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    Vol. 58, No. 49                                Published in the interest of the 7th Infantry Division and the Fort Carson, Colo., community                           December 8, 2000

         I NSIDE

    Soldiers with the 1st
    Bn., 12th Infantry
    compete for ‘best
    field mess’ in Army
             See Page 13

       Family day

                                                                                                                                                          Photo by Sgt. 1st Class James A. Yocum

                                               ‘Tis the season ...
                                               Alyssa Belkofer, 5, sits on Santa’s lap after the Fort Carson tree lighting ceremony Dec. 1. Approximately 300
    Family members get                         people were able to watch the tree lighting, visit with Santa and enjoy refreshments provided during a party at the
    a closer look at the                       Post Headquarters building lobby following the tree lighting. “Mrs. Claus” is at right.
    Army during 3rd Bn.,
    29th FA’s ‘Jane
    Wayne Day.’
    See Pages 16 and 17
                                            Shinseki approves universal beret flash
                                                    by Wayne V. Hall              Pam Reece, an industrial special-   tion.                               choice, however they still needed
        Happenings                                    Belvoir Eagle               ist in textiles with the Army’s          The other recommendations      to come to a decision on the fina
                                                 FORT BELVOIR, Va.— On            Institute of Heraldry.              included a flash with a black       color, Reece said.
                                            June 14, when all soldiers active          “It’s the CSA’s choice and     background and yellow border,           “On Nov. 7 I was told tha
                                            duty and reserve don the new          takes the Army back to its very     colors which represent the          the CSA and SMA wanted to se
                                            Army-standard black beret, it         beginning,” said Reece, who has     Army’s colors; one with a green     examples of the flash done in old
                                            will be accompanied by a dis-         been with the Institute of          background and yellow border,       glory blue, ultra-marine blue (th
                                            tinctive universal flash, devel-      Heraldry for 13 years.              also colors associated with the     color of blue currently used in
                                            oped for the Army Chief of Staff           “The 13 stars are symbolic     Army and the third design was       many airborne flashes) and blue
                                            by Fort Belvoir’s Institute of        of the original 13 colonies,”       much the same as the one select-    bird,” said Reece. “I then asked
    This is a special                       Heraldry.                             Reece said. “I think it’s really    ed, however with a darker old       our manufacturer Rainbow
    time to visit the                            Since Gen. Erik K. Shinseki      neat that they went back and took   glory blue background.              Embroidery of North Plainfield
    Broadmoor Hotel,                        announced Oct. 17 that the Army       the colors of the Continental            The design process for the     N.J. to develop these prototypes
    which is decorated                      will begin wearing the black          Army. If you want to go back and    flash was more rapid than nor-      which were delivered to th
    for the holidays.                       beret on the next Army birthday,      put some pride (back into the       mal, said Reece, who is responsi-   SMA on Nov. 9.
             See Page B-1                   there has been some discussion        Army) you can’t go back any fur-    ble for working with all Army           “This was amazing,” sh
                                            as to whether soldiers will wear a    ther than that.”                    cloth items, such as insignia,      said. “Development of a flash
    The Dec. 15 issue of                    universal flash or distinctive unit        “It is time for the entire     flags and ribbons.                  normally takes three months
    the Mountaineer is                      flashes.                              Army to accept the challenge of          “The first meeting was with    Rainbow did this development in
    the last issue for                           That discussion ended            excellence that has so long been    the Sergeant Major of the Army      three days.
    2000. The next edition
                                            Thursday       when      Shinseki     a hallmark of our special opera-    (Sgt. Maj. of the Army Jack L.          “Great credit for increasing
    will be Jan. 5, 2001.
    Happy holidays.                         unveiled the new universal flash.     tions and airborne units,”          Tilley) Oct. 26,” Reece said. “We   the speed of this process goes to
                                            The new flash has a bluebird          Shinseki said. Adopting the         completed development on Nov.       Richard Rapoza, our artist who
    C ONTENTS                               background with 13 white stars
                                            superimposed inside its outer
                                                                                  berets will be “another step
                                                                                  toward achieving the capabilities
                                                                                                                      23, in less than 30 days.”
                                                                                                                           “The thing that was most
                                                                                                                                                          turned the design into something
                                                                                                                                                          manufacturable,” Reece added.
     C o m m a n d e r ’s                   border.                               of the objective force of Army      amazing was a one-day turn-             “I’m proud to have had
     C o r n e r Pa g e 2                        “The flash is designed to        transformation,” he said.           around on the creation of proto-    hand in it, working with th
     C o m mu n i t y Pa g e 5              closely replicate the colors (flag)        Initially, Reece and other     types, which were presented to      design and turning (Shinseki’s
     M i l i t a r y Pa g e 1 3             of the commander in chief of the      institute staff members created     the SMA Oct. 27,” she said.         ideas into a product,” said
     S p o r t s Pa g e 2 3                 Continental Army at the time of       four beret flash designs from            On Nov. 3, Army officials
     C l a s s i f i e d s Pa g e 2 8
                                            its victory at Yorktown,” said        which Shinseki made his selec-      were confident on their design
                                                                                                                                                                      See Flash, Page 4
    2         December 8, 2000                                            FIRST THINGS FIRST

                                                              Commander’s Corner
Mountain Post Team exceeds CFC goal
                                                                               those of you who have so generously shared with the                                      $481,009 in total pledges. This even exceeded last
                                    “The                                       Combined Federal Campaign. This afternoon, I will                                        year’s record of $479,000.
                                    Mountain                                   recognize those organizations that have met or                                               I wish I could thank each and every one of the
                                                                               exceeded their goals for this year’s campaign.                                           many donors personally. Your contribution, even if it
                                    Post Team                                       As you know, CFC dollars go to help charitable                                      is one dollar a week, makes a difference in our com-
                                    has been                                   and nonprofit organizations, both nationally and                                         munity, both on and off post. The amount of the
                                                                               locally. Many of our soldiers, civilians and family                                      pledge is not as important as making the pledge to
                                    more than                                  members directly benefit from those organizations                                        help others.
                                    generous                                   supported by the CFC. Without your contributions to                                          Again, thank you all for your generosity and
                                                                               the CFC, many of these organizations would have to                                       commitment to making Fort Carson and Colorado
                                    this year.”                                spend precious dollars on their own fund-raising                                         Springs a better place for us all.
                                                                               campaigns or would have to fold completely. The                                              Mission first ... people always ... one team.
                             Last week, I thanked                              Mountain Post Team has been more than generous                                           Bayonet!
                         those who volunteered their                           this year.                                                                                                        Major Gen. Edward Soriano
time to serve meals for the disadvantaged at                                        The Mountain Post Team’s goal was $425,000.                                                                            Commanding General
Thanksgiving. This week, I would like to recognize                             We not only met that goal, but exceeded it with                                                           7th Infantry Division and Fort Carson

                              The following Fort Carson units are recognized for their contributions to the
                                                    Combined Federal Campaign:
               MAJOR SUBORDINATE COMMAND                                              Office of the Staff Judge Advocate                                                  59th Military Police Company
                  RECOGNITION PLAQUES:                                                Rocky Mountain District Veterinary Command                                          759th Military Police Battalion
        U.S. Army Garrison — 181% of their goal                                       TRICARE Central Region                                                              C Company, 1st Battalion, 44th Air
        43rd Area Support Group — 127% of their goal                                                            Silver Award:                                               Defense Artillery
        3rd Brigade Combat Team —120% of their goal                                   1st Battalion, 12th Infantry                                                        Directorate of Community Activities
                               GOLD AWARD:                                            2nd Brigade, 91st Division                                                          Directorate of Contracting
        148th Military Police Company                                                 52nd Engineer Battalion                                                             Directorate of Logistics
        4th Personnel Services Battalion                                              59th Quartermaster Company                                                          Directorate of Public Works
        Army Community Service                                                        764th Ordnance                                                                      Directorate of Resource Management
        Army Recreation Machine Program                                               B/9th Cavalry                                                                       Headquarters/Headquarters Company,
        Army Space Command                                                            Directorate of Information Management                                                 3rd Brigade Combat Team
        Fort Carson Chaplain’s Office                                                 Fort Carson Public Affairs Office                                                   K/158 Aviation
        Fort Carson Quality and Reinvention Team                                      Headquarters/Headquarters Company,                                                  Regimental Headquarters/Headquarters Troop,
        Fort Carson Safety Office                                                       10th Special Forces Group                                                           3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment
        G3/DPTM                                                                       Headquarters/Headquarters Detachment,                                               Awards are based on per capita gift figures
        Headquarters/Headquarters Company,                                              68th Corps Support Battalion                                                    using both average gift and amount of participa-
          43rd Area Support Group                                                                           BRONZE AWARD:                                               tion: Gold goes to units who achieve 125%
        Headquarters/Headquarters Company,                                            13th Air Support Operations Squadron                                              benchmark ($54.09); Silver for 100% benchmark
          U.S. Army Garrison                                                          2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment                                        ($43.28); and Bronze for 75% benchmark
        Inspector General                                                             32nd Transportation Company                                                       ($32.45).
        Office of the Garrison Commander                                              4th Engineer Battalion

                                                                                       Letter to the Editor
    Dear editor,                                                               was helping me in the car and the other one was on a                                         The accident was on Wednesday, Nov. 22 about
    I recently had an accident (when) exiting the gate                         cell phone, apparently calling for help, as the ambu-                                    12:15 p.m. I was driving a ‘95 Buick LeSabre, a sil-
that leads in to the Fort Carson Hospital and Golf                             lance and emergency personnel arrived shortly there-                                     ver tan or light tan color. I have white hair and mous-
Course off Highway 115.                                                        after.                                                                                   tache.
     Apparently I blacked out and when I came to my                                 While the emergency personnel were strapping                                            Thank you for any assistance you can give me,
senses I was in a small grove of trees just across the                         me to a neck brace and board, I lost track of the two                                                                           Gene B. Trujillo,
highway. I had gone through two fences and into the                            soldiers and I did not have the chance to offer my
trees. The air bags had inflated and I was dazed and                           most heartfelt gratitude and thanks.                                                         Editor’s note: If you are one of the soldiers who
confused.                                                                           I would appreciate a notice in the Mountaineer as                                   assisted at this accident or know them, please contact
    Two soldiers, I believe them to be NCOs (one                               to the incident and perhaps the NCOs will read it and                                    the Mountaineer staff at 526-1250 for Mr. Trujillo’s
had five stripes, what we used to call a Tech Sgt.). He                        call me so that I can thank them.                                                        phone number.

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                                                                                                                                December 8, 2000                     3

Post program upgrades barracks
     Office of the Commanding             buildings will be under renovation at
                General                   one time, generating an additional
    The Barracks Upgrade Program          requirement of 658 spaces for back-
has been and will continue to be a dri-   fill billet space.
ving force in our plan to better the           Geographical bachelors are a pri-
single soldiers’ quality of life. This    ority “IV” and are not authorized
program will benefit all single sol-      billed space in accordance with Army
diers at Fort Carson.                     Regulation 210-50, Table 3-4 since
    Future plans include a new com-       they receive a basic allowance for
plex for the 3rd Brigade Combat           housing and elect not to bring their
Team and in later years another com-      dependents to Fort Carson.
plex for the 43rd Area Support                 The post has reached the point
Group.                                    where excess billet space is no longer
      Almost $50 million has been         available. Eventually, the need for
spent on the renovation of 21 Benham      vacant billet space will necessitate
Blair barracks buildings (yellow brick    billeting at the brigade, group or reg-
barracks) and an additional $13.5         imental level instead of battalion or a
million will be required to finalize      squadron level.
the revitalization.                            Subsequently, geographical bach-
    Units will be inconvenienced for      elors will have to vacate barracks by
the short-term to achieve the long-       Jan. 1, to make room for the bona fide
term goal of providing quality living     bachelors.
conditions for the single soldier.             Those soldiers affected are rec-                                             Photo by Sgt. 1st Class James A. Yocum

Renovations of the Benham Blair bar-
racks will continue through fiscal
                                          ommended to contact the Community
                                          Homefinding         Relocation     and
                                                                                    In shaa allah ...
2002.                                     Referral Services office in building      Soldiers from the 14th Public Affairs Detachment load their
    When completed, 12 to 24 spaces       7301 on Woodfill Road to find             baggage onto carts at the Colorado Springs Airport Wednesday
per building will be lost depending on    affordable off-post housing.              before they boarded an airplane taking them to Camp Doha, Kuwait.
the size of the building. The end              For more information, call the       While there, these public affairs soldiers will provide the troops
result will be that 408 soldiers will     Directorate of Public Works’ Housing      deployed to the region with a weekly newspaper as well as a
not return to a renovated barracks but    and Billeting Office at 526-4832, ext.    television news broadcast covering local training events.
will remain in a backfill billet. Seven   1116.
    4     December 8, 2000                                                       News
Flash                                                        one year, Reece
From Page 1                                                  said. During that
                                                             year, the Institute
                                                                                                                             Memorial fund
     Rapoza who has been an illustrator with the
Institute of Heraldry for eight years.
                                                             of Heraldry will
                                                             be working with                                                 established in
     During the next large-group meeting, Nov. 17,           representatives of
the flashes were shown to all the parties involved in        the Army’s 16
                                                             major commands
                                                                                                                             memory of family
this project.
     “At that time, everybody was about 98 percent
sure of the final flash,” Reece said. “The Old Guard’s
                                                             to design and
                                                             develop distinc-
                                                                                                                                   Fort Carson Public Affairs Office
replica colors were brought in to ensure that we in-         tive flashes.
fact had the right color. And on Nov. 20 I got the                “Just how far                                                  Genoveva Natasha Aldama, 12-year old
answer it would be bluebird.”                                below MACOM                                                     daughter of 1st Sgt. Guadalupe Aldama, of
     Each new flash is a semi-circular shield measur-        level distinctive                                               Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 1st
ing 1 7/8 inches wide by 2 1/4 inch high, and will           unit flashes will
                                                             be created has not                                              Battalion, 12th Infantry was struck last week by
consist of 4,001 stitches and two colors.                                                           Photo by Wayne V. Hall
     All soldiers will initially wear the universal flash,   yet been decided,” The final design of the uni-                 a hit and run driver in front of the off-post
except for those in units that already have berets,          said Reece.                                                     school she attended. She later died of her
                                                                                  versal flash to be worn on
such as Ranger, Airborne and Special Forces. These                For now, the                                               injuries. A memorial service was held
                                                                                  the beret is shown above.
troops will continue to wear the beret flashes they          Institute of
                                                             Heraldry’s part in                                              Wednesday at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel.
currently have.
     The new flash, worn on the left front of the beret.     flash development is finished.                                      A memorial fund in her honor has been set
Officers will wear their rank in the center of the                “We’ve given 160 of the new flashes to the                 up. Those wishing may contribute may do so:
shield, and enlisted soldiers will wear their distinctive    sergeant major of the Army, and the cartoon (a manu-
unit insignia in the center of the shield.                   faturing-specifications diagram) has gone out to
                                                             manufacturers from the Defense Supply Center,                         The Genoveva Natasha Aldama
     Black berets, which will initially be issued to sol-
diers, will be shipped with the universal flash already      Philadelphia, which is responsible for procurement of                      Memorial Fund
sewn on, Reece said.                                         the berets,” Reece said. “Initially some 4 to 5 million              Armed Forces Bank Acct. 3311449
     Additionally, the universal flash will eventually       berets are to be procured.”                                                  P.O. Box 13007
be replaced by unit-specific flashes.                             Editor’s note: Joe Burlas of the Army News
                                                             Service contributed to this report.                                    Fort Carson CO 80913-0007
     The universal flash is to be worn for a period of
                                                                                                                                                 December 8, 2000            5

3D Campaign highlights drunk, drugged driving
   Alcohol and Drug Control Office          killed; more than 305,000 are injured        tives to drinking and driving:                     • Insure designated drivers don’t
     This year’s National Drunk and         and 1.5 million people are arrested               Myths                                    drink.
Drugged Driving program runs from           because of drunk and drugged driving.             • “I don’t have far to go.”                   • When guests arrive, take their
Dec. 1 to Jan 2.                                 The goals of the program are: zero           • “I don’t feel any effects.”            keys.
     The purpose of the campaign is to      alcohol or drug related accidents; a              • “I’m more alert after a few                 • Always serve food.
reduce tragedies resulting from alcohol-    reduction in DWAI and DUI; alcohol-          drinks.”                                           • Do not force drinks on guests.
related crashes, injuries and fatalities.   related incidents (fights, domestic vio-          • “Coffee will sober me up.”                  • Stop serving two hours before the
Military units, communities, law            lence, drunk on duty, etc.) or fatalities.        • “I just need some fresh air.”          party is over.
enforcement agencies and civil groups            The Alcohol and Drug Control                 • “I’ll drive slowly and carefully.”          • For alcohol punch, use non-car-
are strongly encouraged to get the word     Office along with the: Provost                    • “I’ve only been drinking beer.”        bonated fruit juice.
out about the dangers of impaired dri-      Marshal’s Office, Staff Judge Advocate,           The realities are:                            • Serve nonalcoholic drinks.
ving.                                       Colorado Springs Police Department,               • Drinking dulls your senses.                 Backing up the 3D Campaign’s
     Since 1982, Army installations have    Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the             • Only time will sober you up.           training and education programs are
supported 3D Prevention Month activi-       Safety Office will be conducting a two-           • Alcohol and drugs impair your          tougher steps. These steps include DUI
ties as part of the annual nationwide       day training class offered to all military   coordination.                                 check points on and off the installation,
public information campaign against         and civilian employees.                           • Beer will get you just as intoxicat-   ID card checks at all facilities which
impaired driving during the holiday sea-         The classes will be held at             ed as hard liquor.                            sell alcoholic beverages and coordina-
son. The theme for this year’s campaign     McMahon Theater Tuesday and                       Alternatives                             tion between unit commanders and the
is “Take a stand against impaired dri-      Wednesday from 9 to 11:30 a.m. and 1              • Don’t make drinking the main           ADCO, utilizing Breathalyzers and uri-
ving” and the national focus is on the      to 3:30 p.m.                                 focus.                                        nalysis test as prevention tools.
Young Adult Drinking Driver, particu-            The ADCO and PMO will conduct                • Provide food when alcohol is                Problem drinkers are subject to loss
larly males ages 21 to 34.                  Driving Under the Influence Simulator        served.                                       in rank, pay, driving privileges, employ-
     Members of this population are sig-    training in the post exchange parking             • Don’t push drinks.                     ment and receive a general letter of rep-
nificantly over-represented in all cate-    lot Dec. 15 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.,                • Know that drunkenness is neither       rimand, jail time, community service
gories of driving while intoxicated         which is intended to alert soldiers to the   healthy, safe or amusing.                     and experience embarrassment.
crash statistics, including fatalities.     dangers of drinking and driving.                  • Assume responsibility for your              For more information, call Russell
     Each year, nearly 16,000 people are         Below are some myths and alterna-       guests.                                       Jordan at 526-2181.

Married Army Couples Program promotes stability
               by Michele Hammonds                         joint household while fulfilling the mission of the         while stationed in Germany, chose to enroll in the
                 Army News Service                         Army.                                                       program.
    WASHINGTON — Some dual-military spouses                    To date there are 5,071 officers who are currently          “It’s a great program,” Lee said. “We are grateful
endure long separations throughout the year because        enrolled in the program. About 80 percent (4,100) are       the program has allowed us to be together.”
of work assignment, but not if the Married Army            officers serving in Army-approved joint-domicile                However, Lee said, she doesn’t take the good for-
Couples Program has anything to do with it.                assignments. Approximately, “one third move yearly,”        tune she and her husband have found for granted.
    The program aims to keep dual-military families        said Dennis.                                                    “When you marry another military member with
together when possible, according to Donny Dennis,             There are 21,922 enlisted soldiers enrolled in the      the same MOS (military occupational specialty) you
military personnel specialist, of the Officer              program. Of that number, 17,377 enlisted troops are         have to be realistic and cognizant that it will be diffi-
Distribution Management and Mobilization Branch,           serving in joint-domicile assignments.                      cult if you are the same rank,” said Lee who expects
who handles the officer MACP program. He said the              Sergeant 1st Class Tim and Staff Sgt. Lee               to be promoted sometime next year. “It’s hard
program is designed to provide a way service couples       Donahue know firsthand the benefits of the program.
are considered for assignment together to establish a      That is why the Donahues, who married in 1994                                          See Couples, Page 6
6        December 8, 2000                                          Community
Couples                                                       “Right before we got married our commander
                                                         counseled us about the program,” said Sherrilynne,
                                                                                                                      Soldiers wanting to enroll in MACP need to sub-
                                                                                                                  mit an application (DA Form 4187- Personnel
From Page 5
                                                         whose husband was enlisted at the time.                  Actions) along with a copy of their marriage certifi-
because we can’t be in each other’s rating chain,             After the Cherrys enrolled in the MACP,             cate through the Personnel Administration Center to
meaning we can’t work for each other or rate each        Sherrilynne’s assignment orders for Fort Lewis were      the servicing Military Personnel Division Personnel
other.”                                                  deleted and she rejoined her husband at Fort Carson a    Service Battalion. Both soldiers’ servicing MPD/PSB
     The couple, Army broadcasters by trade, has         couple months later.                                     will enter the soldier spouse’s information into the
managed to be stationed together except for a short           “The program works to keep dual military togeth-    Standard Installation/Division Personnel System to
time in Korea when Tim took another job offer in         er,” Sherrilynne said. “We have moved three times        enroll the soldier in the MACP. The spouse informa-
Camp Casey, Korea — 45 miles away while Lee              together.”                                               tion must be entered on both soldiers for enrollment.
stayed in Seoul, Korea, 18 out of the 24 months the           The Cherrys, now stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C.,
couple was there.                                        said they don’t want to be separated because they
     “It was a great job and we made the decision that   have two daughters, Jasmine, 5, and Jada, 2, who is
he would live up there,” Lee said. “We saw each other    enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program.          For more information
on holidays and weekends.”                                    “Our branch managers worked together to make         about MACP, officers can
     Now the couple is stationed at Fort Meade, Md.      sure we received good assignments at the same
Lee works for the Army Public Affairs Center and         place,” said Sherrilynne, who is a military journalist    call Donny Dennis at
Tim works at the Defense Information School.             and her husband is in the artillery field. “It is hard
                                                         caring for the girls when my husband is gone (tem-
                                                                                                                   DSN 221-5191 or (703)
Normally the Donahues are accustomed to working
straight through the holiday season, providing           porarily).”                                               325-5191.
Christmas radio programming for the troops. But
with the expected arrival of their child due next
                                                              Major Craig Green understands about being sepa-
                                                         rated from his spouse, Capt. Michelle Green, who is
                                                                                                                     Enlisted soldiers can
month, they plan to enjoy being together.                away attending graduate school. He is assigned to the     call Shirley Hodge at
     “This Christmas we are having the baby and we
will be off work,” Lee said.
                                                         Management Support Branch, Office of Personnel
                                                         Management Division.
                                                                                                                   Plans Procedures and
     Like the Donahues, Chief Warrant Officer                 The Greens enrolled in MACP after they married       Operations Branch at
Aundrey and Staff Sgt. Sherrilynne Cherry also
enrolled in the program after they met in Germany
                                                         in 1991.
                                                              “We PCS (permanent change of station) here to
                                                                                                                   DSN 221-2738 or (703)
and married in 1991.                                     Washington and hopefully this summer we want to go        325-2738.
                                                         to Hawaii,” Craig said.
                                                                      Community                                                                  December 8, 2000            7
Prescribed fire program reduces risk, saves money
                 by Susan C. Galentine                     where noxious weeds are destroyed.
    Directorate of Enviromental Compliance and                  Fort Carson’s Prescribed Fire Plan check-
                      Management                           list requires acceptable weather conditions,
     Starting fires to prevent fires sounds like an odd    adequate smoke dispersion and all appropriate
means to an end, but it works effectively on Fort          notifications to on- and off-post agencies.
Carson. Fort Carson’s Prescribed Fire Program has               “You are doing it (prescribed fires) in a
been charged with managing potential wildland fire         very controlled window based on ‘fuel’ condi-
in “fuels” (dry vegetation) and has been doing so suc-     tions, weather and topography to achieve the
cessfully without incident since 1989.                     desired management results,” explained
     In addition to lessening the risk of wildfires and    Tillman. “In our case it is for hazard reduc-
minimizing smoke impacts on the surrounding com-           tion.”
munities, conducting prescribed fires increases the             According to Tillman, the prescribed fire
amount of time soldiers can train and saves hundreds       team coordinates with the installation’s
of thousands of dollars, said Verne Witham, Chief of       Directorate of Environmental Compliance and
Fire and Emergency Services for Fort Carson.               Management in applying for a permit from the
     Prescribed fires are planned fires ignited under      Colorado Department of Public Health and
                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Tom Tillman
certain conditions. Prescribed fires benefit nature the    Environment Air Quality Division Smoke
                                                                                                               Dennis Micheli, fire captain, ignites a fire inside the
same as wildfires, however, as they are controlled, the    Management Program and implements the post
                                                                                                               foam line.
risk is reduced. One environmental benefit of pre-         fire plan each year. The installation program is
scribed fires includes reduction of deadwood and           conducted all year, except from November to               the spread, Fort Carson has a variety of effective nat-
brush which revitalizes soil fertility and encourages      February, when the installation complies with El Paso ural and physical ways to manage the boundaries of
vegetation regrowth.                                       County guidelines.                                        the fire. Often the way prescribed fires are planned,
     Fire Captain Tom Tillman, Fort Carson’s pre-               Secondary only to the goal of reducing fire haz-     boundaries such as the roadway system and rock out-
scribed fire “Burn Boss,” initiated the prescribed fire    ards are air quality conditions during prescribed fires. croppings are used as natural fire breaks to stop the
program at Fort Carson in 1986 after transferring               “Air quality is a high priority for Fort Carson,”    spread of fire. If the area does not provide such nat-
from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where he          according to Tami Morton, DECAM Air Quality               ural boundaries, firefighters may improve old exist-
was trained in the relatively new area of prescribed       Program Manager.                                          ing roadbeds, which would stop the fire, said Tillman.
fires. His objective at Fort Carson was to save train-          “We voluntarily enforce a strict smoke manage-       Another method is the application of a high expan-
ing dollars by burning areas that were historically        ment program that includes not only guidelines for        sion foam line similar to liquid detergent along the
susceptible to unplanned fires due to training activi-     smoke generated during training activities, but just as designated boundary. The foam acts as a repellant for
ties. By initiating planned fires in these areas,          importantly, smoke resulting from prescribed fires to     the fire.
Tillman said, military training activities were not shut   ensure minimal impact to our neighbors,” Morton                Fire and Colorado’s dry climate can make for a
down for extended periods of time because of               said.                                                     combustible duo capable of untold damage if not kept
unplanned fires, saving millions of taxpayer dollars.           Only specially trained, “red carded” firefighters    in check, according to DECAM. Fort Carson’s
     Approximately 26,000 installation acres are           can participate in a prescribed fire on Fort Carson.      Prescribed Fire Program has the right prescription to
scheduled for prescribed fires annually, mostly at the          Although deliberately igniting fires might make      gain positive results from a potentially negative
small and large impact training areas and a few areas      some people feel uneasy about the ability to control      situation.
8        December 8, 2000                                              Community
Fire prevention key to safe holiday season, home
  Fort Carson Fire Prevention Office         heat registers and furnace vents.            hazard.                                          A few moments of thought could
     As this holiday season fast             Because heated rooms dry live trees               • Turn off all lights when you go to    make the difference between a safe hol-
approaches, we need to remind our-           out rapidly, be sure to keep the stand       bed or leave home. Lights could short        iday season and a disaster. If you have
selves of the potential dangers that         filled with water. Place the tree out of     out and start a fire.                        questions or comments, contact us, the
come with this time of year. During all      the way of traffic and do not block               Decorations                             Fire Prevention Office at 526-2679.
the partying, shopping and decorating,       doorways.                                         • Use only noncombustible or            Help us help you enjoy the holiday sea-
we may forget to use safe practices in            Lights                                  flame retardant materials to trim the        son.
decorating our home or office.                    • Indoors or outside, use only lights   tree. Choose tinsel or artificial icicles        And remember to to test your
     Here are some tips that may help        that have been tested for safety by a        of plastic or non-leaded material.           smoke detector.
during the holiday season:                   recognized testing laboratory.                    • Never use lighted candles on a
     Trees                                        • Check each set of lights, new or      tree or near other evergreens. Always
     • When purchasing an artificial         old, for broken or cracked sockets,          use nonflammable candle holders and
tree, look for the label “Fire Resistant.”   frayed or bare wires and loose connec-       place candles where they will not be
Although this label does not mean that       tions. Throw out old or damaged sets of      knocked down.
the tree won’t catch fire, it does indi-     lights.                                           • Wear gloves to avoid eye and skin
cate that the tree will resist burning and        • Use no more than three standard-      irritation while decorating with spun
should extinguish quickly.                   size sets of lights per extension cord.      glass “angel hair.” Follow container
     • When purchasing a live tree,          The more you add, the more resistance        directions carefully to avoid lung irrita-
check for freshness. A fresh tree is         and heat is created in the cord. Do not      tion while decorating with artificial
green and needles are hard to pull from      connect more than three sets of lights       snow sprays.
the branches. When bent between your         together.                                         • In homes with small children,
fingers, the needles do not break. The            • Fasten outdoor lights securely to     take special care to avoid decorations
trunk butt of a fresh tree is sticky with    trees, house walls or other firm support     that are sharp or breakable. Keep trim-
resin and when tapped on the ground,         to protect the lights from wind damage.      mings with small removable parts out
the tree should not lose many needles.       Use only insulated staples, not nails or     of reach of the children. Avoid trim-
     • When setting up a tree at home,       tacks, to hold the lights in place. Make     mings that resemble candy or food that
place it away from heat sources such as      sure the lights don’t create a tripping      may tempt a child to eat them.
                                                                   Community                                                           December 8, 2000           9

DeCA program receives award                                                                                    4th Engineer Battalion:
             Defense Commissary Agency                     The agency also conducts continuing business
                                                                                                               thankful for its soldiers
                                                                                                                              by Staff Sgt. Warren Wells
     FORT LEE, Va. — When it comes to display-         ethics training in how to properly deal with our                         4th Engineer Battalion
ing honesty, integrity and fairness in its business    industry partners.                                           During this holiday season, the 4th Engineer
activities, the Defense Commissary Agency ranks            “The strength of our program is our focus on        Battalion recently showed its soldiers the apprecia-
among the best.                                        preventing ethics violations,” adds Bill Sherman,       tion it has for them.
     The Defense Commissary Agency was one of          DeCA’s general counsel. “We want all of our                  Through donations of food and time by members
30 executive branch agencies honored recently with     employees, in whatever capacity, to do the right        of the battalion, 52 soldiers and their families were
an award by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics       thing the first time — every time.”                     given everything they needed for a Thanksgiving Day
in recognition for outstanding achievement in devel-       More about DeCA                                     meal.
oping and managing its ethics program. Dave                The Defense Commissary Agency, operates a                The Battalion’s Family Readiness Group spear-
England, assistant general counsel and deputy desig-   worldwide chain of nearly 300 commissaries to pro-      headed the project and placed boxes at each of the
nated agency ethics official, accepted the award on    vide groceries to military personnel, retirees and      units to collect canned and nonperishable goods.
                                                                                                               Turkeys came from donations within the battalion
behalf of the agency at the Government Ethics          their families.
                                                                                                               and from local businesses. After sorting through the
Conference, Sept. 13, in Philadelphia.                     Commissary patrons purchase items at cost plus
                                                                                                               donations, 52 baskets of food were prepared for dis-
     Government Ethics Office evaluators found no      a 5 percent surcharge, which covers the construction    tribution to soldiers.
errors in DeCA’s ethics program during its last        of new commissaries and the modernization of                 Soldiers, selected by their chain-of-command
inspection in May of this year, according to           existing stores. Patrons enjoy substantial savings on   based on need, were given the chance to receive one
England. The office conducts inspections every         their purchases.                                        of the baskets.
three years.                                               A typical family of four regularly shopping at           As the baskets were picked up, “Thank you very
     The Defense Commissary Agency’s ethics pro-       the commissary can save more than $2,000 per year.      much!” became the phrase of the day. Other com-
gram focuses on prevention, England explains. It       These savings enhance the quality of life for           ments that were heard included, “This is going to
begins with training required for every employee       America’s military and their families. A valued part    make our Thanksgiving,” and, “This is the only unit
within 30 days of hiring. Some annual training is      of military pay and benefits, commissaries help the     that I have been in that has done this.”
also required for employees responsible for deci-      United States recruit and keep the best and the              In this season of being generous and grateful,
sions that obligate the United States, such as con-    brightest men and women in the service of their         one soldier’s comment can sum it up best, “The
tracting officials.                                    country.                                                Army is taking care of its own.”
10       December 8, 2000                                                     Community
                  Chapel                                                                                            Chapel Schedule
                    Christian initiation — If you, or someone
               you know, is interested in the Catholic faith,                                                           ROMAN CATHOLIC
               inquiry sessions are held the first Tuesday of        Day             Time              Service          Chapel      Location                               Contact Person
               every month. For information contact Deacon           M-W-F           8:15 a.m.         Mass             Soldiers’   Nelson & Martinez                      Chap. Vakoc/526-5769
               Bowles at 526-0333.                                   M-W-F           noon              Mass             Healer      Evans Army Hospital                    Fr. Gagliardo/526-7386
                    Catholic religious education — is con-           Saturday        5 p.m.            Mass             Soldiers’   Nelson & Martinez                      Chap. Vakoc/526-5769
               ducted Sundays at 10:45 a.m. at Soldiers’             Sunday          8 a.m.            Mass             Veterans’   Magrath & Titus                        Chap. Vakoc/526-5769
               Memorial Chapel. Classes will not meet Dec.           Sunday          9:30 a.m.         Mass             Soldiers’   Nelson & Martinez                      Chap. Vakoc/526-5769
               17, 24 and 31 because of the holidays.                Sunday          10:45 a.m.        CCD              Soldiers’   Nelson & Martinez                      Ms. Feldman/526-0478
      The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the                  Sunday          11 a.m.           Mass             Healer      Evans Army Hospital                    Fr. Gagliardo/526-7386
Blessed Virgin Holy Day of Obligation — will be celebrated           Sunday          12:15 p.m.        Mass             Provider    Barkeley & Ellis                       Chap. Vakoc/526-5769
today. Masses will be offered at 8 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. at
Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel and noon at Healer Chapel.                                                                  EASTERN ORTHODOX
      Children’s Christmas Eve Pageant and Mass — Dec.               Sunday          8 a.m.            Divine          Soldiers’   Nelson & Martinez                       Chap. Olson/526-5772
24, 5 p.m., Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel. All Catholic youth are                                          Liturgy
invited to participate. Angels and shepherds from grades K-3                                                   CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN
are needed. A children’s Christmas Choir will be made up of
all interested youth. Rehearsals will begin very soon. Children      Thursday        7 p.m.            The “ROCK” Spiritual      Barkeley & Ellis                          Chap. Thornton/526-1374
may sign up with their Catholic Religious Education teacher                                            Service    Fitness Center
or by contacting Kathy Wallace at 392-4788.
      Protestant Sunday School — classes will not meet Dec.          Sunday          9 a.m.            Protestant       Healer       Evans Army Hospital                   Chap. Slossen/526-7387
24 and 31.                                                           Sunday          9 a.m.            Protestant       Provider     Barkeley & Ellis                      Chap. Drake/526-4206
      Lutheran Confirmation Class — A new Confirmation               Sunday          9:30 a.m.         Protestant       Veterans’    Magrath & Titus                       Chap. Atkins/524-1822
class for youth from the Lutheran tradition will begin early in      Sunday          11 a.m.           Protestant       Soldiers’    Nelson & Martinez                     Chap. Kincaid/526-8011
January. A meeting for all interested parents will be conduct-       Sunday          11 a.m.           Prot./Gospel     Prussman     Barkeley & Prussman                   Chap. Pair/526-2811
ed Dec. 17, 9:30 a.m., Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel.
                                                                     Sunday          9:30 a.m.         Sun. School      Soldiers’    Nelson & Martinez                     Dr. Scheck/526-5626
      Youth of the Chapel — Activities for Protestant and            Sunday          9:30 a.m.         Sun. School      Prussman     Barkeley & Prussman                   Chap. Pair/526-2811
Catholic middle school and high school youth take place              Sunday          6:30 p.m.         PYOC             Soldiers’    Nelson & Martinez                     Ms. Scheck/524-1166
Sundays at 1:30 p.m. at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel.
Protestant high school activities include Bible studies Sunday,                                                     LITURGICAL PROTESTANT
9:30 a.m. and Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Soldiers’ Memorial                Sunday          10:45 a.m.        Protestant      Provider     Barkeley & Ellis                       Chap. Bauer/526-5279
Chapel. Catholic youth classes meet at 10:45 a.m. Sundays,
Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel. Youth are sponsoring a Christmas                                                                 JEWISH
Event for Protestant and Catholic religious education teachers       For information and a schedule of Jewish Sabbath services, call the U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel at 333-2636.
and are planning a Laser Quest activity in December.
      Awana’s 2000, Thursdays, Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel,                                                                       WICCA
5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Ages Kindergarten through sixth grade,             2nd and         6:30 p.m.                          Spiritual          Barkeley & Ellis                Ms. Costantino-Mead/
boys and girls welcome. Program POCs: Dennis Scheck 526-             4th Tuesday                                        Fitness Center                                     (303) 428-7703
5626, director of Religious Education; Susan Webb, 538-
9306, Jennifer Wake, 540-9157.                                       For additional information, contact the Installation Chaplain’s Office, building 1550, at 526-5209. Normally, free child care
      Protestant Women of the Chapel — Bible studies for             is available during on-post worship services.
Protestant Women of the Chapel is a ministry for Christian
women. Programs are offered at Soldiers’ Memorial Chapel
Tuesdays from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Studies offered are: 1                                                                                 Friday — Psalms 7 & Revelation 21-22
Corinthians, “Train up a Mom,” “Loving your Husband” and
“Breaking Free.” A Tuesday study, “The God You Are                          Daily Bible Readings                                     Saturday — Psalms 8 & Isaiah 1-3
Looking For,” meets at 6:30 p.m. Chapel fellowship potluck is     In order to assist in regular scripture reading,                   Sunday — Psalms 9 & Isaiah 4-6
also conducted each Tuesday at 6 p.m. Child care is provided      the following scriptures are recommended.
for both morning and evening studies. For information, call                                                                          Monday — Psalms 10 & Isaiah 7-9
Patti Harris at 391-2905 or Clarissa Jackson at 576-1471.         These scriptures are part of the common daily                      Tuesday — Psalms 11 & Isaiah 10-12
                                                                  lectionary which is designed to present the
                                                                                                                                     Wednesday — Psalms 12 & Isaiah 13-15
                                                                  entire Bible over a three-year cycle.
                                                                                                                                     Thursday — Psalms 13 & Isaiah 16-18
                                                                  Community                                                              December 8, 2000        11

                                                 Chaplain’s Corner
   Commentary by Chap. (Capt.) Joseph K. Blay          cake; and many presents; and this shall be a sign unto    great blessing.
  4th Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment           you, you shall find the presents, wrapped in bright            Second, we should thank him for his provision
    In 1996 Jesse Owens, the young black athlete       paper, lying beneath a tree adorned with tinsel, col-     for our every need. “Our barns will be filled with
who made headlines by winning four gold medals at      ored balls and lights.’ And suddenly, there will be a     every kind of provision” (Psalm 144:13), and we can
the 1936 Berlin Olympics, was honored by the com-      multitude of relatives and friends, praising you and      say that, truly, God has supplied all our needs
munity where he was born.                              saying, ‘Thank you so much, it was just what I want-      “according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”
    Folks in the small Alabama town of Oakville ded-   ed.’ And it shall come to pass as the friends and rela-   (Philippians 4:19).
icated a granite monument in the city park to this     tives have gone away into their own homes, the par-            Third, we should thank him for his protection.
man who was born a half-mile away in a sharecrop-      ents shall say to one another, ‘Darn it! What a mess      “There will be no breaching of walls, no going into
per’s shack in 1913.                                   to clean up! I’m tired, let’s go to bed and pick it up    captivity, no cry of distress in our streets” (Psalm
    As Christmas rolls around the corner, I am         tomorrow. Thank goodness, Christmas only comes            144:14).
reminded of another person who also had a humble       once a year!’ And they go with haste to their cold bed         We can also thank him for his peace in our fami-
birth, not in a stately mansion, but a lowly stable.   and find their desired rest.”                             lies, on our streets, in our churches and in our gov-
Actually this person’s birth is the reason for              Friends, the Lord Jesus Christ whom we exalt at      ernment.
Christmas. But for many people around the world,       Christmas is not just a baby in a manger. He is not a          In spite of all our problems, we still have the
especially those in the western world, Christmas has   character in a children’s story. He is far more. So as    privilege of leading “peaceful and quiet lives in all
come to mean this all-too-true parody of the wonder-   you join the rest of the world to remember his birth,     godliness and holiness” (1Timothy 2:2).
ful words of Luke’s Christmas narrative.               which is traditionally celebrated Dec. 25 of every             “Blessed are the people of whom this is true”
    “And there were in the same country children       year, I encourage you to remember the blessings that      (Psalm 144:15), and I trust this can be said of myself
keeping watch over their stockings by the fireplace.   he brings to us.                                          and of you. Sounds like Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? The
And, lo! Santa Claus came upon them; and they were          First, we can thank him for his blessings upon       truth of the matter is, this is what Christmas is all
so afraid. And Santa said unto them: ‘Fear not, for    our children: “Our sons in their youth will be like       about — God’s gift of his only son to humanity.
behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which    well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like           Enjoy the many gifts that loved ones will be gen-
be to all people who can afford them. For unto you     pillars carved to adorn a palace” (Psalm 144:12). To      erous enough to give you but at the same time
will be given great feasts of turkey, dressing and     have well-mannered, God-fearing children is such a        remember the reason for Christmas.
12       December 8, 2000                                             Community

Prevention is key for hoops’ ankle injuries
        by 1st Lt. William Egan              another player’s foot causes the foot to    free of obstacles.                                Lie on your side and place an ankle
  Ireland Army Community Hospital            roll inward. With these injuries there is        If you are very fatigued it is impor-   weight around the ankle of your top
     With the winter sports season upon      usually immediate pain, redness, and        tant to take breaks or discontinue play-     leg. Roll your ankle to the outside by
us, many will take the opportunity to        swelling. It is also common to have         ing the sport. When fatigued, your           contracting the muscles on the outside
participate in a variety of recreational     bruising throughout the ankle and foot      body will have slower reaction times         part of your lower leg. These are the
sports and activities — basketball in        beginning one to two days later.            which can lead to increased injury. If       peroneal muscles. Strong peroneal
particular. Unfortunately, enjoying               With inversion sprains, fractures      your muscles are overworked they may         muscles will help to prevent the ankle
some of these activities can lead to         usually do not occur. Generally, the lig-   not be able to function correctly to sup-    from rolling in. Do these in sets of 10
ankle injuries, one of the most common       aments on the outside of the ankle and      port your ankle joint.                       repetitions. Increase the weight as you
orthopedic injuries occurring to the         the joint capsule are stretched and              If you have sprained your ankle in      get stronger.
active duty soldier and athlete.             sometimes torn. Other less common           the past, it may be helpful to have your          Stretch the calf muscle. Stand with
     The ankle joint is made up of three     injuries include ankle fractures, ever-     ankle taped or wear a supportive brace       your hands on a wall. Position one leg
bones in the lower leg and foot. The         sion sprains (rolling the foot out), and    for the next two to three months after       back with the knee straight and the
two lower leg bones, the tibia and fibu-     Achilles tendon strains or tears.           your injury. During this recovery peri-      other leg forward with the knee bent.
la, form an arch which surrounds the              Although ankle injuries are many       od the ankle is generally weaker and         While keeping the back heel on the
top bone of the foot, the talus. The joint   times unavoidable, there are some mea-      more easily sprained.                        ground lean toward the wall until you
is supported by ligaments located on         sures which can prevent excessive                For people with chronic ankle           feel a stretch in the calf.
the inner and outer sides of the joint.      amounts. Proper shoe wear is impor-         sprains or those involved in sports
                                                                                                                                           Hold for 30 seconds and repeat
     Muscles, which begin in the lower       tant. Do not wear running shoes while       where ankle sprains are common, the
                                                                                                                                      three times on each side. A flexible calf
leg and attach onto the foot, also help      playing sports such as basketball or        following exercises will be very help-
to support the joint and they provide        tennis. These sports involve lateral        ful.                                         muscle will allow you to more easily
movement of the ankle. The joint is          movements and running shoes are only             Practice standing on one foot with      point the foot up toward your nose.
also enveloped by connective tissue          designed for straight-ahead running.        your eyes closed and try to hold this        This is the most stable position for the
called the capsule. Inside the capsule is         Do not run or play on surfaces         position for one minute. This exercise       ankle.
fluid which helps to lubricate the joint.    which are ridden with potholes, rocks       trains the receptors inside the ankle             If you injure your ankle or suffer
     The most common ankle injury is         or any other obstacles that might trip      joint. These receptors send signals to       from frequent ankle sprains, you may
the inversion sprain. A typical example      you. If you must run in the dark, do so     the brain which allow you to correct         be sent to physical therapy for individ-
occurs in basketball when landing on         on a track or route that you know is        any improper movements.                      ualized rehabilitation and instruction.
                                                                                        December 8, 2000    13

Warrior Battalion fights for Connelly title
            Story and photos by             we serve 700 to 800 soldiers in a set up
                Doug Rule                   just like this. We even have soldiers
   Fort Carson Public Affairs Office        from other units visit because they
     It’s been two years in the planning    know how good our food is,” he said.
and execution.                                   Staff Sgt. Mark Roberts, food oper-
     The latest Hollywood epic? No, the     ations sergeant for 1st Bn., 12th
1st Battalion, 12th Infantry, 3rd Brigade   Infantry, added that the competition was
Combat Team’s entry into the                more than just good food.
Department of the Army’s Phillip A.              “It’s not only about cooking. A big
Connelly competition.                       issue is the environment in field opera-
     Two years ago, three soldiers, Sgt.    tions. We have a lot of regulations to
Anthony Jones, Sgt. Steven Szakal and       follow and are graded on each one,” he
Sgt. Kirk Branconner, felt that they had    said.
a chance at proving their field mess is          The team will examine not only the
the best in the Army. Short their autho-    food and food preparation, but also the
rized staff sergeant and sergeant 1st       sanitation operations, the mess area lay-
class, the three noncommissioned offi-      out and such things as the camouflage.
                                                                                          ABOVE: Specialist
cers took the leadership responsibility,         Roberts went on to explain that the
                                                                                          Berin Webb, 1st
organizing and motivating the other sol-    set up was reviewed by several warrant
                                                                                          Battalion, 12th
diers. It paid off.                         officers, who had experience with this
                                                                                          Infantry, sets up the
     “It’s been a big job,” said Jones.     type of competition. Their comments
                                                                                          burners in the cooking
“We had a different competition about       are helping the soldiers improve their        tent as part of the
every six months. First it was the          operation.                                    preparation before
brigade, then Fort Carson. At the                The command is also proud of the         cooking begins.
FORSCOM (Forces Command) level,             job its soldiers are doing.                   LEFT: Private
we competed against 15 different units.”         “The colonel has made this the top       Georges Phanord,
     In all cases, their team came in       priority for the entire battalion,” said      Headquarters,
first. Now the team faces its biggest       Jamison. “Whenever he sees us, he             Headquarters
challenge: the Department of the Army-      says, ‘these are my top soldiers.’ It         Company, 1st
level field kitchen competition. Now        makes us feel really good.”                   Battalion, 12th
they are competing with the best world-          The unit began setting up its field      Infantry, installs sinks
wide.                                       mess Nov. 27 and has already cooked           in the sanitation tent
     “We will win this one. We will         several practice meals. The judges from       as part of the set up
bring home the gold,” Jones said with a     the Department of the Army will rate          of the field kitchen.
big smile.                                  the team Wednesday. The 1st Bn., 12th         Sanitation and envi-
     Sergeant Christopher Jamison,          Infantry is the last of 13 field messes       ronmental issues are
Headquarters, Headquarters Company,         being judged. Results of the judging          as important in the
1st Bn., 12th Infantry, stressed that the   will be announced by the end of the           Connelly judging as
field mess was not just for show. “We       month and the winners will go to San          food preparation.
do this all the time out here. Sometimes    Diego, Calif., to receive their award.
14      December 8, 2000                                                 Military

New commander takes reins of Tiger Squadron
       by Spc. Zach Mott            about the accomplishments of
        Mountaineer staff           DiSalvo and what mark he will
    After leading the troops of     leave with the squadron.
the “Tiger” Squadron, 1st                “Your real legacy remains the
Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry       Tiger trooper; you trained them
Regiment, through a transition to   well,” Harriman said.
M1A2 Abrams Main Battle                  DiSalvo may be leaving Tiger
Tanks, a successful Balkans         Squadron, but he is not leaving
deployment and countless other      the 3rd ACR. He is taking a posi-
missions in his two years as com-   tion as the regimental executive
mander, Lt. Col. Joseph DiSalvo     officer. DiSalvo did have some
is moving on.                       parting words for the soldiers he
    During Tuesday’s ceremony at    has led for the past two years.
Tiger Field, DiSalvo relinquished        “To the Tiger troopers, thank
command to Lt. Col. William         you for day-in and day-out work-
Dolan, who comes to Fort Carson     ing so hard, and being so good,”
after most recently serving with    he said.
the Fort Hood, Texas based 1st           Although Dolan’s speech was
Cavalry Division.                   short, he did comment on the
    “There’s no greater honor for   future of the troops he now leads.
a cavalry officer then to com-           “You will get my best every-                                                                Photo by Spc. Zach Mott
mand a cavalry squadron,”           day as your commander to keep         From left, Lt. Col. William Dolan, commander, 1st Squadron, 3rd Armored
DiSalvo said.                       this squadron on top. And togeth-     Cavalry Regiment, Col. Anthony Harriman, commander, 3rd ACR and Lt. Col.
    During the ceremony, the        er as a team, we lead this regi-      Joseph DiSalvo, outgoing commander, 1st Squadron, 3rd ACR, salute the
69th Colonel of the Regiment,       ment into the 21st century,”          American flag as it passes in front of them during 1st Squadron, 3rd ACR’s
Col. Anthony Harriman, spoke        Dolan said.                           change of command ceremony at Tiger Field Tuesday.
                                                                          Military                                                             December 8, 2000               15
Frame of Choice program gives soldiers new look
            by Staff Sgt. Gary L. Qualls Jr.               new frames, said Spc. Matthew Skates, and eye tech-
           Fort Carson Public Affairs Office               nician at the EENT Clinic.
     Fort Carson soldiers can now see the world in the          “They’re more appealing, but they still have a
new millennium through 21st Century glasses —              military appearance and perform the same function as
thanks to the Army’s new “Frame of Choice” pro-            the old frames,” said 1st Lt. Owen Hill, a medical
gram.                                                      officer in 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry, who recently
     The Army has issued its traditional thick, brown      ordered new glasses.
glasses, commonly referred to as “Birth Control                 “Soldiers who might otherwise be inclined to
Glasses,” since the late 1980s, but now soldiers can       wear contacts in the field might be more willing to
have their choice of a variety of contemporary frames      comply with regulations and wear glasses with the
as part of their standard issue.                           new-style frames so it could be safer,” Hill added,
     “The program at Fort Carson started in June with      explaining that the old-style frames are cumbersome
a test program for only privates, but it was made a        and that most soldiers simply don’t like them.
standard program and opened to all soldiers in                  Soldiers are limited to one pair of contemporary-
October,” said Staff Sgt. James Jones, Eye Clinic          style glasses per year. If they break or lose them, they
noncommissioned officer in charge.                         will be replaced with a pair of BCGs. No special
     If soldiers have an eye prescription from within      preference is given in the program, regardless of the
                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Staff Sgt. Gary L. Qualls Jr.
the past year, they can go directly to the Eye, Ears,      patient’s rank, Skates said, adding that all patients
Nose and Throat Clinic at Evans Army Community             have the same choice of frames.                             First Lt. Owen Hill, 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry,
Hospital to order their glasses. Without a current pre-         The lone exception to this program is that only        tries on a pair of new contemporary-style
scription, soldiers need to make an appointment for        females can order the rose-colored glasses. The lab at      glasses while Spc. Matthew Skates, clinic eye
an eye exam. They can do this by simply calling TRI-       Sam Houston will not make these glasses for men,            technician, looks on.
CARE at 264-5000.                                          Skates explained.
     When a soldier has obtained a prescription, he or          Normally the lenses in the contemporary-style          just aren’t the kind of eyewear that most soldiers
she chooses one from among six conservative but            glasses will be plastic unless a doctor prescribes          want to be seen wearing in public are the main fac-
modern styles of frames. The frames are then fitted        polycarbon lenses. In order to get sunglasses through       tors that are drawing soldiers to order the new glass-
by the eye technician, and the soldier fills out an        the clinic, a patient must have a prescription from a       es, Skates said.
order card. The eye technician then forwards the           doctor for them. In addition, Ranger goggles are not             When choosing a style of frames, soldiers often
information to the eye lab at Fort Sam Houston,            automatically authorized for Special Forces soldiers.       go with the flow, Skates observed.
Texas, and keeps the card in the clinic’s records for      It depends on the mission of their unit, Skates added.           “They often ask what the most popular style has
future reference. Before leaving the clinic, the soldier   Pilots and military retirees are authorized to get flight   been,” he said. “Many of them come in with their
fills out a self-addressed post card, which will be sent   frames.                                                     buddies and get the same style or ask comrades what
when the glasses arrive. Four to six weeks later, the           The contemporary-style frames have been enthu-         kind they got and choose that style. Senior NCOs
glasses come in and soldiers receive the postcard.         siastically received, Jones and Skates agreed. The          come in and ask what kind of frames soldiers are get-
They then come into the clinic, any necessary adjust-      volume of current orders for glasses is up by about         ting so they won’t get a pair that cause their soldiers
ments are made to the frames, and now they have            200 pair for the year because of the new-style frames.      to laugh at them,” he said.
their contemporary glasses.                                The margin is not wider than that because soldiers               As for the BCGs, Skates doesn’t expect the Army
     The glasses in the Frame of Choice program            are always required to have two pair of current-pre-        to ever discontinue them because of their durability
come in five different colors, silver, pewter, bronze,     scription glasses anyway, they explained.                   and the low cost of making them. Some things never
black and rose. Soldiers see several advantages to the          The fact that the glasses are free and that BCGs       go out of style. And some things just never go out.
12-8-00dt.qxd    5/1/2002   11:28 AM   Page 16

    16          December 8, 2000                                         FEATURE

    Friends and family members of 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery “Redleggers” fire small-arms
    weapons during the battalion’s Jane Wayne Day family celebration.

    First Lt. Wes Lockman, Headquarters, Headquarters Battery, 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery,
    holds three-month-old Jensen as they both take a break from the day’s activities.

    ‘Playing’ soldier for a day
             Story and photos by Spc. Zach Mott              Battery, 3rd Bn., 29th FA.
                        Mountaineer staff                         Static displays were set up throughout an area to
         Often, families are left to wonder what their       allow family and friends a chance to get their hands
    loved one does when they “go to the field.” During       on some of the equipment their loved ones use daily.
    3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery’s Jane Wayne Day,         An Air Defense Artillery display of the Avenger,
    those friends and family members had a chance to         complete with a remote control unit to turn the
    live the life of a soldier — at least for a day.         launching tubes, was set up for family members to
         “This lets the families get an idea of what their   use. They were also given an opportunity to go inside
    husbands and dads do on a daily basis,” said Lt. Col.    the Paladin, and see firsthand how cramped it can
    Gary Lankford, commander, 3rd Bn., 29th FA.              get.
         Those attending had a chance to experience life          A small arms firing area was set up to give fami-
    as an artilleryman, everything from maintenance to       ly members a chance to fire the M-16-A2 rifle and
    firing the M109A6 Self-Propelled Howitzer, or            the .50 caliber machine gun. After these events, those
    Paladin.                                                 attending were treated to Army field chow.
         “My favorite part is firing the machine gun and          However, the highlight of the day, as most said,
    the (Paladin),” said Jai Mitchell, 7.                    was the chance to pull the lanyard for a fire mission
         Jane Wayne Day was scheduled as the culminat-       on a Paladin.
    ing event of a calibration exercise for the battalion.        Those willing were given a chance to pull a 50-
    During the calibration exercise, each gun was adjust-    foot chord attached to the firing mechanism of the
    ed to ensure it was firing properly, in short, zeroing   Paladin, perhaps entincing a few to enlist someday.
    the Howitzer, said Capt. Jeff Brizic, assistant plans         “I’m sure we’ve got some future warriors out        Kevin Doughty, 3, takes a look at the view b
    and operations officer, Headquarters, Headquarters       there,” Lankford said.                                   Artillery’s Jane Wayne Day festivities.
18       December 8, 2000                                                 Military
Policy tightens for privately-owned vehicle shipments
     SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. — Soldiers and             sent an original certificate of title or a certified copy   Vehicle Processing Centers will reject all POVs with-
civilian employees who want to ship their vehicles         of the title. Military Traffic Management Command           out the required letter of authorization from the lien-
overseas must now bring to the port a certificate of       will no longer ship POVs to locations outside the con-      holder.
title.                                                     tinental United States without the title and, if applica-       Servicemembers will be responsible for disposi-
     If the vehicle is leased or has a lien, customers     ble, a lienholder release letter.                           tion instructions and transportation charges associated
must also present a lien-release letter, according to           The lienholder’s release letter must be on the third   with the return of POVs not authorized for shipment
Military Traffic Management Command officials.             party’s letterhead paper, and contain a complete            by the lienholder, officials said. Soldiers who are not
     Vehicle registration cards will no longer be suffi-   description of the vehicle and the telephone numbers        able to obtain a lienholder release letter are advised to
cient when privately-owned vehicles are brought to         at which that owner or lienholder may be contacted.         contact their base legal office for assistance.
the port or Vehicle Processing Center, MTMC offi-          The shipper must also present a certified copy of the           Shippers are encouraged to review the instruc-
cials said.                                                title.                                                      tions in the MTMC pamphlet, “Shipping Your POV”
     The documentation requirements are being                   Vehicle Processing Centers have been instructed        which is available at Personal Property Shipping
enforced at VPCs in order to comply with U.S.              to hold POVs for no more than 30 days while the sol-        Offices, MTMC officials said, or on the web at
Customs Service regulations and the Anti-Car Theft         dier or civilian employee secures the release from the .
Act of 1992, according to MTMC officials.                  lienholder.
     The new MTMC policy became effective Oct. 1.               These holding procedures will remain in effect             Editor’s note: Information obtained from a U.S.
Personnel shipping vehicles overseas must now pre-         until Dec. 31, MTMC officials said. Thereafter,             Transportation Command release.

BOSS involvement highlights NCOs’ promotion qualities
            by Cleo Brennan                 Single Soldiers program committee.           nized.                                       munity that might otherwise go
   Fort Sam Houston, Texas Public                Most soldiers working to advance            “Individuals, who work as hard           undone.
                 Affairs                    their careers in the Army know what          for soldiers as for themselves, get pro-         “The success of the BOSS pro-
    Selection for promotion to the          things lend points to their cumulative       moted,” Rundle said.                         gram here just gives it a little more
senior ranks of the noncommissioned         score, including military and civilian           United States Army Garrison              significance, and for that, they have to
officers’ corps is a reflection of the      education; awards and decorations;           Command Sgt. Maj. Arthur Hastings,           thank, in part, the support of the chain
superior leadership, proficiency, com-      their Army Physical Fitness Test score;      added that there is a tendency to want       of command which allows members to
petence and quality of character            personnel evaluations and their              to give credit for demonstration of          take duty time for BOSS business,
demonstrated in a soldier’s record.         Department of the Army photo.                civic character to those soldiers giving     making it that much more successful,”
    Four Fort Sam Houston staff             However, other more subjective quali-        something outside the norm.                  Hastings said.
sergeants were gratified, but not sur-      ties, which don’t have a specific point          “These NCOs’ participation in                That support also includes active
prised, to find their names on the          value, also have an influence on the         BOSS only enhanced what they                 leadership models involved in the
Army-wide sergeant first class selec-       outcome of the board’s considerations.       already had in their record as soldiers.     BOSS program — top-ranking NCOs
tion list for 2000.                              Dennis Rundle, Evaluations              An NCO Evaluation Report should              who give their time and focus as well.
    They were surprised however, by         Branch, Military Personnel Division,         reflect everything an NCO does.                  Editor’s note: Single soldiers
the apparent coincidence that among         Human Resources Business Center,             Sometimes we isolate soldiers into an        interested in becoming involved with
the 310 Fort Sam Houston NCOs               doesn’t suggest that participation in        only “how they perform in uniform            the Fort Carson BOSS program should
selected by the board, four of them         the BOSS program is in any way               category.” Whether it’s supporting the       contact Spc. Amy Hafford, Fort
were all members of the Fort Sam            grounds for promotion, but he did            BOSS program, or as a little league          Carson BOSS president, at 524-
Houston Better Opportunities for            note that good leadership gets recog-        coach, they do something for the com-        BOSS(2677).
                                                                          Military                                                           December 8, 2000        19

Army-wide conference stresses equality, dignity
              by Master Sgt. Bob Haskell                   every major Army command around the world, 108             the things that have made us successful,” Heilman
    National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Office            members of the Army National Guard, 79 Army                said. “The biggest challenge is to design an equal
     ORLANDO, Fla. — Treating everyone with dig-           Reserve soldiers, and 26 equal employment opportu-         opportunity program that is genuinely accepted as a
nity and respect is the foundation for equality in         nity civilians.                                            necessary component of leadership and readiness, not
today’s Army, the top-ranking enlisted soldier stressed         They were focused on finding better ways to           just an add-on or a check-the-block thing to do,” he
at the Army’s third annual world-wide Equal                enforce the Army’s equal opportunity policy. The           added.
Opportunity Training Conference.                           updated policy that has been in effect since July 1999          The Army’s atmosphere is far more friendly than
     “Treating all soldiers fairly, that’s what it’s all   applies on and off Army posts, during duty and non-        it was during the summer of 1971 when he witnessed
about,” said Sgt. Maj. of the Army Jack Tilley as 444      duty hours, and in all working, living and recreational    a race riot among soldiers serving in Germany while
military and civilian equal opportunity advisors and       environments. It calls for an environment free from        he was a West Point cadet, Heilman said. But the
advocates — most of them senior noncommissioned            discrimination and offensive behavior and requires         work goes on.
officers — began three days of workshops. The ses-         fair treatment for all “without regard to race, color,          The Orlando conference, he explained, was
sions were focused on providing all soldiers and their     gender, religion, or national origin.”                     designed to explore the complexities of human rela-
families equal treatment and consideration wherever             “People are the supreme building blocks of the        tions and equal opportunity for advisors who have
they serve — from Kansas to Korea.                         force. The interaction among those people determines       already trained at the Florida-based Defense Equal
     “The key to success for equal opportunity is          how well the force functions and how well the Army         Opportunity Management Institute and who must
communication skills among all people,” said Tilley,       fulfills the challenges that the nation puts before us,”   advise their commanders on sometimes-sensitive
who acknowledged that equal opportunity concerns           observed Brig. Gen. William Heilman, who was host-         issues.
among the Army’s racially and culturally diverse men       ing the conference.                                             “We are adding new tools to their toolboxes,”
and women are being taken far more seriously than               The 1973 West Point graduate and former               said Heilman who believes in the adage that an ounce
when he joined the Army in November 1969.                  artillery officer became director of the Army’s            of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “We are
     That, said the 12th sergeant major of the Army, is    Human Resources Directorate within the Office of           stressing the proactive approach at this conference.
the way it should be for the good of all active-duty       the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel in August.         It’s a lot better to address these issues before they
and reserve component soldiers — for “the Army”                 Emphasizing the importance of equal opportunity       become problems.”
advocated by his boss, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric       at the company level, where most of the Army’s sol-             The new tools will come from workshops focus-
Shinseki.                                                  diers serve, is Heilman’s major concern.                   ing on such issues as The Reality of Racism; the
     The Florida conference’s makeup during this hol-           “We must always look for better ways to include       Facilitation Process; Negotiating Equal Opportunity
iday season mirrored the modern Army. It included          the concepts of human relations and equal opportuni-       with Difficult People, and Managing the Diversity of
223 active-duty equal opportunity advisors from            ty into the fabric of the force without losing focus on    Psychology Type.
20       December 8, 2000                                              Military

                                                 $how me the money
                             What is a CFNCO?            ing and tested at the end of the course to insure       verify the case so that you don’t waste your time at
                            by Master Sgt. Kent          understanding of the basics of the areas covered. The   AER.
                                  Thompson               areas we cover in the class are: military pay, credit       Rank plays no part in whether or not you should
                         Army Community Service          and debt management, budgeting, insurance and risk      see a CFN. We give limited investment advice — we
                        Financial Readiness Division     management, bankruptcy, frauds and rip-offs, finan-     can’t suggest specific stocks, bonds or funds —
                           The acronym CFNCO             cial counseling and methods of dealing with credi-      arrange for payments to creditors or help with docu-
                       stands for Command Financial      tors.                                                   ment preparation for payments to you. I have had
                       Noncommissioned Officer.               The CFN is a member of a battalion/squadron        clients ranging in rank from private to lieutenant
                       Each battalion- or squadron-      commander’s personal staff and serves as that com-      colonel, as well as numerous family members.
                       sized element has one.            mander’s principal advisor on policies and matters          Many of the CFNs on this installation have
   Thompson                Your unit CFNCO, also         related to soldier financial readiness and local con-   accomplished near miraculous feats with soldier
                       known as CFN, is your personal    sumer affairs.                                          finances. Several soldiers have commented to me that
financial advisor. The CFNCO program operates in              The unit CFN must comply with privacy act pro-     they were considering bankruptcy, but now are well
direct proportion to the competence and dedication of    visions and will keep all your financial information    on their way to financial security simply because
the CFN. Therefore, great care must go into the          confidential in accordance with the privacy act of      their CFN has provided them with the
selection of the CFN if the program is to provide the    1974. You can’t be discriminated against for going to   assistance/knowledge they needed.
optimum service soldiers and their families deserve.     see your CFN. In fact, we strongly encourage every-         All CFNs have a pager and an answering
He or she is a staff sergeant or above, that is chosen   one to see his or her CFN for everything from advice    machine. The numbers are listed in the Leaders
by the unit command sergeant major and chain of          on how to better manage your money to tax return        Guide to Financial Counseling that every NCO leader
command to advise you on personal finances.              preparation to preparing to make a major purchase.      should have. If you are a leader without a Leader’s
    Financial readiness, or lack of readiness, is a      Your CFN has a multitude of resources available to      Guide, tell your CFN. If you don’t reach the CFN,
major contributing factor to retention, performance      help you, whatever your situation.                      make sure you leave a message or call the pager and
and well being of the unit as well as the individual          By the way, you must go through the CFN prior      input the number where you can be reached.
soldier and his/her family.                              to going to Army Emergency Relief for assistance.           Your personal financial advisor stands ready to
    The CFN is given a 40-hour core course of train-     The CFN will do all the preliminary paperwork and       serve you.
                                                               Military                                                  December 8, 2000       21

                                                   Dining Schedule
      Weekday Dining Facilities                     Week of Dec. 9 to Dec. 15                             Weekend Dining Facilities
        A La Carte Facilities                                                                         3rd BCT Mountaineer Inn (building 1369)
                                                                                                      3rd ACR Patton House (building 2161)
3rd BCT Iron Brigade (building 2061)                             Exceptions                           3rd BCT Iron Brigade (building 2061)
Butts Army Airfield (building 9612)                 • Butts Army Airfield Dining Facility is open
                                                      for breakfast and lunch only.
           Standard Facilities                      • The Cheyenne Mountain Inn Dining Facility               Saturday Meal Hours
3rd ACR Patton House (building 2161)                  (building 1040) will be closed Dec. 9 to Jan.         Breakfast    8 to 10 a.m.
                                                      2 for repairs. The Mountaineer Inn (building          Lunch        11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
10th Special Forces Group (A) (building 7481)                                                               Dinner       4 to 6 p.m.
3rd BCT Mountaineer Inn (building 1369)               1369) will be open for three meals daily to
                                                      include weekends.
         Weekday Meal Hours                         • 10th SFG (A) meal hours are the same
                                                      Monday through Friday. It does not serve a            Sunday Brunch/Supper
Mon., Tue., Wed. and Fri.       Thurs.                dinner meal on Friday.                                     Meal Hours
                                                    • CAV House Dining Facility will be closed              Brunch        9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Breakfast 7:30 to 9 a.m.       5:30 to 7 a.m.
                                                      until further notice for repairs.                     Supper        3:30 to 6 p.m.
Lunch     11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. noon to 1:30 p.m.
Dinner    5 to 6:30 p.m.       4 to 5:30 p.m.

                                  Family members are cordially invited to dine
                                        at Fort Carson dining facilities.
                                                                                                                                  December 8, 2000        23

                           Sports & Leisure
52nd Engineers win season opener
                                                                                          by Walt Johnson                the next three points to take a four-
                                                                                         Mountaineer staff               point lead into halftime.
                                                                                  Headquarters Support Company,               The Engineers seem to have all the
                                                                             52nd Engineers basketball team, used        essential elements of a winner. They
                                                                             its athletic gifts and some clutch shoot-   have a bruising center, Matthew
                                                                             ing to earn a 57-45 victory over the        Fennell, an outstanding point guard,
                                                                             534th Signal Company in the first           Mike Surman, and Woodberry who is
                                                                             Mountaineer game of the week.               as good a forward as there is in the
                                                                                  The final score of the game was        league. The team would need all three
                                                                             not indicative of the way the game was      players and shooting guard Meredith
                                                                             played. This was a nip and tuck affair      Morgan, in the second half to win the
                                                                             from beginning to near the end as nei-      game, especially since they were play-
                                                                             ther team could manage more than a          ing without two of their top players
                                                                             seven-point lead at any point in the        because of duty comitments.
                                                                             game until the final minutes when the            With the Signal team determined
                                                                             Engineers pulled away.                      to stay in the game in the second half,
                                                                                  The game was so close in the first     time and time again the Engineers
                                                                             half that you had trouble getting a hand    found themselves protecting slim
                                                                             on who was really in control of the         leads.
                                                                             game. Just when it seemed like the               First Woodberry and then Morgan
                                                                             Engineers were in control of the game,      hit key baskets that extended one-or-
                                                                             opening up a seven-point lead at one        two point leads for the Engineers and
                                                                             point, the Signal team came storming        in the end helped the team cruise to
                                                                             back, getting as close as one point         victory.
                                                                             behind.                                          After the game, Engineers coach
                                                                                  Just before halftime, the Engineers    Woodberry said his team played well
                                                                             found themselves being pressed again        but could have played better.
                                                    Photos by Walt Johnson   by the Signal team. Signal had two               “We won but we had too many
Mike Surman, Headquarters Support Company, 52nd Engineers                    good fast break opportunities that          turnovers. We played hard like we were
guard, drives to the basket for two points.                                  would have given the team the lead for      supposed to but we were also missing
                                                                             the first time in the game, but missed      two of our better players, which hurt
                                                                             the layup and jump shot attempt. With       us. We wanted to go man-to-man but
                                                                             the Engineers clinging to a one-point       we had to play a zone and they hurt us
                                                                             advantage, 20-19, with less than a          with their rebounding. But, we made
                                                                             minute in the half, the Engineers’ Sam      the plays we had to, to win the game,”
                                                                             Woodberry and his teammates scored          Woodberry said.

Headquarters Support Company center Matthew Fennell grabs a
rebound and then lays the ball up for two points late in the second          Headquarters Support Company forward Sam Woodberry rises off the
half.                                                                        floor to grab a rebound.
24       December 8, 2000                                      Sports & Leisure
On the Bench

   Trident swimmers look strong in Falfins winter open
             by Walt Johnson                      The Fort Carson Tridents swim-
           Mountaineer staff                 ming team got great effort from all
     Gang, this is getting to be just too    its swimmers according to head
good to be true. I watched with great        coach Pat Burch at the United States
pleasure Sunday the total dismantling        Air Force Academy’s Falfin Winter
of “that team from Texas” by the             Open swim meet Dec. 1 to3.
                    Tampa Bay                     The meet was another chance for
                    Buccaneers like a        the Tridents team to get some good
                    proud father would       competition and get in postition to host
                    look at his son          its first swimming meet in January at
                    achieving athletic       the renovated indoor swimming pool.
                    greatness. So bad is          Burch said six of the Trident swim-
                    this team that it        mers had extra special achievements.
                    makes me feel so              In the 9-to-10 year old category,
                    good. And just           Tyler Davis had one first place finish,
                    think, they will be in   three second place finishes, a third
    Johnson         line for a high first    place finish, a fourth place finish, a
                    round draft pick         fifth place finish and two sixth place
that will go to Seattle as payment for       finishes. Davis’ time in the second
wide receiver Joey Galloway. Boy, if         through sixth place finishes cut time
anything else bad (of course exclud-         off his Junior Olympic marks for the
ing human injury) can happen to this         season.
team it won’t be too soon, my friends             Trevor Percival had a ninth, 10th,
(smile).                                     11th,12th,13th, 14th and 16th place
     The Fort Carson Sports division         finish in the 9-to-10 year old category.
is sponsoring a Christmas basketball         His 10th place finish cut time off his
tournament Dec. 29, 30 and 31.               Junior Olympic time.
     The basketball tournament is open            In the boys eight and under cate-
to all post-level teams and will be          gory, Jonathan Teague finished second,
played in a double elimination format.       fourth and seventh in his events,
The entry fee for the tournament is          Hunter Carl finished 11th and 12th,
$125, which can only be paid by cash,        while Nicholas Dettmer finished sev-                                                         Photo by Walt Johnson

                                             enth and eighth.                           As the little brother in the family Tom Behling, Bravo Company,
and the fee must be paid by Dec. 16.
     For the tournament, each team can            In eight-and-under girls competi-     64th Forward Support Battalion, left, knows about finishing sec-
have a maximum of 14 players. Awards         tion, Jordan Davis finished fourth,        ond to his big brother Gerry Behling, right, Services Battery, 3rd
will be presented for first, second and      eighth, 12th, 14th and 15th in her         Battalion, 29th Field Artillery. Except that is, during the intra-
third place finishes. For more informa-      events. The meet drew more than 600        mural football playoffs when Tom caught a touchdown pass
tion contact Josh Mitchell at 526-2411.                                                 over his brother during the playoff game Nov. 21.
                                                              See Bench Page 25
                                                               Sports & Leisure                                             December 8, 2000         25
Bench                                and maybe that is why so many
                                     fans are turning away from
From Page 24
swimmers to the Academy pool              So the Colorado Rockies
over the three-day event.
                                     have signed Denny Neagle to a
     The Colorado Gold Kings
professional hockey team will        contract and want to also sign
be back in action again at the       pitcher Mike Hampton.
World Arena Dec. 20 when the              If you are a Rockies fan, let
team hosts San Diego.                me spare you some heartache
     The game will be the first of   and concern. The only time you
three games scheduled to be          are going to see Mike Hampton
played Dec. 20, 22 and 23.
                                     at Coors Field is when whatever
Tickets for the Gold Kings can
be obtained at the World Arena       team he signs with comes to
box office or the Information,       town.
Ticket and Registration office on         I will be the first to admit
post.                                that I would not have picked
     Well it’s time for me to        the Minnesota Vikings to have
blow off some steam from the         the best record in the National
professional sports scene.
                                     Football Conference, or the
     Isn’t it amazing how the
players come out and say one of      Oakland Raiders to have the
two things after their coach gets    best record in the American
fired? Either they say “the play-    Football Conference but there
ers let the coach down and did-      they are, leading their respec-
n’t perform as well as they          tive conferences.
should have,” or they say, “I did-        Although it’s too early for
n’t run the coach out of town, I
                                     my NFL playoff picks I will say
just did what I was asked to do.”                                                                                                   Photo by Walt Johnson
                                     this, I’m not sure either team is
     In both cases that is the
biggest bunch of baloney you         a lock to get to the Super Bowl,     Tridents change suits ...
ever want to hear. If you want to    even if they do get home field       Fort Carson Tridents swimming team Head Coach Pat Burch, far right, and
know what is wrong with sports       advantage in the playoffs. Of the    Deanna Kerl of the Colorado Running Company, left, and two members of
today, look no further than          two teams, the Raiders are more      the Trident swimming team look over the new uniforms provided to the
Seattle and Washington, where        likely to make it to Tampa Bay       Tridents by the Colorado Running Company owned by Jeff Tarbert. The
Supersonics basketball coach                                              locally owned and operated running team said it made the donations
                                     because it is a more complete
Paul Westphal and Redskins                                                “because it wants to be involved in the community at Fort Carson much the
football coach Norv Turner were      team. The Vikings will have to
                                                                          same way we do the running team,” said John O’Neill, Colorado Running
shown the door. Gang, the            improve its defense if it hopes to
inmates are indeed running the       make it to Tampa Bay; more on
asylum in pro sports these days      this later.
26   December 8, 2000                         Sports & Leisure

          Picks                               John Berlin
                                              HHT 1/3 ACR
                                                             Corrine Ganacias
                                                              Family member
                                                                                  Thomas Schawe
                                                                                32nd Transportation
                                                                                                      Dudley Stone
                                                                                                      HHB 3/29 FA
      College/NFL Week 15
          Carolina at Kansas City               Carolina         Carolina             Carolina         Kansas City

         New England at Chicago               New England        Chicago            New England       New England
           Detroit at Green Bay                Green Bay        Green Bay            Green Bay         Green Bay

         Cincinnati at Tennessee                Tennessee        Tennessee           Tennessee          Tennessee

          Arizona at Jacksonville             Jacksonville      Jacksonville        Jacksonville       Jacksonville

        Philadelphia at Cleveland             Philadelphia      Philadelphia        Philadelphia      Philadelphia

          San Diego at Baltimore               Baltimore        San Diego            Baltimore          Baltimore

         Pittsburgh at N.Y. Giants             Pittsburgh       N.Y. Giants          N.Y. Giants       N.Y. Giants

           Tampa Bay at Miami                    Miami          Tampa Bay              Miami             Miami

      New Orleans at San Francisco             New Orleans     San Francisco        New Orleans       New Orleans

             Seattle at Denver                   Denver           Denver               Denver            Denver

          Minnesota at St. Louis               Minnesota         St. Louis           Minnesota         Minnesota

           Washington at Dallas                Washington      Washington           Washington         Washington

           N.Y. Jets at Oakland                 Oakland          Oakland              Oakland           Oakland

          Buffalo at Indianapolis               Buffalo        Indianapolis         Indianapolis         Buffalo

 Oklahoma vs Florida State (national title)    Oklahoma         Oklahoma            Florida State     Florida State
        Sports & Leisure                                        December 8, 2000    27

Mountaineer Sports Spotlight

                                           A young man earns a
                                           weighty medal ...
                                           Fort Carson Youth Center Physical Fitness
                                           Coordinator Kathy Rawson, left, presents a
                                           medal to Nathaniel Fishburne in recognition
                                           of his lifting 332,395 pounds in Rawson’s
                                           weight training program for youths this
                   Photo by Walt Johnson   year.
12-8-00 b-1.qxd   5/1/2002   11:13 AM   Page 1


                                                                                                                        Photo by Nel Lampe
    The path over the bridge and around the lake at the Broadmoor is popular with local citizens and guests alike during
    any time of year.
                          by Nel Lampe         Lunch is affordable in the

                       Mountaineer staff   Tavern - a room with dark wood
                   he Broadmoor Hotel is   paneling and decorated with
                   well known throughout   posters by the French artist, Henri
                   the world — visitors    Toulouse-Lautrec. The Tavern fea-
    come from everywhere for conventions,  tures a live band and dancing
    rounds of golf, to enjoy the spa, the  each evening from 8 p.m. week-
    hotel’s ambiance or to dine in the finedays except Mondays, and 8:30
    restaurants.                           p.m on weekends.
         Indeed, the Broadmoor has been        The Garden Room, next to the
    awarded the Mobil five-star award for  Tavern, has glass walls and ceil-
    40 straight years.                     ing, decorated with trees and
         Those of us who live nearby may   plants and is a popular place for
    not be able to afford to participate inlunch. Both the Tavern and the
    some of the activities available at a  Garden Room are open for lunch
    five-star hotel, but the ambiance is   from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., serving
    there for all of us; and some restaurants
                                           from the dinner menu from 5 to
    are affordable or appropriate for a spe-
                                           11 p.m. daily.
    cial occasion. Jackets for men and         The main hotel also has an
    appropriate dress for women is requiredexpresso shop which serves pas-
    in some of the restaurants. Resort casu-
                                           tries from the hotel’s bakery,
    al is the dress code for the rest of the
                                           lunch items, a selection of coffees
    hotel.                                 ice cream treats and desserts.
                                                       Two more hotels have                                         Photo by Nel Lampe
                                                                                  A decorated tree, wreath and fireplace
                                                   been added to the original
                                                                                  create a warm holiday atmosphere.
                                                   resort hotel: Broadmoor
                                                   South, which has a penthouse         fronted cabinets in the hallways near
                                                   restaurant with great views of       the theater. The small theater usually
                                                   the city; and Broadmoor West,        has a recent movie with one showing
                                                   which contains a nightclub, a        each evening at 7 p.m. During the holi-
                                                   gourmet restaurant — Charles         day season the showing of films is sus-
                                                   Court — and Café Julie which         pended and the Simpich puppet show is
                                                   serves a light menu during the       in the theater.
                                                   day.                                     The hotel’s well tended gardens,
                                                       A pedestrian bridge over the gigantic trees, hanging flower baskets
                                                   lake connects the main hotel         and lake with swimming ducks and
                                                   with Broadmoor West. Guests          swans makes a summer visit memo-
                                                   and local citizens take power        rable. But perhaps the winter holiday
                                                   walks or leisurely strolls around    season is the Broadmoor Hotel’s most
                                                   the lake and over the bridge.        spectacular.
                                                       A stroll through the lobby           Thousands of white lights decorate
                                                   can be a lesson in local history     the trees in front of the hotel and those
                                                   through the historic photographs circling the lake between the main
                                                   on display, depicting the con-       Broadmoor Hotel and Broadmoor West.
                                                   struction of the Broadmoor           Try to find time to see the hotel and
                                                   hotel, its history and information grounds in its holiday décor, and while
                               Photo by Nel Lampe
                                                   about its owners.                    there, check out some of the huge man-
                                                                                                                                                A pull-out section for
    The trees around the Broadmoor Hotel are           The hotel’s founder’s collec-                                                         the Fort Carson community
    strung with lights and a large wreath tion of wine bottles is in glass-                                 See Hotel, Page B-2
    decorates the front of the 1918 hotel.                                                                                                   December 8, 2000
12-8-00 b-1.qxd   5/1/2002   11:13 AM   Page 2

    B2       December 8, 2000

    Hotel                                                in some business ventures. He offered Penrose a
                                                         job, and soon the two were highly successful in
    From Page B-1
                                                         real estate and mining ventures.
    sions near the hotel which are usually elegantly         Penrose owned a part interest in the Cash-on-
    decorated.                                           Delivery gold mine in the Cripple Creek Mining
         The hotel interior is also lavishly decorated   District. When the miners leasing the mine hit
    with lights, decorated trees and poinsettias. A      gold, Penrose and Tutt shared the profits, later
    gingerbread village, guarded by two larger than      selling the mine for a substantial sum. Penrose
    life toy soldiers is displayed in the terrace area.  invested in gold refining mills in Colorado City
         Originally, the Broadmoor area was The          and Canon City, and later Penrose invested in
    Willcox Dairy, and was purchased by Count            copper mines in Arizona and Utah.
    James Portales of Prussia in 1885. He thought            Since the original hotel was built, Penrose
    he’d apply German agricultural methods to make continued to add amenities for the guests; cham-
    the dairy successful. Portales tried to promote      pionship golf courses, a ski resort, swimming
    other projects in the Broadmoor area, and built a pools, tennis courts, and a riding academy, which
    casino, a small hotel and created a lake which is    later became an ice arena for the Broadmoor
    behind the original hotel in the 1890s.              Skating Club.
         Spencer Penrose, known as “Spec,” acquired          Penrose built the Cheyenne Mountain
    the Broadmoor property and built the Broadmoor Highway and a memorial to Will Rogers, located
    Hotel to be permanent and perfect. He hired a        above the zoo. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was
    New York architect — who had designed New            started with animals from his personal collection,
    York City’s Central Station — to design the          and he personally obtained the antique carousel
    hotel. Built in Italian Renaissance style, the hotel for the zoo. Penrose started the annual race up
    was patterned like a European resort. It had         Pikes Peak.
    almost every convenience a guest could want at           Playboy Penrose finally abandoned bachelor-
    its opening in 1918.                                 hood when in his early 40s, and married a
         Penrose had arrived in Colorado Springs in      widow, Julie Villiers Lewis McMillan, whom he                                                    Photo by Nel Lamp
    1892, penniless. Coming from a well to do fami- met in Colorado Springs. She was the daughter                    A Poinsettia “tree” is in the second floor lobby
    ly in Philadelphia, Penrose had spent his share of of a former Detroit mayor and the great grand-                near the ballroom.
    the family fortune on adventures throughout the      daughter of one of the founders of Detroit.                 lar 18th century English-style Pub, serving
    world.                                                   The Penroses were active in cultural and edu-           yards of ale accompanied by honk-tonk piano
         Penrose linked up in Colorado Springs with a cational activities in their community. The Fine               and sing-alongs each evening. The “Bee” is also
    boyhood friend, Charles Tutt, who was involved       Arts Center is located on the site of their former          open for lunch — without the music.
                                                                                           home.                         Across the street from the hotel and the
                                                                                                The Penrose          International Center is another Penrose creation
                                                                                           House at Turkey           — the El Pomar Carriage House. The Carriage
                                                                                           Creek Recreation          House is home to a collection of cars and car-
                                                                                           Area once belonged        riages which belonged to Penrose. When his col-
                                                                                           to Spencer Penrose.       lection became too large for his Broadmoor area
                                                                                                Several buildings    home, Penrose had the Carriage House built.
                                                                                           in Colorado Springs           Entrance to the collection is free, and a vol-
                                                                                           bear the Penrose          unteer conducts tours. The Carriage House is
                                                                                           name: the library, two    open Fridays and Saturdays during the winter,
                                                                                           hospitals, an elemen-     from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.
                                                                                           tary school, and the          Plans are underway for remodeling at the
                                                                                           rodeo arena. Penrose      Broadmoor. A new swimming pool is being built
                                                                                           left much of his for-     and the main hotel will be closed next year for
                                                                                           tune to the El Pomar      remodeling, so now is a good time to see the
                                                                                           Foundation which he       hotel in the style it has been for the past 82
                                                                                           endowed before his        years.
                                                                                           death. The foundation         The Broadmoor Hotel is reached by taking
                                                                                           has given millions of     Highway 115 north to the Broadmoor Exit to
                                                                                           dollars to many caus-     Lake Avenue, heading west. Lake Avenue dead
                                                                       Photo by Nel Lampe es and local and state-
                                                                                                                     ends in front of the main hotel, or take a right
    A winter village scene, created in gingerbread, is displayed on the wide charitable, reli-                       and follow signs to Broadmoor West or to reach
    second floor of the hotel.                                                             gious and educational     Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Will Rogers
                                                                                           institutions.             Shrine.
                                                                                                The public is wel-       There are several free parking lots on the
                                                                                           come to use the           hotel grounds and on the streets near the hotel,
                                                                                           Broadmoor facilities,     but parking is scarce when a large event takes
                                                                                           other than the private    place in the hotel or International Center.
                                                                                           pools and the golf
                                                                                           club and golf courses.                      Just the Facts
                                                                                                A large conven-
                                                                                           tion facility, the             • Travel time     15 minutes
                                                                                           International Center,
                                                                                           is across the street           • For ages            all
                                                                                           from the main hotel.           • Type           Resort hotel
                                                                                           The International
                                                                                           Center is used for             • Fun factor ★★★★★ (Out of 5 stars)
                                                                                           conventions and large
                                                                                                                          • Wallet damage free entry
                                                                                           events, such as the
                                                                                           annual Armed Forces                       $ = Less than $20
                                                                                           Day Luncheon. At the
                                                                                           back of the                              $$ = $21 to $40

                                                                 Photo by Sgt. Bryan Beach
                                                                                           International Center,                       $$$ = $41 to $80
    The holiday season at the Broadmoor Hotel is almost a fairyland of white accessed from the
    lights.                                                                                parking lot, is a popu-              (Based on a family of four)
                                                                                                    solving for single parents Tuesdays at 5
mmunity Service offers a monthly           Christmas party with pizza and drinks.
erstanding the Immigration Process”                                                                 building 1526. Group discussions are he
Monday of the month from 11 a.m. to                                                                 divorce recovery, remarriage, money ma
                                               The Fort Carson Officers’ Wives’ Charitable
 endees will receive information on the                                                             stress, massage therapy and more. Free
                                           Association is renting Santa suits through Dec. 23.
f the immigration process and the effect   There are two suits available for $15 each. They will    pizza are available. For more informatio
 nge of station orders have on the         also hold a “Tour of Homes” function Thursday after      4590.
oning for immediate and preference rel-    the St. Nick’s Tea which starts at 4:30 p.m. at the
 sting relatives and friends in applying   Elkhorn Conference Center. St. Nick’s Tea culmu-              Volkswagen owners — The followi
 y visitor visa into the United States.    nates the drive which helps to collect presents for      has been established to rally all Volkswa
 mation, call Joe Camacho at 526-4590.     children through child sponsorship. For more infor-      for friendship and conversation: Wednes
                                           mation on the function or tea, call 390-6368 or 527-     a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Fort Carson Burger
mmunity Service, building 1526, will       4214. For more information on the suits call 226-             Individuals who wish to volunteer i
. 25 for Christmas and Dec. 26 for a       1575.                                                    for the local VW database can submit a
y. For emergency assistance during                                                                  with personal e-mail address at any mee
l the Emergency Operations Center at           The Fort Carson Post Exchange will have a            more information and dates, call Comm
                                           Driving Under the Influence Prevention booth today       Everette Coppock or Spc. John Gladden
                                           from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and a DUI simulator Dec. 15
ncial Readiness Center presents a          from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information call the           Child and Youth Services currently
 ning Class for first-term soldiers from   Alcohol and Drug Control Office at 526-2181.             ings for Family Child Care Providers. P
m. Jan. 26 at McMahon Theater. The                                                                  needed both on- and off-post. Free train
 ide financial readiness education. For        Volunteers, ages 16 and older, are needed for        care during training classes; a free start
 ion, call 526-4590.                       the Children’s Literacy Center to provide one-on-        use of toys/equipment from the lending
                                           one tutoring in reading to first, second and third       be provided. An orientation class is con
ncial Readiness Debt Management            graders. To volunteer, or for more information, call     first Friday of each month at 1 p.m. at C
 ailable to help active duty, family       471-8672.                                                Youth Services, building 5510, on Harr
 ees and Department of Defense civil-                                                               interested, call the Family Child Care of
 problems. For registration and more           McMahon Theater will sponsor Driving Under           3338.
all 526-0449.                              the Influence classes Tuesday and Wednesday from 9
                                           to 11:30 a.m. and 1 to 3:30 p.m. in recognition of
                                                                                                        The Cheyenne Mountain School D
                                           National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention
                                                                                                    looking for workers to fill cook and se
 scellaneous                               Month. For more information, call 526-2181.
                                                                                                    For more information, call 686-2036.
                                               Students and their parents are invited to attend
  Peak Ngineers model railroad club        an information meeting designed to assist high school        Annual leave donors are needed fo
 pen house Saturday and Sunday. The        students interested in applying to a service academy     Marcella Ann Orr, an employee of Med
N scale trains covering a variety of       or for a college scholarship through the ROTC pro-       Department Activity. The leave is neede
 neral focus on the Colorado area. Open    gram. There will be a meeting Dec. 27 in Pueblo          absence due to the exhaustion of her av
 e, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, and noon   from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Retired Enlisted              leave. For more information, call 526-7
day. The club is located at 3645           Association building, at 3913 Sadalwood St. For
Suite 108, one block west of Academy       more information, call (719) 784-6729.                       Annual leave donors are needed fo
  two blocks south of Austin Bluffs.                                                                Cellars, an employee of Medical Depart
 ree, but donations are appreciated.           The Directorate of Resource Management will          The leave is needed to cover her absenc
                                           conduct a sealed bid zone sale Dec. 28. Bids will        exhaustion of her available paid leave. F
tion Army is accepting applications        begin at 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Items being offered      information, call 526-7246.
eeding food, toys and shoe certifi-        include computer equipment, office supplies and
he holidays until Dec. 15. The center      much more. For more information, call 526-9684.              Annual leave donors are needed fo
615 N. Chelton Rd. It is open Monday                                                                Pipken, an employee of Medical Depart
a.m. to 5 p.m., except Thursdays, when         The Colorado Self-Help and Resource                  The leave is needed to cover her absenc
6 p.m. To apply, bring a photo ID and      Exchange is a program designed to offset the cost of     exhaustion of her available paid leave. F
 cards of each member of your family.      food in the Colorado Springs area. For every two         information, call 526-7246.
 mation, call 636-3891, extension 13.      hours of time volunteers give, they can purchase a
                                           food package for $15, which is usually worth                 Annual leave donors are needed fo
 “Laser Light Show and Concert” at         between $25 and $50. For more information, call          Bobo, an employee of Deparment of En
torium Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday       526-4590.                                                Compliance and Management. The leav
he show benefits Colorado Care and
                                                                                                    cover his absence due to the exhaustion
                                               The American Red Cross, Pikes Peak Chapter,
                                                                                                    able paid leave. For more information, c
                                           has announced class dates for health and safety ser-
 Carson Commissary will be open            vices courses. They are:
3 at 8 a.m. There will be no early             • Community CPR: Tuesday and Thursday.
ping scheduled on these days. The com-
 lose at 3 p.m. Dec. 24 and at 8:30 p.m.
                                               • First Aid and CPR Challenge: Dec. 16.
                                               • Community First Aid and Safety: Monday and
more information, call 526-5644.           Wednesday.                                                  The YMCA downtown will host a
                                               • Babysitter’s Training: Saturday, Dec. 16, 28 and
                                                                                                    Cream Shoppe Sunday from 1 to 2:30 p
                                             Jan. 15. For more information call Danny Moyer at         phone features to your existing service,
                                             526-5115 or 526-9222.                                     from the local phone company service.
e Advocate General’s office will be                                                                    a $200 weekly drawing for six weeks. F
day at 10 a.m. for its annual Christmas           Attention Korean War Veterans. If you would          mation visit the Barracks Phone Center
 e information, call Sgt. Sharon Tongol      like to receive the Korean War Service Medal, and         1851, Porter St., or call the on-site repre
 r Sgt. 1st Class Ramon Madera at 526-       you served in the military between June 25, 1950 and      579-7462.
                                             July 27, 1953, you may receive this medal at a formal
                                             ceremony sponsored by the Dutch Nelson Chapter of             The Used Car Sales Lot has been
 ay schedule for range division and          the Korean War Veterans Association, and the              Mini Mall parking lot. Parking is restr
n Maneuver Site has been posted.             Korean/American Society of Colorado Springs. For          motorcycles, cars and pick-up trucks wi
vision is closed from Dec. 22 at 4 p.m.      more information, call the Dutch Nelson Chapter’s         Fort Carson permits. Permits are issued
at 5 a.m. It will close again Dec. 29 at 4   point of contact, Scott L. Dafebaugh at 444-0399.
                                                                                                       $10 for a 30-day period. For more infor
e-open until Jan. 2 at 5 a.m.                                                                          524-1146.
 yon Maneuver Site will be closed from           The Army Career and Alumni Program will
  2. It will re-open at 6:30 a.m. Jan. 3.    hold bake sales Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
                                             through Dec. 20 from 7:30 to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.              The 18th Annual All-Service Acad
 nformation, call 526-5597.
                                             Proceeds will be donated to the Fort Carson Food          scheduled for Dec. 29 at the Colorado S
                                             Pantry.                                                   Wyndham Hotel. This event is open to a
ard/DEERS section will be closed
                                                                                                       of the four service academies. Tickets a
an. 2 for installation training holidays.
 mation, call 524-3704.                           Army license plate — An effort is under way to       person and include dinner and dancing.
                                             bring a U.S. Army license plate to Colorado drivers
orces briefings are held Wednesdays          who are serving in the active Army, U.S. Army                  The Army Career and Alumni Pro
 nd Thursdays at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m.          Reserves, Army National Guard, or anyone who has          now has set times for clearing. Monday
ry. You can apply for SF training as a       retired from these organizations. Currently there are     Wednesday, 7:30 to 9 a.m. and 3:30 to 4
ss, but cannot begin training until you      plates for other services, but not the Army.              Thursday 9 to 10 a.m. and 3:30 to 4:30
r more information, call 524-1461 or              The Colorado Springs Special Interest U.S. Army      7:30 to 9 a.m. and 1 to 2:30 p.m. If you
                                             license plate, which is in the design stages now, will    tions, call 526-1002 or 526-0640, or vis
                                             not be produced unless 250 people commit to buying
y Family Action Plan Conference is           the plates. Those interested in purchasing the plate
nd Dec. 15 at the Elkhorn Conference         need to add their names to the list in order to begin
                                                                                                            The Sergeant Audie Murphy Club
ore information, or to volunteer to be a     production. There will be a one-time charge of $35
                                             payable at the time of the registration of each vehicle   dar is as follows:
526-0461.                                                                                                  All meetings are held monthly on th
                                             receiving the plates. Applications for the plates
                                             should be in by March. If approved, the plates will be    Wednesday of the month at 11:30 a.m. a
y and Air Force Exchange Service, in
                                             issued starting Jan. 2002, at the time of renewal.        Mountain Post Wellness Center on the s
 ith the Navy Exchange System, has
                                                  Persons willing to commit to purchasing the          conference room in the Family Readine
  Opportunities for Single Soldiers          plates in 2002 need to send their name, address,              Induction ceremonies and rehearsal
eetings are on the second and fourth         county where they reside and number of sets they          McMahon Theater. All other events are
each month from 1 to 3 p.m. at               will be purchasing to: Richard G. Wake, Sgt. Maj.         the main conference room of building 1
 . For more information on how you           (retired); 9790 Melody Drive; Northglenn, CO              information, call 526-2409 or 526-3887
active in the BOSS program, partici-         80260. Phone (303) 451-0084; E-mail:
s or if you have ideas, concerns or .                                              Reminder to all outprocessing sol
ntact Spc. Amy Hafford at 524-BOSS                                                                     sonnel are required to begin outprocessi
                                                 Here’s a chance for career civilians to become
                                                                                                       lation 30 days prior to the date on the o
                                             more valuable to your organization and the Army.
                                                                                                       less of marital status or unit obligations
 s for the U.S. Army Soldier Show            Join the team of future leaders who are graduates of
                                                                                                       Carson Outprocessing Center is located
                                             the Army Management Staff College. Eligible are:
 1 to 17 at McMahon Theater. Those                                                                     floor of the Welcome Center, building 1
                                             centrally funded DA civilians, GS 12-14s, with high
udition need to bring their own equip-                                                                 information call 526-4462.
                                             potential and desire to make a difference (GS-11s
 tumes. To sign up for an audition call
                                             may apply by exception).
ooks at 526-3277 from 9:30 a.m. to                                                                         Editor’s note: The deadline for subm
                                                 The next class is in May — slots go fast. Take a
  p.m. 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday,
                                             few minutes to apply now on-line for the Sustaining       “Briefs” to the Mountaineer is 5 p.m. F
 nd Friday; before Dec. 21.
                                             Base Leadership and Management Program.                   publication date.

                                                 The Armed Services YMCA offers step aerobics          Chaplains Fund.For more information, c
                                             classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Meadows Park
                                             Center from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The cost is $6 for a           Fort Carson Youth Sports needs v
                                             two-month session. The Deerfield Center offers low
 heater include “Big Bad Voodoo                                        “A Christmas Carol” runs through Dec. 23 at
27 and “Porgy and Bess” Feb. 25.                                                                                                                          Trolley rides
                                                                  the Aurora Fox Theater, 9900 E. Colfax. Tickets start                     Old Colorado City has trolley rid
ailable at 333-4497, and prices start at                          at $9, call (303) 361-2910.                                           from the Pioneer Building in Bancroft P
                                                                       “Cinderella” is at the Town Hall Arts Center in
                                                                                                                                        Saturday till Christmas. Santa will be a
             Theater                                              Littleton, 2450 SW Main St. Call (303) 794-2787 for
                                                                  tickets. “Cinderella” runs through Dec. 17.                           have his picture made for a small charg
and the Amazing Technicolor Dream
hrough Dec. 17. Performances are at 8                                  “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor                                              Yule Log hunt
ys through Saturdays and 2 p.m.                                   Dreamcoat” is in Arvada Center for the Arts,Tuesday                       For many years Palmer Lake has ha
 e Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center                              through Jan. 7. Call (303) 431-3939 for ticket
                                                                                                                                        Log Hunt” and ceremony which begin
 . Dale St. Tickets start at $2; call the                         information.
                                                                       “Annie Get Your Gun,” starring Marilu Henner                     Dec. 17 at the Palmer Lake Town Hall.
634-5583.                                                                                                                               2572 for more information about the fr
 of the Heart,” by the Star Bar Players                           and Tom Wopat, runs Jan. 9 through 23 at the Buell
                                                                  Theatre. Tickets start at $15, call TicketMaster at                   Palmer Lake is north of the Air Force A
  ugh Sunday at the Lon Chaney Theater
                                                                  520-9090.                                                             Interstate 25.
  ditorium, 221 E. Kiowa St.
  are at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and                               “Annie” is at Denver’s Buell Theatre Jan. 5 to 7.
y. Tickets start at $10, call 473-7411.                           Tickets are available at (800) 641-1222.                                          Rock Ledge Ranc
                                                                                                                                            “Twilight Frontier Christmas” at
   is performed in the Smokebrush
S. Nevada, through Dec. 17.                                                             Madrigal dinner                                 Ranch features wagon rides, lantern tou
  are at 7 p.m. Wednesdays and                                         The Rosemount Victorian Museum in Pueblo                         refreshments, from 4 to 8 p.m. Dec. 16
p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, and 2 p.m.                            presents a traditional madrigal dinner today,                         Entrance is $5 for adults and $1 for chi
 ets start at $5; call 444-0884.                                  Saturday, Sunday, and Dec. 12, 13 and 14 at the                       ranch is next to the entrance to the Gard
 Saw Another Butterfly” is at the Pikes                           Carriage House Restaurant. Tickets start at $30.                      Gods on 30th St. Call 578-6777 for info
nity College main campus, through Dec.                            Dinner is at 7 p.m., followed by the Damon Runyon
 several performances. Call 540-7418                              Repertory Theater production. Call (719) 545-5290                                  University theate
 n and tickets, which start at $5.                                for tickets.                                                              “A Christmas Carol” is presented
                                                                                                                                        Works at the University of Colorado at
n Falls holiday lighting                                                              Festival of Lights                                Springs Dec. 20 through 24 at 7:30 p.m
 ls lights up for the holidays and is open                            Royal Gorge Bridge invites visitors to enjoy                      through Sunday. There’s a 4 p.m. perfor
 m. Dec. 18 to 29 (except for Christmas                           thousands of lights decorating the park Wednesday                     Sunday. Tickets are $15; call 577-5747.
  by cash donation — $2 per person is                             through Dec. 16, as well as special entertainment in
 t chocolate and cider may be purchased                           the Plaza Theater. Admission is free between 5 and 8                               Repertory Theate
 ar.                                                              p.m., with a donation of non-perishable food.                             Charles Dickens’ “Scrooge” is set f
                                                                                                                                        Friday and Dec. 16 at 7:30 p.m., and a
 ictorian Christmas                                                                      Holiday Lights                                 matinee Dec. 17 performed by Damon
 Castle Museum celebrates Christmas                                   Learn about winter holiday customs from
                                                                  cultures around the world at the “Holiday Lights”                     Repertory Theatre Co. “The Sound of S
 yle. Saturday and Sunday, starting at
re’s entertainment and free                                       display at the Fine Arts Center. Admission is charged                 a modern Christmas fable, will also be
 The Castle is at 9 Capitol Hill Ave., in                         except Saturdays. The Fine Arts Center is at 30 W.                    Community College’s Occhiato Theater
ngs and admission is $4 for adults and                            Dale St.                                                              tickets are $7; call (719) 295-1040. The
n ages 6 to 11; those under 5 are                                                                                                       900 W. Orman Ave. in Pueblo.
 Call 685-1011 for information.                                                        Family activities
                                                                      Family Activity Days at the Colorado Springs                                         Nutcracker
mas at McAllister House                                           Fine Arts Center are Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m.                            “Nutcracker,” the musical, perform
 llister House Museum, 423 N. Cascade,                            Activities are for the whole family and there is no                   Carson’s children, is set for McMahon T
mas tours at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.                                   entry fee. Family Activity Day is also Dec. 16, from 1                p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $
 Dec. 16. Admission is $6 for adults and                          to 3 p.m. Visitors may enjoy the Holiday Lights                       and $2 for students and senior citizens.
 n.                                                               display free on those days.                                           under 5 are admitted free. Tickets are at

                                                        C i & Save

                                    Home Theater                                              MOVIES

 rld Company
  S AT U R D AY      S U N D AY
                                     Dec. 8 - 15
                                       M O N D AY           The Patriot           11STG
                                                                                                High Fidelity
                                                                                                                   CH. 39
      U 571         Pitch Black     Final Destination         11 S S W           1:30 A M           11STQ

    12:30 A M
                       11SSD              11 S S M
                                         2:00 A M
                                                              2:00 A M
                                                         Mission to Mars
                                                                                  U 571            2:30 A M         IN STEREO
                      2:30 A M                                                    11STH            Rules of
 ission to Mars        U 571           The Patriot             11SSX             3:30 A M
                                          11SSN               5:00 A M           Rules of
                                                                                                Engagement          H AVE Y O U R
     4:30 A M                            4:00 A M        Where the Heart                            11STR
   Pitch Black        4:30 A M            U 571                  Is
                                                                                                   4:30 A M
                                                                                                                       8 DIGIT
                    South Park                                                     11STI
                  Holiday Special
                                          11SSO                11SSY
                                                                                 8:30 A M       High Fidelity        ACCOUNT
     4:30 A M                            8:00 A M             8:00 A M
     28 Days           11SSF           Viva Rock            The Skulls          Love and            11STS          NUMBER A N D
      11SRU                               Vegas                                Basketball          8:30 A M
     7:00 A M
                      7:00 A M
                                                                                  11STJ       Mission to Mars
                  English Premier                            10:00 A M
   The Skulls     Soccer League         10:00 A M          High Fidelity        11:00 A M           11STT          READY W H E N

                                                                                                                                           A         magedd
      11SRV                             Ready to               11STA             Rules of         10:30 A M
     9:00 A M
                                         Rumble              12:00 PM         Engagement
                                                                                                                     YOU CALL
                                                                                              Where the Heart Is

  High Fidelity       9:00 A M            11SSQ
     11SRW          The Patriot         11:30 A M
                                                         Final Destination        11STK             11STU           TO OBTAIN Y O U R
                                                               11STB            1;30 PM                            PIN NUMBER CALL
    11:00 A M          11SSH         WWF FANatix:                                                 12:30 PM
                                                              2:00 PM         High Fidelity
   Pitch Black       11:30 A M         The Three                                              Love & Basketball
                                                            Pitch Black           11STL
      11SRX          Viva Rock       Faces of Foley                                                 11STV
                                                               11STC            4:00 PM
     1:00 PM           Vegas              11SSR
                                                              4:00 PM        WWF FANatnix:         2:30 PM
 ission to Mars         11SSI            1:30 PM
                                       The Patriot              WWF                              The Patriot
      11SRY                                                                    The Three
                      2:30 PM                              Armageddon                               11 S T W
     3:00 PM                              11SSS                              Faces of Foley
                                 Program schedule for Fort Carson cable
                                                                                     week prior to publication.
                              Channel 10, today to Dec. 15.
                                                                                         If you have ideas for Mountain Post
                                 Mountain Post Magazine: Stories on and
                              about Fort Carson soldiers, civilians and family       contact 1st Lt. Nadia Calderolli at 526-
                              members. Airs at 7 a.m., 10 a.m., noon, 3 p.m., 7      1253 or 562-2941, or email
                              p.m. and midnight.                            .
                                 Army Newswatch: includes stories on World               If you wish to have a training video
                              War II Memorial groundbreaking, Japanese               on Channel 9 only, contact the Regiona
                              American Memorial dedication and the Austrian          Support Center at 526-5111.
                              mountain train accident. Airs at 7:30 a.m., 12:30          For additions to the Community Ca
                              p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.                         please submit a clean, typewritten copy
                                 Air Force News: includes stories on John            mation to the Public Affairs Office, roo
                              Levitow and the flying chaplain of Minot Air Force     building 1550, Fort Carson, CO 80913
                              Base, N.D. Airs at 8 a.m., 1 p.m., 8 p.m. and 1 a.m.   526-1021 no later than the Friday befor
                                 Navy/Marine Corps News: Special Marine              time.
                              Corps birthday edition. Airs at 8:30 a.m., 1:30            Mountain Post Magazine is now sho
                              p.m., 8:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.                          Adelphia cable channel 13 or WANT-TV
                                 Community Calendar airs between program             Monday at 2:15 p.m., Thursday at 4:15
                              showing times. Also showing is a show on the           Saturday at 10:15 a.m.

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ada Av .
            il o r l
           Bl s C r a
             ALL MILITA RY
           FINANCING W. . .

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