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									Skinny MySpace Layouts And You
Skinny layouts are exactly what it says, skinny. They are usually less than 200 pixels wide, and are pretty long. Text is generally tiny and everything is
scrunched. These layouts serve the purpose of being clean and organized, and generally cutesy.

Why would anyone want a layout that is all scrunched up and hard to read? Because its clean. Some people prefer to have tiny organized text, versus
large glaring text and modules. Skinny layouts make it easy for people who like organization, to keep things organized. Sure you might not be able to
read the 6 to 8 point font, but at least its not overwhelmingly huge text either. Skinny layouts are often seen as "scene" and "fashionable". Trendy
people flock for these layouts, and love using them!

Guys generally are not the ones using these layouts. The majority of skinny layouts are targeted towards the female sex. Its often fun to think about
who creates these beautiful things that we all seem to love. Its pretty simple, most people know a bit of HTML, and a lot of girls like to create them for
friends. Things start to expand, then suddenly that one person is creating one every day! Myspace, face book, xanga, and many other social
networking sites have designers that always make layouts. Most of these people, generally girls, will be more than happy to code a one of a kind
layout. There is an endless number of options available, and its all up to you on what you choose!

While Skinny layouts are irresistible functional, clean, and sleek, they also bring along some downsides. They negative aspects are generally small
and unimportant for most, but if you are not careful they can cause a headache. Not all designers use the same browser, computer, or code format. So
skinny layouts always have the possibility of being a bit "faulty" or glitch-y. Make sure to test your code, or ask the original creator to edit a few things
for you.

Skinny layouts can be downloaded or "copied and pasted" from almost any website. My favorite is probably and looking for individual
designers. Individual designers often offer better options and choices than just "mainstream" ones. Createblog offers tons of free options! Just ask
around, a lot of designers are willing to create slim line layouts and for all of your skinny layout needs!

Closing Comments

If you like cuteness, beauty, organization, it's recommended that you try out a Skinny Layout for your online profile.

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