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					Chocolate Candy Molds - An Indispensable Cooking Tool
So, You love candy and you love chocolate. You are also open minded to trying your hand at a few different recipes, and you consider yourself ready
to make a batch of chocolate candy for your family and friends. In order to recreate the chocolates you might learn about at your local speciality shop
or bakery, you will need to buy some chocolate candy molds. Here are some of the ideal brands to use, in addition to the most affordable places to
shop. Getting Started First, you will want to select the shape of the molds you wish to use. Depending on the season, you can find chocolate candy
molds shaped similar to Christmas trees, ornaments, or even Thanksgiving turkeys. Easter chocolate candies are also popular, so you could create a
few treats for your Easter dinner or for an Easter egg hunt. The molds can be found on various online destinations or you can take a look at the candy
molds that auction sites have to offer. You will be able to get molds as well as other candy making equipment on the sites that will save you money.
You can select from 3-D molds that will give your candy an well-rounded design, or you can select molds that are shaped much like muffin pans--the
design you have chosen will form on one side of the candy. Once you create your chocolate candy, you will need to pour the mixture into the molds
and give it the chance to set. You can do this by putting the molds in the refrigerator (depending on the ingredients you used), or by leaving your
candies in a cool dry place. Final Preparation Once your candies have taken the shape of the mold, you can wrap them in decorative paper and
make them part of a holiday gift basket, or you can use them as garnish when you are serving your favorite desserts. A homemade chocolate candy
makes a great accessory to a simple dessert of vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit, and goes very well with fruit sorbets as well. There are various
places online that you can go to that provide chocolate candy molds so that you can begin creating your own treats. There are sites such as Foodtv,
where you will find excellent recipe ideas, as well as links to company sites that sell the chocolate candy molds you want. Sites that have name brand
molds such a Marthastewart to find excellent deals on candy molds, and to get ideas for different methods to enhance your candies and store them for
further gatherings. Being an expert candy maker is easier than you think--you might even come up with a tasty batch of chocolates on your first try.
Good luck!

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