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									                     SCARY BOOKLIST FOR OCTOBER
                             READ IT
                          IF YOU DARE!!

Witches by Roald Dahl and an old witch
      A silly glimpse into the world of witch recognizing her clever ways and wiles.

The Mystery of the Missing Tiger by Laura E. Williams
      The circus has come to Mystic Maine and everyone is excited about the white
      Siberian tiger. But on the day of the tiger’s first big appearance it mysteriously
      disappears! After other terrible things start to happen at the circus Zeke and Zen
      are on the case to uncover the mystery! This series of mystery books gives the
      readers clues to help solve the mystery before the detectives!

The Edge Chronicles book #8: The Winter Knights by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
      The city of Sanctaphrax is home to the Edgeworld’s academics where only the
      best and brightest attend. One of these students is Quint, a first year student who
      ends up, with a band of loyal friends having to save the floating city from a never
      ending Winter spell ,and ancient feuds threatening to tear Sanctaphrax apart.

The Cat Lady by Dick King-Smith
      Muriel lives alone with scads of cats. But these are no ordinary cats-they were
      once people Muriel knew now reincarnated in feline form. Marian shares her
      house with her dead relatives, including a regal cat- Queen Victoria!

The Mailbox by Audrey Shafer
     When Vernon Culligan, a crusty Vietnam veteran dies, only one person notices.
     His nephew Gabe comes home from school to discover that his uncle has died;
     he’s too stunned to react, so he does nothing. But the next day, he discovers a
     strange note in his mailbox: I have a secret. Do not be afraid. And his uncle’s
     body is gone! Thus begins a secret correspondence between Gabe and the
     mystery writer and finally the mystery is revealed.

The Blue Ghost by Marion Bauer
      Liz sees a shimmery blue light that becomes a lovely woman dressed in old-
      fashioned clothing. She’s only there a moment and then she’s gone. Who was
      she? Why was she calling Liz’s name? Liz must find out the answers and follows
      the ghost wherever it leads her.
Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen by Wendelin van Draanen
     Sammy has never what you’d call lucky, but finding a dead cat on her birthday?
     And then the chain of events after that awful moment weren’t any better! Find out
     what else happened to Sammy on her birthday and find out why they all seem to
     be related to cats.

Ghost Stories by Kenneth Ireland
       Frightening ghosts, friendly ghosts, and funny ghosts- ghosts for any occasion!
       Not so scary ghost stories for the sheer delight of fright, just a little bit!

The Haunting by Margaret Mahy
      Barnaby begins to discover some strange things about his family: one of the
      great-uncles has supernatural powers and has never before been mentioned, and,
      oddest of all, there is a family gift or curse: in each generation one person is a
      “magician” or psychic. A truly haunting ghost story.

Harriet the Spy, Double Agent by Maya Gold
       Harriet has a new friend and spying partner, Annie. But then Harriet realizes she
       is also a person with a secret and Harriet is determined to find out what that secret

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz
       These stories have been collected from American Folklore and are for the older
       child some of the stories are quite macabre. This is actually a banned book. This
       collection of short stories is about witches and ghosts include “jump” stories as
       well as macabre songs, modern- day psychic tale and frightening legends from the

Ghost Cats by Susan Shreve
      He wasn’t sure if it was a ghost or the real thing. But there sat Parsimonius,
      licking his paws on the stoop of a neighbor’s house as if he’d never gone missing.
      As if nothing had changed. Then everything changed with a move to far a way
      Boston. Then the host cats arrive….

Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghostly Gallery by Alfred Hitchcock
       Eleven Spooky stories for young people from the master of scare as only he can
       present them, with a touch of that droll sense of humor. This is a fun book to read
       with the family.

Pumpkin Head by Eric Rohman
     This is a good book for the younger set. Otho is a boy with a pumpkin for a head.
     He has an exciting adventure and learns that has parents love him even though he
     has a pumpkin for a head.
Under Cover Girl by Christine Harris
      Jesse, kid genius and a secret agent must find a bomb in a crowded train station.
      Thousands of people could die, time is running out. Will Jesse find it on time?

Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl by Disney
       A tale of a ghostly ship and its crew were pirates all- cursed to sail forever under a
       foul wind of murder and mischief. Come sail with Captain Jack Sparrow!

Bunnicula: A Rabbit- Tale of Mystery by Deborah and James Howe
      Harold the dog and Chester the Cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in
      the Monroe household- a suspicious looking bunny with unusual habits…and

Secrets of Dripping Fang: The Vampires Curse (Book #3) by Dan Greenburg
       The twins missing father returns years after a tragic Porta-Potti accident. But he
       strangely looks like a Zombie. Professor Spydelle has an elixir that could cure
       him, but he hasn’t quite worked out the kinks completely. After drinking the elixir
       their father turns into a vampire. Can the professor come up with a cure?

The Nancy Drew Series by Carolyn Keene
      How many books are in this series are a mystery to me (get it?) but who can resist
      our favorite girl detective always looking out for the next cliff-hanging suspense
      and thrilling case to solve. Celebrate 70 years with the world’s best detective!

The Hardy Boys Series by Franklin W. Dixon
      Not to be out done by Nancy, Frank and Joe Hardy are the world’s super boy
      sleuths. Like potato chips, you can’t read just one!

               Have a Happy Halloween by reading one
                       of these great books!

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