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									     Encyclopædia Britannica
        is proud to present
Britannica Online Academic Edition

  The Award-Winning Online

Welcome to Britannica Online…now Academic Edition.
Try new research tools and read current news headlines.
Searching in Britannica is fast and easy.
Explore thorough articles with authoritative information.
Britannica has automatic citations in MLA and APA formats.
E-mail interesting and informational articles to others.
Choose to print the whole article or just one page.
The Quick-Click Dictionary finds definitions instantly.
Choose from thousands of video and media clips.
Britannica’s media includes colorful maps and photos.
     Our colorful media includes maps and photos.
Britannica recommended websites help expand your search.
   linked directly
Be directly linked to other reliable sources.
Britannica includes over 700 magazine and journal articles.
Customise your queries with Advanced Search.
Quick access to thousands of dictionary definitions.
Save your research by clicking the SAVE button by the entry.
Organise your research with the Workspace feature.
 Save your research to use later at another computer.
Save your research to use later from another computer.
   Read about \ culture, history, politics and news.
Read about culture, politics, and news from years past.
 Britannica World maps of continents, countries and oceans.
The Atlas features Atlas features hundreds of different maps.
Use the Timeline to trace the history of selected topics.
 Quotes from writers, scientists, leaders and other greats.
Notable Quotations from writers, scientists, and other greats.
Explore quotations on topics from Achievement to Zeal.
Select classic essays by choosing the subject or writer.
Britannica offers literature, essays, and historical documents.
Use World Data Analyst to learn about other countries.
Choose the countries you want to compare and contrast…
…then choose the statistics and format you want.
Create informative tables comparing various countries.
    Generate colorful charts data about them to countries.
Generate colorful charts with and export differentExcel.
Country snapshots provide detailed information.
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  Encyclopædia Britannica Online is the
Best Online Consumer Information Service!
  Encyclopædia Britannica Online
• Over 126,000 encyclopedia articles, including
  over 23,000 biographies
• Over 27,000 images with photos,
  illustrations, including 3,000 maps
• 3,300 animations, audio clips, & videos
• Over 100,000 recommended websites
• Current magazine and journal articles from
  over 700 periodicals
• Over 200,000 dictionary/thesaurus entries
• Over 4,000 quotes, and more than 400 essays
  and other literature
New Editorial Board of Advisors
 for Encyclopædia Britannica
• 15 Member Board that includes Nobel
  laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners
• Leading scholars, writers, artists,
  public servants, and activists at the
  top of their fields
• Their mission is to guide the
  development of the first and
  most authoritative encyclopedia
  on the Internet, first launched in 1994
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