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					    Executive Summary

     Wag My Tail, Inc.
By: Lourdes Y Vanhoek, CEO

History of Business

The Company is a California corporation organized under the laws of the state of
California in 2004 to offer storefront pet grooming, mobile pet grooming, pet grooming
franchises, pet grooming school, an online classifieds, and an online dating site for pet

The Company began operations in September of 2004, and immediately
challenged pre-existing pet salons by providing its customers with better, more
affordable services. The Company is headquartered in Tujunga, California. The
corporate office grooms one hundred plus pets a week.

In January 2005, the company became a registered school with the State of
California as a pet grooming school. Registration means we have met certain
minimum standards imposed by the state for registered schools on the basis of
our written application to the state. Registration does not mean we have met all
of the more extensive standards required by the state for schools that are
approved to operate or licensed or that the state has verified the information we
submitted with our registration form.

Today, the company enjoys certifying up to five students every five weeks. It has
gained momentum on search engines such as For example: If you
were to search the keyword, “pet grooming school in Los Angeles”, is placed in the second position, and on, same
keyword, in number one position.

In 2006, the company began its franchise operations and was able to sell two
locations one in Mission Viejo, California, the other in Fountain Valley, California.

In 2007, the company entered the mobile grooming business. This business is
expanding rapidly, and plans are on the way to incorporate the mobile grooming
business in the franchise agreement.

May of 2007 the company began its online dating site for pet lovers. The URL is

The company received its Trade Mark from The United States Patents and Trade
Mark Office for its domain name

The company is profitable and continues to grow.
Future goals
The company’s main goal is to become the number one household name in the
pet grooming industry not just nationally but globally as well.

We have identified and established several specific goals:

To establish sixty regional offices similar to the corporate office in which services
will include, grooming, schooling, and franchising.

Each regional office to sell one hundred franchises.

Each regional office to operate mobile grooming services.

To grow its online dating site nationally and globally.


Petco, Petsmart, and many other small pop and mom stores exist today both
locally and nationally. It is estimated that the Pet Industry is a Thirty-Three Billion
Dollars a year industry and is expanding. It is estimated that nationally there are
4000 pets per groomer.

Nature and extent of corporate facilities:

The Corporation’s executive, administrative and operating offices are located in a
4,000 square foot facility at 7209 foothill blvd. Tujunga, CA 91042.

Our national toll free number is 1-888-Wag-Mytail.

It is the opinion of management of the corporation that the property is adequate
for the time being and it is well covered by insurance.


The Company's products and services will be designed to satisfy its customer’s'
needs. A failure to satisfy a customer's need or adverse impact on a customer
from the Company's products or services could result in a claim for damages
against the Company. There can be no assurance that the Company will not be
involved in costly and protracted judicial litigation. The successful assertion of
one or more large claims against the Company that exceed available insurance
policies, such as premium increases, the imposition of large deductibles, or co-
insurance requirements, could materially and adversely affect the Company's
business, operating results, and financial condition.

Name                                              Position

L. Yvonne Vanhoek                         CEO, Secretary, Director
Susan Mivelaz                                   Treasurer, Director


Minimal compensation has been received by any of its officers. The executive
officers and employees of the Company may earn bonuses depending on the
performance of the Company. Directors receive no cash compensation for their
services to the Company as directors, but are reimbursed for expenses actually
incurred in connection with attending meetings of the Board of Directors. The
Company may, with approval of the Board of Directors, in the future, arrange for
and compensate some executive officers as the Company expands.


The Company has not entered into any employment agreements with its executive
officers or other employees to date. The Company may enter into employment
agreement with them in the near future. A stock incentive program for the executive
officers of the Company will be established pursuant to which treasury stock equal to
20% of the remaining authorized shares of common stock of the Company will be
reserved for issuance to the officers and employees if certain earning goals are
achieved, and as determined by the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors.


The Company's Board of Directors presently consists of L. Yvonne Vanhoek and Susan
Mivelaz. All employee and consultant compensation, including payroll expenditures,
salaries, stock options, stock incentives and bonuses, must be approved by the
unanimous consent of the member of the Compensation Committee of the Company's
Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will also have an Audit Committee comprised
of the same members as the Compensation Committee. The Bylaws of the Company
generally provide for majority approval of disinterested directors in order to adopt
resolutions, including any borrowings by the Company or the issuance of any additional
capital stock.


Pursuant to the Company's Bylaws and in accordance with the California
Corporations Code, each shareholder is entitled to one vote for each share of the
Company's preferred (if any) & common stock held, and such holders may, under
certain circumstances, be entitled to cumulative voting rights in the election of

Under California Corporation Law and the Company's Articles of Incorporation,
the Company's directors will have no personal liability to the Company or its
stockholders for monetary damages incurred as the result of the breach or
alleged breach by a director of his or her "duty of care." This provision does not
apply to the directors' (i) acts or omissions that involve intentional misconduct or
a knowing and culpable violation of law, (ii) acts or omissions that a director
believes to be contrary to the best interests of the corporation or its shareholders
or that involve the absence of good faith on the part of the director, (iii) approval
of any transaction from which a director derives an improper personal benefit, (iv)
acts or omissions that show a reckless disregard for the director's duty to the
corporation or its shareholders in circumstances in which the director was aware,
or should have been aware, in the ordinary course of performing a director's
duties, of a risk of serious injury to the corporation or its shareholders, (v) acts or
omissions that constituted an unexcused pattern of inattention that amounts to an
abdication of the director's duty to the corporation or its shareholders, or (vi)
approval of an unlawful dividend, distribution, stock repurchase or redemption.
This provision would generally absolve directors of personal liability for
negligence in the performance of duties, including gross negligence.

The effect of this provision in the Company's Articles of Incorporation is to
eliminate the rights of the Company and its stockholders (through stockholder's
derivative suits on behalf of the Company) to recover monetary damaged against
a director for breach of his fiduciary duty of care as a director (including breaches
resulting from negligent or grossly negligent behavior) except in the situations
described in clauses (i) through (vi) above. This provision does not limit or
eliminate the rights of the Company or any stockholder to seek non-monetary
relief such as an injunction or rescission in the event of a breach or a director's
duty of care. These provisions will not alter the liability of the directors under
federal securities laws. As a matter of disclosure, Lourdes Y Vanhoek holds a
signed letter of indemnification holding her harmless regarding matters, events,
material, representations, agreements, contracts, or other occurrences prior to
his direct involvement with the Company.

The Company intends to enter into agreements to indemnify its directors and
officers, in addition to the indemnification provided for in the Company's Bylaws.
These agreements, among other things, indemnify the Company's directors and
officers for certain expenses (including attorney's fees), judgments, fines, and
settlement amounts incurred by any such person in any action or processing,
including any action by or in the right of the Company, arising out of such
person's services as a director or officer of the Company, any subsidiary of the
Company or any other Company or enterprise to which the person provides
services at the request of the Company.
The Company believes that these provisions and agreements are necessary to
attract and retain qualified directors and officers.

Insofar as indemnification for liabilities arising under the Securities Act may be
permitted to directors, officers or persons controlling the Company pursuant to
the foregoing provisions, the Company has been informed that in the opinion of
the Securities and Exchange Commission, such indemnification is against public
policy as expressed in the Act and therefore can not be enforced.


None pending.


From May 1, 2007 through May 24, 2007, the company had ordinary income of
$26,714.36 and total expenses of $14,165.83 giving it a net income of

Its up-to-date Balance Sheet, as of May 24, 2007, reflected Total Assets of
$529,032.82, Total Liabilities of $386,465.95, and Total Equity of $142,566.87.