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informational speech topics


									  52      TheArt of Public SpeakingWorkbook

                                   INFORMATIVE          SPEECH TOPICS

  As your textbook explains, there are limitless possibilities for speech topics-including topics you
  alreadyknow a lotabout, topics you wantto learnmore about,andtopics you discoverthroughone or
  anotherbrainstorming              If
                        procedure. you arehavingtrouble comingup with a topic for your informative
  speech,check pages76-82 of the textbook for advice.The topics listed below are meantto provide an
  additional spur to your creativity as you think abouta subjectfor your speech.

  advertising                           flamenco dancing                  oriental rugs
  aerobics                              fly fishing                       parenting
  African literature                   Geronimo                          peppers
  Amelia Earhardt                      gInseng                           pets
  animal behavior                      glass                             photography
  antique furniture                    graffiti                          physical therapy
  artificial intelligence              guitars                           Picasso
 asteroids                             gymnastics                        plastic surgery
 asthma                                headaches                         pyramids
 Aztecs                                homeopathy                        Quakers
 bagpipes                              horse racing                      quicksand
 ballet                                human genome project              robots
 batik                                 hurricanes                        rock climbing
 bats                                  interior design                  rodeos
 bicycles                              Internet                         ROTC
 birth order                "' ~
                                       inventions                        Russianculture
 braiding                              Ireiand                          sharks
 Buddhism                              Japanesetea ceremony              sleepdeprivation
 cartography                           jazz                              Spain
 Chinese New Year                      job interviews                   spiders
 chiropractic                          Judaism                          stock market
 civil rights movement                 kayaking                         stress
 Cleopatra                             Koran                            studyabroad
 computers                             Kwanzaa                 ;-       sushi
 cooking                              landscape architecture           table tennis
 Costa Rica                           laughter                         tattoos
cryogenics                            lizards                           televisionnews
dams                                  Malcolm X                        Thailand
Dead Sea scrolls                      martial arts                     tobacco
diamonds                              military service                 Trail of Tears
diets                                 motorcycles                      urbanplanning
dream catchers                        mushrooms                        vegetarianism
druids                                mythology                        Venice
earthquakes                           music therapy                    volcanoes
Ellis Island                          national parks                   water
engineering                           New Zealand                      women's health
extraterrestrial i~telligence         nursing                          xerography
 fencing                              nutrition                        Yosemite
fertility drugs                       opera                            youth sports
fire prevention                       Olympic Games                    zoos

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