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demonstration speech ideas

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									50+ Demonstration Speech Topic Suggestions
Use this list to create and develop your own topics for a demonstrative speech. It
can be anything you like. As long as you are able to present the steps in the process.

Start with one of these example phrases first:

      How     To Make ...
      How     To Fix ...
      How     To Use ...
      How     To Do ...
      How     ... Works
      How     ... Is Done/Produced/Made

And try it with other verbs. Like the demonstration speech topic ideas below.

For instance just vary and tweak these ones:


      to cook a pie (or what ever you like to cook)
      to tie a tie
      to be a vegetarian
      to fix a flat tire
      to create a Halloween mask
      to clean your car
      to play piano
      to change a bank cheque
      to dress like a princess
      to play a computer game
      to make a cocktail
      to taste wine
      to organize a surprise party
      to print a digital photo
      to eat oysters
      to register for voting
      to make Irish Coffee
      to read music notes
      to learn playing guitar
      to use your breath when you sing
      to make beer
      to bottle your own wine
      to become a princess
      to make your garden full of flowers year around
      to build a good site :-)
      to clean your swimming pool
      to clean your golf clubs
      to make a fast summer salad
      to make a new candle of old ones
      to make your own wedding dress
      to organize your wedding
      to make a water-colour
      to build a shed
      to prevent injury
      to develop the best serve in a tennis game
      to knot a carpet
      to stop thinking
      to speak italian
      to become a good actrice
      to become a famous filmstar
      to write a filmscript
      to write a business-like letter
      to make honey
      to blow a glass
      to train your brains
      to dry your hair
      to greet japanese people
      to use the cruise control
      to make a genealogical tree
      to start a bed & breakfast
      to become a policeman
      to climb a building
      to make a dancing show
      to calculate your golf handicap
      to make ice
      to become the president
      to be in the chair in a meeting
      to make a sweet dessert
      to snow board
      to board in sand
      to wrinkle a skirt

And so on ... :-)

Or invent ideas by associating. Look at the general categories below.
Can you come up with any How To demonstration speech topics?

      Food & Drink
      Household
      Sports
      Recreation
      Health & Beauty
      Home Improvement
      Decoration
      Cars
      Government
      Science
      Nature
      College
      Games
      Culture

Etcetera ...

The Purpose Of Your Demonstration Speech Topics
Determine the specific purpose of your speech topics. State it in one simple

For example: I want to demonstrate my audience how to _______ .

The Demonstration Speech Topic Idea
Determine the central idea of your text to speech. In other words: a clear
demonstration speech topic statement. Describe what your demonstration is about
and why you want to share your ideas.

Example: It is important to preserve family recipes and this project is the best way
in which to do that.

Introduce Your Demonstration Speech Topic
Once you have decided on a speech topic, then create an attractive, effective and
interactive attention getting introduction.

Think about this kind of introductions:

      Tell them what you are going to teach them.
      Tell them why you choose to demonstrate this topic.
      Then tell them why your listeners should know how to do it.
      Tell them that they are going to do it themselves in a couple
       of minutes and that the only thing your audience have to do is
       follow your instructions.

Demonstrate It Step By Step
You've picked out a good demonstration speech topic? Okay, by now write down the
steps of your topic. Present a step by step method. Show the activities or moves you
have to make in a logical chronological order. Describe the details of each step.

Be clear. Don't think the audience will understand your demonstration speech topics
immediately. Conclude each step by summarizing the main points so far.

Example: How To Subscribe For A Internet Newsletter
      Step #1: Fill in the blanks (name, email, etc.)
      Step #2: Submit your request.
      Step #3: Check your mailbox if you have received a confirmation email.

Just show them how to do it, step by step.

Delivery Of Your Demonstration Speech Topics
Think about the rules and time limit of the assignment.

Eight other tips for delivering your demonstration speech topics:

   1. Visual aids and other materials - like objects, actual items,
      models, or drawings - can help you.
   2. Include personal stories and examples to illustrate your topics
      for an informative speech.
   3. Provide each audience member with materials to practice with
      or handle.
   4. Insure everyone is participating.
   5. Look around you and see if your audience is following you.
   6. Ask yourself if someone in the audience has to assist with your
   7. Close your informative speech with a memorable summary of
      main steps.
   8. Ask if there are any questions about your demonstrative
      speech ideas.

By now, you have developed a blueprint for good demonstration speech topics.
Demonstrate it!

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