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									                                                                        Harwich Elementary School
                                                                           Principal’s Newsletter
             Vol. 1, #9 April, 2007                           Sam Hein, Principal              Julie Hall, Assistant Principal

Themes of the month:


       Students respected each other as they quietly passed through our hallways while those in
grades 3-5 worked diligently on their MCAS tests. We trusted that they would give their per-
sonal best and we (as you should be) are proud of their efforts. Trust and Respect are wonder-
ful characteristics, that require daily effort and recog-
nition. Spring is in the air! It is that time of the year. Volunteer News from Susan Richer, Volunteer
       After a beautiful weekend, anticipation of new                     Coordinator
                                                                          Thank you to the following volunteers for helping
growth and rejuvenation is everywhere. We have en-                        supervise students during the dental, vision and
dured another winter and are eager to welcome spring.                     hearing clinic; Sharon Locantore, Janice
This is a good time for students to reflect on their ex-                  MacAskill and Mary Pandiscio.

periences and efforts to date. We can all learn from                      Thank you Elaine Hadley and Sharon Locantore
                                                                          for being greeters for the kindergarten regis-
past mistakes while building on the positive experiences.                 tration. Thank you to the many volunteers that
We may have been part of a problem but it is never too                    prepared student art work for the district art
late to turn it around and finish the year as part of the                 show. The student’s art work looked amazing!
                                                                          Thank you Jeannine Windle, Faith Welsh and
solution. Keep the themes in mind as we embrace the                       Davida Peninger for helping supervise students
excitement and apprehension of spring going into the                      during the afternoon performances at the Com-
summer.                                                                   munity Center for the art show.
                                                                           Please be sure to submit a CORI as soon as pos-
                                                                          sible, if you plan to chaperone upcoming field
Security at HES –for “The Safety of our Children”                         trips. Only volunteers with an approved CORI
                                                                          are allowed to chaperone. If you have already
        Thank you for your cooperation with our new ’Buzzer sys-          done so, thank you.
tem’ and safer drop off procedures. If your child does not ride the       The current needs at the elementary school are:
school bus, student drop off is between 8:15am and 8:35am.
                                                                          1.        Volunteers needed for Kurzweil
        We would like to remind all parents/guests upon entering          Computer Program (scanning reading
the building to:                                                          materials). Training will be provided.
        A) stop in the office and sign in,                                2.      Many volunteers will be needed for the
        B) place a visitors/ volunteer badge in a visible location on     end of the year field day.
oneself,                                                                   Any volunteer that is interested can contact me
                                                                          at 508-430-7212 or sricher@harwich.edu. New
       C) to inform the office staff of your appointment so that
                                                                          volunteers are always welcome. All volunteers
they may direct you or inform the staff member to meet you and            must register and submit a CORI with a photo
        D) to sign out before leaving.                                    copy of your driver’s license.
This will ensure that we attend to all our parents/guests in a timely
manner and that your presence in the building will never be ques-

MCAS Prep/tutoring/schedule
         Students in grade 3-5 have been staying after school since mid-February and continued to work diligently
through the 1st round of MCAS exams. They have to be commended for their hard work and commitment. The fo-
cus will lean towards mathematics as we prepare for those exams in the second half of May. We thank the parents
and staff for their continued support and guidance.
        The second round of MCAS exams will be administered to all 3rd, 4th & 5th graders during the last two
weeks of May. We will be informing all students and families of the specific test administration days in the weeks
to come. It is important to administer the MCAS to all students on their scheduled day and time. Appointments,
vacations etc. should be planned outside these dates if at all possible. We will work together from year to year to
develop as consistent a schedule as possible for all students and families . We thank you for your understanding and
cooperation. If you have had or have any concerns please do not hesitate to share them with your child’s teacher,
guidance personnel, or our administrative team.
Parent Form (Gr. K-4)—student information survey (due Monday, April 23rd)
        Kindergarten through 4th grade parents should have received this form with the students’ report cards
that were sent home on the 16th of March. If you have any concerns with regards to next year’s placement,
please complete and return this form by April 23rd.
         When the staff returns from the spring vacation, we will begin the process of student placements for
next year. There will be collaboration with every staff member that knows and has worked with your child this
year. All academic, physical, social and emotional needs will be considered in determining the best class combina-
tion to meet those needs in the upcoming school year. We will try to match up students and teachers to make next
year’s experience as successful as possible. Parental perspective will either support our understanding of each
child's needs or give us additional insight to make informed decisions. In completing the form, try to focus on
learning or teaching styles, personal or educational experiences that have had positive effects/results for your
child. Please note that any request for a particular teacher will respectfully be returned to you. It is our goal to
build on the educational, social and emotional foundation established from one year to the next. We will strive to
make every transition as smooth and effortless as possible. With your cooperation and support, we plan on com-
pleting the placement process before the summer vacation.

School Council (next mtg. Monday 3/12/07)
       Please contact the Council members with your ideas or join our discussion of the following agenda items:
       School security – for the “Safety of the Children” here in HES.
       Budget update
       Development of student, faculty and parent survey
       ‘07-’08 School Improvement Plan

                         Meeting at 6:30 pm Tuesday, April 3rd in the HES Library

“The Harlem Magic” Basketball Game (come see Mr. Hein, staff and parents show their ‘Magic’)
                                   Thursday April 5th @ 7:00pm -HHS gym

                                           Dates to Remember
Thurs., April 5                        Gr. 5 to Museum of Science, Boston                    8:30am-3:30pm
                                       Harlem Magic vs. Harwich Locals, HHS                  7:00pm
Fri., April 6                                 Good Friday—NO SCHOOL
Mon., April 9                          School Council Mtg.                                   3:05pm
Tues., April 10                        5A/B to Thompson’s Field                              8:45am-12:45pm
Wed., April 11                         5A/B to Muddy Creek                                   11:15am-12:45pm
                                       5K/P to Thompson’s Field                              8:45am-12:45pm
                                       School Committee Mtg., HHS                            7:00pm
Thurs., April 12                       5D/H to Thompson’s Field                              8:45am-12:45pm
Mon., April 16 thru Fri., April 20     SPRING VACATION—NO SCHOOL
Mon., April 23                                LIFETOUCH Picture Day
Mon., April 23 thru Fri., April 27     Ms. Donovan’s Class to Truro
Wed., April 25                         SpEd Pac Meeting, HES Library                         6:30pm
                                       School Committee Mtg., HHS                            7:00pm
Thurs., April 26                       5K/P to Muddy Creek                                   11.15am-12:45pm
Mon., April 30 thru Fri., May 4        Ms. Hanna’s Class to Truro

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