animal farm symbolism

					Animal Farm Symbolism Character/Item The Milk commodity (money)

Similarities The group that is in power (the Russians/Pigs) possesses the money/milk.

The Windmill

5 year plan Industrialism

promised to make life easier (didn’t) both promised to make the work week shorter (didn’t)

The Dogs

K.G.B. (russian secret police) Leon Trotsky

Both are used to intimidate people, kill dissenters, and maintain order.


Both were chased into exile Both wished to improve life for everyone Snowball was a key figure in the rebellion (second only to Napoleon) while Trotsky was important to the rebellion (second only to Lenin) Both become rulers by outmaneuvering their rivals. Both use propaganda, religion, and intimidation to maintain power. Both increased production while making people suffer.


Joseph Stalin


Working Class

Not educated Strong Worked hard. Both were only concerned about themselves. Both agreed with the government as long as it served their needs.


Upper class

Mr. Jones

Czar Nicholas II Both were poor leaders Both were cruel to their enemies and people Both were overthrown by a rebellion

Old Major

Karl Marx

Both had ideas that became the basis of a movement (Socialism/Animalism) Both had their ideas accepted only after their deaths Both believed that workers should unite to take power.


Working Class

See Boxer.....


Old Men

Both read but don’t exercise this right Cynical Both take their time, don’t slow down or speed up. Tells everyone Napoleon’s plans Russian media tells Stalin’s plans Most responsible for maintaining order. Distracts the animals with tales of heaven/ sugarcandy mountain) Used to control the animals (not consciously)


Russian Media


Russian Orthodox Church

The Sheep

Masses at large Only there during the revolution Uneducated, only knew “4 legs good...” Serve as a distraction whenever others rebel. Czar’s wife Alexandra Neither cares about the farm/country Didn’t care about their people Both were wealthy, lived in farm house/Kremlin. Game of cards represented the tension between them. Allies Used U.S.S.R. for their own gain. Both were cruel to their people/animals. Mr. Fredrick lives at Pitchfield which symbolizes Germany.

Mrs. Jones

Mr. Pilkington

Franklin D. Roosevelt Winston Churchill Hitler

Mr. Fredrick

Mr. Whymper


Only involved for the $$ Doesn’t agree with animals, but uses them to profit.



Communist World Revolution Peasant Farmers

Messengers Spread information/communism.


Smashed eggs/Destroyed crops All punished for it Both starved by gov’t (died) The cat doesn’t vote on either side of the rebellion, and disappears when important decisions are made (similar to less affluent Russian citizens) Animal Farm and USSR ruled by dictators Both had followers treated badly Animal Farm followed Animalism USSR followed Communism Both overthrown by revolution Both suffered a name change after overthrow

The Cat

Shady Russian characters

Animal Farm


Manor Farm




Large, Old Fashioned Vast lands.... Neighbor Animal Farm/USSR Rumors of attacks (Holocaust) Both leaders were politically active





All places are located in Willingdon All countries are in Europe

The Farm House


Person in charge lives there both are buildings seem overwhelming to the people Made into a museum after the rebellion. Exists beyond clouds Only attained after death Utopia Both call for the equal distribution of wealth All people are equal (but not really)

Sugar Candy Mountain




Alcohol (in relation to pigs) The Battle of Cowshed

Intoxicating effect of power

All leaders in Animal Farm become “drunk” with power and alcohol.

"Beasts of England"

Propoganda/ National Anthem Collective memory of a nation

Sung at all celebrations..... Talks about only the positives of Animal Farm.

The Barn

As time goes on, the information on the barn changes just like our memory as a nation.