teaching Outside
 Asian                                        0.0 %        Subject Area of Competence
 Filipino                                     0.0 %       Misassignments of Teachers
                                                           of English Learners
 Hispanic or Latino                          35.6 %
                                                          Total Teacher Misassignments                2
 Pacific Islander                             2.7 %
 White (Not Hispanic)                        35.6 %
 Multiple or No Response                      0.0 %
 Socioeconomically Disadvantaged              2.8 %
 English Learners                             7.0 %
 Students with Disabilities                  48.0 %
School Facilities

                               Summary of Most Recent Site Inspection

Our school is generally in good repair. No repairs are needed in any of the 14 facility categories identified
in the Williams Settlement.

                                             Repairs Needed

No repairs are needed.

                                  Corrective Actions Taken or Planned

No corrective actions are necessary.

   Curriculum and Instructional Materials                                        School Finances

                                       Pupils Who Lack                                       Expenditures
                                       Textbooks and                                          Per Pupil
                                        Instructional                                       (Unrestricted
 Core Curriculum Areas                    Materials                      Level              Sources Only)

 Reading/Language Arts                        0%                         School Site            $28,333
 Mathematics                                  0%                         District               $3,764
 Science                                      0%                         State                   $4,743
 History-Social Science                       0%
 Foreign Language                             0%
 Health                                       0%
 Science Laboratory Equipment
  (grades 9-12)

AVA                                                2                                         May 24, 2007
            Student Performance                                   Academic Progress

                            Students Proficient
                              and Above on
Subject                      Standards Tests          Indicator                            Result

English-Language Arts               10                2006 API Growth Score
Mathematics                          5                 (from 2006 API Growth Report)
Science                              0                Statewide Rank
                                                       (from 2005 API Base Report)
History-Social Science               0
                                                      2006-07 Program Improvement

 School Completion                                         Postsecondary Preparation

                                                                                            Percent of
Indicator          Result                         Measures                                  Graduates

Graduation Rate     na                            Completed a Career Technical
                                                   Education Program
                                                  Completed All Courses Required
                                                   for University of California
                                                   California State University Admission

AVA                                          3                                         May 24, 2007

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