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					                                 Group Biography
                       THE DOORS EXPERIENCE
                                  (extended version)

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE is a project run by dedicated Austrian DOORS fans and
musicians. To bear in remembrance Jim Morrison and the legendary DOORS the
band brings the original DOORS live sound back on stage.

Set up in spring 2001 THE DOORS EXPERIENCE meanwhile play several European
countries to great success. Both their high quality DOORS sound and stirring show
attract more and more fans. And due to frontman Jason ‘Jim’ Boiler’s similarity to Jim
Morrison concerning his look, voice and performance they create an illusion which
takes the audience on a trip back to the late 60s and early 70s.

In addition to the classic Doors gear organ, guitar & drums, THE DOORS
EXPERIENCE put a bass player plus a Fender Rhodes electric piano to their line-up.
Therefore they are able to perform even the more complex arrangements of later
Doors recordings. Songs like ‘Riders on The Storm’ or ‘L.A.Woman’ can be properly
reproduced with this equipment.

Jason ‘Jim’ Boiler         lead vocals
Klaus Bergmaier            organ, piano, Rhodes, backing vocals
René Galik                 guitars
Jürgen Schaupp             bass guitar
Christoph Zauchinger       drums

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE BIOGRAPHY                                                  Page 1
More than 30 years after Jim Morrison’s death The DOORS still have enthusiastic
fans all over the globe. They represent a very special music and life style. Up to now
people of different ages and cultures identify with this unique style. That is why
THE DOORS EXPERIENCE cultivate and keep alive the original DOORS sound,
acting a bit like Jim’s international ambassadors. DOORS music simply outlasts
music trends, it never gets out of style, just stays ageless and independent.

                                    Jason Boiler, originally a bass guitarist and right
                                    from the start lead singer of
                                    THE DOORS EXPERIENCE, is dedicated to the
                                    Doors sound since many years.
                                    In his past as musician in several bands Doors
                                    music was performed regularly.
                                    Whenever it was part of a gig the audience was
                                    thrilled -
                                    thrilled last but not least by Jason's amazing
                                    similarity to Jim Morrison
                                    concerning his voice, his look and performance.
                                    And there's more behind
                                    it: Jason has made out the spirit of Jim Morrison,
                                    acts out this spirit on
                                    a musical and emotional base, being convinced
                                    that Jim's spirit lives on
                                    in a part of himself.

                                     Jason: ‚At the age of 14 I was watching a TV
                                     documentary about Jim and The Doors when
                                     apparently a part of Jim's soul slipped into to my
mind. One year later I found myself watching the same documentary. And this time
it hit me like a hammer: Jim sang 'The End' and for the very first time I felt the dark,
deeply sad, melancholic part inside me. I think it was by then, when it all began.
Jim pushed open the doors to my soul and passed his message on to me. From that
special moment on something – maybe a part of Jim himself – drives me to keep in
touch with Jim and The Doors. On stage I merge with a part of Jim, which is an
incredible trip to the past, a unique spiritual experience. And it’s amazing to see the
electrifying effect of this DOORS EXPERIENCE on our audience: Jim’s message and
the sound of The Doors seem to resurge. It’s a feeling hard to describe, you have to
experience it yourself. Anyway, with THE DOORS EXPERIENCE I perform my
own, very personal message from Jim, hoping to share my experience with the fans. I
want them to enjoy a special, unforgettable concert with intensive emotions.‚

Concentrated studies of Doors records and videos eventually inspired Jason’s
performance so much that within a few months the audience was in the position to
witness a perfect illusion of the late Sixties, time of The Doors, on stage.

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE BIOGRAPHY                                                     Page 2
Jason’s bandmates were also magically attracted by The Doors. Klaus Bergmaier,
since his childhood „militant Beatles fan‚ (self-description), discovered the album
‚The Doors‛ as a teenager, by means of his instrument, the organ. ‚Bespectacled
organ icon Ray Manzarek added his strong distinctive hypnotic style to the Doors
sound and made it different from any other music of that time‛, Klaus pays tribute to
Some years later young self-taught organ player Klaus made some serious expenses:
                                                       a complete Doors collection
                                                       plus a Fender Rhodes E-piano.
                                                       He was totally aware that this
                                                       instrument was necessary to
                                                       play late Doors songs like
                                                       "Riders On The Storm" and
                                                       "L.A. Woman". ‚Today it’s hard
                                                       to say if these songs owe their
                                                       success last but not least to the
                                                       Fender Rhodes e-piano or if this
                                                       instrument owes its legendary
image to The Doors, especially to Ray with his solo in ‘Riders’‛, considers Klaus.

Klaus Bergmaier’s first musical cooperation with Jason Boiler and Christoph
Zauchinger was between 1992 and 1995 when they all together were members of
‘Big Apple’, a local funk & fusion band. They produced 3 albums. After this Klaus
kept concentrating on the piano, achieving a quiet good reputation as jazz pianist.
For instance he was booked to accompany Hollywood- & Broadway-Diva Betty
Garrett at Vienna’s famous Jazz Festival, but also with film stars Waltraut Haas &
Erwin Strahl and Austria’s only Broadway star Dagmar Koller. Since 1999 he has
been working with a new line-up of ‘Big Apple’, doing jazz standards. In 2001 Klaus
joined forces with Jason and Christoph again to be part of this extraordinary project.
Besides being a much-in-demand session and studio musician, in 2005 Klaus also
started a critically acclaimed side project with classically trained singer Angelika
Sacher, in which they do labourer’s songs, Brecht songs and other political music.
Their CDs with this repertoire sell extremely well.

Similar to Klaus drummer Christoph
Zauchinger, being influenced by Jazz, Latin &
Rock, stumbled inevitably across John
Densmore. Christoph was already a dedicated
Doors fan and “expert’ when he played in a band
called ‚The Valve‛ together with Jason. In 2001
the two of them decided to set up a new band –
this was the beginning of THE DOORS
EXPERIENCE. Retrospectively Christoph sees
his time with "Big Apple" and other bands of his
past as an important development process: ‚It
was a great time to gain experience as a studio

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE BIOGRAPHY                                                    Page 3
and live musician. In these years I approached Densmore’s style more and more.
Today I feel absolutely familiar with it.‛

Other co-founders of THE DOORS EXPERIENCE were guitarist Georg Kastner and
bass player Peter Adametz. They had to leave the band for job-related reasons when
the number of concert trips at home and abroad increased, as had second bass player
Hermann Draxler heavy-heartedly, when his second band gained a record deal and
myriads of concert dates started to collide. The same goes for third bass player
Martin Plangl who left in friendship in Jauary 2008. They were replaced though by
two lads with excellent musical background and plenty of experience.

                                                   René Galik, graduate (jazz guitar)
                                                   of Vienna’s academy of music, is
                                                   the only band member born in
                                                   Vienna amongst the guys from
                                                   Lower Austria. He is familiar not
                                                   only with jazz but all other musical
                                                   elements related to the Doors style
                                                   – rock, blues and classical music.
                                                   René was playing with several
                                                   jazz, rock, funk and soul outfits
                                                   before joining THE DOORS
                                                   EXPERIENCE. Additionally to his
job in the band he works as studio musician, composer and illustrator. Amongst
other things he is proud of a song composed for Grissemann & Stermann, celebrated
Austrian radio- and TV-stars. He is also a member of Bobbie Singer’s new band,
plays with Klaus in jazz outfit Big Apple and big-band jazz with the All Time Swing

Jürgen Schaupp, current bass player of THE
DOORS EXPERIENCE, joined the band in
January 2008. He comes out of a big family
of Lower Austrian musicians and has many
years of live experience in various music

Conclusion: The musicians concentrated in
this tribute band form an excellent,
explosive mixture with great chances of
success: Every year concert trips accelerate,
each year concert halls and clubs are
getting bigger, and every year they gain
more and more fans. THE DOORS EXPERIENCE frequently tour through various
European countries and are frequentr headliners at large European Doors festivals,
like the ‘Feast of Friends’ near Magdeburg. As a special THE DOORS EXPERIENCE

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE BIOGRAPHY                                                   Page 4
play the entire debut album The Doors in its original sequence on selected occasions.
In 2007 they performed in front of 2000 fans in Italy and in front of about 5000 people
at Zurich’s biggest open air festival.
In 2008 the band managed to play in 10 different states: Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia,
Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. Plus
they were featured and interviewed in a TV documentary called ‚Jim Morrison is
alive!‛ which was first broadcast by Europe-wide culture TV station ‚arte‛ and will
be transmitted by other TVstations in 2009.

Further information and especially current tour dates are updated regularly on their

Contact:                                           Address:
Jason Boiler, email:             THE DOORS EXPERIENCE                                    Sandlstraße 5
Mobile: +43 676 389 51 50                          A-3500 Krems-Egelsee / Austria

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