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www.niaaa.nih.gov Information, publications,
news and frequently asked questions from the
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and
www.nida.nih.gov More information about
alcohol and other drugs.
www.well.com/user/woa This site has
information about various drugs with a focus on
www.cdc.gov Search the Centers for Disease                                                                        &
Control and Prevention to access fact sheets,
news and prevention resources for alcohol and
other drug prevention.                                                                                        Marijuana
www.michigan.gov/mdch Michigan statistics
regarding alcohol and other drug use and other
useful information.                                                                                          Drug Testing
www.aap.org The American Academy of
Pediatrics. Use the search function on this
website to look up alcohol or other drug                                                                         Kits
www.ncadd.org This website has straightforward
information about how to address alcohol issues
with your children.

www.freevibe.com online service of the National
Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign that offers
information, fact sheets, games and posters for
teens with a special section on early intervention.
www.checkyourself.org Partnership for a Drug-
Free America that offers resources, information,
quizzes and videos for teens to question
themselves about their drug use.
www.thecoolspot.org National Institute of Alcohol
Abuse and Alcoholism. It is a place for teens
about “being yourself, thinking for yourself, and
getting the facts about underage drinking.”
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www.theantidrug.com In the following languages:
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                                                                                                             Empowering parents
                                                                       Ottawa County Health Department
                                                                             12251 James Street                  to prevent
                                                                              Holland, MI 49424               youth drug use in
                                                                                                               Ottawa County
                                                      C:\CHOOSE\Drug testing kits brochure.pub (03/08) rrh
 The Ottawa County Health
                                                 Drug testing kits –                                      Informational websites for
 Department and the Ottawa
                                                 Frequently asked questions                               Parents & teens
 County Sheriff’s Department . . .

  through the Communities Helping Ottawa                             What drugs do the kits test          Parents:
  Obtain a Safe Environment (CHOOSE)                                 for?                                 http://www.painfullyobvious.com Painfully Obvious®
  Coalition are offering the sale of low cost                        Kits from the health department      exists to give you the facts about the effects and
  in home drug testing kits for alcohol and                          are available to test for alcohol    dangers of prescription drug abuse. It's important that
  marijuana. The purpose of this initiative is                       and marijuana.                       you understand that depending on how prescription
  to empower parents/guardians and to                                                                     drugs are used, they can either save a life... or end it.
  prevent youth drug use in Ottawa County.                           What body fluids are used in         The information on this site is intended to make it
                                                                     the tests?                           "Painfully Obvious®" that abusing prescription drugs
  According to the Anti-Drug Coalitions of                           The alcohol test uses saliva and
                                                                                                          is totally unsafe and totally uncool.
  America, home drug tests will not only                             the marijuana test utilizes urine.
                                                                                                          http://ncadi.samhsa.gov/ U.S. Department of Health
  deliver an answer to know if your child is
                                                                                                          and Human Services and SAMHSA’s National
  using drugs, but it also offers an excuse                           How accurate are the tests?
  for the child to overcome peer pressure.       The alcohol test is 93% accurate. The marijuana          Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information.
                                                 test (THC) is 97% accurate.                              www.DEA.gov Drug Enforcement Administration
  In addition to the drug or alcohol test, the                                                            www.intheknowzone.com Information about
  kits will also be supplied with various drug   How much do the kits cost?                               substance abuse. Increase your knowledge.
  education literature, local substance          The alcohol kit costs $3. The marijuana kit also sells   www.theantidrug.com The Anti-Drug. Tips and ideas
  abuse treatment center locations, a list of    for $3. Any combination of two kits can be               to help parents make a difference; by preventing
  kit distributors, and information on how to    purchased for $5.                                        alcohol and other drug use.
  start a discussion about drugs with your                                                                www.family.samhsa.gov
  child. For more information about this         Who may purchase the kits?                               developed to support the
  initiative and the CHOOSE Coalition            The sale of the kits are intended for parents and or     efforts of parents and other
  please visit www.miottawa.org/health           guardians. Purchasers must be 18 years or older.         caring adults to promote
                                                                                                          mental health and prevent the
                                                 Why are the kits being offered?                          use of alcohol, tobacco and
    It is the intent of the Ottawa               The kits are tools to empower parents/guardians to       illegal drugs among 7 to 18
    County Health Department to                  have a dialogue with their children about drugs and      year olds.
                                                 drug use.                                                www.drugfreeamerica.org Drug information, parent
    maintain an environment where
                                                                                                          resources, and tips for parents.
    parents/guardians are able to                Do I have to be from Ottawa County to purchase           www.connectforkids.org Guidance for parents.
    purchase and use the drug test               a drug testing kit?                                      Connecting parents to information, news and ideas
    kits without fear of legal action            No, this is completely anonymous any adult 18 and
                                                                                                          for action on raising drug free kids.
    against them or their children.              over can purchase them.
                                                                                                          www.abcparenting.com Great information for
                                                                                                          developing life skills in children from birth through the
                                                 Where can I purchase the Drug Testing Kits?
                                                                                                          teen years.
                                                 The kits are available at the Ottawa County Health
                                                 Department, 12251 James St., Holland Branch              www.parentingisprevention.org Connect here to learn
                                                 Only! Grand Haven Township is also offering the          how important parents are in setting their children on
                                                 sale of drug testing kits, please call them for more     a drug free path. Ask questions, get tips and more.
                                                 information at 616.842.5988.                             www.healthfinder.gov A great library of health
Start a discussion about                                                                                  information from the US Department of Health and
drugs with your child                            Can they be used in legal proceedings?                   Human Services.
                                                 The results of the tests are for at-home use only,        www.jointogether.org This site houses news and
                                                 and are not admissible in court or in any legal          information about substance abuse and violence.

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