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									                                               Iowa 4-H Afterschool
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                                    December 2007

Iowa 4-H Afterschool is defined as programs and partnerships that are…
    Offered during the times children and youth are not in school and their parents are in
      need of safe, healthy, caring, and enriching environments for their children and youth.
      They include before- and after-school hours, teacher workdays, school holidays,
      summer months, and in some cases, weekends.
    Designed for children and youth from kindergarten to twelfth grades
    Designed to engage children and youth in experiential learning in partnership with
    Designed on principles of youth development to address the interests of children and
      youth and their physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs.
    FUN!

Individual Submitting (name, title, e-mail address):
Mary TeWinkel, Field Specialist/4-H Youth Development

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Name of Article/Resource:
PBS Kids Go! Design Squad

Author(s): Developed by Intel Education

Primary Article Content:      X Curriculum               Professional Development
                                Evaluation               Research
                                Funding                  Other

Summary of Article/Resource:
Design Squad focuses on math, science and the design process. This program is done in
cooperation with PBS television and is designed to spark the curiosity of young people ages
9-12. It encourages teamwork and creative problem solving. The web site allows you to view
past and current TV shows as well as provides you with the Educator Guide to conduct the
activities. The educator guide has 10 engineering challenges including things such as
building a hidden alarm, making a dance pad, building a rubber band car, doing a kinetic
sculpture and a kicking machine.
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