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									Getting An Accurate Cost of Vinyl Siding


Getting An Accurate Cost of Vinyl Siding
How to estimate the Cost of Vinyl Siding for
your home? Can you do this type of work
yourself? Why should you consider using a
home improvement contractor who will take
the stress out of the job and do it right for
you? Because in the end you will save
money by going with a professional.
Taking into consideration that you will not
only have to pay for the cost of the
materials up front but you will have to buy
the right tools for the job, get the right
permits and rent the dumpsters to dispose
of the materials that are garbage. How long
will the installation take when you have never done it before and will it be done
On a home that is 2200 square feet it will cost about $2,200 just for the materials.
You will additionally require insulation that will run about $700. You will need a
builders permit, etc. If you add it all up the costs run about $6,000 to do it yourself.
This does not include the fascia or the soffit materials. This does not include the
aluminum needed to wrap the windows. It also doesn’t include your time.
Do you have the tools that are needed? Being that you are handy are you sure you
are up for the job? Maybe, but hiring a professional who knows what they are
doing, has the tools and will get the job done fast is worth your time and money.
Ask the contractor to come out and do a free estimate for you. While he is there ask
for proof of insurance and references. Ask for before and after pictures of homes he
has worked on.
Get at least 4 estimates from different contractors and compare their pricing. Ask
when they can start the job and when they will be done. Get everything in writing as
well as when payment is due. Always have a contract outlining when things will be
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