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					                                Science Fiction

Science Fiction often includes futuristic ideas and technology such as time and
space travel.

         Plot: The major                           Setting: Time—
         events might really                       usually in the near or
         happen, based on sci-                     distant future. Place—
         entific facts that we                     Earth, or another loca-
         know to be true.                          tion that real scientists
                                                   theorize may exist.

                                Science Fiction

        Problem: The char-                         Characters: Fictional,
        acters solve a prob-                       but they act in ways that
        lem by using actual                        make sense from a sci-
        scientific data.                           entific point of view.

 Adapted from: Teaching Genre, Grades 4-8, McCarthy, 1996
Revised 7-08                                                                   Page 4