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SMARTEST                                                APRIL 2010
ENGLISH                                                    YEAR 2

Name :_______________                  Class:____________

Answer all questions.

Questions 1 – 5. Choose the correct answer.

1. She is Miss Nadia. _____ is my teacher.
   A We
   B I
   C He
   D She

2. I am Bala. ___ walk to school everyday.
   A He
   B You
   C I
   D She

3. Who is that boy ? ____ is my new friend.
   A We
   B You
   C I
   D He

4. ______ is the compact disc? It is in the box.
   A How
   B Who
   C What
   D Where

5. _____ is at the gate Abu? It’s a woman, mother.
   A. Who
   B. Where
   C. How
   D. What
Question 6- 10. Based on the pictures given, choose the best answer.
                              A. Gita cycles to school.
                              B. My sister walks to school.
                              C. She comes to school by car
                              D. Amy comes to school by bus.

                              A. See you tomorrow.
                              B. Welcome to school.
                              C. I am fine, thank you.
                              D. This is my best friend.

8.                            A. My grandmother likes to read.
                              B. My aunt likes to sew dress.
                              C. My mother likes to sing songs.
                              D. My sister likes to watch cartoons.

9.                            A. My father does not like to wear jeans.
                              B. My uncle does not like to wear shoes.
                              C. My brother does not like to wear shirts.
                              D. My grandfather likes to wear cap.

10.                            A. Ali is first in the race.
                               B. Ali is second in the race.
                               C. Ali is third in the race.
                               D. Ali is last in the race.
Question 11 - 16. Read the text and choose the best phrase based on the
pictures given.
      My name is Mei Li. I am (11.) _____________

This is (12.) _____________                       ,Liza.

We (13.) _____________                            together.

11.   A. six years old               13.   A. walk to school
      B. seven years old                   B. cycle to school
      C. nine years old                    C. go to school by car

12.   A. my mother
      B. my teacher
      C. my friend

      My name is Malik. I have a _____________(14.)

They like to _________ (15.)                      . I like to

_____________ (16.)

14.   A. father and an uncle
      B. brother and a sister
      C. mother and a sister

15.   A. read and sing
      B. play football
      C. play and cycle

16.   A. watch cartoons
      B. play computer games
      C. read storybook
Question 17 – 23. Choose the correct answer.
17.                            A. These are whiteboards
                               B. These are computer screens.
                               C. These are blackboards.
                               D. These are mirrors.

18.                           A. The exercise book is on the laptop.
                              B. The laptop is on the exercise book.
                              C. The exercise book is under the laptop.
                              D. The laptop is inside the exercise book.

19.                           A. I have a book and a telephone.
                              B. I have a laptop and a telephone.
                              C. I have a book and a laptop.
                              D. I have a telephone and a pencil.

20.                           A. The television is on the table.
                              B. The telephone is on the desk.
                              C. The glass is on the table.
                              D. The table is on the television.

21.                           A. This is a computer.
                              B. This is a trolley.
                              C. This is a table.
                              D. This is a car.

22.                           A. Faiza has an umbrella.
                              B. My sister has a apple.
                              C. She has a umbrella

23.                           A. Yasmin is eating an apple.
                              B. The girl is drawing a apple.
                              C. She is eating a apple.
Question 24– 30. Choose the answer with the correct spelling.

24. Where is the ___________ ?
     A. televison
     B. television
     C. telewisen

25. This is a ___________.
      A. telefon
      B. talipon
      C. talipaun
      D. telephone

26. There are ____________ peacocks on the farm.
      A. twelf
      B. tvelve
      C. twelfe
      D. twelve

27. There are eleven ________ and four ________.
      A. buterfli, flowers
      B. butterflies, flowers
      C. batefulai, flowers

28. Puan Mira is my ___________.
      A. gerenmader
      B. granmode
      C. grandmother
      D. gerandmoder

29. Nita paste the notice on the __________.
      A. whitebroad
      B. whiteboard
      C. withebord
      D. waitbot

30. I eat _______ and _________ in the afternoon.
       A. rice, vegetables
       B. rais, bijitebel
       C. rice, vegetebel
       D. rise, vegetable
Questions 31 – 35. Read the passage below and answer the questions.

                                Azlan`s Family
        This is Azlan`s family. They live in Taman Megah Jaya. His father
is Encik Mokhtar. His father is a teacher. Her mother is Puan Juliza.
Azlan has a twin brother. They are Upan and Ipun. He also has a little
sister. Her name is Ani. Last Sunday, they went to Kg.Durian Tunggal to
visit his grandparents. He really love his family.

31. Whose family is this?
      A. Ezlan
      B. Azlan
      C. Izlan

32. Who is Encik Mokhtar?
     A. Azlan`s father
     B. Azlan`s grandfather
     C. Azlan`s brother.

33. Where do Azlan live?
     A. Kg. Durian Tunggal
     B. Taman Megah Jaya
     C. Taman Jaya Megah

34. Encik Mokhtar wife is ___________.
      A. a teacher
      B. Puan Juliza
      C. Ani

35. Where did they go last Sunday?
     A. Kg. Durian Tunggal
     B. Kg. Megah Jaya
     C. Taman Megah
Questions 35 – 40. Study the calendar below and answer the questions.

36. When is the first monthly test?
     A. January
     B. February
     C. March

37. When is Sports Day?
     A. March
     B. May
     C. July

38. Ali want to send a gift to his teacher, w hen is the suitable month?
       A. May
       B. July
       C. October

39. What is held in October?
     A. Midyear Examination
     B. Children’s Day
     C. Holidays

40. When is SK Setia`s Speech Day?
     A. May
     B. August
     C. November

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