glass fireplace doors by Backintohell


									Upo Wood Heat is one of the world’s largest manufacturers                  Cast iron is the best material for metal parts in
and suppliers of cast iron parts for fireplaces and wood                   fireplaces. It is an excellent heat conductor, it is very
burning stoves for various purposes. The high quality of                   durable and the enamelled surface can stand up to
Upo Wood Heat products is based on expertise and know-                     800 “Cheat. Enamel is also the best protection against
how gained in decades of design, research and development                  corrosion. For a modern or traditional fireplace, Upo
of wood heating technologies.Upos cast iron products have                  has the door that suits!
been used in Finnish fireplaces for more than 50 years.                    Note: All measurements are mounting frame sizes!

                                          FIREPLACE GLASS DOORS

                                                     Double glass fireplace door                           Future fireplace door

                                                                                                           Future bakeoven door
                                                                                                           for white oven

Traditional fireplace doors with decorations (decorations delivered separately)

“sls*,ll 550 x 480 “l”,
12 I W x 18 iiCY,, wght 18 kg.
05197,4.4,” x 4,” nlm
(16 ,,r x 16 WV’,, weight 12 kg.
    BAKE OVEN DOORS                                 COOKER DOORS
                                                      I    .._., 1

                                                               8.0 kg.

                                    HEATER DOORS

                                    ASH BOX DOORS

04913. mat black, wthout ash box,
270 x 130 mm 110 i/R’ x 5 118”)
weight 3 kg.

                                     SOOT DOORS

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