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Mortgage Rate Reductions by reacquisitions


Many homeowners are struggling with rising interest rates and the threat of foreclosure. One option is to explore a mortgage reduction with a debt negotiations specialist. A mortgage reduction is just what the name implies, a re-negotiation of your current loan terms. This could include payment amount, interest rates, and length of note.

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Thousands of homeowners are struggling to make mortgage payments on loans with skyrocketing interest rates. The time just prior to foreclosure, or “pre-foreclosure”, contains a small window of opportunity to re-negotiate mortgages and associated rates.


However, mortgage rate reductions are not something a homeowner should attempt on their own. It is critical to hire a debt negotiations firm with skilled attorneys and licensed mortgage brokers. Remember, this is a legally binding contract and changes should not be attempted without the proper counsel.


“We have a long history of success in debt negotiation services.” says a representative from RE Acquisitions. “Our licensed and bonded mortgage brokers have relationships with Portland area lenders that can help ensure these transactions are successful. “

A good mortgage reduction specialist is able to negotiate:  Lower monthly payments  Best possible interest rates  Refinancing when others say no  A workable payment plan  Approval in as little as three days


RE Acquisitions in Portland, Oregon is a mortgage rate reduction and short sale service firm. They have years of experience, existing relationships and pre-qualified buyers that will enable them to provide services to homeowners who need to sell their house quickly. Contact them via their website for more information.

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