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Mortgage Reductions


Thousands of homeowners are struggling to make mortgage payments on loans with skyrocketing interest rates. The time just prior to foreclosure, or “pre-foreclosure”, contains a small window of opportunity to re-negotiate mortgages and associated rates.

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Mortgage Reduction Many homeowners are struggling with rising interest rates and the threat of foreclosure. One option is to explore a mortgage reduction with a debt negotiations specialist. A mortgage reduction is just what the name implies, a re-negotiation of your current loan terms. This could include payment amount, interest rates, and length of note. However, each case is affected by many variables and there is no one formula that will guarantee success. “We recommend that homeowners hire a licensed and bonded mortgage broker to represent them in negotiations. They simply aren’t best served by attempting to tackle this on their own,” reports a source from RE Acquisitions. RE Acquisitions is a mortgage rate reduction firm in Portland, OR. It is easy to let the pressure of today’s economy build into a feeling of hopelessness. But before you walk away from your house, contact a debt negotiations specialist like RE Acquisitions ( for help. You have options, don’t lose your house without exploring all possible alternatives.

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