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									Life Skills
(Independent Living Skills)
Student Guide
BTEC Entry Certificate

What is the BTEC Entry Certificate in Life Skills (Independent Living Skills)?
The qualification will give you the opportunity to learn about, practise and develop the life skills
needed to lead a more independent lifestyle. You will gain an introduction to health and safety, and
independent living skills, helping you to develop greater confidence and to find out more about your
future direction and focus.
The course is designed to enable you to study other subjects alongside your BTEC Entry Certificate, if
they are offered at the centre where you are studying. There are three core units plus a choice of three
specialist or option units (totalling 180 guided learning hours). The structure of the course allows you
to develop your knowledge and understanding of essential skills that will increase your independence
in day to day life. The course opens the potential to study areas such as cooking and hygiene, shopping
and cleaning or washing and ironing clothes.

Where will this qualification take me?
Employment opportunities
By successfully undertaking the BTEC Entry Certificate in Life Skills (Independent Living Skills), you
should have acquired increased self-reliance and an awareness of the everyday skills needed in modern
life, with the potential of entering the workplace in a junior role, with additional training and support.
Further vocational and academic qualifications
Having achieved the BTEC Entry Certificate in Life Skills (Independent Living Skills), it may be
possible – depending on your motivation and abilities - to build on these by undertaking another
Entry Level Life Skills qualification, or to build on the skills achieved by undertaking the BTEC Entry
Level Certificate in Skills for Working Life in a vocational area that interests you. Alternatively, you
could progress to a qualification at Level 1, such as the BTEC Introductory Certificate or Diploma
in Vocational Studies, or you could work towards an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification)
in a specific area of skills, especially if you would be working in a particular related area of work.
How long will it take me to complete this qualification?
Generally speaking, it will take one academic year to complete but it may be studied for shorter
or longer periods, depending on the centre where you study.

What are the entry requirements?
The entry requirements for the Edexcel Entry Level BTEC Certificate in Life Skills (Independent
Living Skills) are determined by approved BTEC schools, colleges or training providers. You should
have the interest and potential to succeed in achieving the qualification and ideally be able to
show you have some word and number recognition, as defined in the Adult Literacy and
Numeracy National Standards.

How can I find out more?
Ask your careers teacher or adviser or your local school or college for more information or see the
Edexcel website –

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