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									Fashion For Skinny Men: How-To Dress Advice For Thin Men
While most men are sweating their asses off to achieve a slimmer figure, there are others who just eat whatever they please and yet are so skinny.
Our culture taught us that being lean is next to attractiveness. Little do we know that being too skinny is a problem that some people encounter. In
buying clothes for example, individuals with huge physique may find it hard to find garments that would flatter a larger body; while skinny people may
find it equally challenging to buy clothes which could complement a smaller frame. It always starts with exercise and proper diet. Exercise would
include lifting weights and a diet rich in protein. There are also useful fashion tips that would help you create a bulkier illusion. Choice of Blazer You
should buy blazers with small shoulder pads to give your back and chest a boost, making it more muscular. Right Dress Basic Skinny men should
avoid fitted dress shirts and T-shirts. Tops with clingy fabrics should also be avoided. Matching Neckties Your choice of tie should complement the
lapels on your jacket as well as your shoulder width. Skinny necktie perfectly fits tall and slim guys. Customize Your Blazers Single or double breasted
blazers are advisable and make sure that they are also tailored to fit your entire body properly. Another tip is to follow consistency in your tops and
bottom. Over-sized blazers cannot be partnered by fitted trousers, and vice-versa. The Right Jacket Length The ideal jacket should fall just under your
buttocks. Shorter jackets may emphasize your skinny figure while longer ones can make you look like a blanket-covered stick. Pants With Flat Fronts
A simple, flat-front pants with classic cut is appropriate. Avoid tapered trousers or skinny jeans, opt for straight-leg or slightly boot-cut shaped ones.
When in fashion, you can also do well with pockets, pleats and cuffs because they also add more volume to your physique. Pinstripes or other
patterned pants also add volume. Bulky Fabrics When in trend, corduroy pants would be a good choice in beefing up your legs. And instead of
grandpa-style, fitted cardigans, you may go for knitted yet chunky wool cardigans. For dresses, you may choose cotton shirts with a higher thread
count or heavier wools. Another tip to appear more massive is to wear clothes in layers, may it be dressing up or down. Turtlenecks and Crewnecks
Skinny men are advised to button-up shirts as much as possible because exposing their necks will not flatter their thin figure. As such, turtlenecks and
crewnecks are ideal during cold weather. When buying a dress shirt with a collar, select ones with a spread out collar to make your chest appear wider

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