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					                                       INFORMATION PAGE
                                      MA141 (005) – Fall 2009
                                 (Instructor: Dr. Fredrick Semazzi)

Class roll: If you are not on the class roll for MA-141 Sec: 005, please note that I have no
authority to add you to the list. Direct questions about enrolment in MA141 to the course
coordinator, Dr. John Griggs, Rm#2108A SAS Hall.
Text Book: CALCULUS and CONCEPTS by James Stewart 4rd Edition (new); Sections 1.5-5.8;
Appendix B]

Maple Requirement in Calculus: Students in MA 141 are required to complete 4 Maple
homework assignments. For information about Maple you must review the information at
Maple Homework Dates

          Assignment                       Start Date                            Due Date
    Homework #0 and #1                Monday, Sept. 21                Friday, Sept. 25 at 5:00 pm
        Homework #2                    Monday, Oct. 12                Friday, Oct. 16 at 5:00 pm
        Homework #3                    Monday, Nov. 2                  Friday, Nov. 6 at 5:00 pm

Regular Classes
Time: 11:20 am – 12:10 pm; Days: MTWHF
Building: SAS Hall Room: 1102
Instructor: Dr. Fredrick Semazzi, Jordan Hall Room 4144, Office: 515-1434, email:; Office Hours: Tuesday & Friday: 2.00 – 3.00 pm in Jordan Hall
Room 4144.
Test days: Test#1 (Sept 11); Test#2 (Oct 5); Test#3 (Oct 30); Test#4 (Nov 23);
Final Exams: (Dec 9-17).
Course Syllabus:
Attendance: If you miss no more than 5 days AND attend every test, I will replace your
lowest test grade with your final exam grade (assuming it is higher).
Component %            Comments
Tests          50% (lowest score of the 4 tests may be dropped, see attendance above)
Homework       10% (
Maple          10% (
Final exam     30% (comprehensive & covers all materials taught during the semester)
Total          100%

Grading: A+: 97-100%; A: 93-96%; A-: 89-92%; B+: 85-88%; B: 81-84%; B-: 77-80%; C+: 73-
76%; C: 69-72%; C-: 65-68%; D+: 61-64%; D: 57-60%; D-: 53-56%; F: 52% & below.

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