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					Political Systems and Leaders Pathfinder:

This compilation of resources has been put together to help you gather information on political
systems and leaders. This pathfinder is meant to be a leaping off point. Explore…

General Advice for Researchers:

    -   Remember the best information is likely to be on the invisible web—you’ll need
        databases and internet portals
    -   Try to think of as many supporting questions as possible. This will make putting your
        argument together much easier
    -   Keep a word document with the URLs (addresses) of the sites that you use…you will
        need these on day 2 in the lab.
    -   Keep track of your sources on Noodletools. In the annotation box, write a brief note about
        why each resource is useful ** What supporting questions does it address?**

  Subscription Databases:

       Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center: from GaleNet, you'll find viewpoint essays,
        reference, magazine and newspaper articles, primary sources, and Web links!
       Use all the databases on the Sal Library Webpage.

Gateway or Portal Sites on the Internet:

Global Affairs/Politics/Government

       O'Keefe Library Hot Paper Topics
       *CNN In-Depth Specials
       Human Rights Watch
       International Affairs Resources
       Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ELSI Project (science-based issues)
       Links to the News
       *OneWorld
       Political Resources on the Net
       Women's Human Rights Resources
       *Yahoo: Government: Political Issues

       Incore Country Guides
       CNN Special (select World)
       Global Issues
       Global Issues on the UN Agenda
       UN Collection on Critical Global Issues
       PBS FRONTLINE/World
       Out There News: Megastories
       Economist Country Briefings
       One World
       Freedom in the World
       CSIS
      Open Directory (Regional)
      Amnesty International Annual Report
      Contemporary Conflicts
      Global Witness
      Human Rights Watch
      Yahoo: Full Coverage World
      Watching America (Discover what the world thinks about the U.S. Translated foreign
      World
      World Newspapers, Magazines, and News Sites in English
      Online
      Global Issues that Affect Everyone
      LIU Institute for Global Studies
      Simultaneous Policy
      World News Links stucurre.html#International
      Least Developed Countries Report

Web Portals for Biography

      Biographical Dictionary
      Lives, the Biography Resource
      Multnomah Homework Center: Biographies
      Gale (free resources)
      LibrarySpot: Biographies
      Who2? (check out the links!)
      Academy of Achievement
      Historic Figures
      Presidential Biography
      Grolier's American Presidency
      POTUS
      President of the United States
      Presidents of the United States
      Presidents Index
      National Portrait Gallery Search

Use these resources to locate news sources from outside the United
         *Yahoo! Newspapers by Country
         *HeadlineSpot: International Newspapers
         *The Paperboy (newspapers from each country)
         * Internet Public Library Online Newspapers
         Watching America (Discover what the world thinks about the U.S.
    Translated foreign news)
         Online
         World Press Review
         World Press
         World News Network
         Newslink
         OneWorld
         Newseum: Today's Front Pages
         Foreign Newspapers
         All You Can Read l
         Press Display
         Online Magazines
         Department of State offers Foreign Media Reaction
         Yahoo! Newspapers by Region
         News and Newspapers Online
         World
         World Newspapers (and magazines)
    International Broadcast News
    BBC News in 33 Languages
    Bates College: Language Learning and Technology
    BRS Radio Directory (International)
    Radio Locator

         Spanish
         French
         German

    Librarian’s Internet Index –Government

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